I, the undersigned,Mary Gem Fesalbon, living at Blk.4 lot.11-A Jupiter st. Felicias Village,Brgy. Banlic,cabuyao,laguna born on 21st day of march,1993.Make my last will and testament as follows: REVOCATION OF PREVIOUS WILLS I hereby expressly revoke all other wills, codicils and legacies predating the present Will. Without prejudice to the foregoing, all other wills... FUNERAL AND BURIAL I leave the care of my funeral and burial to the discretion of my executor, surrounded by my loved ones, to ensure that the details are handled appropriately. I nonetheless reserve the right to... LEGACIES The Will form gives you the option to: I leave all my assets, movable as well ... at the time of my death or thereafter descend to my estate, to the following individuals: Khurt Campbell ( my husband) 60% of being responsible,40% of being positive thinker BaillieFesalbon Campbell, (my first-born daughter) 20% of being responsible, 30% of being positive thinker, 50% of my being humble,50% of my being jolly,80% of being silent,20% of being talkative with 50% of being friendly Audrey fesalbon Campbell,(my second-born daughter) 20% of being responsible,20% of being positive thinker, 50% of being humble,50% of being jolly ,20% of being silent ,80% of being talkative with 50% of being friendly

On the other hand, I leave all my enemies and debts to Ma.Fe Fesalbon(my mother) and Robert Fesalbon(my father) living at Brgy.Banlic,Cabuyao,Laguna.

Fesalbon, Mary Gem

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