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Hi! If you’re like most people, you want to improve your pronunciation of whatever language you are studying. Me too! Unfortunately, there are not too many fun books out there on pronunciation. Most of them are pretty dull. So, I’ve tried really hard to put together a collection of pronunciation lesson plans that are interactive and fun! How to use this book This book can be used by itself or with Pronunciation Problems, which is my other book that is a mechanical explanation of the kinds of problems certain speakers have with English. For example, there are examples of all the problems Koreans have speaking English, as well as Japanese and Chinese etc. That book is good for the classroom or for self-study. This book is for the classroom. It is interactive and fun, but it makes students practice the difficult parts of English pronunciation. It makes them be exact. There are some games where the words are filled in for you, and others where there are spaces for you to put in the words yourself depending on which sound you want to practice. Each game is accompanied by an instruction/answer sheet. So, enjoy Pro Games. If you have any comments feel free to email me cbrucelawrence@hotmail.com and we can work on improving it together.

Contents Around the World Battleship Bingo Chinese Checkers Dominoes Dream Maze ED Game Ghostbusters Go Fish Hide and Seek Hometowns Ladders Make a Word Memory Roulette S Game Snakes and Ladders Sound Dice Telephone Tag This Maze Tic Tac Toe Two for Two Ups and Downs Notes 3 6 9 12 15 18 20 22 24 29 32 35 39 44 48 53 55 58 60 65 67 70 72 75


[t] after -voice 2 [d] after +voice [∂d] after t/d START!!

3 4

5 6

RULES!! -roll the dice -say the verb in past tense -write it down






13 14





19 24 23 22 21 20

25 26






-ED Game The past tense “-ed” ending in English is spelled the same, but is pronounced three different ways. If the final (_#) consonant (C) is voiceless [p, k, f, θ, s, š, č], then the final “-ed” ending is pronounced as a voiceless [t]. If the final consonant is voiced [b, g, v, ð, z, ž, ĵ, m, n, l, r, w, y], then the final “-ed” ending is pronounced as a voiced [d]. If the final consonant is [t] or [d], then the “-ed” ending is pronounced as a non-stressed syllable [∂d].

[t] _# voiceless C [p] slipped stopped [k] kicked knocked walked [f] laughed coughed [θ] frothed [s] kissed missed [š] pushed wished [č] punched watched

[d] _# voiced C [b] clubbed [g] hugged [v] waved [ð] writhed [z] buzzed [ž] luged [ĵ] judged [m] hummed [n] ruined [ŋ] banged [l] filled [r] answered [w] bowed [y] cried

[∂d] _# t/d [t] waited wanted hated investigated greeted completed rated [d] handed added graded loaded collided pleaded hoarded

Preparation • have students choose a verb from the list above • have them draw the action in one of the game squares Playing the game • roll the dice • move your piece to that square • pronounce the verb in past tense • write it down

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