uear Syracuse unlverslLy Alumnlţ

LasL nlghLţ we were conLacLed by an LSÞn Lelevlslon reporLer regardlng allegaLlons daLlng back Lo Lhe
1980's and 1990's LhaL AssoclaLe Pead Men's 8askeLball Coach 8ernle llne had engaged ln lnapproprlaLe
behavlor wlLh a mlnorţ now 39Ŧ lollowlng Lhe Lerrlble news LhaL came ouL of Þenn SLaLe ln Lhe lasL
several weeksţ Lhls ls clearly dlsLresslng Lo all of us ln Lhe Syracuse unlverslLy communlLyŦ 1he news ls
already belng covered wldely by Lhe medlaŦ
l wanL Lo Lell you whaL we know and whaL we are dolng abouL lLŦ
llrsLţ as has been announcedţ 8ernle llne has been placed on admlnlsLraLlve leave pendlng a new
lnvesLlgaLlon by Lhe Syracuse Þollce ueparLmenLŦ Pe has vehemenLly denled Lhe allegaLlons and should
be accorded a falr opporLunlLy Lo defend hlmself agalnsL Lhese accusaLlonsŦ
As we have communlcaLed publlcly ln response Lo medla lnqulrlesţ ln 2003ţ Syracuse unlverslLy was
conLacLed by an adulL male who asserLed LhaL he had reporLed allegaLlons ln 2003 of abuse ln Lhe 1980's
and 1990's Lo Lhe pollceŦ 1haL same lndlvldual Lold us LhaL Lhe Syracuse ClLy Þollce had decllned Lo
pursue Lhe maLLer because Lhe sLaLuLe of llmlLaLlons had explredŦ
Cn hearlng of Lhe allegaLlonsţ Lhe unlverslLy lmmedlaLely launched lLs own comprehenslve lnvesLlgaLlon
Lhrough lLs legal counselŦ 1he nearly fourŴmonLh long lnvesLlgaLlon lncluded a number of lnLervlews wlLh
people Lhe lndlvldual sald would supporL hls clalmsŦ All of Lhose ldenLlfled by hlm denled any knowledge
of wrongful conducL by Lhe assoclaLe coachŦ AL Lhe end of Lhe lnvesLlgaLlonţ as we were unable Lo flnd
any corroboraLlon of Lhe allegaLlonsţ Lhe case was closedŦ Pad any evldence or corroboraLlon of earller
allegaLlons surfaced Ÿeven lf Lhe Þollce had decllned Lo pursue Lhe maLLer Ÿwe would have acLedŦ
As of lasL nlghLţ we became aware LhaL Lhe Syracuse Þollce have deLermlned Lo open an lnvesLlgaLlonţ
and we wlll cooperaLe Lo Lhe fullesL exLenL wlLh Lhelr revlew of Lhe maLLerŦ
LeL me be clearŦ We know LhaL many quesLlon wheLher or noL a unlverslLy ln Loday's world can shlne a
harsh llghL on lLs aLhleLlcs programsŦ We are aware LhaL many wonder lf unlverslLy admlnlsLraLlons are
wllllng Lo Lurn a bllnd eye Lo wrongdolng LhaL may dlsrupL a successful sporLs programŦ l can assure you l
am noLţ and my fellow admlnlsLraLors are noLŦ We hold everyone ln our communlLy Lo hlgh sLandards
and we don'L LoleraLe lllegalţ abuslve or uneLhlcal behavlor Ÿno maLLer who you areŦ
As you knowţ Lhls weekţ l afflrmed Syracuse unlverslLy's sLeadfasL bellef LhaL all of us have Lhe
responslblllLyţ lndlvldually and collecLlvelyţ Lo ensure LhaL Syracuse unlverslLy remalns a safe place for
every campus communlLy member and everyone wlLh whom we lnLeracL on a dally basls on campus or
ln Lhe communlLy as parL of our learnlngţ scholarshlpţ or workŦ We do noL LoleraLe abuseŦ
1he dllemma ln any slLuaLlon llke Lhlsţ of courseţ ls LhaLŸwlLhouL corroboraLlng facLsţ wlLnesses or
confesslons Ÿone musL avold an unfalr rush Lo [udgmenLŦ We have all seen Lerrlble ln[usLlces done Lo
Lhe lnnocenL accused of helnous crlmesŦ And we've all seen slLuaLlons where Lhe gullLy avold [usLlceŦ
AL Lhls Llmeţ all we really know ls LhaL a Lerrlble Lragedy ls unfoldlng for boLh Lhe accuser and Lhe
accusedŦ l wanL you Lo know LhaL we wlll do everyLhlng ln our power Lo flnd Lhe LruLhţ and Ÿlf and when
we do flnd lLŸLo leL you know whaL we have foundŦ
nancy CanLor
Syracuse unlverslLy Chancellor

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