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Exchange Server 2003 High Availability Guide

Exchange Server 2003 High Availability Guide


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Published by: api-3852474 on Oct 19, 2008
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In addition to Exchange 2003, your server clusters can run other applications. However, if you run
multiple applications on the same node, the performance of your EVSs is affected. When deciding
whether to dedicate computers to only Exchange, consider the following:
• If you use a cluster for more than one application, consider dedicating a node for each application and
make sure that enough passive nodes are available.
• If you use clusters to provide Exchange services to your users, it is recommended that you run only
Exchange 2003 on your clusters and run other applications on separate hardware.
• For best results, an EVS should not fail over to an active node that runs another application.
• Exchange 2003 cluster nodes must be member servers of a domain. Exchange 2003 clusters do not
support cluster nodes as domain controllers or global catalog servers.
For more information about the performance of Exchange 2003 clusters, see "Managing Exchange
Clusters" in the Exchange Server 2003 Administration Guide

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