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Exchange Server 2003 High Availability Guide

Exchange Server 2003 High Availability Guide


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Whenever possible, you should establish long-term monitoring strategies to help you with trend analysis and
capacity planning.
Establishing a long-term monitoring strategy has the following advantages:
• Increases your ability to predict when system expansion is necessary
• Assists in identifying strategies for load balancing
• Helps detect changes in Exchange service usage by client computers
• Helps troubleshoot for problems such as memory leaks or abnormal disk consumption
A monitoring strategy that includes measuring the capacity of Exchange resources is important to the long-
term success of a highly available messaging system. Specifically, this strategy allows you to anticipate future
system usage, scalability, and growth requirements.


Do not limit capacity planning to components such as disks. Make sure that your plans encompass
all system components that could become bottlenecks, such as CPU, memory, network, and
domain controller services.

Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003 provide monitoring and management tools that can help you
monitor for long-term trend analysis. However, it is recommended that you consider additional tools as well.
For example, to create a historical trend analysis of your Exchange 2003 messaging system, you can use
Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2000 in conjunction with Application Management Pack for
Exchange 2003 or a third-party monitoring tool.
For information about MOM 2000 and Application Management Pack for Exchange 2003, see "Microsoft
Operations Manager 2000" later in this chapter.
For information about third-party monitoring tools, see "Third-Party Monitoring Products" later in this chapter.

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