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Among its other restrictions, the BBC does not accept the following--scripts written for existing or previously produced shows/characters; and scripts from overseas. From the BBC web page: “We are looking for writers with whom the BBC can develop a strong working relationship and who have something to say that will appeal to British audiences. You may be a non-British-born writer, but you must be resident in the UK or Eire. If you are currently living overseas, please send us your script when you return to the country.” As I am an American living in Los Angeles, an unrepresented writer (no agent/manager), am not a member of a Writers’ Guild, and have no significant body of work (save for a few Amazon Kindle entries and iUniverse publications), any and all scripts that I might write in relation to “Not Going Out” can never be submitted through official channels. These can only serve as examples of my writing style. All rights to “Not Going Out” and its characters belong to the BBC. This is a speculative script that is not for sale or distribution. For more about me, feel free to visit and my impending homelessness.

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LOGLINE: Tim catches Lee and Lucy coming out of Lucy’s bedroom in the morning and thinks they’ve slept together-something that neither Lee nor Lucy will discuss.


ACT I, SCENE ONE - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT There is a knock at the door. The door lock rattles, and TIM and DAISY ENTER. TIM puts the door key back in his pocket. DAISY Tim, are you sure that we should be walking in to Lucy’s flat like this? TIM Why not? DAISY I don’t know. It seems rude, walking in when they‘re not here. TIM It’s not rude. She’s my sister. We’re family. We do things like this. (calls out) Lucy! There you are.

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LUCY ENTERS from the bedroom, wearing a short nightgown with her robe open. She quickly ties it up to cover herself. LUCY Tim! What are you doing here? How did you get in? TIM I have a key, of course. I came by to pick up that DVD rental that I loaned you. It‘s due today. DAISY Which one was it, again? LUCY “Howard the Duck.” To Tim, that’s a classic. TIM It’s the overlooked gem in the Touchstone Films collection. LUCY begins following. pushing TIM towards the door, with DAISY

LUCY Tim, I sent it out yesterday so it’s all sorted. Now will you please just get out? TIM What’s going on? Have you got company, then? (winks) Some Lothario worked his magic last night, did he? LEE ENTERS from the bedroom, wearing a bath towel around his waist. LEE Oh, hello, Tim--

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TIM stares at the two of them, lets out a squawk, and then TIM punches LEE, then rushes out of the flat. CUT TO OPENING CREDITS FADE OUT FADE IN ACT I, SCENE TWO - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT LEE is on the sofa. Lucy is holding an ice pack against his bruised eye. DAISY ENTERS the living room with a glass of water and aspirin for LEE. She puts the aspirin in his hand, hands over the glass, then sits down and touches his shoulder. DAISY Oh, Lee! I’m so sorry about this. I’ve never seen him act this way before. LUCY Unfortunately, I have. When he was sixteen, he had a crush on a local girl called Lidia Jenkins. One day he came outside and two boys had her pressed up in between them. He lost his head, stepped up and took a swing at the nearest boy. DAISY Oh, so he defended her honor! That’s sweet. LUCY Actually, no, they were paying her to do that. Turns out she was the local prostitute. But Tim didn’t know that. And those two boys beat the living sh-LEE

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Can we just leave off with the Tim discussion for a minute, please? I’m the one with the concussion, here. LUCY Oh, don’t exaggerate. The punch didn’t knock you out. You just lost your footing. He got lucky. LEE At least somebody did this morning. It certainly wasn’t me. DAISY stands up and gives Lee a quick hug. DAISY Poor Lee. LEE (to Lucy) See? Now that’s the kind of sympathy I’m looking for. DAISY It’s all right. I understand how you must feel. But you can always try the lottery tomorrow, right? LUCY Of course he can, Daisy. There’s always tomorrow. LEE and LUCY exchange a glance as DAISY EXITS. LEE Wow. It’s incredible how she leaves and the air returns to a room. LUCY (with a sigh) This was hardly the way to spend our first morning together, was it?

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LEE Ha. Does this even count as our first morning? LUCY If you want it to. I do. Lee--

LEE Can we just not discuss it? Please? It’s bad enough that I’ve got your brother’s girly knuckles imprinted on my forehead. I’d just as soon not talk about… anything else. LUCY All right. For now. But we’ll have to eventually. Meanwhile, I think you should go and talk to Tim. Until you do, he’s not going to let this blow over. LEE Lucy, I was the one who got hit! He should be apologizing to ME. Though I am willing to accept cash instead. LUCY Ha. Now I know you’ve been hanging around Tim too long. You sound just like him. Or like a woman. LEE Same thing. Just different underwear. LUCY Actually, there was this one time he-LEE No, no, no. Don’t say it. I’d like to think that some decade, I’ll be able to get an erection again. LUCY nods. DISSOLVE TO

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ACT ONE, SCENE THREE - INT. - PUB TIM is seated at the bar when LEE ENTERS. stare at one another. LEE sits. TIM and LEE

TIM Look who’s arrived. Casanova himself. LEE Is that what you think, eh? TIM You came out of her bedroom in a towel, Lee. Somehow, I doubt that you got lost on your way to take a shower. (pause) Although from Daisy, I’d believe it. (pause) All right, I must admit, I may have overreacted. I thought I’d be comfortable with the idea of you two being together. LEE You’re not comfortable with air fresheners in cars. TIM Could you blame me? I didn’t mean to rear-end that lorry, but one whiff of jasmine and I’m drifting down a country lane. The last thing I need in a vehicle is an olfactory distraction. LEE Best to avoid long car journeys with me, then. TIM So are you here to apologize? LEE For what? Going to bed with Lucy? TIM Do you have to put it like that? LEE

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What do you want me to say? “She was one great shag, your sister. I can’t wait to do your mum”? (shivers) Ew. I can’t even joke about that. Makes me crawl up. TIM Thanks for the visual. Look, do you want me to be even more cross with you than I already am? Why? LEE What’s it going to be next time? Left cross or right cross?

TIM I need some time to process this. LEE You needed some time to process the Harry Potter films. TIM EXITS. DISSOLVE TO ACT ONE, SCENE FOUR - INT. - RESTAURANT TIM and DAISY are having lunch. DAISY So are you and Lee having a row, then? TIM No, Daisy. Things are just a bit tense. It’ll blow over when Lee realizes he‘s in the wrong. DAISY It’s just that I’ve never seen you so… irrational. TIM I’m NOT being irrational.

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DAISY Yes, you are. I mean, what if I just happened to come out of a room with Lee wearing nothing but a towel? You wouldn’t think we’d been-TIM Of course not! Besides, that’s an absurd scenario. DAISY Well, not Lee, then. But what about Robert? My old boyfriend? TIM Oh, don’t be ridiculous. Under what circumstances would you two ever be in the same room together? DAISY Well, I do see him every week. TIM You what? DAISY He’s my therapist. You know. I’ve told you. TIM You’ve told me that you go to a therapist. You never said anything about Robert being the doctor. (chuckles and sings the name) “Doctor Robert.” DAISY Sorry? TIM (serious) Daisy, you’re going out with me now. You shouldn’t be having any kind of relationship with your ex. DAISY Actually, I was thinking we both should

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be with him. TIM I beg your pardon?!? DAISY Group therapy. The three of us can sit down, talk about things… TIM I suppose at the very least, I’ll get to meet this “Robert.” So since he’s your ex, do we at least get a free session? DAISY I don’t know. He’s changed his rates. I might have to sleep with him for that. TIM smiles, thinking it’s a joke, then grows worried when DAISY looks back at him with no indication in her face that she was joking. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE ONE - INT. - DOCTOR ROBERT’S OFFICE TIM and DAISY ENTER. smiles. ROBERT looks up from his desk and

ROBERT Ah, you’re on time. That’s good. Daisy is always punctual, but I wasn’t sure if perhaps you had… corrupted her. There is a touch of menace in ROBERT’S voice that makes TIM visibly nervous. DAISY sits and after a moment of hesitation, so does TIM. ROBERT Please. Have a seat. TIM Thank you, uh, Robert.

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ROBERT Very nice to finally meet you, Tim. I take it that you’re agreeable to therapy? TIM Not at all, actually. But I wanted to get a good look at the man that used to be in Daisy’s life. ROBERT That’s a forthright confession. Daisy called and told me about the incident with your friend Lee and your sister Lucy this morning. And I have to say, it’s quite interesting that wasn’t the first thing out of your mouth. Your first remark began with the words, “I wanted.” TIM “Incident”? ROBERT The sexual encounter between your sister and her boyfriend-TIM Lee is NOT her boyfriend! He’s her lodger. DAISY Tim sold the flat to Lucy, you see, and Lee’s been living there for a while. Before Lucy, Lee was there with Kate. Tim’s ex-girlfriend. ROBERT Interesting. And did they have a relationship? TIM Only as flatmates. ROBERT So you’ve had your best friend residing

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with not only your ex but with your sister. Keeping an eye on them, are you? Keeping everything “Tim” under one roof? TIM Things have just worked out that way. It’s not as if I planned it. I’m not… possessive! ROBERT No, of course not. TIM What’s that supposed to mean? ROBERT Nothing. But you do seem to be hostile at the very suggestion. And it wasn’t even my suggestion--it was your own. As was the remark about coming to “get a good look” at me on Daisy’s behalf. TIM Daisy, we’re going. ROBERT, DAISY and TIM stand. TIM I don’t care for your tone, Doctor, nor do I care for your implications. Next thing you know, you’ll be saying that I’m treating Daisy badly. ROBERT Really? It’s funny how all these ideas spring to mind even though I’m not suggesting them. Perhaps that is your underlying problem. Perhaps you need to know how to treat a woman. TIM If you knew how, you never would’ve lost her in the first place. Would you?

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ROBERT She’s still here, isn’t she? Seeing me every week? ROBERT and TIM glare at each other. ROBERT returns to his office, TIM EXITS. DAISY sighs and follows TIM. DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE TWO - INT. - OUTSIDE ROBERT’S OFFICE (insert fight between Daisy and Tim--mostly on Tim‘s part, Daisy just listening) DISSOLVE TO ACT II, SCENE THREE - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT DAISY and LUCY are drinking tea on the sofa. (insert dialogue argument) LEE ENTERS. LEE Sorry, girls. Just came back for my coat. LUCY Lee, wait a moment. (in a low voice) Why do I get the feeling that you’re avoiding me? LEE I, uh-LUCY You are, aren’t you? LEE (to Daisy) I’ll see you later. between DAISY and LUCY reference

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DAISY Bye! LUCY watches as LEE EXITS. DISSOLVE TO ACT III, SCENE ONE - INT. - ROBERT’S OFFICE ROBERT and DAISY ENTER the office. ROBERT closes the door and the two sit down. ROBERT I’m glad you called. DAISY It’s been such an odd morning. I need to talk about it. ROBERT No Tim, then? He’s off sulking, is he? DAISY Oh, I’m sure it will blow over. ROBERT Why would you go out with a man like that, Daisy? DAISY I like Tim. He’s not come off very well today, but he’s actually quite nice. ROBERT (insert Robert) attempted reconciliation, Daisy’s rejection of


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TIM and LEE are at the bar. LEE You are a nosy bastard, you know. Always have been. TIM Where my sister is concerned, I will admit to being a bit-LEE Nosy. TIM No. Concerned. LEE If you were really concerned, you’d be talking to her right now and not trying to get on my d-TIM All right! No need for that kind of language. LEE Where’s Daisy. TIM She’s with that ex of hers this morning for an appointment. Robert. We’ve never had secrets between us. I still don’t understand why she didn’t she tell me that she was having weekly sessions with him. LEE What, she’s going to tell the man who punched out his sister’s flatmate that she’s been seeing her ex? TIM I’d never hurt Daisy, Lee. And I resent the implication. LEE

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Resent it all you’d like. But clearly in the heat of the moment, you don’t know how to restrain yourself. TIM Apparently I’m not the only one. So what did you do to get Lucy in to bed? Did you get my sister drunk, or was there a lot of begging involved? LEE Why? Is that what you did? TIM gets to his feet. LEE What are you going to do, Tim? again? Over a JOKE? Hit me

TIM pulls back his fist but LEE doesn’t flinch. TIM stares at LEE, begins shaking with suppressed emotion, then EXITS. DISSOLVE TO ACT III, SCENE FOUR - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT LUCY hears a knock at the door and opens it to find TIM standing there. TIM ENTERS. TIM Hi. Um… LUCY What is it? TIM Oh, nothing. Just that Daisy’s left. LUCY Are you sure you didn’t just leave the door open and she wandered off? TIM It’s not funny. She’s left me, Lucy.

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Honestly. LUCY Oh, I am sorry, Tim. TIM It’s my own fault. Well, I don’t even know if it’s my fault, or her exboyfriend, really. Or maybe this is what Daisy wants. All I know is that she’s gone now. LUCY I don’t know what to say. But I’ve got an idea. How about if I go down to the corner and get us a pizza? We haven’t done that in a long while, Tim. Just you and me, sitting around, sharing a moment. And a pizza. TIM You’re hungry, aren’t you? LUCY Starving! TIM (smiling) I’d like that very much, then. Thank you, Lucy. LUCY smiles, gives TIM a quick kiss and EXITS. DISSOLVE TO ACT III, SCENE FIVE - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT TIM is sitting on the sofa, waiting for LUCY to return. LEE cracks open the door, peers around, then ENTERS and hangs up his coat. LEE Lucy’s not here, I take it? TIM

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She’s gone out for pizza. Why? Are you avoiding her? LEE I’d have to say that’s none of your business Tim. TIM Look, Lee, I--I am genuinely sorry about what happened this morning. And at the pub. I lost my head. LEE You’re sorry? Really? Or are you just saying that because Lucy told you to? TIM She has said nothing about me having to apologize. LEE It was Daisy that told you to do it, then, was it? TIM (long pause) Daisy and I have split up. She said she… couldn’t be around a man with a temper. LEE Well, being with you, she didn’t have to worry about being around a man. (pause) With a temper. TIM All right. I know I’ve earned some abuse. I was taken by surprise, Lee. I didn’t expect this, and I just wanted to know what was going on? LEE What, in the two seconds before you punched me? You were going to play Inspector Morse and find out what we were up to, is that it?

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ACT III, SCENE SIX - INT. - HALLWAY LUCY returns with the pizza, then hesitates as she hears LEE’S voice. She steps to the side of the door, out of sight, and listens. CUT TO ACT III, SCENE SEVEN - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT LEE steps closer to TIM. LEE You want to know how it went, then? TIM I’m not listening. LEE grabs TIM by the arm and turns TIM towards him, then lets go and points a finger at his face. LEE Oh, no, you’re listening! If you want to stick your nose into our lives, then I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you everything. I’ll tell you how Lucy and I first kissed one another in the kitchen. Then we moved on to the sofa for a little groping. We took off each other‘s clothes. And then we went in to her bedroom. And can you guess what happened there? TIM Oh, I KNOW what happened there-LEE No, you don‘t know. You don’t know because you didn’t see what you think you saw. Because NOTHING happened, Tim! Absolutely NOTHING!

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LEE spins suddenly and kicks the table, sending it across the room. LEE turns back to TIM. LEE It’s not the first time in my life I haven’t been able to get it up. And I’m not ashamed to say that. But it was the worst possible time, because whatever else you might think of me, you need to know this. I genuinely care about Lucy. I care about her more than any other woman I‘ve ever known, and I wanted our first night together in bed to be an easy, comfortable thing. Natural. Because it IS natural. After all this time with us living together, it should be MORE than natural. But that wasn‘t our luck, was it? TIM So… nothing happened? Well, that’s a relief. LEE A RELIEF?!? You selfish bastard. Here you’ve been walking around all day, telling me that I’ve let you down as a friend when it’s Lucy that I’ve REALLY disappointed. Oh, but let’s not have TIM feeling bad about the situation, eh? We can’t have THAT! TIM Lee… LEE Never mind the rest of us. Good old Tim, he’s the one who’s got to be looked after. TIM Lee. LEE (sullenly) What?

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TIM hugs LEE. After a moment, Lee hugs him back. TIM I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m going to say it any way, you bastard. I love you. LEE Oh, get stuffed. TIM smiles and hugs him harder. They pull apart and LEE wipes his face. LEE Look, I’ve got to take a nap. I’m exhausted. Lucy should be home soon. I’ll be in the bedroom. MY bedroom. (points at TIM) And no, that’s not an invitation. TIM I certainly hope not. You snore. Probably drool, too. LEE And I had curry for lunch. Care to go for a drive? TIM Definitely not. I’ll see you later. LEE turns and walks towards his bedroom. LUCY ENTERS and puts one finger to her lips as LEE EXITS. TIM and LUCY wait a moment until they hear the door close. TIM You heard all that, then? LUCY About from where he told you what--

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didn’t happen. Yea. TIM You couldn’t have told me? LUCY I didn’t want to embarrass Lee. This has been hard for him. TIM Not hard enough, apparently. But Lee’s right, you know. God, I never thought I‘d say THOSE words… but I AM a selfish and nosy bastard. I’ve made a right mess of everything, Lucy. I’ve hurt you, I’ve hurt Lee, I’ve ruined my relationship with Daisy… DAISY ENTERS. DAISY You haven’t ruined anything. You might have tried, but you haven’t. TIM Daisy! I thought for sure… you and Robert… DAISY Tim. Shut up. And come here. TIM and DAISY hug. LUCY smiles. LUCY So what about Robert the Doctor? DAISY Doctor who? TIM smiles, and TIM and DAISY EXIT arm in arm. DISSOLVE TO

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ACT III, SCENE EIGHT - INT. - LUCY’S FLAT It is evening. LUCY is in her pajamas on the sofa. LEE ENTERS from the kitchen with a mug in his hand and sits with her. LEE It’s been one very strange day, hasn’t it? I’m glad it’s over. LUCY Me, too. How’s your eye? LEE It’s fine. Your brother hits like a girl. I’d say that he walks like one, too, but then I’d probably end up with boot in my backside. LUCY nods towards the bedroom and gives LEE a gentle smile. LUCY So… should we…? LEE You know what, Lucy? I think it’s best if I sleep in my own room. LUCY The lock‘s been changed. There’s no chance of Tim walking in on us again. LEE Oh, and I was so looking forward to another morning of physical abuse, too! LUCY If you come to bed, I’ll see what I can do about that. Handcuffs, or whips and chains? What? LEE You mean I have to choose?

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LUCY Well, maybe not. LEE Oooh, you are quite the temptress. But not tonight. LUCY Let me guess. You’re using the woman’s excuse. You have a headache. LEE It’s not my head that’s hurting. It’s my heart. LEE touches LUCY’S cheek. LUCY hugs LEE. LUCY Good night, Lee. LEE Good night, Lucy. LEE and LUCY EXIT to their respective bedrooms. moment, LEE crosses back over to LUCY’S bedroom. LEE Oh, who am I kidding? LEE EXITS to LUCY’S bedroom. END After a They kiss.

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