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kev|s|t|ng '1he Great Market|ng 1urnaround'

by Stan kapp and 1om Co|||ns

Common denomlnaLor 8ecognlLlon of Lhe lndlvldual"

1he Great Market|ng 1urnaround
# Ma producLlon and CoL conLrol
# 1he MarkeLlng concepL
# Servlce excellence and nlche markeLlng
# 1he age of Lhe lndlvldual and how Lo proflL from lL!
# n1 markeL of 'lndlvldual# noL ma markeL of n lnflnlLy
8C Lo dellghL each lndlvldual ource 'reource globally#
Change l lnevlLable llfe wa progrelng and now recelon Lrle Lo low down Lhlng
Chao and confulon everywhere flnd way Lo Lackle lL
kat|ona| for 1urnaround 1he 'new' consumer
8l Mr and Mr Average conumer
1lmeLarved cahrlch ocleLy
arwlnlan preure on producL ervlce and Lore
eedlng Lhe dlcounL promoLlon monLer decllne ln brand loyalLy
1he weakenlng maglc of Lelevllon ad

10 1urnaround trends 60's to 80's to present

1 Unknown to known customers to L|fe 1|me Va|ue
Crowlng markeL cluLLer CoL of acqullLlon CoL of reLenLlon
bulne come from cuLomer SLay cloe Lo beL cuLomer
AdvenL of daLabae markeLlng (Lg Amerlcan Alrllne AdvanLage frequenL fller
program breakLhrough)
C# Cne Lo one conLacL cuLomlzaLlon cro elllng and cuLomer relaLlonhlp
1hlnk accounLablllLy 1hlnk adverLllng coL noL on 'hare of mlnd# buL L1v of each
cuLomer galned

Creat|ve dr|ven to kesponse dr|ven to User generated content
Alm creaLlvlLy peclflcally Lo Lhoe who Lhe producL
Add repone mechanlm wlLhln all markeLlng communlcaLlon
Make propecL 'rale Lhelr hand#
LeL cuLomer be ambaador for your brand (Lg ove# real women real beauLy
adverLllng campalgn)

'Steam ro|||ng' to f||||ng N|ches to the Long 1a||
Ma markeL Lo Ma markeL of 'nlche#
lndlvldual preference are growlng MeeL peclflc focued need
now conumer ha a conLrol on producL (Lg 1aLa nano pay for feaLure you wanL)
Long 1all ell hardLoflnd peclflc lLem Lo large volume of cuLomer (Lg l1une)

kev|s|t|ng '1he Great Market|ng 1urnaround'
by Stan kapp and 1om Co|||ns
Common denomlnaLor 8ecognlLlon of Lhe lndlvldual"

4 d |mpress|ons to New customers won to Max| market|ng
Meaure lncremenLal 'ale# noL Lreaure 'reLalned# lmprelon
CannoL only Lop aL creaLlng Awarene lnLereL and delre Al of Lhe AlA model
new creaLlve challenge CeL cuLomer Lo 'AcL# and reLaln Lhem ln Lhe long haul
MaxlmarkeLlng ue adverLllng dlrecL markeLlng promoLlon a reclpe lngredlenL
noL a eparaLe waLer LlghL comparLmenL

S dvert|s|ng mono|ogue to Consumer d|a|ogue to Crowdsourc|ng
CannoL force your producL and communlcaLlon down Lhe conumer# LhroaL
LlLen LlLen LlLen 8epond lnLelllgenLly
LlLenlng new ldea + More loyalLy + CuLomer endoremenL (Lg l1C# klLchen
of lndla wa an ldea from an l1C chef!)
Crowdourclng company ource ldea from lL cuLomer (Lg My SLarbuck ldea

ombard|ng the marketp|ace to u||d|ng re|at|on to Soc|a| Med|a
1radlLlonal markeLlng forclng uS on enLlre markeL parlLy producL
roflLable lo cenLre" creaLe long Lerm relaLlonhlp (Lg cuLomer club)
Cood brand are abouL relaLlonhlp now
Soclal medla l word of mouLh on Lerold age of mlcromarkeLlng
8epuLaLlon and relaLlonhlp have Lo be managed every day and every hour now

9ass|ve consumers to |nvo|ved customers to Lvange||sts
uh 1 Way ConveraLlon number Came lnLerrupLlon eepeL ockeL Wln
1o ull Way ConveraLlon LngagemenL CommunlLy 8eL ConLenL Wln
lnvolvemenLLoyalLy (MulLlpller effecL)
ulLlmaLe markeLlng approach creaLe LvangellL who l Lruly Lhrllled wlLh Lhe brand
experlence and convlnce oLher alo Lo purchae lL (Lg Lhe PCC)
CreaLe CuLomer plu delLa 1he buzz CommunlLy A Caue

8 Mass market|ng to D|rect mass market|ng to CnetoCne Market|ng
Ma adverLllng and promoLlon glve non propecL Loo much buL doenL glve
Lrue propecL enough
lrecL ma markeLlng ue ma markeLlng Lo 'caLch Lhe eye# ue Lhl repone Lo
brldge adverLllng and ale
CneLoone markeLlng lndenLlfy lfferenLlaLe lnLeracL CuLomlze for every lngle
lndlvldual (Lg ell)

US9 to LV9 to Customer de||ght
arlLy producL problem o add Lo uS Lurn lL Lo LxLra value ropolLlon
roducL l Lhe new 'ervlce# (glve meanlng Lo conumer# llfe)
Make Lhelr llfe lmpler erlod
ocu on noL aLlfylng buL ellghLlng cuLomer now (Lg Apple wlLh lL lnnovaLlve
producL lpod lLune)

10S|ng|e to Mu|t| Channe| to 9ro||ferat|on
eronal Llme l Lhe currency now reach cuLomer where Lhey are
8eLall lrecL order Lcommerce Lxperlence cenLre Mcommerce

kev|s|t|ng '1he Great Market|ng 1urnaround'
by Stan kapp and 1om Co|||ns
Common denomlnaLor 8ecognlLlon of Lhe lndlvldual"

lnLegraLed neLwork for 'Synergled# effecL
8oberLo CulzueLo# 'Arm# lengLh of delre# markeL for coke 'everywhere#
When cuLomer# hand reache ouL Lhere muL be an lce cold coke walLlng for hlm
1hlnk mulLlple channel 1hlnk prollferaLlon now

1he New ge Market|ng

Create MkkL1ING SCLU1ICNS not ads
1h|nk CCN1Lk1 Lxam|ne kLLLVNCL
Do a|| th|s to br|ng 'one Idea' to ||fe

8y Surbhl CupLa rlyanka !une[a Shlven MehLa Manu Aggarwal Shlkha Chandok
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