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Foursquare for TV

Foursquare for TV

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Published by: foursquare on Nov 18, 2011
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foursquare // tv

What is foursquare?


Our reason for being
foursquare helps you explore everything around you and makes the real world easier to use. Meet up with friends, discover new places, unlock rewards and save money using your phone.

foursquare by the #s
15,000,000+ users 1,000,000,000+ check-ins thousands of brands TV: 7 of top 10 brands

Check in to TV shows

TV when you’re not watching TV
Foursquare extends your brand and content to real world locations, connecting your audience to their favorite shows wherever they check in.
‘Since you’re at The Florida Room. Designed In part by Lenny Kravitz, this place feels like an underground bunker of decadence. Fabulous crowd and live music’ ‘Since you’re at Yoder's. Their homemade cherry, shoofly, and peanut Butter cream pies are must-haves! As seen on Man v. Food Nation’

Sarah M in New York, NY unlocked the ‘VH1 Fanatic’ badge


Page + Lists




On Air


On the go

" the future*" (smarter + easier)


•  Passive awareness of location: check in no longer required. •  Users are pinged when they walk by any venue on their lists. So make lists! •  Think of foursquare as your primary tool to deliver branded content to fans in the real world.

Save to Foursquare button
Bridge the gap between your online content and readers’ offline experiences. They can save your content to their To-Do list, so they won’t forget to try it out.

Follow button

Foursquare follow button goes here!

Collaboration on Lists

Soon available for brand pages

Badges: Add Real World Value

Your Mission
•  Create pages and add content
Tips with photos & links back to your sites, organize into lists

•  Gain followers through creative promotions
Badges, sweepstakes, leverage data/API

•  Integrate advertisers
Add real world value by baking in your sponsors

Thank You"
" for more info:" " jcrowley@foursquare.com" ashley@foursquare.com"

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