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Muhammad Achievement and Heritage -By Zaky Rawdat

Muhammad Achievement and Heritage -By Zaky Rawdat

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Published by Gilbert Hanz
To solve the problem with Muhammad’s wives and the jealousy provoked by Muhammad’s action, Allah gave Himself, Jibril and all of the faithful (Muslims) to defend the Prophet in dealing with two helpless women, Aisha and Hafsa, by giving them threat and deadly ultimatum concerning their future.
To solve the problem with Muhammad’s wives and the jealousy provoked by Muhammad’s action, Allah gave Himself, Jibril and all of the faithful (Muslims) to defend the Prophet in dealing with two helpless women, Aisha and Hafsa, by giving them threat and deadly ultimatum concerning their future.

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Published by: Gilbert Hanz on Nov 19, 2011
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Ali bin Abu Talib was the husband of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter. Once Ali
announced his engagement with the daughter of Amr bin Hisham (which was the daughter
of Abu Jahl/Al-Hakam). Fatima was furious and reported it to her father, Muhammad.
The Prophet had forgotten the teaching of his God, and when he went to the mosque, he
shouted from the pulpit: ”I shall not permit, I shall not permit, I shall not permit him to

This picture is not taken from a comic
book, as if the person has been
ressurected from the grave. These
women were forced to wear burqa by
Afghanistan men...


divorce my daughter because she is a part of me. What hurts her, hurts me”. (Hadits sahih
Bukhari, Vol.5, Book 57 #61 & 111; Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 31 #6000. The full story
can be found in Hadits Sahih Bukhari Vol.4, Bokk 53 #342; Vol.5, Book 57 #76 and
Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 31 #5999-6001 & 6002


The cause ofMuhammad’s death was not so clear. Traditional view says that he died
because he was poisoned by a Jewish woman whom her family members have been killed
by Muhammad in a massacre of the Jews. Probably it was Safiya.
But the poisoning happened around two years before Muhammad’s death, so it is hard to
conclude that the poison killed Muhammad after a long period of time. But Muhammad
knew about it and he also admitted it.
Muhammad himself couldn’t escape from the law of “sword revenged by sword”. He was
poisoned by a Jewish woman whom he captured at Khaybar, and Allah didn’t prevented
him for the poisoning nor washed away the poison from his body, as confirmed by Anas
bin Malik: ”I always knew the effect of the poison inside his throat”. (HS Bukhari 1220)

Aisha witnessed how Muhammad suffered, because of the poison, during his critical times.
He cried: ”O Aisha! I always feel the pain because of the poisoned food I ate at Khaybar. I
feel as if my heart would stop beating because of it”. His body was suffered, and he also
lost his hope for his salvation in the Hereafter, because there was no sign that Allah or
Jibril would answer his prayers. Muhammad struggled alone with death:”O God! Please
forgive me! Have mercy on me and relate me to the Most High FRIEND...”
Then he
raised his hands and said: “Most High Friend”. He died and he laid down his hands (HSB
1570, 1573, 1574

Allah granted the Prophet the best way for a man to die, he died in the arms of his beloved
wife, Aisha.

Ibn Hisham’s report, 682:
…. That he heard Aisha said: “The prophet died on my chest on my turn. Because of the
passion of my youth and my ignorance the Prophet died in my arms”.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144:
As told by Aisha:
“He died on the day of my turn, the usual day in my house. Allah took him when his head
was between my chest and my neck, and his saliva mixed with mine”.

Since Aisha had no experience, she didn’t realize the danger for an old and sick man to
have sex with a young woman. The Prophet’s old heart and was heavily ill was not so
strong anymore untilhe had cardiac arrest. Aisha saw him died and laid down on her


chest. Therefore she felt quilty upon his death. Unfortunately, the Hadith showed that the
Prophet didn’t recite his confession of faith (syahadat) on his last moment, as a Muslim
usually does.

It was told by Abdullah ibn Abbas:
The Prophet of Allah was wrapped in three folds of cloth made by Najran: he wore two
folds of cloth and a robe when he died. (Dawood Book 20, Number 3147).

Abu Bakar came and entered the mosque when he heard the news about Muhammad’s
death. At that time, inside the Umar mosque, he was overwhelmed with sadness while he
was preaching on the pulpit.
Meanwhile, Ali entered Aisha’s house, where Muhammad’s body was laid down. He
approached it, took off the cloth that covered his face and kissed him. Then Ali said: ”For
the sake of my father and my mother, you have felt the death destined by Allah for you,
and you will not suffer death anymore”. Then Ali covered his face againand went to the
mosque. He tried to preach to the people, but Umar hesitated to continue his preaching.
But when Abu Bakar realized that Umar also wouldn’t stop talking, he also started to
interrupt Umar. There Abu Bakar thanked Allah, and said to the crowd: ”To those who
worshiped Muhammad, now Muhammad has died. But those who worship Allah, Allah
still live and will not die”. (The life of the Prophet oleh Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab,

Differ from Moses and Isa Almasih, Muhammad himself didn’t receive a revelation from
Allah regarding his death. His death came so quickly and didn’t give him any chance to
accomplish all of his affairs. He never collected nor put in order various revelations he
received into a Qur’an as we know now. He never preparedhis successor, he also never
established any governmental bureaucracy order to be executed by his successor after he
Shortly, when Muhammad was approaching the end of this life he wasn’t able to take care
of Islam and his people. He only took care of himself so that his sins will be forgiven and
asked to be related to his Most High Friend, believed to be Jesus!
Soon the Muslim started to divide into various sects that fought opposed and fought each
otherlike the Shiah and the Sunni.

Muhammad’s tomb inside the
Nabawi mosque, Medina. On the
left is the tomb of Abu Bakar, the
first Caliphate.



The Arab people who lived in the Southern and the Northern territory considered
themselves as the descendant of Ishmail and were proud because Ibrahim was their
forefather. [The Concise Dictionary of Islam ed Cyril classe (London: Stacey Inter, 1989,
The Encyclopedia of Islam identified the Arab was originated from a nation which wasn’t
the descendant of Ibrahim. (The Encyclopedia of Islam, eds, Gibb, Levi-Provencial,
Schacht Leiden: J.Brill, 1913, 1:543-47
Also the Dictionary of Islam questioned an opinion that says that the Arab is a descendant
of Ishmail. (Thomas Hughes, A Dictionary of Islam, London: Allen & Co, 1885, pp.18ff)

Could it be possible that Ishmail was the Arab’s forefather?
Ibrahim was not an Arab, Siti Hajar Ishmail’s mother wasn’t also an Arab but an Egyptian
slave. Even Siti Hajar found an Egyptian woman to be Ishmail’s wife. According to the
Hadith (the translation of HSB 1475) apparently, Ishmail learned the Arab language from
the Arab people which already existed as a nation before Ishmail was born. Therefore,
Ishmail was not an Arab, and he didn’t descend the true/original Arab.

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