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Karate Traning Equipment (1)

Karate Traning Equipment (1)

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Published by: tharaka1226 on Nov 19, 2011
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Traditional Karate Equipment: Part 2

Traditional Karate Equipment, as we have already seen, can be ery simple to make by
yourself. These are more examples of simple training equipment you can add to your
training room.
Karate Striking Pole

You can build your own Karate Striking Pole.
It should stand about 6 feet high with Karate
straw pads, padded towels, or old pillows placed
at three heights-shin height, stomach height,
face height.
The striking pole is an ideal way to get the
"feel"of Karate techniques.
Also it will help you toughen and harden the skin
of your knuckles, elbows and feet.
You can practice all the striking methods previous described.

Karate Moving Ball Target

The purpose of this target is to sharpen the accuracy of your kicking.
You attach a small ball at the end of a rope & hang it from the ceiling.
Practice various Karate kicks and hand blows on the small ball.
Try to raise or lower the ball.
The theory behind this is simple.
If you can strike a small moving object, then you will find it easier to strike a larger object.
Karate Heavy Bag
You probably have an old laundry bag at home.
Fill it with old rags, straw, excelsior and pack it tight.
Suspend it from a rope.
You now have a good punching bag to practice various Karate
Having said that, however, if you're really serious about practicing
karate (or any other self defense system), you should really consider
buying a real punching bag. Preferibly, you should buy a large one
with an appropriate stand.
In Australia this can set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but
it's really worth it.

Hand Grip Fortifier

One of the best ways to strengthen the muscles of your hands, wrists
and forearms is by using your Hand Grip Fortifier daily.
You will develop a strong, vise-like grip in a matter of weeks-if you
practice on the Fortifier 10 minutes a day.
You have to be careful when using a Fortifier, as excessive use can
cause Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), which can translate into pain in
your forearms and elbows (Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome). So,
practice with moderation.

Karate Practice Dummy

This is a life-size printed dummy with the major pressure targets and focal
nerve centers printed right on it.
Mount it on the wall or back of a door. Practice striking the pressure points on
your 6-ft. "opponent".
But there are other martial arts dummies you can use instead of this chart.
For instance, the Wing Chun wooden dummy (a new window showing you a
diagram to build your own will open) is perfect for practicing karate strikes on
simmulated human vulnerable points.
And whilst we're on the issue of Wing Chun wooden dummies, I also wanted to
mention the fact that there are many ingenious variations of this versatile
training tool.
For instance, there is this video I saw online, where people from different martial arts do
amazing stuff with it.
Check this out: This is an alternative design for a Wing Chun wooden dummy

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