A Letter To Da Mistress

I always wondered how you looked. How you smelled....how you felt, did you touch him in ways that I could not. Could you read his mind before he spoke his thoughts?. Do you leave him breathless at the very sight of your beauty. My mind races a million miles per hour, wondering if your lips were fuller than mine, your tongue must be sweeter, your hips more curvy, legs long , thighs thick, your hair longer, thicker, better, curlier, straighter. Are you eyes brighter than mine, your nose must be cute as a button. Brain cells in limbo.... are your breasts rounder, nipples sweeter, your butt must be perfect. Oh and your pocketbook must be to die for. Every man that ever had it must have not went back home, because in my mind he never came back. He was there with me at night, in bed, physically. But you were the one he wished he was with. I was but a mere mortal in comparision to your goddess statesque. I know that I could never compare to you. You changed my whole life in a matter of moments. It was almost like I was struck by lightning. You pushed the eject button and my chest forcefully threw my heart out of its cavity. My love vanquished never to return again. Do you even care? I'm sure you could care less. Because you got what you want. Or did you? Does he moan when you nibble his ear, laugh when you stratch his back, kiss you on the forehead b4 he goes to work? Does he kiss you on the cheek when he returns. I bet you receive kisses so wet, deep, long, and hard that love making is sure to follow. I bet he squeezes your ass while you're in public, and smacks it while you cooking his meals. Does he hold your hand and kiss your fingertips while whispering kind, sweet words softly into your beautiful

shouting that could be heard for miles.. and fingers bent back. .ears? How long before those whispers turned into screams. yells. That's the way my love was reciprocated. pinced. kisses into bites. Your body squeezed. Soft touches turn into slaps. How long before he choked the breath from your lungs? Your face blemished by black eyes from head butts to your forehead..

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