Executive summery

We are the student of business management so, as a management student practical training plays a crucial role and it is much important than theoretical syllabus. So for this purpose our college is making the programmer for us so that I can get training at an industrial unit. Pharma Company is growing sector in India. Phenix Laboratories Ltd. has not much experience in this field but, I have undertaken training of "WORKING OF ALL THE DEPARTMENTS IN PHENIX” at Baroda. Phenix Laboratories Ltd is a company which basically deals in pregnancy health care products. All these products which helps in increasing the health of mother and as well as the child. There is a growing market of this type of drugs. As the number of patients suffering from the pregnancy vomiting. It is been seen that vomiting problem is effective in everywhere. My research objective is to survey the market and to know about the awareness of Phenix’s Products in the Market and to compare it with its competitors.

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