Muhammad’s Achievement And Heritage


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Introduction ....................................................................................................................... Nothing but chaos ............................................................................................................. Before the time of Muhammad ........................................................................................ Ka’bah ...................................................................................................................... The Hajj Ritual ................................................................................................... Ka’bah in the Time Of Pre-Islamic .......................................................................... Ka'bah in the Time of Islam until Today ................................................................. 5 6 10 10 11 12 12

A Brief History of Muhammad Muhammad’s birth and Childhood ...................................................................... 14 The Revelation Delivered to Muhammad ............................................................. 17 Muhammad Started to Preach .............................................................................. 19 The Satanic Verses ............................................................................................... 20 The Makiyah Verses ............................................................................................ 21 The Madaniyah Verses ......................................................................................... 22 Religious tolerance........................................................................................................ 24 Hijrah............................................................................................................................. 25 Jihad .............................................................................................................................. 28 Zakat ............................................................................................................................. 30 Wars – Robbery ........................................................................................................... 33 The Nakhla War on 623 AD ........................................................................................ 33 The Battle of Badar 624 AD ........................................................................................ 34 Muhammad Turned to the Jews ................................................................................... 36 The Battle of Uhud, March 23, 625 AD ....................................................................... 37 Muhammad Wars ......................................................................................................... 38 The Attack on Bani Mustaliq ....................................................................................... 39 The Story of Aisha and Sofwan ................................................................................... 40 Letter of Heritage Substitution/Elimination ................................................................. 42 The Foundation of Terrorism ........................................................................................ 42 The Attack on the Mutala Jews .................................................................................... 43 The Killing of the 120 Years Old Abu Afak ................................................................ 43 The Killing of Asma bint Marwan ............................................................................... 43 The Story of Fatima bint Rabia .................................................................................... 45 The Torturing and Killing of 8 people ......................................................................... 45 The Massacre of the Jews ............................................................................................. 46 The Attack against the Banu Qainuqa (Between Badr and Uhud) ............................... 47 The Attack upon Banu Nadir ....................................................................................... 48 Taqiyyah: Holy Lie ...................................................................................................... 52 The Battle of Trench (Khandag) .................................................................................. 54 The Attack on Banu Quraiza ........................................................................................ 57 Azan and the Mosque ................................................................................................... 58 The Attack on Al-Harkat .............................................................................................. 60


The Conquest of Khaibar ............................................................................................. Medina After the Banishment and the Jewish Massacre .............................................. Byzantium .................................................................................................................... The Attack on A Christian Tribe: The Uki ................................................................... The Spreading of Islam: Follow Muhammad or Die ................................................... The Killing among the Muslim Themselves ................................................................ The Killing of Uthman ibn Affan by the Muslim ........................................................ The Camel War ............................................................................................................ The Siffin War .............................................................................................................. The Karbala War .......................................................................................................... The Zab War ................................................................................................................ The Ain Jakut War ....................................................................................................... Muhammad Marriage ........................................................................................................... Khadijah ....................................................................................................................... Sawda bint Zam’a ........................................................................................................ Aisha/Aisyah ................................................................................................................ Zainab bint Jahs ............................................................................................................ Juwarriyah bint Al-Harith ............................................................................................ Safiya bint Huyay ......................................................................................................... Umm Salma .................................................................................................................. Umm Habiba (Ramlah) bint Abu-Sufyan .................................................................... Maryam Qibtiyyah (Maria, A Christian from Egypt) .................................................. Maymuna bint al-Harith ............................................................................................... A Clear Discrimination between Man and Woman ..................................................... Violence toward Women in Islamic Countries ............................................................ The Story of Ali who wanted to remarry ..................................................................... Muhammad Death 570-632 AD ........................................................................................... The Myth about Ishmail ....................................................................................................... Isra’-Miraj (The night journey to heaven) ........................................................................... The Islamic Heaven ............................................................................................................. Al Qur’an ............................................................................................................................. The Contradiction in the Qur’an .................................................................................. Furthermore with the Hadith of the Holy Prophet ....................................................... Muhammad’s power in the Hadith ............................................................................... Some vulnerabilities of Muhammad ............................................................................ Salvation in Islam ................................................................................................................ Jihad ..................................................................................................................................... The Strategy of Islam in the whole world ............................................................................ Three stages of Jihad .................................................................................................... The mosque and the Islamic schools ............................................................................ The Medina Charter ..................................................................................................... The Jihadist in history .......................................................................................................... Muhammad .................................................................................................................. The Caliphate ............................................................................................................... Abu Bakar .................................................................................................................... Umar Ibn al-Khattab .................................................................................................... Uthman ibn Affan ........................................................................................................ Ali ibn Abi Talib .......................................................................................................... Umayyad 661-750 AD ................................................................................................. Abbasid 750-1258 AD ................................................................................................. The Fatimid Caliphate 909-1171 AD ........................................................................... The Ottoman Dynasty 1299-1922 AD ......................................................................... The Ottoman Massacre ........................................................................................................ The Leader of modern Jihad ................................................................................................ Islamist loyalty to the State ..........................................................................................

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Human Rights ............................................................................................................... 144 Discrimination .............................................................................................................. 145 Conclusion: Inter Cultural Dialogue .................................................................................... 146

“Respecting the faith of sincere believers shouldn’t cause the investigation by historians to be forbidden nor twisted...One must defend the rights of basic methodology owned by history.” - Maxime Rodhinson

Islam is a fast growing religion with ± 1,3 billion followers. Those who embrace Islam are called Muslim. The founder of Islam was Muhammad bin Abdullah. History recorded the spreading of this religion since its birth until the end of the 19-th century was done through violence and wars. After a nation or a group of people has been defeated, they were forced to embrace Islam, cast away from their land, or die. The Prophet Muhammad boldly claimed: “I gained victory through terror” (Bukhari 4.52-220). Islam will not stand without sword. On those days, Islam conquered many countries such as the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Byzantium, North Africa, etc. The Muslim also invaded Europe, and they conquered Spain. For 400 years this country was ruled by Islam. Islamic invasion in Europe was blocked at Vienna by the Austrian, and Charles Martel the leader of the Italian troops defeated Islam warriors at Mountain Pyrene, France, therefore Europe was saved from Islam’s agression. In Turkey, the Islam warriors slaughtered ± 1,5 million Armenian Christian at the end of the 19-th century until the beginning of the 20-th century. Islam’s fame started to fade after the Western technology outrun the Muslim especially in manufacturing weapons and war instruments, including guns and canons. For a while it seems that Islam had fallen asleep. But on September 11, 2001, the world was shocked by the destruction of WTC. This was the beginning of islamic terror in modern times. Terror by terror has been happening, and Islam has contributed 90% of terrorism attacks around the world. The world started to raise questions about Islam: What is Islam? What does it teach? What is the philosophy of Islam? What about its history? Even most of the Muslim do not have a proper understanding about Islam. They admit this fact. Those who already left Islam also admit it. People become a Muslim because there is a pressure from their family or neighbour, especially when they live in a Muslim country, therefore they have no other option but to embrace Islam. This book was published by collecting writings from accountable Islamic sources such as books about the history of 5

Islam, the Qur’an and Hadith, and from various neutral and independent sources. This book was written in order for the Muslim world and also non-Muslim to know what Islam actually is. Enjoy your reading and meditation.

After the 9/11 attack, an American unbeliever (kafir) mother told that her 23 years old son has embraced Islam and married to a Muslim woman. Now they already have a baby. Her son wished to go to Afghanistan to fight with Taliban against American soldiers and he was ready to die as a martyr (syahid). She said that her son once told her that when Islam conquered the U.S., then he will not hesitate to cut off the heads of the unbelievers including his own mother, if the command to kill the unbelievers (kafir) has been released. Muhammad Ali al-Ayed, 23 years old, son of a Saudi millioner, lived in the U.S. One evening on August 2003, invited his friend Sellouk, a Jew from Marocco, to have a drink at a bar. Around mid-night they went to al-Ayed’s apartement. Suddenly al-Ayed took a knife and stabbed his friend, the Jew, until his body was almost cut into two parts. AlAyed’s roommate told the police that “they didn’t even have any arguments before alAyed killed Sellouk.” “The killing happened only because both of them didn’t share the the same religion”, said Al-Ayed’s lawyer. Muhammad Taheri-azar 25 years old, an Iranian, graduated from University of North Carolina. One day on March 2006, rented a jeep and drove it slowly into his campus at University of North Carolina. Suddenly he hit the gas and ran over a group of students to kill as many as possible. He killed 9 people and injured another 6. Samao Menghwar and his wife are a Hindu couple who lived in Karachi, Pakistan. One evening on November 2005 when they arrived home from work they were surprised to find that their 3 daughters were missing. Later they learned that their daughters were kidnapped dan were forced to embrace Islam. The police caught some Muslim guys who did this crime, but only to be released by the court because they were considered still under age. However, the 3 girls are still missing. Kidnapping Hindu girls is not something new. They were abducted, forced to embrace Islam, and also forced to marry a Muslim. Their parents are not allowed to visit them, because “a Muslim girl may not have any relationship with the unbelievers (kafir)”. When a Hindu girl has been succeededly forced to embace Islam, hundreds of Muslims running crazy on the streets, screaming and yelling islamic slogans. Nobody would ever listened to the crying and the pain of the girl’s parents. If she dare to leave Islam, she will be killed for sure. Many lawyers don’t have the courage to defend the suffering family because they fear of the threat from islamic extremist upon their own life.


Muriel Degauque 38 years old, a Belgian woman, loved to snowboarding at winter since she was only a little girl. She married a salafi Muslim from Marocco and embraced Islam. Later on, she and her husband went to Iraq through Syria. In Iraq, she exploded herself in front of Iraqi police patrol on November 9, 2005. A commander and another 5 police officers were killed and there were 4 civillians seriously injured (Newsweek, December 12, 2005). On October 2005, three student girls from a Christian School were walking near a chocholate plantation not far from Poso, a little town in Indonesia. Suddenly they were attacked and their heads were cut off by a Muslim group. The police reported that their heads were found far from their bodies, and one head was placed in front of a church. Militant Muslim groups attacked the Central Sulawesi Province in Indonesia because they were convinced that this place was suitable to establish an islamic country. On 2001 and 2002, militant Muslims from all parts of Indonesia attacked the Christian community in this province, and killed more than 1000 Christians.

On September 11, 2001 several Muslims hijacked American airplanes dan hit the twin tower of WTC, killed more than 2600 people. Many Muslims in the Muslim countries danced in jubilation upon this horrible tragedy on humanity. Surprisingly, Islam’ spiritual leaders accused the Jews for building a conspiracy to launch this attack.

On October 12, 2002 the Muslim terrorist launched a suicide bomb at Paddy’s Club and Sari Club in Bali – Indonesia, killed 202 people, mainly Australian. Imagine if this tragedy happened to the Muslims....


The second Bali bombing happened in Maharaja, Jimbaran restaurant, on October 1, 2005, killed 20 people and injured 129. (Newsweek, 18 Juli 2005).

J.W.Marriott Hotel at Mega Kuningan, Jakarta was bombed by Muslim terrorist on August 5, 2003, killed 12 people, injured 150.

London bomb on July 7, 2005, killed 52 people

Madrid bomb, 3 days before election day on March 11, 2004, killed 191 people, injured 2050.

The victims of the second JW Marriot Hotel bombing by islamic extremist suicide bomber on July 17, 2009, 07.45 am. On the same day a bomb exploded at 8

the Ritz Carlton Hotel, killed 9 people, including the man seen at this picture. (Mr.Timothy McCay). Islam shed much more blood compare to any other cause in the whole world. According to some historians, there were millions people slaughtered by Islam’ sword in India only. Million others died in Persia and Egypt. In Turkey at the end of the 19-th century, there were 1,5 million Armenian Christian killed by the Muslim. And many other countries were raided by Islam warriors, when they have been conquered and ruled over for centuries later. This terrorism has been going on until today. Their motto is: ”We love death more than life”. And they proved it by launching thousands of terrorism attacks everywhere in these recent years. Twenty-five out of 28 ongoing wars in the world participated by the Muslim, although they are only one-fifth of the world’s inhabitants. According to statistic, the Muslim in groups are more likely, up to 33 times, to use violence as problem solution compare to the non-Muslim. Islam is the result of Muhammad’s thoughts and claims on behalf of Allah, and the Muslim read his words in the Qur’an and Hadith, and followed them very carefully in their daily life. For the Muslim, Muhammad was the best creature, a man with a noble character, the most perfect example to follow. They acknowledge Muhammad as an extraordinary person and “Allah’s gift for mankind (Surah 33:21; 68:2,4). They believe that when Muhammad did something, no matter if it was cruel or barbaric according to any standard, then it was a right and noble act according to Allah’ standard. They don’t judge him as a prophet based on moral standard, humanity, nor the golden rule of conscience. These moral concepts are very unfamiliar for a Muslim. For them, good and bad are determined by the law of what is legal and what is forbidden, the values based on islamic law (shariah) that is completely unreasonable, far from ethics and morality. They are against all things that are considered as a product of the Western world. They give no room for questioning, critics, and one is not allowed to question a moral issue because it would be considered as questioning Allah. Such thought must be eliminated, starting from the person who has such thought. Although Muslim have heard that Muhammad was a robber, a deceiver, a mass murderer, cruel, pedophil, a womanizer, etc., but they never willing to find the truth about it, and boldly believe in him.


During the dark age (jahiliyah) before Muhammad was born, paganism and idolatry were practised by most of the Arab people. They also used to sacrifice animals for their pagan gods. At that time, they were divided into tribes (kabilah) and at war among themselves. The chief of a tribe was considered as one with authority to solve their problems. The foundation for community life within a tribe was based on blood relationship. It bound one person with another so strongly that whenever a member of the tribe was having a problem with another tribe, then all of tribe members will defend him. This feeling of togetherness and unity in a tribe is called: ashabiyah. There were various religion in Arabia, such as Judaism, Christian, Zoroastrean, Sabean (believe in one God, but now this religion does not exist anymore). Everyone was free to worship his own god, and their prophets were also free to preach about their religion. There were regular meetings in Okaz and also in other cities to held an open discussion on religious issues, preaching and poetry. Although there were many differences, the people lived in peace and harmony with each other. Religious intolerance in Arabia was developed by Islam.

Ka’bah is also called Ka’bah Baitullah which means: Ka’bah the dwelling of Allah. It is a building without roof, and shaped like a box. The Ka’bah is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Muslim believe that it was built by Ibrahim (or Abraham) and Ishmael. But Abraham in The Holy Bible never been to Arabia. Historical and archeological findings also couldn’t find any proof to support what the Muslim believe. At that time the route to travel there has not been built. Abraham traveled from Ur-Kasdim in Mesopotamia (Iraq in modern time), to the North in the land of Haran, Syria, and entered the land of Canaan. On the eastern wall, near the South East corner of Ka’bah there is a door to enter into Ka’bah which called: door of Ali, and on the South East of Ka’bah there is Hajarul Aswad or Hajar Aswad, which means: the Black Stone that placed around 1 meter above the ground. During the Pre-Islamic era, both inside and outside of the Ka’bah, there were 360 statutes and stones worshipped by the inhabitants of Mecca. These were their idols or gods. The Arab merchants on their daily travel used to visit Mecca to pray to those idols asking for blessings. In those days they usually went on a pilgrimage to Mecca, to walk circulating the Ka’bah without wearing any clothes and clapping their hands (Footnote HSB 843). Once there was a flood that caused damage to the Ka’bah, and renovation was conducted. The Hadith reported that Muhammad also participated in renovating the Ka’bah. When Muhammad proclaimed himself as a prophet, he received many rejections and enmity from his own tribe, the Quraish people. Therefore, Muhammad must make a 10

journey to Medina on 622 A.D. In Medina, he made many interactions with the Jews and the Christians, who worshipped The One and Only God. When Muhammad had gained many followers from Medina, he returned to Mecca and attacked the city. In 630 A.D., when Muhammad was standing outside Mecca with his 10.000 Muslim warriors, he wanted to conquer the city without shedding many blood. He learned well why the people of Mecca wanted to fight him. They were afraid that if Islam won the battle then they will face economic disaster, because Islam will surely forbid the pilgrims to gather around their temples which can cause them to have no income. Therefore Muhammad offered them a compromise: “Oh people of Mecca, be a Muslim, and by doing so you obey Allah, the Qur’an and me, Allah’s messenger, destroy all of your idols in Mecca and I will assure you that you will have unending income. Because in the future no idol worshippers will make a pilgrimage to Mecca but the Muslims, and you shall have your income”. To strengthen his words, he asked Allah to deliver some verses as a reference in the Qur’an that commanded the Muslim to go to Mecca and its surrounding area to do the Hajj ritual (pilgrimage). We can read about it in Sura 3:97 and 2:125. “In it are Signs Manifest; (for example), the Station of Abraham; whoever enters it attains security; Pilgrimage thereto is a duty men owe to Allah,those who can afford the journey; but if any deny faith, Allah stands not in need of any of His creatures.” (Sura 3:97) “Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take ye the station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Isma'il, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer).” (Sura 2:125)

The Hajj Ritual
Until today the Muslim around the world travel to Mecca to exercise the fifth pillars of Islam, which is the Hajj ritual, and became Allah’s quest. In this ritual, they try to kiss the Hajar Aswad seven times. They do this to follow their Prophet’s example as it is written in Hadith Shahih Muslim (HSM 1190) as following: “When Rasulullah SAW arrived at Mecca, firstly he approached Hajar Aswad then he kissed (it)”. Before kissing Hajar Aswad, Muhammad said: “Labbaik allahuma labbaik” which means: “Oh Allah, upon Your calling I come to You”. (HSM 1150).


In its essence, actually the Hajj ritual is a continuation of the pagan pilgrimage before the time of Islam. The difference is only on the object of worship. Before the time of Islam, people worshipped 360 various idols, but now they worship only one god, that is the Hajar Aswad which called as Allah

Ka’bah in the Time Of Pre-Islamic


Ka’bah in the time of Islam until today

Muhammad’s biography is called Sirat Rasul Allah. By studying the Prophet’s life story written in it, we can trace his life history, and learn Muhammad’s way of thinking to be able to understand his actions and the reasons behind it. Muhammad’s Birth and Childhood On 570 A.D. in Mecca, a son was born for Abd Allah bin Abdul Muthalib bin Hasyim bin Abd Munaf bin Qusai bin Kilab bin Murra bin Ka’b bin Lu’ayy bin Ghalib bin Fahd bin Malik bin Al-Nadr bin Kinana bin Khuzaima bin Mudraka bin Elias bin Mudar bin Nizar bin Ma’ad bin Adnan. 12

Some islamic scholars claimed that Adnan was one of Ishmail’ son, but they couldn’t assure it. Even Ibn Abbas reported: “Between Adnan and Ishmail there were 30 generations unknown” (Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya, by Ibn Kathir). What’s interesting is the fact that Muhammad had Jewish line in his genealogy since Mudraka bin Elias bin Mudar was a Jew from the tribe of Gad. (As recorded by Al-Tabari and Imam As-Suheili, who considered as the prominent Muslim scholar). His mother was Aminah binti Wahab bin Abdulmanaf bin Zurah bin Kilab bin Murah. Thus both of his parents came from one ancestor. When Aminah was three months pregnant, Abdullah passed away. Aminah died when Muhammad was 5 years old. After his birth, Muhammad was taken by his grandfather Abdul Muthalib before the Ka’bah and was named Muhammad, which means “the praised one”. Although Muhammad was Aminah’s only child, after he was born he was given to Thueiba, a servant of Muhammad’s uncle Abu Lahab (the man Muhammad cursed in the Qur’an, Sura 111. He also cursed Abu’s wife). And then Aminah gave Muhammad to Halimah, a Bedouin woman, to be raised in the desert, when he was still 6 months old. Halimah was the woman who breastfed Muhammad, but in the beginning she did not want to take care of him because he was an orphan and his mother was only a poor widow. Eventually Halimah did take care of him because she didn’t get any rich kid to raise, while her family needed all the money she can get by raising someone else’s child. This fact was discovered 60 years after she took Muhammad. Halimah reported that Muhammad liked to be alone. He loved to live in his own imagination and talked with his imaginary friends that no one else could see. Halimah was very concerned with his mental health so she returned Muhammad to his Mother, Aminah, when he was 5 years old. Because Aminah still haven’t got a new husband, she was not so sure to receive her son back, until Halimah told her about his strange behavior and imagination. Ibn Ishaq recorded Halimah’s words: His father (the father of Halimah’s only son) said to me: “I am afraid this boy will suffer from heart attack, therefore take him back to his family before something bad happened”... She (Muhammad’s mother) kept on bothering me untill I told her this. When she asked whether I am afraid that her son (Muhammad) was demon possesed, then I answered: “Yes”. [Sirat ibn Ishaq, page 72: Ibn Ishaq (read Is-haq, an Arab name for Isaac) was a Muslim history writer, born in Medina around 85 years after Hijra (around 704 A.D., he died on 768 A.D). He was the first writer of the history life of Muhammad and his wars. His collection of Muhammad’s life is called “Sirat al-Nabi” (“The Life Story of the Prophet”). This book is already gone. But Ibn Ishaqs collection with additional notes from Ibn Hisham (died on 834 A.D) are still available and has been translated into English. Ibn Hisham confessed that he purposely did not publish some of Ibn Ishaq’s writings that was 13

considered as a shame to the Muslim. Some parts of this embarrassing story were quoted by Tabari (838-923) who was the most prominent history writer from Persia and also a Qur’an interpreter]. Halimah’s husband said: “I am afraid this boy will suffer from heart attack”. This is a very important information. Years later, Muhammad told his strange experience he had when he was still a little boy: “Two men dressed in white came to me with a golden bowl filled with snow. They held me and cut my body and took out a black stuff and threw it away. Then they washed my heart and my body with snow untill it became pure”. [Montgomery Watt: the translation of Muhammad’s Biography written by Ibn Ishaq (p. 36)]. Then Muhammad stayed with his mother again, but not for long. One year later Aminah passed away (576 AD) and she was burried at Abwa, which located between Mecca and Medina. When Muhammad conquered Mecca, fifty years after his mother’s death, he visited her grave. “This is my mother’s grave; God allowed me to visit her. I wanted to pray for her, but God forbid me to. So I called my mother to remember her and with a tender memory about her, and I wept”. [Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d p.21. Ibn Sa’d (784-845) was a historian, a student from al Waqidi. He divided his writings into eight sections, and named them Tabaqat (categories). The first is Muhammad’s life story (Vol.1), then his wars (Vol.2), his followers in Mecca (Vol.3), his followers in Medina (Vol.4), his grandchildren, Hassan and Hussein and prominent Muslim leaders (Vol.5), Muhammad’s followers and companions (Vol.6), the next important followers (Vol.7) and some Muslim women figure (Vol.8)]. What did Aminah do that caused God forbid Muhammad to pray for her mother? Was it because he remembered her as a cold woman who didn’t love her son so that Muhammad sufferred unresolved bitterness in his soul? Then Muhammad lived with his grandfather Abu Muttalib who spoiled him and gave more attention to him than to his own sons. Muir in Biography of Muhammad wrote: “He raised that boy with love. A carpet used to put under the shadow of Ka’bah and Abdul Muttalib lay down covered from the heat of the sun. Far from the carpet, sat down his sons. Little Muhammad ran to his grandfather wanted to take the carpet. Muttalib’ sons wanted to send him away but Abdul Muttalib did not allow them and said: “Do not forbid my little boy”. Then he would softly rubbed his back, joyfully enjoyed Muhammad’s childish behavior. Muhammad was taken care by Baraka, his foster mother, but he often went away from her, and stay at his grandfather’s place even while he was alone. Muhammad remember his grandfather’s love, and loved to dream about it. Later he told that his grandfather used to say: “Leave him alone because he has a great destiny and will become an heir of a kingdom” and said to Baraka: “Don’t let her fall into the hands of the 14

Jews and the Christians, because they will look for her and harm her”. His uncles did not believe him except Hamza who was in the same age with Muhammad. In the future Abas joined Muhammad, but it happened after Muhammad’ star was shining and he and his men were standing in front of Mecca, ready to attack the city. Muhammad did not have a good life. Two years after he lived with his grandfather, the old man passed away when he reached 82 years old. Muhammad was so sad because of this loss, he wept at the funeral at Hajun. Years later he still remember his grandfather. Then Muhammad was raised by his uncle Abu Talib, with the same love as Abu Muttalib had for him, as Muir recorded. “He allowed him to sleep on his bed, dine by his side, and travelled abroad with him. He kept on treating Muhammad with tenderness until he grew up”. Ibn Sa’d quoted Waqidi who told that eventhough Abu Talib was not a rich man, he raised Muhammad and loved him more than he loved his own son. One day (582 AD) Abu Talib wanted to travel to Syria to trade. He didn’t bring along Muhammad who was 12 years old at that time. “When the group (kafilah) was ready to leave and Abu Talib was about to ride on his camel, his niece who didn’t want to be left for a long time held him so tight. Abu Talib was moved and then took him along”. The intimacy between Muhammad and his uncle showing how Muhammad always feared to loose the people he loved. When his uncle was in his deathbed, Muhammad visited him, and all of Muttalib’ sons were there also. Abu Talib who has turned 53 years old, sincerely asked his brothers to protect Muhammad. They promised to do that including Abu Lahab whom Muhammad cursed in the Qur’an. Then Muhammad asked his uncle to embrace Islam but his uncle smiled and said that he would rather die as a follower of his ancestor’s religion. Muhammad left the room, saying: “I wanted to pray for him, but Allah forbid me to”. These words are hard to believed; how could God forbid His Prophet to ask forgiveness for the man who had raised him, protected him untill the day he died, and had made many sacrifices for him? Muhammad’s followers were common people from the lower class in society, therefore to make himself popular he needed important people to embrace Islam. Muhammad was very excited when Abu Bakar and Omar became his followers. If Abu Talib was willing to embrace Islam, then Muhammad will gain respect from his uncles and the Quraish people. The Quraish people was an Arab tribe that lived in Mecca, and they were the guardian of Ka’bah. Muhammad strongly needed Abu Talib’s acknowledgement upon the truth of his religion. Abu Talib and his family had sacrificed many things for Muhammad, although they didn’t believe in Islam. Abu Talib stood as a solid rock in defending Muhammad against the Quraish people, and protecting him from any kind of threats for 38 years.


At those times Muhammad didn’t do anything significant. There were times when he took care of the goats, which was considered as a woman’s daily work by the Arab people. For that job he got only small payment and he depended on his uncle’s generousity. On 595 A.D., when Muhammad was 25 years old, Abu Talib found a job for him as a treasurer in a company belonged to a rich lady: Khadijah. She was 40 years old, had a succesful bussiness carrier, and also a relative of Abu Talib. Khadijah ordered Muhammad to travel to Syria to trade. When he returned home, Khadijah fell in love with him. Although Muhammad was only her servant, she proposed him to marry her. For 25 years old Muhammad, marrying this 40 years old Khadijah was a great fortune, because from this marriage he could get motherly love and affection which his mother failed to give him when he was still a little boy. This marriage also provided financial security so that he didn’t have to work anymore. Khadijah gladly met all of his needs. Muhammad had 7 children with Khadijah. Muhammad had them since he was 25 years old until he turned 40. He didn’t like to work, nor helping Khadijah to take care of her 10 children. He prefered to spend his time alone at the Hira cave, near Mecca, meditating and daydreaming. On 613 AD when Muhammad turned 40 years old, after spending many days alone in the cave, Muhammad had a strange experience. He started to have muscle contractions, stomachache, unable to control his trembling lips, sweating, and his heart beats very hard. While having this condition he claimed that he saw a ghost and heard strange voices. He ran into the house trembling, sweating and terrified. “Cover me, cover me”, he cried to his wife. “O Khadijah, what was happening to me?” He told her everything he experienced in the cave, and said: “I am afraid something terrible had happened to me”. He thought he was demon possesed. Khadijah calmed him down and told him not to be afraid, because he was visited by an angel and was chosen to be a prophet. After his encounter with a spiritual being called as the angel Jibril, Muhammad was convinced by his wife that he was a prophet. This brought joy to him and fulfilled his imagination of being a great person. Since his youth, Muhammad often attended a bazaar held in Okaz, where people from various places gathered to trade and having a good time. Christian preachers also told the story of the prophets and Jesus from the Bible there. Muhammad was amazed to hear these stories. He always dreamed to be a prophet, a great person, whom people loved and respected. Therefore Muhammad chose God as his companion. This imaginary companion had a great power and very mighty, thus would make his power unlimited. He was the only one who had direct access to Allah, and he was His messenger on earth. Through Him, Muhammad gained unlimited authority toward his followers. Muhammad became the master of their soul. There is only one God, all mighty, feared, generous, and also merciful, and Muhammad was the only mediator between God and man. This made 16

Muhammad as Allah’s representative. In order that no one could moved him from this position, he also claimed as the last of all prophets. Therefore, his power became absolute and eternal. Then he started to preach about his status as a prophet... Before the islamic era, both inside and outside the Ka’bah there were ± 360 statutes and stones worshipped as idols by the people. There was one god that called Allah, which was the moon god, and his wife the sun goddess. Both of them had 3 daughters: Al-Lata, AlUzza and Manat, and they were the star goddesses. Allah and his 3 daughters were symbolized as the crescent moon and star. The Arab people believed that Allah watered the Arabian deserts, and he was the most powerful god among all other gods. In their temple of worship, Allah was honored as the greatest god of all. In his meditation, Muhammad decided that Allah was the greatest god. Muhammad eliminated Allah’s wife (the sun goddess), the three daughters, and also all other gods. Muhammad declared Allah as the one and only god. However, Allah still originated from politheism; from worshipping many idols Muhammad turned many people to worship only one god that rooted in worshipping the moon god. Islam proved itself as an antagonistic religion against idol worship. The symbol of Islam is the crescent moon, and it actually shows the root of its worship: - The crescent moon on the top of the mosques and prayer towers. - The crescent moon on the flags of islamic countries. - The Muslim’s fasting period started and ended by the rise of the crescent moon at the sky.

An amulet of goddess Al-Lata. Found at Adumattu, Arabia, to cast evil spirit away. The symbol of the moon and star on the amulet shows it has been used by the pagan before Islam. Al-Lata was one of Allah’s daughter (Sura 53:19).

In the Introduction of the Qur’an published by the Indonesian Department of Religion we can read that: The revelation came as a sound of bells ringing. This was very frustrating to Muhammad. His forehead sweat a lot, although it was winter. Sometimes the revelation came when Muhammad was riding a camel. When it descended, the Prophet suffered from a very high fever, and trembling. After these symptoms passed, then he would returned normal again. Beside all that, the Hadiths also tells us these things: 17

a. After the revelation descended, the Prophet was soaking wet by his sweat, although it was very cold (HSB no.3). b. The Prophet was filled with anxiety, and terrified. c. The Prophet fell on the ground, unconscious, and he starred to the sky. d. Umar asked the Prophet, he took a moment of silence, and then the revelation descended. Umar signalled Ya’ala, and he came closer. Then the Prophet was covered with a cloth, he put his head into it. His face turned red and he was snoring. (HSB 799) e. When the revelation ceased, Muhammad was very sad and anxious about himself. Then he went to the mountain to throw himself down. He did this many times, but Jibril always prevented him to commit suicide. (HSB 1846). Conclusions on the effect of the revelations Muhammad received: 1. Muhammad felt a ringing in his ears as if there were bells ringing inside his head (Hadis I/1, dan IV/438). 2. His heart beats faster. (Hadis I/3). 3. His face turned red. (Hadis II, pasal 16, hal 354; V/618; VI/508). 4. He breathed heavily. (Hadis VI/508). 5. Suddenly he fell or lie down. (Hadis II, chapter 16, page 354; IV/461, “I fell down to the ground”; V/170, “He fell unconscious to to the ground with both eyes starring at the sky”; VI/448, “I fell to the ground.”) 6. He would asked to be covered .(Hadis I/3; II chapter 16, page 354; III/17; IV/461, “I fell to the ground...and said, “Cover me! (with) blanket, cover me!” Then Allah delivered His revelation: ”O you who covered in a blanket (Hadis V/170, “He fell unconscious to the ground with both eyes (open) to the sky. When he awake, he said, “My cloth! My cloth!” (Hadis IV/447, 448, 468, 481). 7. His lips were trembling when he fell on the ground. (Hadis, I/4). 8. He heard and saw things other people couldn’t. (Hadis I/2,3; IV/458, 461; III/829; IV/95; V/462). 9. He sweat a lot. (Hadis I/2; II/544; III/829; IV/95; V/462). 10. Sometimes he snored like a camel. (Hadis II, ps 16, halaman 354; III/17). 11. Sometimes he dreamed. (Hadis I/3; V/659; VI/478). [In another Hadith; while receiving a revelation, it was recorded that Muhammad was stressed with his mouth foaming and his eyes closed. Once a while he snored like a baby camel (Ahmad bin Hanbal I/34, 464; VI/163). Abu Huraira said that the Prophet suffered a terrible headache. And Ibnu Hisham in Al-Sirah alNabawiya said that the Prophet used to act like a drunk person while receiving a revelation]. “One a spell was cast upon him, so that he imagined that he did something, yet he did not.” (HSB 1414). Such negative effect was never experienced by any other prophets, but Khadijah convinced Muhammad that he was appointed as a prophet and the spirit who had visited him was the


spirit of Jibril, and it was confirmed. The confirmation of his appointment as a prophet was actually a sexual intercourse between Khadijah and Muhammad. Ibn Hisham recorded: Khadijah asked Muhammad: “Could you tell me whether that friend (Jibril) came to visit you?” Muhammad answered: ”Yes”. When he came, Muhammad told Khadijah. Khadijah said: “Do you see him now?” Muhammad answered: ”Yes”. She said: ”Turn around and sit on my right thigh”. Muhammad did it. She said to him: ”Could you still see him?” Muhammad said: ”Yes”. Khadijah was disappointed and opened her veil and threw it away, while Muhammad was sitting on her lap, and Khadijah said to Muhammad: ”Could you still see him?” Muhammad answered: ”No”. Khadijah shouted to him: ”Be convinced and glad, in the name of Allah, he was an angel and not a demon, because demons will not be ashamed (and vanished when a woman take her clothes off) unlike angels”. (The Life of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham, p.174). The same story was also written in many islamic references: Look at: The Beginning and the End by Ismail Ibn Kathir, vol.III, p..15; Sirat Al-Maghzai, by Ibn Ishaq, p.133; Rawd Al-Unuf by Ibn Hisham, p.271-272; The Life of Muhammad by Dr Haikal (1982), p.152; and Al-Isabafi tamyiz al-Sababa (Finding the Truth in Judging the Muhammad’s Companions) by Ibn Hajar Asqalani (1372-1449), vol.IV, p.273. Thus Muhammad’ status as a prophet has never been proven by anyone else but his wife, Khadijah, by her own methods.

Then Muhammad started to preach. Firstly, to the inhabitants of Mecca. He preached about his appointment as an Apostle (Rasul), the one who gave warnings from God. Then he urged the people of Mecca to eliminate all of their idols, except Allah. Allah is the one and only God to be worshipped and adored. Everyone must respect Him, love Him, and even fear Him. There is no God but Allah! Muhammad understood the power of preaching very well. He believed that there was a magical power in good preaching. (Sunan Abu Dawud; Book 41, Number 4994). It means that a good preaching could force people to do something they previously didn’n wish to do. In another Hadith, he said: ”I have been given the keys of great preachings and was given victory through terror” (Shahih Bukhari Vol.9 Book 87, Number 127). Arabian people were polytheists. Monotheism declared by Muhammad obtained rejection and opposition from the inhabitants of Mecca. After 13 years passed, Muhammad only had around 80 followers. Khadijah was his number one follower, and then Abu Bakar, Usman and Umar. Beside them, Muhammad’s followers were the slaves of the rich people of Quraish and some unfamous young men.


The people of Mecca got irritated by Muhammad, because he despised their religion and their gods for many years. Eventually, they decided to have nothing to do do with him and his followers. They even didn’t want to trade with him anymore.

The Satanic Verses
The enmity and economic embargo caused many difficulties for the Muslim in the beginning, therefore Muhammad ordered them to move to Abyssinia. Finally, to please the people of Mecca, Muhammad must compromised, even making a consession. Ibn Sa’d wrote: “One day the Prophet was among a group of people at Ka’bah and he read for them from Sura an Najm (Sura 53). When he was going to read verses 19-20 that says: ”Did you consider Lat and Uzza and Manat, the other three?”, then Satan put those two verses at the Prophet’s mouth: ”They are respected mediators, whom intercession are hoped for.” (Tabaqat Volume 1, page 191) These words pleased the Quraish people and soon they stopped the economic boycott and enmity. This news was heard by the Muslim at Abyssinia and they gladly returned to Mecca. But then Muhammad realized that acknowledging the daughters of Allah as goddesses had ruined his own position as the only mediator between Allah and mankind, thus making his religion no different from the pagan religion, therefore it would be useless. So, he eliminated those verses, and claimed that those verses were inspired by Satan. Then, he edited those verses: “Have ye thought upon Al-Lat and Uzza and Manat, the third, the other? Are yours the males and His the females? That indeed were an unfair division!” (Sura 53:19-22). It means, how dare you saying that God has daughters, while you were proud that you have sons? Yes, Islam considered women as unintelectual, therefore it is a disgrace for Allah to have any daughter. This is really unfair. But because of this matter, some of Muhammad’s followers left Islam, and to regain his followers’ trust Muhammad rushed to deliver a verse in Sura Al Hajj 22:52-53, to justify himself before all other prophets. 52 Never did We send a messenger or a prophet before thee, but, when he framed a desire, Satan threw some (vanity) into his desire: but Allah will cancel anything (vain) that Satan throws in, and Allah will confirm (and establish) His Signs: for Allah is full of Knowledge and Wisdom: 53 That He may make the suggestions thrown in by Satan, but a trial for those in whose hearts is a disease and who are hardened of heart: verily the wrong-doers are in a schism far (from the Truth):


How could Muhammad claimed that all other prophets had also been possessed by satanic verses as he experienced? Some of his followers realized that Muhammad made up the Qur’an to fit his own situation and what condition he wanted, therefore they left him. The idol worshippers in Mecca mocked him and said that Muhammad’s God was inconsistent with His words. This is the history of how the “satanic verses” appeared. By that time, Islam was still an unfamous idea. Although the Muslim hide it, the fact is there are many literatures on these satanic verses. The Muslim falsely accused Islam’s enemies as the ones who are responsible in writing these books (as the case of Salman Rushdy), yet they were collected by Islam’s own prominent scholars such as al-Tabari, Ibn Ishak, Waqidi, Ibn Sa’d etc. Later, Muhammad repented, but without asking for forgiveness from Allah for all of his sins, and once again he worshipped Allah as the one true God. Because the inhabitants of Mecca severely despised him, Muhammad left the city and went to Ta-if. But nobody wanted to embrace Islam in this city, so Muhammad returned back to Mecca. On his way to Mecca, according to sura 46:29-35, 72:1-28, Muhammad preached to the evil spirits (jinn), and they repented and embraced Islam. According to the Qur’an, later on those evil spirits preached about Islam to mankind. In other words, those evil spirits (male and female) that dwelled in the trees, rocks, in the rivers and pools in Arabia are Muslims and were under Muhammad’s authority (Guillaume, Islam, pp 37-38). This is a classic form of shamanism which was claimed by Muhammad as the ruler of the evil spirits on earth. (Shamanism is a religious idea that believes that witch-doctors and wizards have authority over evil spirits). When he arrived at Mecca, the people there still ignored him and refused to embrace Islam. The Meccan people, like any other non-Muslims, were polytheists. Generally they were tolerant toward other religions or beliefs. Plurality of religion was very familiar at that time, and there was no violence nor oppression on religious basis. Therefore the Meccan were offended when Muhammad insulted their gods, while they never harmed Muhammad.

The Makiyah Verses
When Islam was still unpopular, Muhammad (or the Moslems) declared gentle verses, with a soft voice, as a little lamb. The verses written in Mecca are called the Makiyah verses, or the dove verses, such as:  “Unto you your religion and unto me my religion” (Sura 109:6).  “And bear with patience what they utter, and part from them with a fair leavetaking” (Sura 73:10)  “Bear with what they say, and celebrate the praise of thy Lord” (Sura 20:130)  “We are Best Aware of what they say, and thou (O Muhammad) art in no wise art a compeller over them” (Sura 50:45) 21

   

“Keep to forgiveness (O Muhammad), and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant” (Sura 7:199) “So forgive (O Muhammad), with a gracious forgiveness” (Sura 15:85) “Tell those who believe to forgive those who hope not for the days of Allah; in order that He may requite folk what they used to earn” (Sura 45:14) “And argue not with the people of the Scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better” (Sura 29:46).

In the beginning, the Muslim even approached the Christians with verses of praise from Allah: And thou wilt find the nearest of them in affection to those who believe (to be) those who say: “Lo! We are Christians”. (Sura 5:82) As if Islam is a religion of love and compassion, tolerant and peaceful towards people of other faith.

The Madaniyah Verses
But soon after Islam started to develop, they started to roar like a pack of wolves. No more soft and gentle voices, for it was only a tactic. Immediately they couldn’t hide their true nature very long, they produced harsh verses known as the sword verses directed to the unbelievers (kafir), such as:  “ye who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him)” (Sura 9:123) “And whoso seeketh as religion other than the Surrender (to Allah) it will not be accepted from him, and he will be a loser in the Hereafter” (Sura 3:85) “Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them” (Sura 9:5) “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out” (Sura 2:191) “Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers” (Sura 9:14) “Make no excuse.Ye have disbelieved after your (confession of) belief. If We forgive a party of you, a party of you We shall punish because they have been guilty” (Sura 9:66) “O ye who believe! The idolaters only are unclean. So let them not come near the Inviolable Place of Worship after this their year” (Sura 9:28) “Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger and follow not the Religion of Truth, until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low” (Sura 9:29)

   

 


“Now when ye meet in battle those who disbelieve, then it is smiting of the necks, until ye have routed them, then making fast of bonds; and afterwards either grace or ransom, till the war lay down its burdens. That (is the ordinance). And if Allah willed He could have punished them (without you) but (thus it is ordained) that He may try some of you by means of others . and those who are slain in the way of Allah, He rendereth not their actions vain” (Sura 47:4)

Towards the Christians, whom they hold dearly in the past, now they turned their backs and launching contradicting verses, yet in the Qur’an contradiction is not considered as a revelation (Sura 4:82). “And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah. That is their saying with their mouths. They imitate the saying of those who disbelieved of old. Allah (Himself) fighteth against them. How perverse are they” (Sura 9:30 contradicts with Sura 5:82). This Madaniyah verses acted as a foundation for the Muslim to consider the Christian as an unbeliever (kafir), that is the same as the wildest animal. “For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him: They will not believe” (Sura 8:55) “I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger. Ye (Muslim) slew them not, but Allah slew them. (Sura 8:12,17) The Muslim are commanded not only to kill the Christians, but all people that are not Muslim. Wherever you find unbelievers kill them, for whosoever kills them, unto him shall be given his reward on the Last Day/Hereafter. (HSB IX /4). The verse that says “There is no compulsion in religion (Islam)” (Sura 2:256) only lasted for a short period of time, because it must be replaced. The unbelievers have to be fought, isolated, forced to embrace Islam or die. The same happens “if Muslim left Islam and turn to other religion, kill them” (HSB IX/57). Islam started to impose the era of terror. The value of a Muslim’s blood is also different from the the value of a non-Muslim’s blood. It is okay for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim, and a Muslim will go unpunished for such crime. (HSBIX/50, HSB IV/196, I/25,35) For example, the students of the Doulos Christian Seminary at Cipayung Jakarta and the three girls of a Christian school in Poso, etc., were killed by the Muslim, but the killers didn’t receive a death sentence. While Tibo and his friends already executed though their case was not final yet. Violence in Islam was established by Muhammad himself. He said: 23

“Know that the paradise is located under the shadow of the sword” (HSB IV/73). All of these literally has proven Islam as a religion of terror!!! Although some Muslim believe that Allah’s words and commandments are consistent and eternal (Sura 6:34; 10:64; 33:62ff), but Islam also teaches a doctrin called: “nasakh and mansukh” meaning: a verse can be cancelled and can be replaced by a new one. Sura 2:106 granted Allah and Muhammad the freedom to change His words. Those harsh verses mentioned above are the Madaniyah verses said by Muhammad when he had already build an army in Madinah. Those verses replaced the “dove verses” (Makiyah) Muhammad utterred in Mecca when Islam was still unpopular. Thus the Makiyah had been cancelled, and the harsh verses are in the air. Because of this, Islam has two faces.

When the world was shocked by the 9/11 tragedy, the Bali bombing, etc., the Islam spiritual leaders tried to convince the non-Muslim world that Islam is a tolerant religion, peaceful and loving, and non-violence. They recited the Makiyah verses. But on the other hand, many Muslims in the Middle East and also in Indonesia danced in jubilation upon that destruction, and the Madaniyah verses were recited in mosques, justifying the act of terror. Muhammad was not the first person who claimed himself as a prophet. There were many others who also did, and they became his competitors. The most famous self-appointed prophet was Musailama. Many people gladly received him. There was also a prophetess, Sijah, who had many followers. These two prophets taught monotheism. Therefore, history recorded the fact that before the islamic era, women had more freedom and rights, and they were more respected. Neither of those prophets who preached their religion by using violence, oppressing or robbing other people. They didn’t intend to conquer new lands nor bulding a kingdom. All they ever wanted to do was to preach and urged people to worship God. They were not in enmity with each other to gain respect from people, rather they worked together in harmony. Muhammad was the only prophet who loved to wage wars and robbed people in the name of Allah. Basically the Quraish people were very tolerant towards all kinds of religion. The Ka’bah in Mecca was surrounded by 360 gods. It stood as a witness that any religion were welcomed there. The elders of the Quraish were very irritated and sick by Muhammad’s insult toward their gods. Then they reported the situation to Abu Talib, Muhammad’s uncle, saying: “Your niece had insulted our gods and our religion, he said that we were dumb, and that our ancestors were misleaded. Since you are on our side, please revenge him (because you also suffered the same insult) or don’t protect him so that we can have our revenge”. (Sir William Muir, Life of Muhammad, Vol.2, Chap.5. p. 162) 24

These words were not uttered by an oppressive people. Those people only pleaded and warned Muhammad to stop insulting their gods. This was the beginning of Muhammad’s enmity with the Quraish people, but the Muslim twisted this fact as if the Quraish people who had started the conflict and torturing Muhammad. Compare it with how the modern Muslims reacted when people made cartoons about their prophet. Instantly in many countries the Muslims were filled with anger and burned many things. In Nigeria and Turkey almost 100 innocent people, who had nothing to do with those cartoons, were killed. On the contrary, the Quraish people tolerated Muhammad’s insults towards their gods for 13 years!!!

Because she was very occupied with raising her 10 children without her husband’s assistance, Khadijah neglected her bussiness. When she died (65 years old), her family became poor. After Khadijah’s death on 620 AD, Abu Talib also passed away. Because he had lost this two important persons in his life and the great rejection he received from the people in Mecca, Muhammad decided to move to Medina. On 632 AD, when he was 53 years old Muhammad made an agreement with two strong tribes of Medina to be his protector. Muhammad ordered his followers to move (hijrah). Apparently, many slave owners didn’t like this idea, because their Muslim slaves tried to run away. When some of them were caught, they were beaten by their masters. Their masters have the right to do this because they owned those slaves. Bilal the black Muslim, was caught by his master, Umaiyah. He was chained and beaten by Umaiyah for trying to run away from his master. Later, Abu Bakar bought him from Umaiyah, and freed him. [Ibn Sa’d reported that Bilal died as a martyr, but actually Bilal returned to Mecca when Muhammad conquered the city. Bilal was in charged to announce the invitation to pray (adzan) on the top of Ka’bah. He died a natural death]. But please do not be mistaken, Muhammad was not against slavery. In the future, when he had already so much power, he forced thousands free unbelievers into slavery. Although Muhammad had become an enemy of his own people, the Quraish, but they never waged war against him and his followers. Muhammad and his followers never suffered nor tortured because of their faith in Islam. Generally, the polytheists never disturbed other people’s faith, because they tend to be pluralistic. Intolerance towards other faith was established by Islam. There was no any proof of oppression towards Muhammad and the Muslim in Mecca. Once Muhammad was strangled by Uqba, but he did this because Muhammad had provoked him first. Ibn Ishaq reported that it was the worst treatment Muhammad received from the Quraish for 13 years. (Ibn Ishaq, p. 184)


However, the Muslim still falsely accused the Quraish people just because Muhammad told them so! The Muslim never doubted Muhammad’s words and they don’t have the courage to examine history critically. Even the Qur’an testifies how Allah Himself stood as a witness when Muhammad started to provoke the people of Mecca: Abu Jahl went to see the Prophet and said: “By the name of Allah, Muhammad, stop insulting our gods, or we will curse the god you worshipped”. Then a verse was delivered to Muhammad in sura 6:108, “Revile not those unto whom they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance”. Now we can clearly see that it was Muhammad himself who insulted the religion of the Quraish people in the first place, and he did it so intensely that Allah himself must rebuke him! Some of Muhammad’s followers were not so convinced to leave Mecca, so Muhammad had to threat them. If they refused to go, they will surely dwell in hell. (Sura 4:97) One night (623 AD), Muhammad claimed how Allah told him that his enemies were trying to harm him. So he asked his faithful companion, Abu Bakar, to secretly accompany him to Medina. The following verse tells us the story. And when those who disbelieve plot against thee (O Muhammad) to wound thee fatally, or to kill thee or to drive thee forth; they plot but Allah also plotteth; and Allah is the best of plotters. (Sura 8:30). It seems that Allah was suspicious concerning what was planned by the people of Mecca, but needless to say it was only in Muhammad’s mind. Muhammad’s migration to Medina was established as the first year of islamic calender (the Hijria year). The Arab people in Medina received Muhammad with open hands, not because they were interested in his teachings, but because through Muhammad they found strength to compete with the Jews who were more educated and wealthier than most of the Arab people. The Jews owned many lands in Medina. Medina was a Jewish city. The Al-Aghani Book (a collection of some poetries by Abu al Faraj Ali from Esfahan, the oldest poetry and Arab literature collection from 9 AD. This is a very important source on the ancient islamic society) recorded that the first Jewish community arrived at Medina at the time of Moses. However, in the book titled “Futuh al-Buldan” (The Conquest of The Cities) from 10 AD, Al Baladhuri recorded the second migration of the Jews took place on 587 AD, when Nebuchadnezzar the Babylonian king destroyed Jerusalem, put many of them into exile and scattered them to many places. In Medina the Jews earned their living by becoming a merchant, black smith, artist, trading gold, and farmer, while the Arabs were poorer than the Jews and they worked for the Jews. These Arab came to Medina around 450 or 451 AD because there was a great flood in Yemen that forced Arab tribes that lived in the Sab area to migrate to other places in Arabia and became refugees. 26

The Muslim in Mecca who once had a good occupation was ordered by Muhammad to leave their homes and moved to Medina. Muhammad promised them this: And those who became fugitives for the cause of Allah after they had been oppressed, We verily shall give them goodly lodging in the world, and surely the reward of the Hereafter is greater, if they but knew. (Sura 16:41) The Muslim who moved to Medina had no occupation, they became poor, and depended on the generousity of the inhabitants of Medina to be able to live. So, how Muhammad could ever fulfilled his promise to give them “goodly lodging” after they obeyed him? Because of this Muhammad almost lost his dignity, and even some of his followers left him. Muhammad reacted by giving them a new threatening verse: They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor helper from among them. (Sura 4:89) This verse means that the Muslim are forbidden to take the people of Mecca as their friends, and it is allowed for the Muslim to kill their fellow Muslims who left Islam (the way of Allah) and wished to returned to Mecca. Muhammad did these things to separate the Muslims from their family and friends so that he could easily brainwashed and controlled them. Although he had launched threatening verses for those who wanted to leave him, Muhammad must still find a way to feed his followers. But he could not find any! Then he ordered his followers to rob the merchants of Mecca by saying that the Meccan had banished them out of their homes, therefore it was legal for them to rob the Meccan. Sanction is given unto those who fight because they have been wronged; and Allah is indeed able to give them victory; those who have been driven from their homes unjustly only because they said: Our Lord is Allah …. (Sura 22:39-40). He also delivered many Quranic verses that persuaded and provoked his followers to fight the non-Muslim. O Prophet! Exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you twenty steadfast they shall overcome two hundred, and if there be of you a hundred (stedfast) they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they (the disbelievers) are a folk without intelligence. (Sura 8:65). As the result, many crimes had done by the Muslim for centuries based on these verses. Muhammad legalized these attacks by saying that the Muslims were just victims. We can still find that reason nowadays. He claimed that the non-Muslims had oppressed the Muslims and waged war against them first. In fact, he himself was the one who had started enmity and raided the merchants of Mecca in order “to feed” his followers. After he had 27

enough men (armies) who were willingly to obey him, Muhammad ordered them to kill the merchants of Quraish also. Muhammad’s lies were obvious. In one verse, Muhammad ordered his followers to move to Medina and threatened those who disobeyed him with death and hell. But in other verses he accused the non-Muslim had cast the Muslim out of their homes without any reason, and that the Muslim had become victims of war. Please examine this Arab proverb carefully: ”Darabani, wa baka; sabaqani, wa’shtaka” which means “He hit me and started to cry; then he came to me and accused me by saying that I hit him!” This proverb accurately describes Muhammad’s tactic. Today his followers did the same: unendedly accusing the non-Muslim as the ones who wronged the Muslim, and that the unbelievers have insulted Islam. This tactic turned to be successful. He made sons fight their own fathers, siblings against siblings, destroying the unity of a tribe, and scattering societies. Muhammad claimed that he was the victim, but actually it was him who had started the enmity, oppression and robbing. The Islamist also did the same thing. In every part of the world, the Muslim slaughtered people of other faiths in the name of Allah, but they cried loudly saying that they were the victims. Wasn’t it the Qur’an that hated the non-Muslim first? Did Torah and the Gospel ever taught its believers to hate the Muslim? In Medina there were only a few Muslims from Mecca. In order to gain victory in his attacks, Muhammad needed the help from the Muslim in Medina that called “Ansar” (helper). Muhammad promised them Allah’s reward and a tempting booties. At first, the people in Medina embraced Islam not because they wanted to rob and fight other people, but because before Muhammad came to Medina, the Arab people were not familiar with the idea of war. But Muhammad with his speech provoked man’s lust and greed.

In order to persuade his followers, Muhammad made Allah delivered this verse: Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not. (Sura 2:216) Besides ordering the Muslim to attack innocent people and rob them, some Quranic verses also promised a reward in this world and the hereafter. Allah promiseth you much booty that ye will capture, and had given you this in advance, and hath withheld men’s hands from you, that it may be a token for the believers, and that He may guide you on a right path. (Sura 48:20). To numb his followers’ conscience from quilt and sin, Muhammad made Allah allowed: “Now enjoy what ye have won, as lawful and good.” (Sura 8:69). 28

Because Allah never needed booties from the Arab people, therefore it all will be given to His Messenger. And because nobody could ever seen nor heard Allah and Jibril, then the Muslim must obey Muhammad , His Messenger. He is the one to be feared because he is the only mediator between Allah and mankind. Muhammad needed Allah very much so that he will be able to dominate people, for without fear and faith in Allah and Muhammad, his followers wouldn’t willing to sacrifice their lives including killing their own families, rob other people and gave Allah everything through Muhammad. Muhammad started to preach about the sin of shirik, that is giving honor and respect to others but Allah. In fact, Muhammad did it for himself thus it is difficult to separate Allah and Muhammad. Muhammad clearly stated the importance of his own glory and might beside Allah. “Lo! Allah and His angels shower blessings on the Prophet, O ye who believe! Ask blessings on him and salute him with a worthy salutation.” (Sura 33:56) “That ye (mankind) may believe in Allah and His messenger, and may honour him, and may revere him, and may glorify him at early dawn and at the close of day.” (Sura 48:9) Muhammad even put himself in the same level with Allah in the Words of Confession (Syahadat): “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. Muhammad was so impressed by himself that he put these sentences into Allah’s mouth: “And lo! Thou (Muhammad) art a tremendous nature.” (Sura 68:4) “and as a lamp that giveth light.” (Sura 33:46) “Allah and His Messenger have decided an affair.” (Sura 33:36) On the other hand, Muhammad claimed his race as he wished: “Among all the people in the world God chose the Arab. Among the Arab, He chose the Kinana. From the Kinana He chose the Quraish people (which was Muhammad’s tribe). From the Quraish He chose the Hashim clan (his own clan). And from the Hashim clan He has chosen me.” (Tabaqat, vol.1. p.2) In the Hadith, Muhammad also claimed:  The first thing Allah The All Mighty created was my soul.  The first of all things Allah created was my soul.  I originated from Allah, and the believers originated from me.  Just as Allah had created me gloriously, He also gave me a great character.  If not because of you, O Muhammad, I wouldn’t have created the universe. (http://www.muhammadanreality.com/creationofmuhamadanreality.htm).


Amir Timur Lang, who also known as Tamerlane (1336-1405) was a very violent man who became a caesar by his violent behavior. In his autobiography: “The history of my expedition against India”, he boldly wrote: “The main reason I came to Hindustan (India) and overcoming all difficulties was to achieve two things. First, war against the unbelievers (kafir), the enemies of Islam, and by conducting this religious war I will obtain heaven in the Hereafter. Second, to gain earthly treasure; the Islam warriors must have booty from the unbelievers wealth; war booty is as lawful as mother’s milk for the Muslim who fight for his religion, and drinking is permitted and is an honored thing”. (Malfuzat-i Timuri, or Tuzak-i Timuri, by Amir Timur-i-lang in History of India as told by its own Historians). Soon the prophet’s effort started to bear fruit. Provoked by temptation and greed for booty and heavenly reward, the Muslim in Medina joined Muhammad to fight and rob in the way of Allah. After Muhammad’s troops grew larger and also his ambition, he didn’t just ordered them to fight for him in the way of Allah, but also to pay the cost of war. “And spend (your treasures) in the way of Allah, and do not throw yourself into destruction, and perform good deeds, because Allah loves those who do good things”. Note how Muhammad related “good deeds” with raid, terror and murder. By twisting this kind of morality the Muslim could eliminate their conscience and followed perversed ethics in treating the non-Muslim, using them for the Muslim’s own benefit. What brings benefit to Islam is considered as something good. Muhammad made his followers believed that waging war and terrorism attacks in Islam are pleasing to God.

Nowadays, for the Muslim who couldn’t afford to fight in the way of Allah can substitute this obligation by giving a donation (zakat). This donation was not primarily meant to build hospitals, orphanage, schools, or a home for the elders. On the contrary, it is used mainly to develop Islam, building mosques, islamic schools, training the terrorists, purchasing bombs, weapons, recruitment and sponsoring jihad. If there are some social foundations who took care of the poor, they did it only for political reason. For example: cash flowed to The United States to train terrorists to fly American airplanes to struck the twin tower of WTC on September 9, 2001. There was an enormous amount of money payed by the Iranian government to Hezbollah in Lebanon. They didn’t use the money to bring welfare to the Iranian people, yet most of them lived in poverty. They were lucky if they could have a job and earn not more than $ 100 a month.


Eventually, Lebanon that once was a peaceful country for tourism became like a shipwreck for many years. This happened because Islam wanted to conquer Lebanon with its inhabitants who are mostly Christians and provoked hatred and war towards Israel. The “zakat” fund from the Middle East flowed to Indonesia and was used to sponsor terrorism attacks in Indonesia. The leaders of the Jihad Troops received salary not less than 3 millions rupiah a month, to cut off the heads of the unbelievers in Ambon, Poso, and conducting other provoking actions within the society. (KH. Abdurrachman Wahid: ILUSI NEGARA ISLAM: Ekspansi Gerakan Islam Transnasional di Indonesia, p.89). If the Muslim didn’t donate enough amount of money for his military agressions, Muhammad harshly rebuked them: And what cause have ye why ye should not spend in the cause of Allah?- For to Allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth? (Sura 57:10) Cleverly Muhammad described the money donated by the Muslim for his military actions as their “loan” to Allah, and they were promised “a divine interest” for their money: Who is he that will Loan to Allah a beautiful loan? for (Allah) will increase it manifold to his credit, and he will have (besides) a liberal Reward. (Sura 57:11) To make it sound sweet, Allah promised many beautiful things and unlimited sexual satisfaction in heaven, but still not forgetting the punishment for those who only donate a little amount of money for his military actions. This way he made his followers believed that Allah owed them for helping Muhammad in his wars and robbery. Although Muhammad made Allah told his followers how great is their reward because they donated their money, he wouldn’t let his followers proud of their donations and the sacrifices they made. To sacrifice is a fortune, therefore his followers must thank him for they had been given the opportunity to serve him, and not the other way around. Those who donated their treasure in the way of Allah, and not mentioning their donations by not hurting the feelings of the receiver, they are the ones who will receive their reward from Allah. They have no worries nor sadness. After encouraging them to wage war and ordered them to cut off the heads of the unbelievers, Muhammad convinced his followers that it was a test from Allah and their “good deeds” shall never be forgotten its reward. Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), smite at their necks; At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly (on them): thereafter (is the time for) either generosity or ransom: Until the war lays down its burdens. Thus (are ye commanded): but if it had been Allah's Will, He could certainly have exacted retribution from them (Himself); but (He lets you fight) in order to test you, some with others. But those who are slain in the Way of Allah,He will never let their deeds be lost. (Sura 47:4)


Obviously, this verse tells us that: Allah could kill the unbelievers without any help from the Muslim, but He wanted them to do it by themselves to test their faithfulness. Unknowingly, Muhammad basically described his Allah as Mafia, a gangster, the leader of a group of criminals, who wished to test his people’s loyalty by ordering them to kill, and take ransom for his hostages. In Islam, the faith of a Muslim is tested by his willingness to kill and to be killed for Allah. Therefore He said: Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies, of Allah and your enemies, and others beside, whom ye may not know, but whom Allah doth know. Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah, shall be repaid unto you, and ye shall not be treated unjustly. (Sura 8:60) Once again Muhammad gave empty promises that the Muslim who fight against the unbelievers and acknowledged him as Allah’s prophet will receive a mountaneous treasure and extraordinary unlimited sexual pleasure in the Hereafter. “And spend of that wherewith We have provided you ...then I would give alms and be among the righteous.” (Sura 63:10) Those verses in the Qur’an explains why there are so many islamic organizations collecting donations (zakat) to sponsor terrorism and wars. In a report by the Govermental Court in Virginia on August 19, 2003, the Muslim board of donation had given $ 3,7 million to BMI, Inc. Which is an islamic investment company in New Jersey that distributed money to terrorist groups. Those money came from $ 10 million donations from various anonymous individuals in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. (http://pewforum.org/news/display.php?NewsID=2563) Also on July 27, 2004, the Departement of Religion in the U.S. revealed the largest Muslim donation collecting in America and 7 prominent persons were accused for distributing $ 12,4 million for six years to Hamas, a Palestinian group considered as a terrorist organization by the American government. (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dym/articles/A18257-2004Jul27.html) Accidently or not, the function of “zakat” for the Muslim has been “falsely used” to support the jihad, spreading radical Islam, building special islamic schools, training centers for terrorism, purchasing weapons, assembling bombs, etc. Only a small amount of money was given to the poor, and it was only for political reasons. When there is a disaster such as flood, tsunami or earthquake, the islamic countries are never interested to donate a large amount of money, but just a small amount, and often their donations come late, unlike the “unbeliever countries” they hated so much


In Medina, Muhammad succeeded in increasing the number of his followers. To fed the first followers of Islam, Muhammad’s main task as their leader was to find financial resources. There was no other way but to attack and kill the merchants and rob their belongings. The first attack was known as the Al-Iwa agression where he raided a group of merchants of the Quraish people (The Life of the Messenger by Imam Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab, hal 85). The second attack known as Bawat, where he succeededly raided a group of merchants from Mecca led by Umia bin Khalaf. On the third attack, known as Al-Ashira, a group of merchants heading to Damascus was raided by Muhammad and his bandits. Five men were killed in this attack. It was also a successful raid.

The Nakhla War on 623 AD
Muhammad began to test his strength in battles. The Arab were just humble and desert people, but they have their dignity and proud of their fair and noble values. There were some months in a year where they were forbidden to engage in battles, those were considered as sacred months, when people could travel and went on a pilgrimage safely. Fighting and killing in these sacred months were considered as an offense toward sacred rules. Muhammad sent 8 men to Nakhla without informing them the mission. He delivered a sealed letter to the chief of the expedition, not to be opened until they had arrived at their destination. When finally they opened the letter they found out that Muhammad had ordered them to raid a group of merchants during the sacred month. Two of those men purposely lost their camels and pretended to go on a search in order not to participate in the raid. The other six had a discussion and finally decided that the Prophet’s order must be carried out although it was against their conscience, ethics and morality. Nakhla, a land famously known with its palm trees. At that time a group of merchants were carrying butter, raisins, wine and other things from Taif to Mecca. In order to prepare for the attack, they cut off all of their hair and pretended as if they were on a pilgrimage. The caravan guards were deceived and lowered their watch, because they thought those men were pilgrims. But suddenly they were attacked. Those men killed one guard and captured two other men as hostages, while the forth guard escaped. This killing shocked the whole Quraish, and they realized that their enemy, the Muslim, for the sake of power, never respected the sacred months nor any laws; they even stood boldly against morality, ethic code, nor conscience. (Ali Dashti, 23 years, p.86).


To deal with the critics from the Meccan, Muhammad immediately delivered a verse to justify his crime: “They question thee (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred month. Say: “Warfare therein is a great (transgression) but to turn (men) from the way of Allah, and to disbelieve in Him...is a greater (transgression) with Allah.” (Sura 2:217) Yet there is nothing that could be related with “the war in the way of Allah” nor waging a war to defend Allah!

The Battle of Badr 624 AD
After his followers enjoyed killing and attacking people, now Muhammad (54 years old) himself led the second war. Once again he and his followers won the battle in Badr. This big success encouraged even more of his followers and other people who wished to join the battle, killing and take booties. They cut off the heads of some captured hostages because these prisoners insulted Muhammad some years ago when he was still in Mecca, and the rest were held for ransom from their families. Among them there was Abul Aas, the husband of Zainab Muhammad’s daughter. Zainab sent a golden necklace she got from her mother Khadijah when she got married. She sent the necklace as a ransom for her husband. Muhammad recognized it because once he saw Khadijah his wife wore it. Eventually he agreed to release Abul Aas without taking ransom, but Zainab must leave her husband. The Muslim’s religious leaders considered the battle of Badr as a military attack, just as our understanding of modern war. Once there was a group of merchants carrying their trade in the middle of their journey back from Damascus to Mecca, led by Abu Sufyan, a wealthy man from Mecca. Upon hearing the news, Muhammad and his bandits planned to raid and rob them. Abu Sufyan who was informed about Muhammad’s plan, sent a messenger to Mecca, asking the Meccan to help him so that Muhammad’s attack would fail. Muhammad sent Al-Ansar, his allies, under Sa’d Ibn Mua’dh Al-Migdad bin Al-Aswad who said to Muhammad: “We, the Al-Ansar from Medina joined Muhammad, will take war booty as equal as the Muhajirin-the people of Mecca who migrated with Muhammad to Medina and Muhammad will gain one fifth of the portion. Therefore lead us and we will not say as the the people of Moses: “Go, you and your God, and fight, while we will sit here waiting”. This Al-Migdad last statement later become a verse in the Qur’an (Sura AlMaidah 5:24). Muhammad was satisfied with this agreement and said: “March and be glad, because Allah has promised me, one out of two denominations and I shall see people get killed”. 34

As always “JIBRIL” descended upon Muhammad with a verse: “I will throw fear into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Then smite the necks and smite of them each fingers”. (Sura Al-Anfat 8:12) And another verse was delivered: “Is it not sufficient for you that your Lord should support you with three thousand angels sent down (to your help)?” (Sura Ali Imran 3:124) In this battle Muhammad followers fight against their own brothers; Amer bin AlHadrami, son of Umar Al-Hadrami fought his own brother in battle and cried: “O Umar, O my brother!” But Muhammad ordered to kill him. In this battle, more than 400 people of Mecca were killed, including Abu Hakam, the Wise One, Muhammad’s uncle. But the Muslim changed his name into Abu Jahl which means “a stupid man”. Abu Hakam refused to kill Muhammad when he got the chance to do it in the battle, he said: “How could I ever killed my own niece, the son of my brother Abdullah”. Because Abu Hakam refused to kill Muhammad, the Muslim called him an idiot. But Muhammad and his followers had a different perspective. Muhammad bin Abd. Al-Wahab wrote in his book: “When the war started to end and the enemies have been defeated, the Prophet of Allah said: “Whosoever going to find out what has happened to Abu Jahl?” Ibn Mas’ud went away and found him injured, but Ibn Mas’ud and Awfa bin Afra kept on beating him and said unto him: “Now, who has been defeated?” When Abu Jahl didn’t answer him, Ibn Mas’ud said: “Could someone who has been killed by his own people be defeated?” Then Ibn Mas’ud cut off his head when he was badly injured, then he reported to Muhammad that he already killed Abu Jahl. Muhammad replied: “Go and show him to me”. When Muhammad saw his uncle’s body, he spit on him and said: “The Pharaoh of this nation is dead”. (The Brief of the Life of the Messenger by Imam Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab p.91, published in Saudi Arabia). Many Meccans were captured in this raid including 70 women. Among them were Umayya bin Khalaf and his son Ali. Bilal the slave who lived in Umayya’s house saw them. When Bilal became Muhammad’s follower, Umayya cursed him but didn’t kill him. But now Bilal demanded that those two prisoners, Umayya and his son Ali, must be killed by sword eventhough they begged for their life to be spared! So many people had been killed in the battle but Muhammad still wasn’t satisfied. On his way home, he ordered Ali to kill the prisoners he considered as his rival in Mecca, such as Al Nadr bin Al Harith. While approaching the city gate, he ordered to kill Akaba bin Ali Al-Mu’alit (Uqba ibn Abi Muait). Remember Uqba once strangled Muhammad in his anger because Muhammad insulted the gods of the Quraish. But he let Muhammad free. Now Muhammad didn’t let him free. 35

When Uqba heard about the execution Muhammad ordered upon him, he begged for mercy and said: “And my little girl, who will take care of her?” Muhammad answered: “Hell!” Then they cut off his head, and his body fell on the ground. “You are evil and a trouble maker! Unbeliever to Allah and His Prophet and His Book! I thanked God who has slaughtered you, and it pleases my eyes”, cried Muhammad. (Ibn Waraq, Why I am not a Muslim, p.93; Sirat Muhammad by Ibn Hisyam). Sa’d Ibn Muad’dh criticized Muhammad’s followers who killed the prisoners. But Muhammad said unto him: “It seems that you hated what my men were doing”. He replied: “Yes, killing prisoners was not our tradition”. Muhammad said: “But they were unbelievers”. Mua’dh replied: “They would become Muslim if we speak kindly unto them”. His following words to Muhammad became very famous: “It seems that killing is more important to you than letting those people to live.” Abu Bakr suggested Muhammad to let the prisoners free so that Allah could guide them to have faith in Muhammad. But Muhammad didn’t care much about his calling as a prophet whose task is to guide and show people the way, rather he asked their families in Mecca to pay ransom for the prisoners. Then the people of Mecca bargained with the Muslim to pay the ransom for each hostages. The Quraish sold their belongings including their houses and they gave the money to Muhammad so they could have their family members back. Muhammad’s attacks on the merchants, both men and women was called as the Battle of Badr and the Muslim claimed his victory as “the most glorious military war”. Muhammad was titled as The Merciful Prophet, but in this battle he shown no mercy and compassion at all. Even after that Muhammad declared: “My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers in the land”. (Sura 71:26) This provided a wide opened door for the Muslim to legalize killing and oppressing the non-Muslims, the unbelievers, Jews, Christian, Hindhu, Budhist, wherever, anytime they have the chance to do it, as they have done in the western countries, the Middle East, Egypt, and other islamic countries.

Muhammad Turned To The Jews
In the beginning Muhammad tried to persuade and to gain sympathy from the Jews in Medina through his preachings so that the Jews would confess Allah as their God and Muhammad as His Prophet by: Giving respect to Abraham and the Jewish prophets written in the Bible. Honoring the Jewish Sabbath day. Adopting some parts of the Jewish law concerning forbidden foods. Acknowledging the Jewish Holy Book. Facing Jerusalem as the direction of prayer. 36

But it turned out that the Jewish merchants were not willing to be his followers, and still conducting the Jewish religious rituals. The people of Medina even assumed that Muhammad had copied the Jewish rituals, and they refused to support him. Muhammad got irritated because of their attitude. Then he changed the prayer direction from Jerusalem to Mecca without any reason. He also eliminated the Jewish Sabbath day (Saturday) and adopted the pagan day of worship, that is Friday for a change. And once more Muhammad adopted pagan rituals which his ancestors believed in. Encyclopedia Britanica explains, when Muhammad learned that the Jewish didn’t have the capability to wage a war, he was tempted to rob their wealth through aggression. His attack against the wealthy Jewish community in Khaibar seemed had been planned to satisfy his followers who were unsatisfied with raiding the merchants group, they wanted to rob the Jewish treasure as an addition. (Encyclopedia Britanica 15:648). History recorded that in the beginning Muhammad killed the Jewish one by one, and then conducting a mass attack towards the Jewish settlement, based on financial and religious reasons. Some parts of the Jewish settlement were centers for gold and silver trading; so by conquering those places he gained a huge fortune in a short time.

The Battle of Uhud, March 23, 625 AD
Not long after the battle of Badr, the Quraish people in Mecca decided to take a revenge on Muhammad and his followers. Abu Sufyan arrived in Mecca to discuss with the leaders of the society and they decided to start a war against Muhammad. An army of 3000 men were sent to Medina. They camped near the Uhud Mountain and prepared themselves to attack. When Muhammad was informed about the coming of the Meccan army in large number, he was afraid to fight them, and thought that it would be better to stay and fight within the city, and Abdullah bin Ubai agreed with him. But the Al-Ansar people of Medina feared what would happen to the city and the fate of their women and children, so they demanded Muhammad to have the battle outside, not inside the city. In order to encourage his followers Muhammad said: “ I will ask Allah and His angels to fight for us”. Then a thousand of his men went into the battle holding Allah and Muhammad’s promise that thousands of angels will fight beside them. But then Muhammad was defeated in this battle although he said that they would win. His mouth was cut by a sword, and he lost some of his teeths. He even almost lost his own life. His uncle Hamzah died in this battle. 37

It was a tremendous hit for Muhammad and his followers. Some of them ran away in fear, only 5 returned. We don’t know the reason why the Meccan didn’t destroy Muhammad and his troops. But it seems after they had injured so many people, they returned to their city and let Muhammad walked away freely so that they wouldn’t carry so much guilt. The people asked: “Where is the God of Muhammad? Where are the twenty thousand angels he promised to fight beside them? Cried Sa’d Ben who was heavily injured during the battle. The founders of Islam surrounded Muhammad and asked: “Abu Kasem (the name his companions used to call him), what are we going to do? Now that the Al-Ansar did not trust us anymore”. Once again Jibril was ready to help Muhammad to answer those questions, and 61 verses were delivered and became a part of a Sura (Surat Al Imran 3:121-181). Muhammad also made more than another 400 statements which recorded in the Ahadith (Ahadith is the plural form of the Hadith) Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. After the battle in Uhud, Muhammad and his companions lost 70% of all they had built for years, and they held a cease fire for 10 years with the people of Mecca. It gave him enough time to recover his self dignity that had lost. Then Muhammad decided to return to his nature, that is raiding traveling merchants. On the fourth year of Hijrah (626 AD, four years after Muhammad moved to Medina) he succeededly attacked Dabeele and Ber Ma’ouna.

Muhammad’s Wars
The Muslim usually proud to talk about Muhammad’s wars. Muhammad used to arrange an ambush or launched a sudden attack therefore he could surprise his enemies, easily defeated them when they were unguarded, and slaughtered them. For ten years long, since the migration to Medina, Muhammad felt very secure and powerful surounded by his followers. Within this period he conducted 74 attacks (Tabaqat, vol.2, pp 1-2). Some of these attacks were killings on individuals, and some others were mass attacks which included thousands people. Muhammad himself was involved in 27 attacks called: ghazwa. There were times when he ordered an agression but he didn’t participate in it. This is called : sariyyah. Both gahzwa and sariyyah means a sudden attack or an ambush. When Muhammad participated in a war, he always stand behind his warriors and protected by a special force. Muhammad never fought his enemies face to face. He was so different compare to any other biblical great individuals. Moses came face to face with Pharaoh, David fought Goliath by himself, Jesus stood alone in front of the 38

Roman soldiers, Pilate, Herod, and many others. These great biblical individuals never launched a sudden attack because God was always on their side. When Muhammad was 20 years old, he fought with his uncles in Mecca. The battle was known as the Fijar war. In this war, Muhammad’s task was to collect the arrows of the enemies and gave them to his uncles. “Courage and weapon expertise were the things Muhammad didn’t have in his carrier as a prophet” (William Muir, Life of Muhammad, Vol.11, Chapter 2, page 6). Muhammad never wanted to sacrifice his life in all agressions he launched. He often stood behind his troops, wearing two folds of breastplates. It was so heavy, he couldn’t move freely and even people must help him to stand up and walk. All that he could do was to shout very loudly, encouraging his troops to be brave, fear no death, promising them virgins with large breasts and heavenly food in the Hereafter. Sometimes he took sand and throw it toward the enemies and cursed them. Muhammad thought that he was above the law, he violated moral and ethic codes whenever he wanted to, and made his Allah delivered verses to justify his actions. Muhammad and his followers attacked cities and villages without any warning, injured unarmed civillian cowardly, taking war booties such as animals, weapons, all kind of things that belonged to his enemies including their wives and children. The Muslim warrior sometimes asked for ransom or sold their hostages as slaves. The following is an example of an attack recorded in the history of Islam.

The Attack on Bani Mustaliq
The Prophet suddenly attacked bani (clan) Mustaliq without giving any warning when they were unprepared for battle and their flock were at the drinking spot. Those who resisted were killed, the women and children were taken as hostages; it was the day when the Prophet get Juwariyah. (Sahih Bukhari, Vol.3. Book 46, Number 717) In this war, 600 people were held as hostages by the Muslim warriors, 2000 camels and 5000 goats were taken as booties. According to the reports of Sa’b B. Jaththama authority, when Muhammad was asked about the killings of women and children of the unbelievers at the night of the aggression, Allah’s Prophet answered: “They were one of them”. (Sahih Muslim, book 019, Number 4321, 4322 and 4323). The world was shocked when the Muslim terrorists followed their Prophet’s example in killing children (Beslan), but the Muslim apologists immediately denied that fact by saying that slaughtering children was forbidden in Islam. In order to justify the barbaric attacks on civillian, the Muslim historians often falsely accused the victims of their crime as the inisiator of the war against Islam. But there 39

wasn’t any hard proof nor reason to believe that the Arab people tried to physically attacking the Muslim, since at that time the Muslim was an undefeated group of bandits. Was there any Muslim that has been attacked, captured, and killed by the Arab? No, not even one! On the contrary, many Arab tribes had signed a peace aggreement with Muhammad in order to avoid the Muslim’s attacks on them. But then, it was Muhammad himself who violated this aggreement, he even accused the Arab paganists of this crime. The Medina Charter was an example of Muhammad’s lie. War booties brought wealth to Muhammad’s bandits. Those criminals also taken their prisoners as sexual slaves. Aisha, Muhammad’s youngest and beloved wife who accompanied him on this attack, reported that: “Muhammad and his men suddenly killed the husband of Juwariyah bint alHarithin. This attack was without any reason. She was a very beautiful woman, who could make many men captured by her beauty. Juwariyah was the daughter of a nobleman of the Mustaliq clan, and she had been married to her cousin. When the Prophet divided the hostages among his men, Juwariyah fell into the hands of Thabit ibn Qyas. She offerred Thabit some money so she could buy her freedom. Juwariyah was unfortunate; once she was a member of a royal family, then she was only a slave, owned by one of Muhammad’s bandits. Then Juwariyah came to the holy Prophet and asked him to help her. When he saw her, Muhammad offered to gave her freedom by marrying the Prophet”. ( The Muslim apologists boldly claimed that most of Muhammad’s wives were poor widows, therefore many people believed that he married them because he wanted to help them. But the Muslim never presented the fact that these women became widows after Muhammad killed their husbands, and they were young and beautiful women when he married them. The beautiful Juwariyah was 20 years old when this 58 years old Prophet married her.

The Story of Aisha and Safwan
The fact of this marriage is very disturbing, especially when it was arranged by Allah. Muhammad married Aisha when he was 51 years old and she was only 6 years old. They lived together when Aisha was nine, and Muhammad was 53 years old. They were married for 9 years. Muhammad died when he was 62 years old, at that time Aisha was 17 years old. (HSB 1598) Actually, Muhammad married a child under age, since it was written in the Hadith that the minimum age considered as an adult is 15 years old (HSB 5185).


At that very young age, Aisha didn’t really aware of what had happened on her sexual life. But as she grew up, her feelings towards men also changed. When Muhammad attacked the Mustaliq clan, he brought Aisha along with him. When his men were fighting in the front line, Muhammad remained in his tent with Aisha. Muhammad’s men presented the women hostages, among them was the beautiful Juwariyah bin Al-Harith. Muhammad was attracted by her beauty and wished to own her. But Juwariyah was already given to Thabit bin Qiyas as war booty. Then Muhammad bargained with him, and offerred a lot of money to buy her for himself. The transaction went on successfully when Aisha was with him in his tent. How did Aisha reacted? Aisha left her camel when the group approached the city and she entered an empty house. After seven hours, she came back with Safwan bin Al-Mu’attal (who was known also as Safwan bin Mu’attal As-Sulami Adh-Dhakwani). Then a gossip was spread concerning Aisha and Safwan. Muhammad was convinced that Aisha had betrayed him, so he turned to Ali for advice. Ali told him to divorce Aisha or kill her. Muhammad decided to divorce her. But after a month, Muhammad still didn’t take any action towards Aisha although people were still talking about the affair. Muhammad did see her to divorce her, but when he entered Abu Bakar’s house and saw Aisha, he changed his mind and said to her: “O Aisha, Allah has supported you”. And as always, Jibril and Allah were already prepared to deliver a verse to defend Aisha and to handle the situation. (This is a story based on Aisha’s perspective as it was written in Hadits Shahih Bukhari, vol.3, Book 48 # 805; vol.5, Book 59 # 462-464 and vol.6, Book 60 # 274-278). Not long after that scandal, once again Ali saw Aisha’s false behavior, and he reported it to Muhammad. This time Muhammad decided that Aisha must be killed, so he went with Ali to kill her with a sword. Muhammad entered Aisha’s house, while Ali waited outside. After one hour Muhammad went out of the house, sweating and exhausted. Nobody knows what had really happened. Ali asked him: “Did you killed her already, cousin?” Muhammad replied: “No Ali. Allah has delivered another verse to justify her again”. But this time that verse accused Ali that he lied, and that the gossip was launched by “a group among you”. (Sura Al-Nur 24:1-26) Since then, Ali and Aisha were not in a good relationship. They became enemies against each other. Ali was known as a someone who preached the good news about heaven, and Muhammad once said: “He is my cousin and a brother who amazed me. He is the truth and he is Ali bin Abu Talib”. But now, The God (Allah) of Muhammad had turned against him and accused him of lying in the case of Aisha. How could ever this mess be called as Allah’s revelation? 41

Letter of Heritage Substitution/Elimination
The enmity between Muhammad’s family and Ali became the reason why Ali was then erased from Muhammad’s will concerning the passing down of the caliphate from Muhammad to Ali. The Syiah who supported Ali still holding on to that will and still reciting it from the Qur’an until today. When the Uthman caliphate collected the Qur’an, he refused to put that letter in the Qur’an and demanded to erase it. But that letter was put into the Qur’an by Ibn Masoud and most of the Iranian people and the Syiah still recite it. They are about 40% from all Muslim. Therefore the Syiah reads 115 letters (Sura) in Qur’an, while the Sunni only reads 114 letters. This difference waged a serious conflict that happened after the Muraisa attack on the fifth year of Hijrah, and caused an enmity between the two groups until now. The will (except all of the letters in the Qur’an of the Sunni) can be found in all Syiah’s Qur’an, consists five verses: “In the name of Allah The Merciful and Most Loving. 1. O ye who believes! Have faith in the Prophet and Protector. 2. Who originated from the other. 3. And me? Me? Who hears and knows. 4. He who have faith and good character will receive heaven. 5. Paised be your God and Ali is one of the witnesses.”

The Foundation of Terrorism
It is very obvious that Islam has its development upon the foundation of terrorism. Started with aggression and raid to feed the Muhajirin and the Ansar as the followers of Muhammad, and also killings, rape, robbing the Quraish merchants who travelled from Damascus to Mecca. Then followed by attacking the Jews in Medina and Khaybar, the Christians in Medina and Taif. All along history the Muslim followed the footsteps of the founder of Islam: Muhammad bin Adullah (Abd-Allah). Therefore now we could see how the Muslim in Egypt robbed the churches and the stores of the Christians, killing them without mercy. In Sudan, Algeria, the Muslim had killed many innocent people without hesitation, just because they have political and religious differences. Terrorism and its intimidation has been documented in Muhammad’s best biography by the Muslim’s religous leaders. (For example, Hadis Sahih Bukhari, The Causes of Decadency of Al-Suyuti, The Life of the Prophet by Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab and other references). People must understand that Muhammad has become an example for the Muslim in the East and also the West. When the Muslim read his story, they – particularly - the grass root was provoked by their religious leaders, to follow his footsteps in every aspects.


The Attack On The Mustala Jews
On the same year there was the Muraisha attack upon the Mustala Jews. They suffered tortures and killings under Muhammad. Many Jews who escaped to Mecca searched for help from the Quraish people, then signed a peace and cooperation aggreement. They met Abu Sufyan who was the leader of the Quraish and all who had been injured by Muhammad’s attacks. The aggreement between the Jews and the Quraish was closed and signed by Salam bin Haqiq as the representative for the Jews and Abu for the Meccan. Some Muslim historians recorded that the Jews violated their aggreement with Muhammad. Our Muslim friends wanted to twist the truth but actually it was Muhammad who had betrayed the Jews by attacking the merchants and their cities, and killed them.

The Killing of The 120 Years old Abu Afak
One of Muhammad’s victim was an old man, 120 years old Abu Afak. He wrote a poem in which he cried over those who became Muhammad’s followers. He wrote that Muhammad was a mad man who made rules as he pleases and gave people permission to kill each other, thus provoking hatred among each other and turning many people insane. Ibn Sa’d reported his story as following: “Then the “sarriyah” (attack) happened under Salim Ibn Umayr al-Amri against Abu Afak, a Jew in the month of Shawwal, on the beginning of the twentieth month since the Prophet of Allah moved from Mecca to Medina on 622 AD. Abu Afak came from the people of Banu Ibn Awf, and he was an old man, 120 years old. He was a Jew and often persuaded people to oppose the Prophet of Allah. He wrote a poem about Muhammad. Salim Ibn Umayr was someone who opposed him very much, and had been participated in the battle of Badr. He said: “I swear I am going to kill Abu Afak or I would rather die in front of him”. He waited for the chance to do it, until one hot night Abu Afak slept in open air. Salim Ibn Umayr found out about it, he put his sword upon Abu Afak’s liver and pushed it until it went through his bed. This enemy of Allah screamed and they rushed to take him inside the house and burried him” (The Kitab al Tabaqat al Kabir, vol.2, p 3). The only sin this old man ever committed was writing a poem criticizing Muhammad.

The Killing of Asma bint Marwan
When Asma bint Marwan a Jewish mother from the Khatma clan who had five little sons heard about this tragedy, she was furious, and wrote a poem cursing the people of Medina that allowed Muhammad to separate them and let him killed a helpless old man. 43

Once again Muhammad came to his followers and complained: “Whosoever would get rid of this daughter of Marwan from my sight?” Umayr bin Adiy al-Khatmi, the blind man, heard it and swore to kill the woman. He came from the same tribe with Asma. On a very dark night he crawled inside the house where Asma and her children were sleeping. Silently he separated the baby on her breast and stabbed her with a sword until it went through her back and her bed. On the next morning while praying in the mosque, Umayr informed Muhammad who already heard about the tragedy. Muhammad turned to the people who were standing there and said: “Behold the man who had helped Allah and His Prophet. Do not call him ‘the blind’ but call him Umayr’ Basir, the one who sees”. (J Murdoch, “Arabia and Its Prophet”, Madras, India 1922, p.20 from Guillaume’s translation of Sirat Rasul Allah) After Muhammad praised him for killing Asma bint Marwan, the killer, Umayr went to see the children of Asma bint Marwan and said: “I have killed Asma bint Marwan, O sons of Khatma. Fight me if you dare; don’t let me wait”. After these killings, the Muslim in Medina became very proud, because they had frightened the non-Muslim in Medina. Muhammad wanted to send a message to all who dare to criticize him, they will die. This is the foundation of terrorism and also a modus operandi that is exactly the same with the methods using by the Muslims today. They threatened, making terrors and killings. They followed the model and example of their Prophet whom they considered as the “greatest expert on strategy”. They established fear so that they could build their supremacy through terror. Muhammad himself claimed: “I gained victory through terror”. (Bukhari, 4.52.220). For the Muslim terrorists, a killing strategy brings many success because it “develops fear within the hearts of the unbelievers”; this is an absolute way to gain victory. “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve because they ascribe unto Allah partners, for which no warrant hath been revealed. Their habitation is the Fire, and hapless the abode of the wrong-doers.” (Sura 3:151) This strategy gained a big success in Spain when the Muslim terrorists killed 200 people, by exploding the subway trains on March 11, 2004. As the result, the Spanish election voted for a socialist leader who immediately applied many policies that brought the Muslim a huge benefit. Because of the success shown by Muhammad and his ideology, the Muslim terrorists were convinced that an accurate terror strategy will surely brings a success anywhere and anytime. They wouldn’t stop until the whole world have been conquered, or they were proven to be wrong because the world realized the danger of Islam and joined more greater forces to defeat Islam. The Islamic world is a sick world, caused by Islam itself. Almost every crime were committed by the Muslim, legalized by Muhammad’s words and deeds.


Many Chinese in Tangerang - Indonesia left their religion and embraced Islam because of fear after the tragedy on May 1998. Many of their women were raped and their houses and stores were burned down.

The story of Fatima bint Rabi’a
Fatima bint Rabi’a refused to acknowledged Muhammad as a Prophet. Once she cursed him, and Muhammad the merciful Prophet would never forgot it. When Muhammad invaded the Fazara clan, he killed most of its people and captured Fatima bint Rabi’a and her daughter. Al-Athir in his book “The Perfect History of Al-Athir”, vol.II, p.142 wrote: “Muhammad ordered Fatima to be tortured and a crippled slave to rape her daughter in front of him. After the slave has finished, Muhammad called Zayd bin Haritha and ordered him to kill Fatima. Many people begged the prophet to have mercy on Fatima because she was only an old woman, and already 70 years old. But Muhammad ignored them all”. Al Tabari wrote: “Muhammad ordered Zayd bin Haritha to kill Fatima, who was also known as Umm Qirfa. He killed her in a sadistic way, he tied both of her legs on two camels. He forced those two camels to run in different ways until she was torn into two pieces”. (The History of Nations and Kings oleh AlTabari, vol.II, hal.127).

The Torturing and Killing of 8 People
There is also a hadis shahih told by Anas (a friend of Muhammad) about 8 Arab men who came to Muhammad and complained about the weather in Medina. Muhammad suggested them to drink the urine of a camel for medication and sent them to meet some shepherds outside of town. But these Arab killed those shepherds and stole their camels away. When Muhammad heard about it, he ordered his men to captured them. Then he ordered his men to cut their arms and legs, stabbed their eyes with burning spikes, and abandoned them in a deserted area to face a slow and painful death. Anas reported that they begged for water, but nobody gave them until they died. (Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 261). Apparently Muhammad wouldn’t hesitate to torture and punish the Arab people severely until they die for stealing or murder. But Muhammad didn’t apply the same punishment for himself. He enjoyed attacking innocent people and slaughtered them to have their wealth, camels, and slaves.


Muhammad had a double standard (on morality) and he passed it down to the islamic world since the beginning of Islam. The Golden Rule that teaches us to treat other people the same as we treat ourselves never existed within the mind of a Muslim. They wanted to enjoy all kinds of special treatments in the non-Muslim countries, but refused to respect the human rights of the non-Muslim who lived in the Muslim country. They considered the double standard as something natural because Allah gave it to them.

The Massacre of The Jews
There were three Jewish tribes who lived in Yathrib and its surrounding areas. Yathrib was an ancient name. After Muhammad conquered Yathrib, it was changed into Medina, which means “the city of the Prophet Muhammad”. The three Jewish tribes were: Banu (clan) Qainuqa, Banu Nadir and Banu Quraiza. They were the native inhabitants of Yathrib. In the beginning Muhammad tried to get their sympathy by doing many things. He faced Jerusalem when he prayed, adopting the stories of Moses and the Bible and put it in the first part of the Qur’an, adopting the Jewish Sabbath Day, forbidden food, cursing the pagan religion, etc. By doing these things he wanted to attract the Jews to his new religion and hoping that one day they would embrace Islam. (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland 1976, pp 100-107 By W.N.Arafat). But then he got very disappointed when the Jews in Yathrib gave him the same reaction as the Quraish people in Mecca. They ignored his calling to embrace his religion. Furthermore, his status as a prophet became a laughing stock for the Jews because they were “The People Of The Book”. The Jews considered Muhammad as a false prophet. It made Muhammad raged in anger, then he tried to find a way to attack them. The killings of Abu Afak and Asma were just the beginning of his hatred towards the Jews. Because he gained success in attacking the traveling merchants, Muhammad started to feel more confident and began to seek excuses to attack the Jews in Yathrib, to rob their treasures and to drive them out of their city. His anger towards the Jews can be seen in some verses in the Qur’an where he accused the Jews of killing their prophets, being ungrateful to God, violating their religious laws including the Sabbath day, therefore God changed them into monkeys and pigs. (Sura 2:65, 5:60, 7:166) Until today the Muslim still believes that monkeys and pigs were once the Jews.


The Attack Against The Banu Qainuqa. (Between Badr and Uhud)
The first Jewish community who became the victim of Muhammad barbaric actions was the Banu Qainuqa who lived around Yathrib. They earned their living by making gold jewelry, art, making household equipments and weapons. They were unqualified in battle and trusted the Arab to take care of their security. This was a very fatal decision. The opportunity to attack the Jews came when there was a conflict between the Jews and Muslim. Once there was a Muslim woman squatting at a jewelry shop at the Qainuqa market. Then a Qainuqa man wanted to make fun of her by stabbing her dress to the ground with his knife. When she stood up, her dress was torn. A Muslim who saw this “accident” took the chance to explode his own hatred to the Qainuqa man, and killed him. Later, the victim’s family killed the Muslim to revenge his death. This was the chance Muhammad had been waiting for. He didn’t even try to calm the situation, yet he had signed a peace aggreement with the Jews and had been appointed as an arbitrator if there was a conflict between the Jews and the Muslim. Muhammad defended the Muslim and demanded them to embrace Islam. If they refused, they will be attacked. The Jews refused to obey his demand, and took cover inside their fortress. Muhammad and his men surrounded them, and closed the water tunnels and threatened to kill them all. In Sura 3:12 we can read Muhammad’s threat: “Say to those who reject Faith: "Soon will ye be vanquished and gathered together to Hell,-an evil bed indeed (to lie on)!” By doing this he reminded them on how he had defeated the pagan Quraish at the battle of Badr. After two weeks, the Qainuqa asked to have a meeting and wanted to surrender, but Muhammad refused their wish. He wasn’t an arbitrator at all, but someone filled with anger and wanted to kill them all. This is the story written by Ibn Ishaq: “Banu Qainuqa were the first Jewish people attacked by Muhammad because there was a conflict between the Jews and the Muslim. It happened between the battle of Badr and the battle of Uhud. The Prophet surrounded them until they surrendered without any demand. Abdullah ibn Ubayy bin Salul was the leader of an Arab tribe, the Khazraj, which was a close partner of Banu Qainuqa. He was very respected by his people. Abdullah ibn Ubayy bin Salul went to see the Prophet when the whole tribe was already under Muhammad, and said: “O Muhammad, please be kind to my friends”, but the Prophet refused to do so. Abdullah repeated his words one more time, and again the Prophet rejected him. Then he grabbed the Prophets robe, and it made the Prophet became furious until his face turned black. Muhammad said: “You are cursed, release me!” Abdullah replied: “No, for God sake I will not release you untill you treated my friends 47

kindly. Four hundred people and another three hundred who had received me and protected me from my enemies; are you going to kill them all in one morning? For God sake I am afraid the situation will change”. The Prophet said: “You can have it (your way)”. (Ibn Ishag Sirat, p 363) The writers of Muhammad’s biography also added that Muhammad was very upset when he said: “Let them go. God curses them and him also!” So Muhammad spared their lives with a condition that they must leave their land, and also surrendered their wealth and weapons to Muhammad. Muhammad took one fifth of the booty for himself and divided the rest of it among his followers. The Banu Qainuqa (Jews) were driven out of their land. A Muslim historian wrote that they fled to Azru’a in Syria. There they lived for a short time and then they were annihilated. (Ar-Raheed Al-Makhtum by Saifur Rachman al-Mubarakpuri http/islamweb.islam.gov.qa/english/sira/raheek/PAGE-26.HTM).

The Attack Upon Banu Nadir
Banu Nadir, another Jewish tribe in Yathrib, was the next. The leader of Banu Nadir was Ka’b bin Ashraf, a good looking young man an a talented poem writer. After Muhammad cast out the Qainuqa from Yathrib, Ka’b was anxious about the Muslim’s threat upon his people. He visited Mecca to find protection. He wrote a poem and praising the people of Mecca for their courage and dignity. When Muhammad heard about this, he went to a mosque, and after he prayed, he said: “Whosoever willing to kill Ka’b bin al-Ashraf who has insulted Allah and His Prophet?” Then Maslama stood up and said: “O Prophet of Allah! Do you want me to kill him?” The prophet replied: “Yes”. Maslama said: “Then allow me to say something to deceive Ka’b”. The Prophet said: “Please, do so”. It means that the Prophet allowed the Muslim to deceive other people for the sake of Islam. Maslama visited Ka’b and said: “Muhammad demanded sadaqa/zakat (alms) from us and he has given us so much trouble. Therefore I came to you to borrow something from you”. Ka’b answered: ”In the name of Allah, you’ll get exhausted if you have a relationship with him!” Maslama said: ”Now that we have followed him, we wouldn’t leave him until we see how this will end. Now we need you to lend us two camels and one or two portions of food”. Maslama and his companion promised Ka’b that they will returned to him. At night, he and Ka’b’s half brother, Abu Na’ila, came back to see Ka’b. Ka’b took them to his fortress, and his wife asked:”Where are you going to go? It is already very late.” Ka’b answered her:”Maslama and my half brother Abu Na’ila have come”. His wife replied:”I heard a sound as if blood is flowing out from him”. 48

Ka’b said: ”They are only Maslama and my half brother Abu Na’ila. A generous man should be willing to fulfil an invitation to come at night although it might be an invitation to be killed”. Maslama went with two other men and said to them:”When Ka’b showed up, I shall touch his hair and smell it, and when you see me holding his head, stab him”. Ka’b bin Al-Ashraf approached them, his coat wrapped his body and they could smell his perfume. Maslama said:”I have never smelled a better perfume than this”. Ka’b said:”I knew some Arab ladies who knows really well how to use a high class perfume”. Maslama asked Ka’b:”Would you allow me to smell your head?” Ka’b said: ”Yes, you may”. Maslama and his companions smelled Ka’b’s head. Once again he asked Ka’b: ”Would you allow me to smell your head?” Ka’b said: ”Yes”. Then Maslama held his head tightly, and said to his companions: ”Kill him!”. And they killed him and reported the murder to the Prophet (Bukhari 5.59.369). Since the era of Muhammad until today, Islam can freely critisize and curse, but nobody can do the same towards them. The Muslim assumes that the only way to handle critics towards Islam is by killing those who critisizes them. There are many examples about this: On 1989, Khomeini declared a death sentence against Salman Rushdie for writing The Satanic Verses because the book was considered as insult towards Islam. On February 14, 2006, IRNA the Iranian Governmental news office reported that the death sentence will last forever. The tragedy of Van Gogh from Nederland.

Theo van Gogh, a Dutch director and film maker was accused of blasphemy. He was killed by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Marocco and islamic extremist. He was stabbed with a knife and there was a threatening note on his chest, about jihad against Nederland and Europe.

The Muslim followed the model and example of their Prophet, that is establishing fear in order to build supremacy through terror. (Bukhari 4.52.220) Previously, on the month of Shawaal, on the third year of Hijrah, the Quraish people of Mecca have well prepared themselves in Uhud to revenge their loss in the battle of Badr. They won and the Muslim were defeated. Now Muhammad must compensate his loss and strengthened the faith of his followers, telling them that Allah will never let them be defeated. Banu Nadir was an easy target. 49

The Muslim’s war against the Quraish actually was nothing to do with the Jews. But the Muslim argued that the Jews had an aggreement with Muhammad to help him fight The people of Mecca, while Muhammad himself had brutally killed their leader, two poets, and cast away one of their tribe (Qainuqa). But the Pakistani Muslim historian, experts in Qur’an interpretation, and the founder of the Maududi Islam and other Muslims also justifies Muhammad’s behavior, even falsely accused the Jews for violating the peace aggreement with the Moslems. Now Muhammad was looking for a reason to drive out banu Nadir from their land. They owned the best plantation in Yathrib and gardens filled with date palms. Some Muslims had become the best trouble maker because of Muhammad. They had killed two men from banu Kalb. According to the tradition, Muhammad was supposed to pay some amount of money to redeem the killing of two men from banu Kalb by his men. But Muhammad visited banu Nadir and asked them to help him paying the blood money, as a part of the peace aggreement he offered them. It was a ridiculous wish. Muhammad knew it and he expected them to refuse his demand, so he would find a reason to fight them and drive them out of their land. But banu Nadir were too afraid to refuse Muhammad’s unfair demand. They aggreed to help collecting the money. But their desicion wasn’t part of Muhammad’s plan. So, Muhammad tried to find another strategy while he was sitting next to the wall with the people of banu Nadir. Suddenly he got a new “inspiration”, so he stood up, and went home without saying anything. When his followers asked him, he said that the angel Jibril informed him that the Jews conspired to throw down a stone upon his head from the top of the wall while he was sitting next to it with the people of banu Nadir. Yet none of his followers saw a man climbing that wall nor heard a plan that would threatened their lives. At that time Muhammad was accompanied by Abu Bakar, Umar and Ali and one or two of his followers. So, if banu Nadir were brave enough and willing to kill him, it was very easy for them to kill Muhammad and his men. No need to send someone to climb the wall and throw down a stone on Muhammad’s head. This false accusation was clearly made up by Muhammad. Yes, the Prophet believes that Allah is khairul maakereen (the best deceiver - Sura 3:54), and he followed in His steps. The story of how Jibril informed him about the Jews who planned to kill him is identical with the imaginative story of the Isra Miraj. But now his followers believed him very much and they were furious to hear the imaginary conspiracy of banu Nadir. Maududi ended his story by saying:”Now there is no more reason to show them any generousity”. So Muhammad and his men marched and surrounded banu Nadir. The holy Prophet gave an ultimatum that their betrayal conspiracy has been discovered, therefore they must leave Medina within ten days. If they were found still living in their houses, they will be killed by sword.


Abdullah bin Ubayy tried so hard to help banu Nadir, but at that time his influence was too weak, and the conscience of Muhammad’s followers had been blinded. They didn’t allow bin Ubayy to enter Muhammad’s tent and cut his face with a sword. After a few days, banu Nadir were forced to negotiate to surrender all of their wealth to Muhammad and leave Medina. Some of them went to Suriah and the others to Khaibar, and a few years later they were also killed there when Muhammad laid his eyes on the treasures of the Jews in that city. The following is a quotation from Sirat (the history of Muhammad’s life), a Muslim source, which explains this very clear: Concerning banu Nadir, Surat al-Mujadila was delivered where it was told how Allah revenged against them and granted His Prophet power over them and how He treated them. Allah said: “He was the one who driven out the unbelievers among the People of The Book from their villages on the first exile. ...Therefore take it as a lesson, O ye who has perspective. And if it not because Allah has commanded them to be banished” which was a revenge from Allah. “Surely Allah punished them in this world, that is by sword and in hell in the Hereafter” (Ibn Ishaq sirat, p.438). While surrounding banu Nadir, Muhammad ordered his men to cut down and burned the trees of banu Nadir. In Arabia, one can only find deserts. The people in Arabia considered Muhammad’s action, and also well poisoning as a crime against humanity, violating the peace aggreement and local tradition. But Muhammad easily justified his actions because Allah Himself submit to his will. “Whether ye cut down (O ye Muslim!) The tender palm-trees, or ye left them standing on their roots, it was by leave of Allah, and in order that He might cover with shame the rebellious transgresses”. (Sura 59:5) Muhammad’s action wasn’t considered as a natural destruction as long as it was done in the way of Allah. A Muslim scholar, Al-Mubarkpouri said: “The Prophet of Allah (SAW) seized their lands, houses, wealth and weapons. Among them were 50 breastplates, 50 helmets, and 340 swords. Since there was no war when he seized those things, therefore it all became his possession. Muhammad divided the war booty as he wished to the Muhajirin and two poor Ansar men, Abu Dujana and Suhail bin Haneef. The war booty was used by the Prophet’s family for their live the whole year and the rest to equip the Muslim warriors with weapons for the next wars in the way of Allah. Based on Muhammad’s actions, we can conclude: Violence is the character of true Islam, and not a perversion of Islam. Extermination and elimination of the Jews became a new tradition passed down to the next generation of Muslim. 51



Murder, robbery, rape are the practises of Islam, and considered as legal actions to develop the religion of Allah based on the example of their Prophet. In every crime and life destruction there are holy verses which purposely delivered to justify those evil deeds.

Taqiyyah: Holy Lie
Muhammad mentioned Moses and Torah a dozen times. And he ordered the Muslim to believe in the Torah so many times also. But he didn’t know who Moses was and what the Torah really is. Muhammad knew nothing about the Ten Commandments. What he knew about it was only some of the first Commandment concerning God. But the rest of it, particularly the last four, he had no understanding at all. Even he boldly violated them in his life. Those are: Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not commit adultery. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house, thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servants, nor his female servants, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s. We shall focus on lie. Lying is allowed for the Muslim in order to develop Islam. Hiding and twisting the facts, intention and emotion in order to deceive are considered as a noble action when it is done in relation with Islam. It is called as “taqiyyah”, which means darkened the truth, making it a holy hypocrisy because of an “urgent situation”. This is a part of Islam’ strategy to lie and deceive the non-Muslim in one way or the other. Khomeini said: “Taqiyyah is executed if it will help Islam”. The Sunni Muslim also practiced taqiyyah: “Taqiyyah only practised by the Shiah, not the Sunni”. Yet they are all the same. This is like an evil circle. All of them practiced taqiyyah, because Muhammad already said: ”Taqiyyah will be practiced until the Ressurection Day” (HSB vol.9, book 89). In Islam, every situation considered as an emergency that put pressure on people, therefore can be used to justify lie. Hamid Enayat, a historian and a Muslim leader admitted the following fact: “Taqiyyah in its practice has become a rule of behavior for the Muslim, both Sunni and Syiah when there was a conflict concerning religious issues”. (Barnabas Fund 2007) A Muslim is permitted by the Qur’an to cancel his vow although it was already said in the name of Allah. One can cancel his vow by giving certain things, not by asking for forgiveness and repentance, that is giving food or cloth enough for 10 poor people. And if a poor man can not afford these things, he could choose to fast for three days (Sura 5:89).


This Allah really humiliated himself by allowing the Muslim cancelled a vow sealed in His name, without giving any sacred responsibility. Muhammad also said: “Lying is wrong except in 3 cases: A husband lied to his wife in order to please her. Lying to deceive an enemy, because war is a deception. Lying to solve a problem between two people. (Ahmad, 6.459.H; Hadis Tirmidzi 5033). How come Allah gave Muhammad the permission to make a false vow and lie? Because Allah Himself is The Greatest Liar, so He Himself admitted it (Sura 3:54). This was proven in the battle of Badr where Allah Himself deceived His own Prophet in a dream. Allah showed him that the enemy was only a small number (yet there were many of them) to give courage to the Muslim warriors to fight the unbelievers: “Remember in thy dream Allah showed them to thee as few: if He had shown them to thee as many, ye would surely have been discouraged, and ye would surely have disputed in (your) decision; but Allah saved (you): for He knoweth well the (secrets) of (all) hearts. (Sura 8:43) Based on Allah’s own example, until this day Muhammad and his friends and also his followers enjoyed lying to gain advantages. a. Muhammad. “In the name of Allah, if I swore and in the future I find something better, then I will what would be best while cancelling my oath.” (Bukhari 7.67.427) Everywhere Muhammad showed many ways to deceive in order to achieve his goals, including “delivering” verses as he wished whenever he was not in a good situation because of his enemies, his friends, even his wives. b. Ali bin Abi Thalib. The Arab people has a true story which describes a perfect taqqiya. It was about Ali, Muhammad’s cousin who was also his son in-law. One day he sat on a chair outside of his house. Suddenly, one of his friends ran into the village, almost losing his breath, and hide inside Ali’s house. When Ali realized that his friend was chased by his enemy, immediately Ali stood up and moved to another chair beside him. A few minutes later, some angry people arrived and asked Ali whether he saw the man they were chasing. Ali answered them: “As long as I sit on this chair I didn’t see anybody”. c. Hamid Ali. Deception to defend Islam can be seen through this following real case. Hamid Ali, a spiritual leader at the Al-Madina Beeston mosque in West Yorkshire, UK, publicly cursed the London bombing on July 7, 2005.


But in a secret conversation between him and a Bangladesh man (as reported by a reporter of the Sunday Times) he said that the July 7 bombing was a noble act and he praised those bombers. (Islam and Truth, Barnabas Fund) d. The Muslim. Unawarely, taqqiya entered the minds and the lives of the Muslim until they deceived themselves and the world, saying that “Islam” means “peace”, yet it actually means “submission”. It is the same with a statement saying that Islam is “Rahmatan lil alamin” (the grace for the whole universe) which echoed everywhere without any supporting proof and fact. The fact is, generally the syariah countries are the poorest countries, the most chaotic countries where civil rights are violated, far from heavenly grace. It is just an empty rhetoric! The following are some important examples concerning the use of taqiyyah.

The Battle of Trench (Khandaq)
Because of Muhammad’s aggressions, Abu Sufyan from Mecca led 4000 men from his people to fight him. When Muhammad heard about the news, his friends asked him:”Will the angels fight for us O, Prophet of Allah?” But Sahnan the Persian said:”Let us dig a trench that will separate us, the city and the enemy”. Muhammad accepted the idea and they started digging. The Meccan/Arab union troops had never seen such thing before. They camped outside of the city and searching a way to cross those trenches. They asked the Quraiza for help. Muhammad was very aware of this kind of conspiracy, therefore he made a strategy to divide them and created a distrust between the Quraiza and the Arab union troops. Then taqiyyah was practised. Nu’aym who was just became a “Mualaf” (a new convert) and didn’t declare his conversion to Islam was assigned by Muhammad to build a distrust between the enemies. Then Nu’aym went to his friend of bani Quraiza and said: “Quraishi and Ghatafan have come to fight against Muhammad and you Quraiza will help them fight Muhammad. But their lands, wealth and wives are not here. If they were defeated by Muhammad they will leave you alone to face Muhammad, yet your lands, houses, wealth, your wives and children are all here, and you wouldn’t be able to fight him alone. Therefore don’t fight with the Quraishi and Ghatafan, rather you must take their leaders as hostages to have your assurance of salvation. If you fight with Muhammad against them, you will surely defeat them; you will become Muhammad’s friends and allies”. The Quraiza considered Nu’aym’s advice a good one. Then Nu’aym went to see the Quraishi and said to Abu Sufyan and his followers: “You know I love you very much, I have left Muhammad, I heard something very important. I must inform it to you as a warning, but keep it as a secret”. 54

The Quraishi aggreed to keep it secret, and then he continued: “The Jews have regreted their intention to fight Muhammad, so they sent a messenger to deliver a message to Muhammad: ”Would it pleases you if we captured the leader of the Quraishi and the leader of the Ghatafan and surrendered them to you so you can cut off their heads?” Muhammad agreed and received their offer, therefore if the Jews Quraiza came asking for hostages, please don’t send anyone”. Then Nu’aym went to the Ghatafan and told the same information. (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah, Battle of Trench) It worked! When the Arab union troops asked the Quraiza to join them to attack, they made many excuses to refuse. But on the contrary, they asked the Quraishi to left some people as hostages, which confirmed Nu’aym’s words. The Arab union troops were disappointed and left without saying anything. This trick saved the Muslim from an absolute loss, and it became the best lesson for the Muslim who since that day included treason and deception as their strategy in doing jihad. In one Hadith we can read: Hajaj Ibn Aalat said: ”O Prophet of Allah. I have abundant treasure in Mecca and some relatives, and I wanted to take them back. Am I allowed to say bad things about you (to deceive the non-Muslim)?” The Prophet gave his permission and said: “You can say anything you want to say”. (Sirah al Halabiyyah, v.3, p.61) The Muslim came to a Western country or Asia and pretended to be a moderate Muslim, but secretly they build a strategy to establish their own community politically, by separating or dominating the country. They smile, shake hands, act friendly, even praising your country publicly. Their attitude and their words are very patriotic and a gentleman style, but they are only practicing “taqqiya” in order to strengthening the influence of Islam and to dominate. They would say nice things but they would never do what they say. By using democratic laws, the Muslim invaded Western or Asian countries, but by islamic laws the Muslim will dominate them. Their famous slogan is: “By their democratic law we will invade them, by Islamic law we shall dominate them” The following is an example of how the Muslims practice the taqiyyah: Underestimating the threat of Islam to eliminate Islamophobia. Jihad were not meant for destruction, but for spiritual struggle. The demand to build a syariah country is just for the Muslim, not for the non-Muslim. But when they have the power in their hands, their soft and gentle voice will suddenly change into roaring wolves. This already happened in Iran, Sudan, Marocco, Egypt, and many other countries. Reza Aslan wrote the book “There is No God But Allah”. In his book he says: “what happened now in the islamic countries are internal conflicts among the Muslim themselves, not an external war between islam and the Western countries”. If there were casualties on the Western’ side, it was only an accident as the result of the conflict among the Muslim themselves; the Western were only observers. But in reality, the Muslim’s 55

battle field are not just the islamic countries, but it also expanded to the whole parts of the world, such as New York, London, Madrid, Mumbay, Beslan, Bali, and many other. One silly taqiyyah often used by Muslim men to seduce Western women is a statement that says “in Islam, women are treated as queen”. Have you ever seen a country where its queen is considered unintelectual, inhabitant of hell, beaten like a camel, stoned to death or killed in the name of family honor? In a marriage between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman, to achieve his mission the man is willing to leave Islam and embrace his bride’s religion. After they were married, and have children, the man would return to Islam even forces his wife to embrace Islam or humiliated, tortured, and divorced. If a Muslim smiled at you and tell you how much he loves your country, and that he wanted to be your friend, remember this following Hadith: “(Actually) we smiled to some people, while our hearts cursing them (those same people)”.

December 11, 2007. Canadian father murders teenage daughter over refusal to wear Muslim headscarf hijab. The Star.com: Dad charged in teen’s death. Aqsa Parvez, a 16 years old teenage girl from an immigrant Muslim family, a Canadian citizen. She was killed by her father just because she refused to wear a hijab at school time. She left home wearing hijab, but then she changed her dress and took off the hijab after she arrived at school. Her brother was also sued for assisting the murder.

Yagmur Dursun, a Turkish girl, got pregnant before married, was prepared to be stoned to death, while people were yelling “Allahu Akbar!”. Did Allah really dance while witnessing TWO lives put to death by stoning? Or The Quran scholars who executed them?


The Attack On Banu Quraiza
The last Jewish tribe that became the victim of Muhammad’s barbaric actions were the Quraiza, not long after the Trench war (Khandaq) was over. Muhammad set the Quraiza as his target although in the Trech war the Quraiza had lend him weapons and equipments to dig the trench and were unwilling to take side with the Meccan, and defended Muhammad. But Muhammad had his own excuse. He said that the angel Jibril came to him and asked him to draw his sword, went to the place of the Quraiza and fought them. Jibril said that Muhammad and the angelic forces will shake their defence and spread terror within their hearts”. (AR-Raheeq Al-Makhtum by Saifur Rahman al-Mubarakpuri http://islamweb.gov.qa/english/sira/raheek/PAGE-26.HTM). Furthermore Al-Mubarakpouri said: “The Prophet of Allah immediately called the adzan announcer and ordered him to announce a new war against the Quraiza.” The Muslim will never show gratitude to the unbelivers or non-Muslim countries who had helped them. They will receive your help and then stab you from the back as soon as they don’t need you anymore. There are so many Muslim students studying or receiving scholarship in the U.S, get a job there, but still they hate America. When they returned to their own countries, they carried with them message of hatred towards the U.S. Remember the 9/11 tragedy. They will not stop until the cresent moon flag waves on the White House and in all parts of America. The London subway train bombers were Pakistani immigrants. Those Muslim were very poor when they lived in their country. They received the generousity of the U.K. so they moved there. In the U.K., they got jobs, their children were born there, received education, occupation, and got married there. But still they were ungrateful to the U.K. government. Mohammed Sidique Khan, a married teacher who has already enjoyed the British’ generousity, was one of the London subway train bombers that killed 52 people. There are still many examples and it wouldn’t be enough to write it down one by one. The Muslim in the U.K. increases very fast, but the non-Muslim and the secular people ignored this situation. They thought as long as the bombers were captured then the problem is solved. But it didn’t. It is still crawling underground, and developing through law and political lines, bribe (the petro dollar fund) or terrorism. They wouldn’t stop until the cresent moon flag waves in all England replacing the Union Jack.


Azan and The Mosque
In studying Islam, it is very important to understand that the call of prayer (azan) is also a call to war. Riots and booty always begin at the mosque after the Muslim finished their praying time (solat). They are very encouraged to do these things in the holy month of Ramadan and also on every Friday. In his speech on the commemoration of the birth of Muhammad in 1981, Ayatollah Khomeini said: “Mehrab (Mosque) means a place for war. Outside the Mehrab, the war must continue. Just as all other wars in Islam that still continues outside the Mehrab. The Prophet has a sword to kill people, and our holy religious leaders (imam) are militant enough. All of them are warriors of war, they are used to draw swords for war and to kill people. All that we need is a caliphate who cut off arms, necks, and stone people to death just as the Prophet of Allah did”. (Ayattolah Khomeini: A Speech delivered on the Commemoration of the Birth of Muhammad, in 1981). So, the Mosque functions as: A place for gathering, worshipping, praying (shalat), preaching. A place to held a discussion, and arranging strategy, declaring a law/order (fatwa) and war. A place to store weapons and a hiding place. Muhammad led an army of 3000 infantry and 30 cavalry from the Ansar and Muhajirin. The Quraiza was accused of conspiring with the Quraishi to fight the Muslim. Yet in fact, the Muslim hostorians have denied this accusation and said that the Meccan troops had retreated because they didn’t get any support from the Quraiza. When Muhammad declared his intention, his cousin Ali who was his number one supporter, swore that he wouldn’t stop until he succeeded in attacking their fortress or die. They surrounded the fortress for 25 days. The Muslim made a statement and aggreement with the Quraiza that they wouldn’t be harmed if they surredered their weapons and willing to pay tribute. Therefore the Quraiza surrendered themselves and their weapons to Muhammad. But Muhammad didn’t respect the aggreement and ordered them to be killed. And his followers killed 900 men. Muhammad asked Sa’d Ibn Mua’dh’s opinion concerning the killing of the 900 men. Mua’dh gave his blessing, but then he suffered a fatal heart attack. After the death of Mua’dh, Muhammad claimed that Jibril said unto him that the gates of heaven were opened for Mua’dh and Allah’s throne trembled upon his death. The angelic hosts rejoiced upon his spirit and 70.000 of them descended to attend his funeral!


To decide who must be killed, the young men were examined. Those who had already have their pubic hair will be gathered with adult men to be beheaded. Atiyyah al-Quriaz, a Jew who managed to escape the slaughter told the story: “I was among the Quraiza who were taken as hostages. The Muslim examined us, and those who have their pubic hair were killed, and those who haven’t were spared. I was among those who haven’t”. (Sunan Abu Dawud Book 38, Number 4390, a collection of Hadist which considered as shahih). A verse in the Qur’an about the slaughter of the Quraiza: ”And those of the People of the Book who aided them - Allah did take them down from their strongholds and cast terror into their hearts. (So that) some ye slew, and some ye made prisoners”. (Sura 33:26) The trenches were dig in the Medina market, and Muhammad ordered those people to be brought in there - ten by ten - to be beheaded, and their bodies were thrown inside the trenches. During the slaughter, the women screamed histerically, torn their dresses and hit their cheeks. But the more they cried, the more Muhammad was encouraged to do the slaughter assisted by his men, until he slaughtered 900 men on that day. Muhammad ordered the women prisoners to be presented in front of him. As always, Muhammad would choose for himself the most beautiful one. Then he chose Rihana bint Amro, whose husband and her whole family were ordered to be killed in front of her. Muhammad said to her: “You shall not be my slave, but I will set you free and marry you”. Rihana said: “I am more honored to be your slave, than to be the wife of a butcher of man”. Then she spit on him, hoping that Muhammad would ordered her to be killed. But Muhammad never killed a beautiful woman. He kept her as a slave and had sexual intercourse with her while her arms and legs were tied up. [also look at The Life of the Prophet by Ibn Hisham, vol.III, p. 118-143 (who also wrote other events that are not mentioned here): The Life of Muhammad by Haikal, p. 347-351 (who added more explanation about Muhammad’s violence): and Al Sira Al Halabia by Al Halabi, vol.II, p. 675-677. This story can also be found in Rawd Al Unuf by Imam AsSuhaili, vol.III, p. 267-271 and in the books of Al-Tabari Ibn Kathir, Ibn Khaldoon, AlBooti Al Khudri and Al-Adid. All of them wrote this horrible story] Many Muslims, after seeing Muhammad’s cruelty against the Quraiza, left Muhammad’s religion because they were convinced that Muhammad was a false Prophet. More than 3000 people left Islam after the Trench war Al-Khandaq. To justify his cruelty and robbery, Muhammad had a solution. Allah answered and Jibril delivered the verses he needed. Suddenly the verses of the Qur’an were delivered to him:


“And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, and of a land which ye had not frequented (before). And Allah has power over all things”. (Sura 33:27) By that Muhammad affirmed that God has blessed his action. Terrorism, violence, robbery, killing and rape that happened nowadays didn’t just occured instantly. It came from the examples of Muhammad, his companions and his successors.

The Attack on Al-Harkat
After destroying the Quraiza, Muhammad was still unsatisfied. Then he attacked AlHarkat, a Jewish village near Medina. All of its inhabitants were killed. Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab wrote: “The Muslim shouted ‘Allahu Akbar!’ and they attacked in harmony, as one soul, then they (the Muslim) surrounded them and killed them with the swords of Allah”. (The Life of the Messenger, by Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab, p. 111). Muhammad made Allah draw His sword to kill innocent people, and they were suddenly attacked although they haven’t done any crime. Their only crime was because they were Jews and were related to the Khaibar. Definitely Muhammad was possesed by the spirit of racism against the Jews. He killed everyone, men, women, and children. Nothing was left behind because Muhammad collected their wealth. Muhammad only left a bloody river flowed inside the village.

The Conquest of Khaibar
Bukhari wrote some Hadith about Muhammad’s conquest upon Khaibar and how he raped Safiya: “Anas said that when the Prophet of Allah attacked Khaibar, we were still praying at dawn, when it was still dark. The Prophet rode a horse and Abu Talha also rode a horse, while I rode behind Abu Talha. The Prophet rode quickly along the street to Khaibar and my knee touched his thigh. Then he revealed his thigh and I saw the skin of his thigh, it was white. When he entered the city, he said: “Allahu Akbar! Khaibar has been destroyed, because when we came to a nation we fought, then disaster will come upon those who have been warned”. He repeated his words three times. The people of Khaibar were running on the streets, and Muhammad ordered their warriors to be killed. We conquered Khaibar, taking prisoners and collecting their wealth. Dihya came and said: “O Prophet of Allah! Please give me a woman from among the prisoners to be my slave”. He took Safiya bint Huyai. But someone approached the Prophet and said: “O Prophet of Allah, you gave Safiya bint Huyai to Dihya, yet she is the most beautiful woman among the Quraiza and An Nadir, and you alone deserved to own her”. Then the Prophet said:


“Bring me Dihya and Safiya”. Then Dihya came with Safiya, and when the Prophet saw Safiya he said to Dihya: “Take any other slaves from among the prisoners”. Anas added: “The Prophet set Safiya free and married her”. Thabit asked Anas: “O Abu Hamza! What was used by the Prophet as a payment for her dowry?” Anas replied: ”Safiya herself was the dowry because he has set her free from slavery and then married her”. Anas added: “On the way, Umm Sulaim prepared her for the wedding ceremony and tonight Um Sulaim will deliver Safiya as the Prophet’s bride”. (Sahih Bukhari 1.8.367: according to a version of this hadith it was told how the Muslim attacked Khaibar at dawn while the Khaibar inhabitants were unprepared. “Yakhrab Khaibar/Khaibar destroyed” shouted Muhammad while attacking the fortresses one by one. “Allahu Akbar! Indeed if I shine on any people, then they will be destroyed the same day!” after conquering the city then it was time to divide the booty. Dihya, one of the Muslim soldiers, received Safiya as his portion. For information, Safiya’s father was the leader of a Jewish tribe, bani Nadir, whom already beheaded on Muhammad’s order three years ago. Somebody told Muhammad that Safiya was very beautiful. So Muhammad offerred Dihya two other girls who were Safiya’s cousins, and married Safiya for himself). Ibn Ishaq’s Version: The First Muslim Historian, Recorded the Conquest of Khaibar. Kinana al Rabi who kept the treasures banu Nadir was brought to the Prophet who asked him about the treasures. Kinana denied knowing where it was. Tabari the historian wrote, a Jew was brought to the Prophet and said that he saw Kinana went to a ruin every dawn. The Prophet said to Kinana: “Do you know, if we find you hiding the treasure, then I will kill you?” Kinana answered: “Yes”. The Prophet ordered the ruin to be lifted up and some treasures were found. Then the Prophet asked him about the other treasure, but he wouldn’t answer, until the Prophet ordered al Zubayr al Awwam: “Torture him until he confesses”. Then al Zubyr lighted a fire with a stone fire and a hot iron was placed on Kinana’s chest until he was almost die. Then the Prophet gave Kinana to Muhammad bin Maslama who later cut off his head to revenge the death of Mahmud’s brother. While Muhammad was torturing Kinana, he also took Kinana’s 17 years old wife name Safiya, and put her on his laps to watch how he tortured her husband. Bilal was the one who brought Safiya to the Prophet and they crossed over some dead Jews on their way. Safiya’s friends wept and throw ashes on their heads. When the Prophet saw this, he said: “Cast away these devil women from my sight”. But he ordered Safiya to stay and covered her with his robe. By this the Muslim knew that Muhammad has chosen Safiya for himself. The Prophet rebuked Bilal: “Have you lost your compassion that you took these women over their dead husbands?” On the same day Muhammad tortured Safiya’s husband, the young man Kinana, until he died. Then he took Safiya and brought her to his tent to have sex with her. (Sirat Rasul Allah. p. 515)


This torture is an example of a method to obtain information so that the Muslim could take over their wealth. Then it was followed by killing the husband and raping his innocent wife. The husband was tortured in front of his wife, his head was cut off, and then his wife was raped! If this kind of torture done by the Prophet of Allah as an example and was justified by Allah Himself, then the torture on the terrorists prisoners in Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq and Guantanamo, America, is nothing compared to the violence and crime done by the Prophet of Allah and his followers.

Medina After The Banishment and the Jewish Massacre
Life in Medina was changed in many ways. Before Muhammad came, the people in Yathrib were farmers, artists and merchants. The Jews were the heart of the city. They were hardworkers, educated and wealthy. Most of the Arab people in Medina were very poor, illiterate, dumb, lazy and superstitious. They considered themselves rich by having only one camel and one robe. They didn’t have many skills and they worked for the Jews as servants. After Muhammad driven out the Jews from their city and slaughtered them, the city was changed drastically. The economy was collapsed, there was no bussiness at all for the Arab in order for them to earn their living. The people depended on Muhammad for their lives who fed them by robbing others. There was no other way to return. Even the unbelievers such as Abdullah ibn Ubbay and his followers also participated in Muhammad’s raid. They did this not to support Islam, but it was their only way to make a living. If they wouldn’t join Muhammad in his attacks then they will die because of starvation. The Qur’an said that these Arabs gained their wealth from “Allah’s war booty”. Muhammad made a statement to encourage the Muslim: “He who killed someone, has the right on all of his wealth”. (Hadits Sahih Bukhari, Vol.4, Book 53 #370; Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 19, Chapter 13). The women who were captured on the aggression became a stimulation for the Muslim to rob, because these women will be treated as sexual slaves. Therefore the main reason for the Muslim to perform jihad was wealth and sex. The situation in Medina was very tense. Islam and jihad became the center of the community life. The men went out of town to raid, rob, attacking the merchants, destroying other villages, slaughtering the men, and raping the women. Muhammad ordered them to go to the mosque and pray 5 times a day. Hadith Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim wrote as following: “I am thinking to announce at prayer time and ordered someone to lead the congregation to pray (shalat), and I will go with the people with torches to those who do not join us to pray and burn their houses with fire”. (Muslim, Book 004, Number 1370 and Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11, Number 626). 62

Muhammad’s ambition and also his followers, increased beyond the Peninsula until Byzantium. Muhammad sent one of his followers, Al Harith Ibn Umayr to Sharhabil bin Umar al Ghassani (Al-Ghassani was the Arab dinasty on the Southern Syria which have a relation with the Catholic and was an ally of the Byzantium empire) to deliver Muhammad’s offer and demand. The king rejected the messenger and almost send his army to Arab, but then he cancelled his decision because he thought that Arab was worthless. Muhammad sent 3000 troops and 3 leaders to attack Damascus, but on their way they encountered the Byzantium army a Jordan area, Mu’tah. On the first war (the Mu’tah war on 627 AD), Zayd Ibn Haritha, Muhammad’s adopted son was killed. He was replaced by Ja’far Ibn Abu Talib who was also killed. Then, Abdallah bin Rawaha became the leader but he was also killed and was replaced by Khalid bin Al Wahid, who immediately ordered his troops to retreat during the war. Muhammad’s troops returned to Medina after losing more than 1500 men. Some of them were heavily injured including Uthman bin Al-Maghira who asked Muhammad on their return: ”Weren’t the angels fighting for us O Prophet of Allah?” He answered: “Unfortunately they were busy somewhere else and Jibril was on vacation”. They believed his information.

The Attack on A Christian Tribe: The Ukl
There was an Arab tribe, the Ukl or Uraina who lived in peace. All of them were Christians. Muhammad came to attack them and changed their peace into river of blood and tears. He destroyed the tribe, killed many people, and took the rest as prisoners. Muhammad robbed their treasures and took it to Medina. When he arrived at Medina, Muhammad asked the prisoners: “Is there someone who would redeem you and pay the ransom?” They answered: ”You have taken everything and we don’t have anything left to give to you”. At that moment Ali bin Abu Talib demanded them to blaspheme Christ but they refused to do so. So Muhammad ordered them to be tortured and killed. Al-Khudri, a Muslim clergy said: “A group of Arab came and killed one of the prophet’s companions. Muhammad sent 120 horsemen and captured them and brought them to Muhammad who ordered them to be tortured while they were still alive. Their arms and legs were cut off and their eyes were stabbed by hot nails. They were thrown into the dirt and exposed until they die”. (The Light of Certainly / Nur Al-Yaqin oleh Al-Khudri 24th edition, pp 184-185). Sheikh Al-Khudri tried to justify Muhammad’s action by accusing the tribe for the murder of one of his companion. But those people didn’t kill anyone and Muhammad attacked them just to rob, kill and rape.


Imam As-Suhaili quoted Ibn Hisham, said: “After Muhammad captured those people, he cut off their arms and legs and took their eyes. They asked for water to drink, but Muhammad refused to give it to them until they die”. (Rawd Al-Unuf by Imam As-Suhaili; vol.III, p. 187. Al Bukhari also affirmed the story in his Sahih, look hadits Sahih Bukhari vol I, Book 4, #234; vol.2, Book 24, #577; vol.4, Book 52, #261; Vol.5, Book 59, #505; Vol.6, Book 60, #134; Vol.7, Book 71, #590 and 623; Vol.8, Book 82, #79, 796,797; and Vol.9, Book 71, #590 and 623; Vol.8, Book 82, #794, 797 and Vol.9, Book 83, #37. Look also hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 16, #4130-37). Many original Islam resources quoted that the number of his prisoners were 42 people. These 42 people suffered that horrible torture and were thrown to the dirt and left there until they die. Although the Muslim said that Muhammad was the last of all prophets and that he was a merciful Prophet, but he refused to give them water to drink. God, please help us. The Muslim said that this story is false and that it could never happened. We wished it was so, but the fact is it really happened, and it was recorded in the islamic references itself. Truth is always bitter. How could we relate the story with the God of Islam which is Allah who has love and compassion (Rahmani and Rahimi)?

The Spreading of Islam: Follow Muhammad or Die
Islam is the only religion that has its God, namely ALLAH, and His prophet to spread His religion through sword. The unanswered question is: WHY? Example 1. When Amr bin al-Aas arrived in Yemen to force the Yemen king to pay tribute if he refused to embrace Islam. The king asked him: “How did all of the Quraishi became Muslim?” Al-Aas answered: “The Quraishi followed Muhammad because they wanted to embrace Islam or they were afraid because they were defeated by sword. And now you are the only one that left who are not a Muslim. If you don’t embrace Islam today, the horses will run over you and your people. Embrace Islam and you will live in peace and the horses and the horsemen will never attack you”. Example 2. Ibn Ishaq wrote: Allah’s messenger sent Khalid bin Al-Wahid to bin Al-Harith, the leader of the Najran who were Christians and said to him: “If you embrace Islam and pay tax (zakat), you will be received, if you say no, I will kill you with a sword”. (The Life of the Prophet, vol.IV, p. 134). The tribe sent some men from Al-Harith to Muhammad in obedience. Muhammad said: “If you don’t embrace Islam, I will cut off your heads underneath your legs”. 64

(Look: The Beginning and the End by Ibn Kathir, vol.5, p. 989; and The Life of Muhammad by Dr Haikal, p. 488). The options were only to follow Muhammad, embrace Islam or die. The number of the people who have been killed because of the spreading of Islam since the beginning of Muhammad’s calling as a Prophet until the day he died is 30.000 people. It is written in: Tales of Battles, by Ibn Al-Asam Al-Garhani.

The Killing Among the Muslim Themselves
AL-RIDDAH: war against those who left Islam. When Muhammad was still alive, many of his followers felt that this religion was created by man. As the result, about 10.000 of his followers left Islam. Abu Bakr the first caliphate, demanded them to pay tribute (zakat, 2,5% from a person’s wealth to the poor as one of the 5 Pillars in Islam). When they refused, Abu Bakr said: “I swear in the name of Allah, if they stop to pay what they once pay to Allah’s messenger, I will fight them”. As the result, the war against those who left Islam was started not because they refused to confess that there is no God but Allah, but because they refused to pay zakat to Abu Bakr, the way they did to Muhammad. In this Al-Riddah war, Abu Bakr killed more than 30.000 people who rejected Muhammad and refused to pay zakat as he demanded them.

The Killing of Uthman ibn Affan by the Muslim
Al-Halabi wrote about Uthman, the third Caliphate: Uthman ibn Affan came with 10.000 dinars and placed it in Muhammad’s hands and chest. Muhammad took the money and started to examine it, turning it upside down towards every direction carefully and gladly, and said: “May Allah grant you forgiveness upon your sins, whether the people knows it or not. O Uthman, may Allah grant you forgiveness for what you have done yesterday and what will you do tomorrow until the ressurection day”. Uthman was one of the ten good news preachers who preached about heaven. He was the one who received assurance from Muhammad that all of his sins, in the past and in the future will be forgiven after he paid 10.000 dinars. Uthman was the husband of Muhammad’s two daughters, Ruqayyah and Um Kulthum. Muhammad said to him: “If I had 40 daughters, I would give them to Uthman in marriage”. Just because of the 10.000 dinars? But the fate of this third Caliphate ended in tragedy. Although he was considered as the father of the unification of the Quranic texts, which once its purity and truth was argued, 65

but it was also the cause of his death. Two prominent Muslim, Muhammad bin Abu Bakr and Ammar bin Yasir came in front of Uthman while he was reading the Qur’an of Muhammad. Both of them tortured him and killed him with a sword. They stepped on his beard with their shoes to insult him. It was very ironic. Uthman the third Caliphate was killed by a good news preacher, Ammar bin Yasir and the son of the first Caliphate, Muhammad bin Abu Bakr. Al-Tabari wrote in his book The History of Nations and Kings, Uthman’s friends didn’t manage to bury his body for 2 days. Uthman’s enemies forbid his body to be burried according to the islamic way, therefore they have no other option but to burry him in the Jewish cemetery.

The Camel War
Do you still remember the story of Aisha and Safwan? Ali suggested Muhammad to punish Aisha because she was assumed to have an affair with Safwan. Because of this, Aisha and Ali became enemies. Aisha joined Muawiyah against Ali, who led the war for 3 days at Basra, Iraq on 34 Hijriah. The war was called the Camel War because Aisha was in the middle of the battle riding a camel. (This is the Muslim’s first war against themselves at Basra, Iraq on 656 AD, or was also known as the “Bassora War” or the “Janial War”). In that war more than 10.000 Muslim were killed on both sides. After the funeral, Ali asked Aisha: “O, Mother of the believers, which side will go to heaven?” Aisha pretended that she forgot the words of her late husband, the Prophet, who once said: “When two Muslim confront against each other with swords, he who kills and his victim will enter Hell”. But Aisha said: “All of them will go to heaven”. (Look Hadits Sahih Bukhari, vol.1, Book 2 #30; vol.9, Book 83 #14; vol.9, Book 99 #204; and Hadits Sahih Muslim Book 41, Ch. 4. “When two Muslims confront Each Other with Swords.” #6898-6901.).

The Siffin War
The Siffin war occured between Mei – July 657 AD at the Euphrate River between Ali bin Abu Talib against Mu’awiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan. Ali bin Abu Talib was the cousin and also Muhammad’ son in-law who married to Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter with Siti Khadijah. Mu’awiyah Ibn Abi Sufyan was the leader of the Umayyad, who established the Umayyad sultanate. This conflict was happened because they were fighting about who will be the Caliphate’ successor after the killing of Uthman. More than 15.000 people were killed in this war.


The Karbala War
It happened on October 10, 680 AD at Karbala, 60 miles South West of Baghdad. A few years after the violent Siffin War, Ali’ sons, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein faced Yazid the son of Mu’awiyah in a heavy war in Karbala, where more than 15.000 Muslims were killed. Al-Hussein bin Ali was beheaded, his body was damaged. His wife, and all of his children, Muhammad’s grandchildren and great grandchildren were killed.

The Zab War
The Zab War happened on January 25, 750 AD at the Zab river in Iraq, between the Abbasids against the Umayyad. The Abbasids were the people of Abbas, Muhammad’s uncle who took over the power from the Umayyad. They never forget what the Umayyad had done towards Muhammad’s grandchildren and their families, so they decided to revenge their deaths. The prince of the Abbasids, Abu Al-Abbas The Butcher, killed all of the descendants of the Umayyad, including women, teens and todlers. Even their graves were not secured because people dig it again, the corpses were besmirched and some parts of it were given to dogs.

The Ain Jakut War
The Ain Jakut War (eyes/Goliath’s water source) happened on September 3, 1260 AD in Palestine between the Tartar under Holako against Sultan Qutuz from Egypt. Many Muslim’s religious leader believed that Holako was a Muslim. All along the way they robbed, slaughtered, and burned down many Muslims and non-Muslim’s cities until they were defeated by Sultan Qutuz.


From war anarchy now let us turn to sexual anarchy. The Muslim considered Muhammad as the great Prophet but Muhammad himself said: ”I am only a mortal like you” (Sura 18:110 and 41:6). The Qur’an gave many priviledges to Muhammad and less obligations. Allah gave Muhammad many wives and concubines, while the Muslim have the right to marry only up to 4 women. “ O Prophet! We have made lawful to thee thy wives to whom thou hast paid their dowers; and those whom thy right hand possesses out of the prisoners of war whom Allah has assigned to thee; and daughters of thy paternal uncles and aunts, and daughters of thy maternal uncles and aunts, who migrated (from Makka) with thee; and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. (Sura 33:50) In order that there should be no difficulty for Muhammad, Allah unlimited the number and the kind of women whom Muhammad could marry! Even he was permitted to take any woman he wanted, including those who were already married, or forced the husband to divorce his wife when Muhammad wanted her, even killed the husband if Muhammad wanted to have his wife. The experts on Qur’an interpretation couldn’t answer whether this egosentric verse would still be delivered or not when Khadijah, Muhammad’s first wife was still alive. There wasn’t any human prophet who received a different law from God than the people he led. Even King Solomon married 1000 wives because of his own desire, not because he had a special priviledge fom God. He was just an ordinary man who used to practice polygamy, and he did it not on behalf of God. Al-Halabi, a prominent Muslim religious leader in his well known book Al-Sira AlHalabia, said: “When Muhammad wanted to have an unmarried woman, he even had the right to marry her without a wedding ceremony and without the presence of a witness or a guardian. The woman’s aggreement wouldn’t also be needed. But if the woman has already married and Muhammad wanted to have her, her husband has an obligation to divorce her, so that Muhammad could marry her. Muhammad also has the right to give the woman whom he already married to any man he chose without asking the woman’s opinion. He could also get married during the Hajj season, as he did with Maemunah. He also has the right to choose prisoners, whoever he wanted to have, before dividing the war booty”. 68

(Al-Sira Al-Halabia, vol.III,p. 377). A wedding ceremony, without the presence of a witness or without the woman’s consent, according to the islamic law (syariah), is considered as an adultery, and such sin will be punished with hell. But this didn’ t apply to Muhammad. (Look Hadits Sahih Bukhari, vol.2, Book 23 #468 and vol.9, Book 67 #171). When people asked him about these things, immediately Allah through Jibril delivered verses to defend Muhammad, such as the verse mentioned previously. Muhammad had a relationship with more than 30 women, but he was legally married to only 22 women. Among the bridesmaids, 6 women had offered themselves to the Prophet, but he only wanted 4 of them. (Look at Al-Sira Al-Halabia by Al-Halabi, p. 417). Ali Dashti, a scholar and a Muslim statesman, reported the list of the women in Muhammad’s life: 1. Khadijah 12. Hindun 2. Sawdah 13. Asma bt Saba 3. Aisha 14. Zainab bt Khuzaimah 4. Ummu Salama 15. Habla 5. Hafsah 16. Asma bt Noman 6. Zainab bt Jahsy 17. Maria (a Christian) 7. Juwariyyah 18. Rihana 8. Ummu Habiba 19. Ummu Sharik 9. Safiyah bt Huyai 20. Maimunah 10. Maimunah bt Harits 21. Zainab 11. Fatimah 22. Khaula Note:

Women no. 1 s/d 16 were Muhammad’s wives. Women no. 17 and 18 were slaves or concubines. Women no. 19, 20, 21, 22 were Muslim women who surrendered themselves to satisfy Muhammad.

To the Muslim women, Muhammad promised them: “Whoever surrendered to me her genital and her tongue surely I will assured heaven to her”.(HSB 1816) Muhammad also had the strength to have sex with 9 wives in one night. (HSB 181). Khadijah When Muhammad was 25 years old, he was proposed by Siti Khadijah, a wealthy and prominent business woman of 40 years old. Muhammad found within Khadijah the love of a mother he didn’t enjoyed in his childhood. (The Wives of the Prophet by Dr bint al-Shati, p.54). 69

Muhammad had 7 children with Khadijah; he got them since he was 25 years old until he turned 40. When Muhammad was 50 years old, Khadijah passed away. At that time she was 65 years old. During 25 years of his marriage with Khadijah, Muhammad practiced monogamy. But without any reason, after the death of Khadijah, Muhammad started to have many wives. Sawda bint Zam’a This is the story of Muhammad’s marriage with Sawda bint Zam’a (Saodah). She was the only one, out of Muhammad’s many wives, who wasn’t beautiful. But many Muslim scholars described her as a woman with inner beauty. When Khadijah died, Khawla bint Hakim came to Muhammad and asked him: “Would you prefer a virgin or a widow?” Muhammad asked for both. The virgin one was Abu Bakar’s daughter, while the widow was Sawda. But on his wedding night he was surprised when he discovered that Sawda wasn’t beautiful. Muhammad was angry at Khawla for introducing him to Sawda. Ibn Hajar Asqalani wrote: “Khawla, in order to redeem her mistake she offered herself to Muhammad. And Khawla lived with Muhammad as husband and wife. It happened only two months after Muhammad took Sawda as her wife”. (Al-Isabafi tamyis al-Sahaba by Ibn Hajar, vol.IV, p.284). In her book, Dr. bint Al Shati wrote: “One night when Muhammad wanted to sleep with Sawda, the Prophet told her about his decision to divorce Sawda. She was very surprised to hear it an she felt as if a wall was falling unto her. Sawda begged him: “Please keep me, O Prophet of Allah”. Muhammad answered: “On one condition, that you’d give your nights to Aisha”. He would rather spend many nights with Aisha plus many other nights than with Sawda. Sawda aggreed and said: “From now on I wouldn’t want what a woman want, because I have given my portion (nights) to Aisha”. As the result, Muhammad kept Sawda as his wife, but never visited her anymore”. (The Wives of the Prophet by bint Al-Shati, p. 6667). That is Muhammad’s version of fairness in sleeping with his wives! Sawda took care of Muhammad’s children from Khadijah. Many Muslim religious leaders said that only Muhammad who treated all of his wives fairly, although the fact was not so. Aisha/Aisyah Muhammad proposed Aisha binti Abu Bakar. Abu Bakar rejected Muhammad’s proposal politely and said: “I am your brother”. But Muhammad answered: “You are my brother in Allah’s religion and His Book, but I can marry Aisyah”. (Bukhari vol.7, Book 62, no.16) And to little Aisha, Muhammad said seducing words: “I have seen you in a dream, brought by an angel to me in a silk veil. The angel said: ‘This is your wife!’ After I took off the veil, it was you”. (Bukhari vol.7, book 62, no.67)


Muhammad married Aisha when she was still under age. He was already 51 years old, while Aisyah was only 6. Muhammad slept with her when she was 9 and Muhammad was already 53 years old. In modern times, he would be called a paedophile and would be punished with a heavy sentence; this is absolutely not a good model as demanded by the Qur’an. (Sura 33:21) Aisyah said: “Once the prophet kissed me and make love to me while he was fasting. But he was able to control his lust”. (HSM 1073) Muhammad visited his wives, sometimes all of them in one night. In a Hadith, it was said that he didn’t always have sex with them, especially not with those who were having their monthly period. Aisha reported: “None of you have the strength to control your lust as the Prophet, because he could just touching his wives but not having sex (with them)”. (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 6, Number 299) Aisha was only a child, probably she didn’t understand that her old husband was not controlling his lust but actually there were times that he was impotent. Some other times Aisha said: ”I have never seen nor witnessed the Prophet’s genital”. (Tabaqat volume 1, page 368) Muhammad confessed that he received the best revelations while he was sleeping under a blanket with Aisha, her kid-wife. After 9 years marrying Aisha, Muhammad died when he was 62 years old, while she was still 17, but she was forbidden to remarry. It was written as a great sin in the Qur’an: ”O ye who believe! Enter not the Prophet's houses,- until leave is given you,- for a meal, (and then) not (so early as) to wait for its preparation: but when ye are invited, enter; and when ye have taken your meal, disperse, without seeking familiar talk. Such (behaviour) annoys the Prophet: he is ashamed to dismiss you, but Allah is not ashamed (to tell you) the truth. And when ye ask (his ladies) for anything ye want, ask them from before a screen: that makes for greater purity for your hearts and for theirs. Nor is it right for you that ye should annoy Allah's Messenger, or that ye should marry his widows after him at any time. Truly such a thing is in Allah's sight an enormity.” (Sura 33:53) Muhammad’s desire to have sexual intercourse with a girl under age was not only with Aisha, as it was explained by Abbas Ibn Hisham and Ibn Hajar who said: The Prophet of Allah said, when he saw Um Habib bint Abbas who was still a toddler: ”When she has reached her age while I still alive, then I will marry her”. At that time, she was only 3 years old and Muhammad was already 60 years old. He wished to marry her when she turned 6 or 9 like when married Aisha, but unfortunately for him, two years later he died.


This not an empty talk. You can read what Ibn Hajar wrote in his book Al-Isaba fi tamyis al-Sahaba, vol.IV, p. 422 as it was quoted by Imam Suhaili in Rawd al-Unuf, vol.III, p. 66. Pedofil Mengganti Namanya dan Memeluk Islam Sementara Berada di Dalam Penjara Daily Record, co.uk. April 7 2008 Seorang pedofil telah memeluk Islam dan mengganti namanya ketika ia berada di balik jeruji. Paul Falconer (usia 40 tahun), mendesak para bos di penjara Peterhead untuk memanggilnya dengan nama Mohammed. Berusaha Menyamai Sunnah Profetik

Bazar pedofil di Gaza: Hamas mengorganisir pernikahan massal para pedofil, dimana ada lebih kurang 450 pedofil Muslim, usia 25-30 tahun, mengambil anak-anak yang usianya di bawah 10 tahun untuk menjadi isteri mereka.

Zainab bint Jahsh Khadijah, Muhammad’s first wife, bought a slave named Zaid Ibn Haritha, who was then given to her husband to serve him. After Muhammad received his calling as a Prophet, he released Zaid and adopted him as his son publicly, where he said: ”Zaid is my son, I inherited him, and he inherited me”. Since then Zaid was called Zaid bin Muhammad. Then he took Zainab bint Jahsh as his wife. It was Muhammad who bound the two of them in marriage. Zainab was well known because of her beauty, and she was very sexy. One day Muhammad visited his adopted son, Zaid. When he entered the house, Zaid was not at home. But Muhammad saw Zainab half naked behind a curtain while she was dressing. Muhammad was hypnotized and wanted so much to have her. Before he left, he said to her: ”Praised be to Allah who can change a man’s heart”. Zainab was pleased and told her husband about it. Zaid directly went to see Muhammad and asked: ”Do you want me to divorce her for you?” Muhammad answered him without being honest: ”Just keep your wife and be faithful to Allah”. Muhammad said that he wouldn’t want Zaid to divorce his wife, but within his heart he desired so much to have Zainab after he saw her half naked. (Al-Kashaf oleh AlZamkhashri, vol.III, p. 54) 72

But then Allah came to Muhammad and rebuked his doubt. Allah has been turned into someone who wanted Zainab to leave her husband. And of course this violated all moral values. In order for Muhammad to be able to have Zainab, Allah was made to deliver a divorce and marriage revelation all together: “Behold! Thou didst say to one who had received the grace of Allah and thy favour: "Retain thou (in wedlock) thy wife, and fear Allah." But thou didst hide in thy heart that which Allah was about to make manifest: thou didst fear the people, but it is more fitting that thou shouldst fear Allah. Then when Zaid had dissolved (his marriage) with her, with the necessary (formality), We joined her in marriage to thee: in order that (in future) there may be no difficulty to the Believers in (the matter of) marriage with the wives of their adopted sons, when the latter have dissolved with the necessary (formality) (their marriage) with them. And Allah's command must be fulfilled”. (Sura 33:37) Couldn’t the Muslim see who Allah really is? Zainab said: “After I was divorced (from Zayd), immediately and behold the Prophet of Allah entered my house when I haven’t put my veil on and I asked him: ”Would it be like this, without any witness nor guardian?” He answered me: “Allah is the guardian an ‘Jibril’ is the witness.” Because of Muhammad’ statement, Zainab became very proud about herself in front of all other wives of Muhammad. She said: “Your fathers gave you in marriage, but as for me, it was heaven that gave me to the Prophet of Allah in marriage”. [Read “Jurisprudency of Muhammad’s Life (Faqih Al-Sirah)” by Sa’id Ashur, p.126; and Al-Isahafi tamyiz alSahaba by Ibn Hajar Asqaliani, vol.IV, p. 307] But Muhammad took his adopted son’s wife to be his wife, his adopted son whom he declared as his biological son, Zayd bin Muhammad. Therefore, in order to free himself from this unlegal issue of marrying Zainab, once again “Jibril” was made to deliver a verse from Allah to eliminate the tradition and custom concerning adopted son: “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Messenger of Allah, and the Seal of the Prophets: and Allah has full knowledge of all things”. (Al-Ahzab 33:40) A prominent clergy in his book, Al-Sira Al-Halabia, vol.III p. 377, wrote: “When Muhammad lusted for a married woman, her husband has an obligation to divorce her for Muhammad”. This was done for a greater cause. That is why the religious leaders said that Muhammad’s marriages were meant to strengthen Islam and with women from various tribes. Later on, after Muhammad had eliminated the tradition and custom of adoption, Abu Hudayfa and his wife Sahla who have adopted a son named Salim, came to Muhammad 73

for an advice: ”O Prophet of Allah, Salim the slave has been released by Abu Hudayfa is now living in the same house with us”. Sahla said: ”He has reached puberty and became a man, and already knew about sex just like any grown man”. Muhammad gave a solution: ”Breastfeed him”. Sahla was surprised: ”How could I breastfeed him, since he is a young man already”. Salim also has already reached the age standard required for participating in the battle of Badar. In another Hadith it was written that after hearing Sahla’ statement, Muhammad laughed very loudly”. (Hadits Sahih Muslim 8.3424, 3425, 3426, 3427, 3428) What Muhammad meant with breastfeeding was for her to establish a mother and child relationship, although he wasn’t her biological child. Dr Izzat Atiya from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the most prominent Sunni Islam institution, was inspired by this Hadith declared a law (fatwa) that allowed the women to breastfeed their co-worker “directly from the breast” at least 5 times to establish a family bond, therefore they would be allowed to be alone, just the two of them, at the work place. The law says: “A woman at her work place may take off her veil or show her hair in front of someone (a man) whom she has breastfed”. Although some Muslim didn’t consider this law as a problem because it was based on a lawful (sahih) Hadith, but some others rejected it and this law has provoked anger in Egypt and the Arab world. Then Dr. Atiya was forced to recant his law, not because it was wrong, but because of the source of its’ reference. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle-east/6681511.stm) Juwariyyah bint Al-Harith Aisha who was known as “the mother of the faithful” told that Juwariyyah was the most beautiful Jew prisoner from bani Mustaliq. She was 20 years old. In the beginning, when Muhammad divided the booty and prisoners, Juwariyyah fell on the hands of Thabit bin Qais. But because of her beauty, Muhammad took her for himself, and gave Thabit bin Qais 9 gold coins. He didn’t pay Juwariyyah her dowry. Juwariyyah was the daughter of a nobleman, and she had been married to her cousin. Her husband was killed by Muhammad, and she was taken from her husband. When Muhammad married her, he was 58 years old and she was 20 years old. The transaction between Muhammad and Thabit bin Qais to take Juwariyyah was witnessed by Aisha. This provoked the enmity between Aisha and Safwan against Ali bin Abu Talib. Safiya bint Huyay On the 7-th year of Hijra (629 AD) Muhammad ordered an attack on the Jewish tribe, the Khaibar. In this attack, many Khaybar people were killed, their treasures taken and their women became prisoners. Among the prisoners there was Safiya (17 years old), her husband Kinana and her father. Dihya Al-Kalbi took Safiya as his wife but once again Muhammad


substituted Safiya with her two cousins. He gave these two women to Dihya after he took Safiya for himself. Muhammad ordered her father to be killed, tortured her husband to get information about their wealth, and taken Safiya to his tent to rape her the same night when her husband was killed. When Muhammad married her, Safiya was 17 years old and was just married to Kinana for one month. At that time, Muhammad had already turned 59 years old. Three years later Muhammad died and Safiya became a widow once again. But based on the Sunnah Rasul (the law of the Prophet), she was forbidden to remarry. The Muslim defended by saying that Muhammad married these widows as symbol of respecting them because their husbands died in battle. They said that his marriage with those widows was meant to upheld the image of those widows within the community at that time, not because of lust. But let us take a deep thought; forcing a woman prisoner to be his wife after slaughtered her husband (not the widow of a soldier died in combat), and taken from the hands of his friend who was prepared to get married and substituted the bride to be with another woman, could it be called as upholding the image of a woman or degrading her? Furthermore could it even be called as upholding Muhammad’s own image as a generous Prophet? On the contrary it described him as a greedy Prophet. The Muslim lied to themselves in order to protect the lie of their Prophet!

Umm Salma. Muhammad married another beautiful woman, Umm Salma. Regarding this marriage Aisha said: “When the Prophet of Allah married Umm Salma, I was overwhelmed with great sadness when he talked about her beauty. But when I saw her, I saw what he described”. (The Wives of the Prophet by bint Al-Shati, p. 137) Umm Salma was the daughter of Uthman bin Affan’ sister. He was the third Caliphate. Muhammad first saw Umm Salma at Uthman’s house and he wanted her for himself. Twenty-four hours later the Prophet ordered Umm Salma’s husband, Ghassan bin Mughira, to carry a flag in the frontline of the next battle. Ghassan did it and he died in that battle. AND...The next morning the great Prophet married Umm Salma. AND... the Muslim religious leaders said that the marriage between Muhammad and Umm Salma was the Prophet’s act of mercy towards the widow of Ghassan bin Mughira. Umm Habiba (Ramlah) bint Abu-Sufyan. Umm Habiba was a 23 years old beautiful woman who had been married to Ubayd-Allah bin Jahsh. Ubayd was the son of Muhammad’s aunt, and also Zainab’s brother. Muhammad married Zainab a week ago. Ubayd was forced to leave, and then Muhammad married his wife. Then Ubayd said to Muhammad: 75

“You are not a Prophet nor Allah’s messenger. You must stop saying it. I believe in Isa AlMasih because He is the Truth, but you are only someone who looks for your own interest” (Look “the Wives of the Prophet” by bint Al-Shati, p.203). Maybe if the Muslim were on Ubayd’s position then they could see the Truth! Maryam Qibtiyyah (Maria, a Christian from Egypt). Muhammad sent Amro bin Al-Aaz to deliver a letter to Al-Muqawqis the ruler of Egypt, and ordered him to embrace Islam. Knowing Muhammad’s weakness, in order to avoid any risk, he gave Muhammad his two beautiful sisters. One of them was Maryam. If it wasn’t because of a verse in the Qur’an that had descended previously which forbid a man to marry two sisters, Muhammad would have probably marry them both. But Muhammad’s father in-law, Umar, gave him an advice. Muhammad was very pleased with Maryam, and spent many nights and days with her. (Look “Al-Isaba fitamyis al-Sahaha” by Ibn Hajar Asqalani, part VII p.291 and “The Wives of the Prophet”, p. 217) Ibn Sa’d told about a Coptic man who used to visit Maryam. There was a gossip that he was Maryam’s lover. Maryam was a beautiful Coptic slave with wavy hair. She lived in a garden, North of Medina. She was moved there because all of Muhammad’s wives hated her and they were very jealous at her. The gossip about a Coptic man was heard by Muhammad, and he ordered Ali to kill the man. When the man saw Ali, he approached Ali, and immediately pull up his robe and Ali saw that he had no penis. Then Ali let him live. (Tabaqat, Volume 8, Page 224) Once Maryam wanted to see Muhammad, so she went to the house of Hafsa daughter of Umar, Muhammad’s wife. But Hafsa was not at home. When suddenly Hafsa get home, she was surprised to see Muhammad was having sex with Maryam on her own bed! She protested Muhammad: “In my own house and on my bed, on the day that was meant for me...” Then the Prophet received a revelation from Allah and said: “Keep it a secret and don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell Aisha”. (Because he was very afraid of Aisha). He added: ”I shall not touch Maryam again. And I will tell you and your father and Aisha’s father, that they shall lead my nation after me. I will leave it to them”. But Hafsa informed Aisha, then Muhammad divorced her. (Look: Sunan Abu Dawud, book 12 #2276) When the news about the divorce reached Umar, Hafsa’s father, he got very angry and almost left Islam. Muhammad learned Umar’s reaction, he took Hafsa again to be his wife based on Jibril’s order who said to him: “Hafsa will be your wife on the ressurection day” (Look: hadits Bukhari, vol.3, Book 43 #648 and Sura Al-Ahzab).


Since the Prophet had said that he wouldn’t touch Maria again, “accidently” forbid Maria, then Allah delivered a verse to cancel his statement, and allowed the Prophet to have sex again with Maria. “O Prophet! Why holdest thou to be forbidden that which Allah has made lawful to thee? Thou seekest to please thy consorts. But Allah is OftForgiving, Most Merciful”. (Sura 66:1) To solve the problem with Muhammad’s wives and the jealousy provoked by Muhammad’s action, Allah gave Himself, Jibril and all of the faithful (Muslims) to defend the Prophet in dealing with two helpless women, Aisha and Hafsa, by giving them threat and deadly ultimatum concerning their future. “If both of you (Aisha and Hafsa) repented unto him, it is the desire of your heart; but if both of you supported each other to fight him, surely Allah is his protector and Jibril and all of the righteous among those who are faithful and more than that, the angels will support him. Even if the Prophet wanted to divorce all of you, Allah will give Muhammad as a substitute, companions who are better than you”. In other words, Allah spoke in a threatening tone: “If you won’t stop opposing the Prophet of Allah, I, his God shall make him divorce you and marry better wives than you”. (More than 20 Muslim scholars recorded this story including: Al-Istiak, vol.IV, p. 1812; Oun Al-Ithr, vol.II, p. .402; Al-Samt Al-Thamin, p.85; Al-Zamkhashri, p. .562-63; The Causes of Descendancy by Al-Suyuti, p.280; Al-Ittiqan by Al-Suyuti, vol.IV, p.92; Fuqaha Al-Sahaha by Abd.Al-Aziz Al-Shanwi, p.38; and The Life of Muhammad by Dr Haykal, p..450, entitled “The Revolution of the Wives of Muhammad”). Maryam was the only woman who gave Muhammad a son when he was 60 years old. He named his son: Ibrahim. Although Maryam was more beautiful than the other wives, Muhammad didn’t take her as his legal wife because Maryam refused to embrace Islam. She remained faithful to her religion. After Ibrahim was born, Muhammad took her to Aisha and said: ”He looks just like me”. Aisha answered: “I couldn’t see any resemblance with you”. Muhammad said: “Couldn’t you see his white and chubby cheeks?” Aisha replied: “All new born babies who drinks milk has chubby cheeks”. (Tabaqat, Volume 1, Page 125) Maymuna bint al-Harith. Muhammad forbid many things to other people, but not for himself. The Muslim learned that during the Hajj season (Al-Hajj) getting married was forbidden (Al-Baqara 2:197), but Muhammad married Maymuna bint al-Harith during the Hajj season. Maymuna was riding her camel when she saw the Prophet. She dropped herself in front of him and said to him that the camel and all the things on the top of it belong to the Prophet.


Muhammad reminded her that they were in the middle of the Hajj season, but Maymunah said that she didn’t want to wait. In the afternoon that same day, the Prophet came up with a solution and said to her: “A verse has been delivered unto me”: “... and any believing woman who dedicates her soul to the Prophet if the Prophet wishes to wed her;- this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large); We know what We have appointed for them as to their wives and the captives whom their right hands possess;- in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful”. (Sura 33:50) Muhammad didn’t wait any longer untill the end of the hajj season. His uncle, Al-Abbas immediately legalized the marriage although once he commented that Muhammad was wearing his Hajj robe. (Hadits Sahih Bukhari, vol.3, Book 29,# 63; vol.5, Book 59, # 559 and Hadits Muslim, Book 8, # 3283-84; also affirmed by Ibn Ishaq that the Prophet of Allah married Maymunah on his journey to perform Hajj and that it was forbidden, look Al-Baqara 2:222, Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 3, # 577-581). Regarding his sexual life, Muhammad couldn’t be disciplined by time nor rules. In Hadits Sahih Muslim Vol.1, p.590 the Muslim, quoting Nawai, told that Aisha said: “If one of us was having her monthly period, the Prophet of Allah ordered her to come to him (Muhammad) to have sex with him, while she was on the top of her period”. Maymuna confirmed:”The Prophet of Allah used to have sex with me while I was having my period”. Umm Salma said the same thing. (Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 3, # 577-581) Muhammad’s wives was divided into two groups; the group of Ummu Salamah and the group of Aisha. Ummu Salamah’s group once protested Muhammad that the people who wanted to give presents to Muhammad not only did it at Aisha’s place, since she was Muhammad’s favourite wife. Rather they should do that at any other houses of Muhammad’s wives when he was there. They wanted Muhammad to treat all of them fairly. But what was his answer? The Prophet used Allah’s revelation to calm Ummu Salamah’s critic. He said:”Do not harm me concerning Aisha. Surely the revelation only came to me when I was lying under a blanket with a woman at Aisha’s house”. (HR Bukhari 2) Once Aisyah also mocked Muhammad when these “regulating revelations” always descended to defend Muhammad’s affair with women. When Sura 34:49 was delivered, Aisha said to Muhammad: ”Allah rushed to satisfy your lust”. (As Suyuti in Asbab al Nuzul regarding the verse) There were so many beautiful women in Muhammad’s harem, but his’ sexual need could never be satisfied. This caused people to be suspicious. Ibn Sa’d quoted his teacher Waqidi who says: “The Prophet of Allah used to say that ‘I am a man who has weakness in my


sexual life. Then Allah gave me a cooking pot filled with cooked meat. After I ate it, I have strength to have sex whenever I wanted to”. (Tabaqat Volume 8, Page 200) In another Hadith Muhammad said: “Jibril brought me food in a cooking pot. I ate it and my strength to have sex increased as equal as of 40 men”. (Tabaqat Volume 8, Page 200) A Clear Discrimination Between Man and Woman Is there an equal right between man and woman in Islam? The answer: Yes, there is...after the woman’s rights have been trimmed. - ”... Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four;” (Sura 4:3) - “A divorce is only permissible twice: ... So if a husband divorced his wife (irrevocably), He cannot, after that, re-marry her until after she has married another husband and He has divorced her...” (Sura 2:229-230) - ”Allah (thus) directs you as regards your Children's (Inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females” (Sura 4:11). -“...As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly)...” (Sura 4:34) - “...And when ye ask (his ladies) for anything ye want, ask them from before a screen...” (Sura 33:53) - Women must: “And stay quietly in your houses,...” (Sura 33:33) - When a man died in jihad, he will rewarded with 70 virgins in heaven. - Women are the majority inhabitants of hell (HSB 1755). - “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons...” (Sura 33:59)

Violence Towards Women in Islamic Countries
 A Muslim man cut off the head of his 7 years old daughter because he was suspicious that she has been raped by her own uncle. Phyllis Chesler, The Death of Feminism: What’s Next in the Struggle for women’s Freedom, 2005, pp 11-12.  Many Muslim girls were circumcized without anesthtized to destroy their sexuality and to purify them. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Infidel, pp.31-3  Beating wife and daughter are a common practice in the Muslim world, for example more than 90% Pakistani wives have been beaten, tortured, or suffered from sexual harassment just because minor mistakes such as cooking unsatisfying meal, or because couldn’t give her husband a son. See Amnesty International, “Media briefing: Violence against Women in Pakistan.” April 17, 2002, http://web.amnesty.org/ai.nsf/Index/ASA330102002?OpenDocument&of=THE MES\WOMEN.


 In Iran the legal age (for women) to get marry is 9 years old, and in the refugee camp in Afghanistan actually all girls on second grade in elementary school have already married. Lisa Beyer, “The Women of Islam”, Time, November 25, 2001; Andrew Bushell, “Child Marriage in Afghanistan and Pakistan”, America, March 11, 2002, p.12.  The women who have been raped often times must endure punishment, while the rapist walked away freely. See Sisters in Islam, “Rape, Zina and Incest”, April 6, 2000. http://www.muslimtent.com/sistersin-islam/resources/sdefini.htm  The only thing a man must do to divorce his wife is just to say:”I divorce you” three times, and immediately she became a widow without any support for her life and also losing her children, because her husband has the right to take them from her. Ahmed ibn Naqib al Misri, Reliance of the Traveller [Umdat al Salik]: A Classic Mannual of Islamic Sacred Law, translated by Nuh Ha Min Keller. Aman Publications, 1999, n3.2;m11.10 (1).

This picture is not taken from a comic book, as if the person has been ressurected from the grave. These women were forced to wear burqa by Afghanistan men...

The Story of Ali Who wanted To Remarry
Ali bin Abu Talib was the husband of Fatima, Muhammad’s daughter. Once Ali announced his engagement with the daughter of Amr bin Hisham (which was the daughter of Abu Jahl/Al-Hakam). Fatima was furious and reported it to her father, Muhammad. The Prophet had forgotten the teaching of his God, and when he went to the mosque, he shouted from the pulpit: ”I shall not permit, I shall not permit, I shall not permit him to 80

divorce my daughter because she is a part of me. What hurts her, hurts me”. (Hadits sahih Bukhari, Vol.5, Book 57 #61 & 111; Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 31 #6000. The full story can be found in Hadits Sahih Bukhari Vol.4, Bokk 53 #342; Vol.5, Book 57 #76 and Hadits Sahih Muslim, Book 31 #5999-6001 & 6002)

The cause of Muhammad’s death was not so clear. Traditional view says that he died because he was poisoned by a Jewish woman whom her family members have been killed by Muhammad in a massacre of the Jews. Probably it was Safiya. But the poisoning happened around two years before Muhammad’s death, so it is hard to conclude that the poison killed Muhammad after a long period of time. But Muhammad knew about it and he also admitted it. Muhammad himself couldn’t escape from the law of “sword revenged by sword”. He was poisoned by a Jewish woman whom he captured at Khaybar, and Allah didn’t prevented him for the poisoning nor washed away the poison from his body, as confirmed by Anas bin Malik: ”I always knew the effect of the poison inside his throat”. (HS Bukhari 1220) Aisha witnessed how Muhammad suffered, because of the poison, during his critical times. He cried: ”O Aisha! I always feel the pain because of the poisoned food I ate at Khaybar. I feel as if my heart would stop beating because of it”. His body was suffered, and he also lost his hope for his salvation in the Hereafter, because there was no sign that Allah or Jibril would answer his prayers. Muhammad struggled alone with death:”O God! Please forgive me! Have mercy on me and relate me to the Most High FRIEND...” Then he raised his hands and said: “Most High Friend”. He died and he laid down his hands (HSB 1570, 1573, 1574). Allah granted the Prophet the best way for a man to die, he died in the arms of his beloved wife, Aisha. Ibn Hisham’s report, 682: …. That he heard Aisha said: “The prophet died on my chest on my turn. Because of the passion of my youth and my ignorance the Prophet died in my arms”. Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 144: As told by Aisha: “He died on the day of my turn, the usual day in my house. Allah took him when his head was between my chest and my neck, and his saliva mixed with mine”. Since Aisha had no experience, she didn’t realize the danger for an old and sick man to have sex with a young woman. The Prophet’s old heart and was heavily ill was not so strong anymore until he had cardiac arrest. Aisha saw him died and laid down on her 81

chest. Therefore she felt quilty upon his death. Unfortunately, the Hadith showed that the Prophet didn’t recite his confession of faith (syahadat) on his last moment, as a Muslim usually does. It was told by Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet of Allah was wrapped in three folds of cloth made by Najran: he wore two folds of cloth and a robe when he died. (Dawood Book 20, Number 3147). Abu Bakar came and entered the mosque when he heard the news about Muhammad’s death. At that time, inside the Umar mosque, he was overwhelmed with sadness while he was preaching on the pulpit. Meanwhile, Ali entered Aisha’s house, where Muhammad’s body was laid down. He approached it, took off the cloth that covered his face and kissed him. Then Ali said: ”For the sake of my father and my mother, you have felt the death destined by Allah for you, and you will not suffer death anymore”. Then Ali covered his face again and went to the mosque. He tried to preach to the people, but Umar hesitated to continue his preaching. But when Abu Bakar realized that Umar also wouldn’t stop talking, he also started to interrupt Umar. There Abu Bakar thanked Allah, and said to the crowd: ”To those who worshiped Muhammad, now Muhammad has died. But those who worship Allah, Allah still live and will not die”. (The life of the Prophet oleh Muhammad bin Abd Al-Wahab, p.145) Differ from Moses and Isa Almasih, Muhammad himself didn’t receive a revelation from Allah regarding his death. His death came so quickly and didn’t give him any chance to accomplish all of his affairs. He never collected nor put in order various revelations he received into a Qur’an as we know now. He never prepared his successor, he also never established any governmental bureaucracy order to be executed by his successor after he died. Shortly, when Muhammad was approaching the end of this life he wasn’t able to take care of Islam and his people. He only took care of himself so that his sins will be forgiven and asked to be related to his Most High Friend, believed to be Jesus! Soon the Muslim started to divide into various sects that fought opposed and fought each other like the Shiah and the Sunni.

Muhammad’s tomb inside the Nabawi mosque, Medina. On the left is the tomb of Abu Bakar, the first Caliphate.


The Arab people who lived in the Southern and the Northern territory considered themselves as the descendant of Ishmail and were proud because Ibrahim was their forefather. [The Concise Dictionary of Islam ed Cyril classe (London: Stacey Inter, 1989, p.179)] The Encyclopedia of Islam identified the Arab was originated from a nation which wasn’t the descendant of Ibrahim. (The Encyclopedia of Islam, eds, Gibb, Levi-Provencial, Schacht Leiden: J.Brill, 1913, 1:543-47) Also the Dictionary of Islam questioned an opinion that says that the Arab is a descendant of Ishmail. (Thomas Hughes, A Dictionary of Islam, London: Allen & Co, 1885, pp.18ff) Could it be possible that Ishmail was the Arab’s forefather? Ibrahim was not an Arab, Siti Hajar Ishmail’s mother wasn’t also an Arab but an Egyptian slave. Even Siti Hajar found an Egyptian woman to be Ishmail’s wife. According to the Hadith (the translation of HSB 1475) apparently, Ishmail learned the Arab language from the Arab people which already existed as a nation before Ishmail was born. Therefore, Ishmail was not an Arab, and he didn’t descend the true/original Arab.

ISRA’-MI’RAJ The night journey to heaven
There are various versions of Muhammad’s Mi’raj to heaven. Ibn Ishaq collected them from his friends, especially Aisha, as told by Muhammad: When Muhammad was sleeping, he was awaken by Jibril until 3 times, and on the third time Jibril put Muhammad on a white animal: half mule and half donkey. It has wings on its’ side that can make it move faster. Then the Prophet and Jibril rode together until they arrived at the temple in Jerusalem. There he met other prophets such as Ibrahim, Moses and Jesus. Muhammad acted as their leading priest in prayer. Then they brought to him two buckets, one filled with wine and the other was filled with milk. The Prophet took the milk and drink it, and refused to drink the wine. After he finished his bussiness in Jerusalem, Muhammad climbed the most beautiful stairway, which was the stairway people looked upon when they died. Then Muhammad and Jibril arrived at one of the heaven’s gates called the Gate of the Guardians. There he met the angel Ishmail who has 12.000 angels under him. He also met Malik, the guardian of Hell.


When Muhammad was in the lowest heaven he saw someone there and the souls that passed him. He said to someone:”Good soul from a good body”. Concerning the other he was upset: ”Evil soul from an evil body”. Jibril explained to him that the man was Adam, and he was examining the souls of his descendants. The souls of the believers excited him, but the souls of the unbelievers disgusted him. “Then I saw people with lips like a camel, and in their hands there were pieces of fire out into their mouths, and then it came out from their anus. I was told that they sinned because they took the treasures of the orphans. There was also the Pharaoh and the people that were being tortured because they were profiteer. Then I saw women were hung on their breast. They have given birth to children out of wedlock, and not from their husbands (Sahih Bukhari, Vol.1, Book 6, Number 301) says the majority of the inhabitants of hell are women because they are weak in faith. Women are forbidden to fast and pray (shalat) during their monthly period, and that is why the value of two women equals one man. Then I was taken to the second heaven and there were two cousins from the line of one mother, Isa the son of Maryam and Yahya (John) the son of Zakaria. Then I went to the third heaven, and there was Joseph the son of Jacob. Then I went to the fourth heaven, and there was Idrus (Enoch). Then to the fifth heaven, there I met a good looking man with white hair. He has a long beard, and he was Aaron the son of Imran. Then to the sixth heaven, there was a man with dark skin and his nose shaped like a hook like the Shami’a people. He was Moses son of Imran. Then to the seventh heaven, and there was someone sat on a throne at the gate of the immortal mansion. Everyday 70.000 angels went in and never return before the end of time. Then he brought me to Heaven and there I saw a girl with red dark lips that made me fall in love with her. I asked her who owns her, and she said: ”Zayd bin Haritha”. The Prophet told Zayd, his adopted son, the good news about the girl. A few years later in Medina, Muhammad felt in love with Zayd’s wife. Then Zayd divorced her so that Muhammad could marry Zainab, Muhammad’s own daughter in-law. On the seventh heaven, Muhammad met Allah, and the obligation to pray (shalat) 50 times a day was established there for Muhammad’s followers. When he returned, he met Moses the good friend, and Moses asked: ”How many times do you have to pray?” And I answered him: ”Fifty times a day”. He said: ”Praying will give you a lot of burden, and your followers are weak people. So return to your God and ask Him to lessen the obligation to pray for you and your followers”. I did it and God obliged me to pray 10 times a day. Once again I met Moses and he told me again the same thing, and so on until only 5 times a day for me and my followers to pray. Again Moses gave me the same advice, so I answered him that I have returned to my God and asked Him until I became embarrass and I didn’t do it again”.


Haykal, a Muslim historian and scholar from Egypt, described the heavens visited by Muhammad. The first heaven was made of pure silver and stars were hanging from the roof with golden chain. On every star, there were angels on guard to avoid evil spirits to climb inside the holy places and to avoid the ghosts from listening to heavenly secrets. The Qur’an recorded the evil spirits (jinn) were standing on each other’ shoulders to listen to the discussion of the “Great Board” until they were shut down with stars (meteor). (Sura 72:8, 37:6-10, 63:5) Muhammad described that Jibril has 600 wings. And Buraq, the horse he rode on the night he flew to Jerusalem and to heaven, has a human head and eagle wings. There Muhammad shook hands with Adam, and in the other six heavens he met Noah, Aaron, Moses, Ibarahim, David, Solomon, Idris (Enoch), John and Isa. He saw Azrail, the angel of death, who was a giant and the distance between his two eyes are 70.000 days marching. He has 100.000 battalion and spent his time writing names of those who died or have been born, in a huge book. He saw the angels of tears who wept for the sins of the world. The angel of revenge with wide face covered by boils, who ruled over fire and sat on a fiery throne. And one more gigantic angel whose body was half snow and half fire, surrounded by a heavenly choir that constantly crying: ”O God, You have united the fire and the snow, united all of Your servants to submit to Your laws”. In the seventh heaven where the souls of the good people lived there was a giant angel, larger than the whole world, with 70.000 heads, and every head has 70.000 mouths, and every mouth has 70.000 tongues, and every tongue speak in 70.000 languages and singing praises to The All Mighty endlessly. [Muhammad Husayn Haykal (1888-1956), The Life of Muhammad, translated by Ismail Razi A al-Faruqi, ISBN: 0892591374, Chapter 8: From the Violation of the Boycott to al Isra’]. So he has 70.000 x 70.000 x 70.000 x 70.000 languages. Count it for yourself! While Muhammad was flying with al-Buraq he visited the temple in Jerusalem (King Solomon’s temple, built around 10-th century AD), the temple (believed by the Muslim) wasn’t exist because on 70 AD the Roman soldiers led by General Titus had detroyed it until not one rock stood upon the other. The Dome of the Rock (the Mosque of Umar) was built upon the foundation of the Roman temple for Jupiter on 691 AD. While the Al Aqsa Mosque according to the Muslim scholars such as Mujir al-Din, al-Suyuti and al-Muqaddasi, was built by kalifah Abd al Malik on 690 AD on the South of the Temple of Mount, upon the Church of Our Lady by destroying it first. Guy le Strange said that Abd al Malik used the church’s material/ruin to build Al Aqsa. One can still see the remains of the Church of Our Lady on the South East part of the mosque. Abd al Malik’ son, Walid I, finished the building of Al Aqsa on ± 710 AD. So the mosque which purposedly named Al-Aqsa was built upon a Roman Bassilica on the South 85

of the Temple Mount by the Umayyad and started to exist on 710 AD, while Muhammad died on 632 AD. Therefore the story of the night journey to the temple in Jerusalem was only a fiction. The mosque of Islam was built there 78 years later and was named “Al Aqsa” (the far away mosque) to fit the words of Muhammad.

Allah said in a hadits Qudsi, “I have prepared for my faithful servants who have done godly deeds, pleasures that eyes have never seen nor heard by ears, and have never crossed the human hearts”. (HOR, Ibnu Jarir from Anas ra) The Muslim didn’t realize that this Hadith was copied by Muhammad from the Bible (1 Corinthians 2:9). Once again Muhammad was the only one who obtained a big advantage in heaven much more than any other individual. Because Muhammad claimed: ”I am the first man who knocks on heaven’s door”. (Ibn Katsir, an-Nihayah, II, p 213) Furthermore, as the first man who entered heaven, Muhammad also wished for the highest position in heaven. The Prophet said: ”Wasilah is the highest place in heaven that can only reached by one man, and I hope that I am the one”. (HR Muslim, as told by Abd Allah ibn Amir ibn al-Ash) The martyrs (sahid) are the first ones who would enjoy heaven. There is a story about how the Prophet of Allah described the levels in heaven: The heaven has a hundred levels, the distance of every level equals the distance between heaven and earth. The Paradise is on the top level. From here flows 4 rivers in heaven, and above it stood the Throne of God. (HR Bukhari) Regarding the Throne, in the book of Durratun Nasihin III it was recorded that Ibnu Jarir, Ibnu Mardawih and Abu Syaikkhin from Abu Dzarrin ra said: Rasulullah saw said: “O Abu Dzarrin, the heaven as many as seven when compared to Kursy like a small bracelet in the middle of the desert, and the glory of the Throne when compared to Kursy like a desert with a little bracelet”. After the believers crossed the as-Sirath bridge, when they have arrived at the gates of heaven, they will be welcomed by angels, dancing and heavenly songs, praising the greatness of Allah Azza Wa Jalla. The angels, each of them, will hug their husbands. According to Hadith from Ali bin Abi Thalib, the Prophet of Allah (Rasulullah saw) said: “At that time Hurul Aini will sing together: We are eternal women, immortal. We are happy women, never troubled. We are willing women, never angry. Happy is the man who owns us. 86

We are his. (Hadits from Ali ra published by Tirmidzy). A Hadits from Said al Khudry ra recorded that the Prophet of Allah (Rasulullah saw) said: “The calf of the heavenly women (angels) can be seen behind 70 folds of the silk dress they wear. Even down to its marrow. So Allah said in the Qur’an, those angels are like shining diamonds and hyacinth”. (HR.Tirmidzy) The angels shining so brightly until it was recorded in the Hadits from Abu Huraira ra, he wrote the Prophet’s words: “If those heavenly women (angels) were here on earth, then the world will shine brightly because of the light from their faces. And the jewelry on their heads are more beautiful than anything else in the world”. (HR Bukhari) The male inhabitants of heaven will be very busy; what they love the most is having sex with the angels. The Hadith from Abi Said al-Khudry ra recorded the Prophet’s words: “Every time the heavenly angel has been copulated by her husband, then she will become a virgin again just as before”. (Al-Hadits) How couldn’t they be very busy tearing the hymens of so many angels in a day, while copulating a virgin here on earth consumed more than a dozen minute? Hadits from Anas bin Malik ra, says: “Once a man asked the Prophet: “O Prophet of Allah, how many strength a man has to have sexual intercourse with his wives in heaven?” The Prophet answered: ”A hundred times a day”. (HR Tirmidzy) A sexual intercourse in heaven will not produce ejaculation of sperm. This extraordinary pleasure from this copulation would last for several years, that is 80 years. Eventhough, they wouldn’t be exhausted, as the words of Allah: “In heaven we shall not be exhausted”. (Sura Faathir 35) Concerning the reproduction of the heavenly children, there will be a “wonder boy”. The Prophet said: “If a believer who is a citizen of heaven wanted to have a child, then the child will at once exist in the womb, born, grow up, and have the certain age according to the parents’ wish”. (Shahih al-Jammi, VI, p 5, hadis no.652) Concerning the houses in heaven, Abu Musa ra recorded the Prophet’s words: “Surely every believer in heaven has a tent made of diamonds with a deep hole, one of them is 60 miles long. In every room there are several wives who doesn’t look at each other and they were visited by their husband. He also has two silver gardens filled with any kind of things. He also has two gold gardens with everything in it. They are not ashamed towards each other and also towards their God except for His robe of glory provided in heaven”. (Muttafaqun Alaih)


While the serving of food is faster a thousand times than any fast food restaurants in the whole world, that is as fast as your thought when you wanted to eat. The Hadith recorded: “Surely you will see a bird in heaven. When you wanted to eat it, then immediately it will fall in front of you and has been already cooked”. (HR Bazzar and Samad Dhaif from the story of Ibnu Mas’ud, from Imam Ghazali’s after death concept by Hussein Bahreisy, p. 124) If the inhabitants of heaven wanted to travel, Allah has provided them special vehicles, as mentioned in the hadith: Someone asked the Prophet: ”Is there any horse in heaven?” The Prophet answered: ”If Allah put you in heaven then you will be riding a horse made of red hyacinth. You will ride it wherever you wish to go”. (HR Tirmidzi). Regarding the weather in heaven: The Hadits from Abu Hurairah ra, said: A man asked: “O Rasulullah, is there any day and night in heaven?” The Prophet answered: ”No. There is only light there.” (HR Hakim dan Tirmidzi) According to the information from Mu’awiyah the grandfather of Bahaz bin Hakim ra, the Rasulullah saw said: “Surely in heaven there are the sea of honey, the sea of wine, the sea of milk, and the sea of water. When the sea of water was opened then the rivers will flow.” (HR Tirmidzi) Once the Rasulullah saw was asked about the Kautzar as mentioned by Anas ra when he said: ”What is Kautsar?” He answered: “Kautsar is a river given by God which is in heaven. The water is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. There you can find a bird with a goat’s neck”. Umar said: ”This is a real pleasure”. The prophet said: “Consuming it gives you more pleasure”. (HR Tirmidzi) The Qur’an promised a heaven filled with wine and free sex. (Sura 2:25; 4:57; 11:23; 47:15). Here on earth drunk and immoral acts were considered as sins, but justified in heaven.

Qur'an is the most unique book, because it has no similarity with other books in the world. Take a look at its structure, every chapter (called a letter) is very random, non in a chronological order and even it seems that the book is anti-chronology, and it is hard to find the core theme. While the content (the so-called Section) has a lot of jumping up and down, the verses of the letters overlap with each other, and they are difficult to understand, because there are so many disharmony and inconsistency. But the book is regarded by Muslims as a holy book and the most perfect book in the world. Every word and letter in it is believed as a total revelation that does not contain any weakness or the smallest 88

mistake. Because it was not written by human, but it is considered as the revelation of God who is omniscient and omnipotent, since the beginning. Although it is considered as Perfect, but the Muslim also acknowledged that some of the verses could be canceled and replaced by new ones (nasakh and mansukh) by the owner of the revelation itself. In other words, the better version of God’s revelation must replace the other revelation, so the book would completely perfect. The entire content of the book is claimed (without any independent evidence) was submitted by three figures with different elements, namely Muhammad (to represent human) on behalf of angels on behalf of Allah, and written by the Prophet’s companions part by part for 23 years. Because this is a summary of 3 or 4 mouths, then it ended with no clarity who says what. Was it Muhammad, an angel or Allah? One couldn’t be sure about it. To avoid confusion, Montgomery Watt established a solution by using the words: Al “Quran says!” The uniqueness and the strangeness of the book are not a major isue. One may believe whatever he wanted to believe. But the most troubling of the uniqueness of the Qur'an is the fact that it is the only scripture in the world that blame other holy books, the Prophet and the God of other faiths, and blaming other religions and non islamic communities, without any supporting evidence included! Even the Qur’an ordered its believers to fight, curse and kill other people. Should the intrinsic truth of the Qur’an - and not the justification – proved by blaming other religious scriptures and fight its followers? The early Muslims scattered in various regions. They have manuscript verses of the Qur'an arranged in different letters, even the arrangement of each verse is not the same. There are also differences in spelling and content among them. This is a result of the way Jibril delivered down the 6 thousand verses part by part for 23 years during the time of Muhamad as a prophet. The revelations were recorded carelessly on any pieces of stone, wood, bone, skin, stem of palm leaves, clay, or only memorized by individuals who happened to witness Muhammad said it. Place and time of revelation is also uncertain, at home, outdoors, day or night, in bed, under blankets, on the battlefield, in the world even in heaven (ascension). The collection of the verses of the Qur'an was officially done the first time because of Abu Bakr’s order. But the other Companions of the Prophet were also there to collect their own version of the Qur'an. Among them considered to have authority were the Codex of Ubay ibn Ka'b, 'Abdullah ibn Mas'ud and' Ali ibn Abi Talib. In the course of time the official codex/Manuscripts of Abu Bakr-Kodex was argued with the other codex regarding its composition or content. The existence of these differences led to conflicts and divisions among the Muslims because every one considered their manuscripts to be the true one. This situation is immediately reported by Huzaifah bin Yaman to caliph Uthman ibn Affan in Medina. After receiving the report, immediately caliph Uthman asked Hafsa bint Umar to submit to him her Mushaf which was the texts of the Qur’an written during the time of caliph Abu Bakr (which then delivered to Omar and then was stored at the home of Hafsa). He promised her that those texts will be returned to her after they finished copying 89

it. Uthman ibn Affan formed a committee with Zaid bin Thabit as chairman, and the members were Abdullah ibn Zubayr, Zayd ibn Ash and Abdur Rahman bin Harith bin Hisham. The task of this committee is to compile and copy the verses from the official Mushaf which belonged to Abu Bakr and turned it into a book: the Qur’an. In order to support the task of this comittee, caliph Uthman ibn Affan advised them to ask guidance from those who memorized the verses of the Holy Qur'an (Qurra) and learn the dialect literature that was used at that time, namely the Quraishi dialect. Then the comittee accomplished the task, and they returned the Mushaf reference (Abu Bakr) to Hafsa bint Umar. The Qur'an that have been recorded was called "Al Mushaf" and the committee made five copy of it. Four of them were sent to Mecca, Syria, Basra, Kufa and one was left in Medina for Uthman bin Affan, and that is the "Manuscripts/Mushaf of Al Imam". But at the same time Uthman issued a surprising decree, ordering all Qur'an manuscripts in any form, whether the sheets or parts of the Qur’an must be destroyed! So all the verses and the original letters collected from Muhammad’s words were destroyed, except for the Mushaf Uthmani! No one can prove that the later versions compiled by Uthman were exactly the same as the original version (Mushaf Abu Bakar) used as a reference, and also with the version from Muhammad himself. Remember, nobody claimed the primary Mushafs and the collection of the verses were wrong! Based on the Mushaf written at the time of Uthman ibn Affan, the Muslims from all over the world copied this Qur'an, 20 years after Muhammad's death. The book became the sole guide for the Muslims to avoid conflicts arising regarding the composition of the verses and also the spelling, because all other versions of the Qur'an have been destroyed. But in the year 1337 Hijra, the compilation of the Holy Qur'an must be revised again, and then printed by Amiriyah printing press owned by the Government of Egypt under the supervision of some professors of Al-Azhar. The Qur'an was divided into 114 letters and 30 juz, with 1456 verses revealed in Medina and 4780 verses revealed in Mecca (a total of 6236 verses). Although the arrangement of the verses of the Qur'an does not seem to have anymore changes, but it is still considered as unfinal and hasn’t completely formulated and approved by all Muslims. For example, the Shia Muslim claimed that Uthman eliminated 25% of the original verses of the Quran for political reasons. (Mc Clinton and Strong, Cyclopedia, V: 152) In the book of al-Kafi belonged to the Shia, it is written that: "Al-Qur'an which brought by the angel Jibril to Prophet Muhammad has 17,000 verses "(Ushulul Kaafi, 2/134). In other words, Uthman and his group has been accused to eliminate more than 10,000 verses of Allah, or 2/3 of the original Qur’an! But the texts outside of Al-Mushaf have been already destroyed so now Islam has no 90

“jury” to examine the truth/authenticity of the Qur’an, because the most primary mushafs as the source or reference for the Al-Mushaf itself were absent. (Hadith Sahih Bukhari VI / 479). The Qur’an used by the Sunni Muslims (as we have now) is also being sued by the Shia who questioned the entire 219 verses in the Qur'an that is considered false (Why We Reject Shiite, p. 98 ff). Who can say with full confidence that Allah is the Great Guardian against the violation of the Qur’an? (Sura 15:9) The Major Issue in the Holy Qur'an: Nasakh and Mansukh Qur’an repeatedly glorifying the eternal Word of Allah written in Lauhul Mahfudz, "There is no change for the sentences of Allah" in Sura 10:64; 6:34; 33:62; 35:43. But on the other hand Allah Almighty has also repeatedly delivered new revelations (nasakh) to replace the old verses (mansukh). By the coming of the new replacing verses the old verses had been cancelled, therefore His words couldn’t be considered as eternal. Muhammad did not bother to contradict this and let the new revelations and the older ones to appear all together in the Qur’an. This turned the Muslim to have a double face. When conducting a terror or murder, the radical Muslim will use the latest revelation/verses (nasakh), and to defend themselves from the public’s accusation they would immediately use the older revelation/verses (mansukh) to condemn terrorism. All of the “nasakh” verses in the Qur’an are still not in order and confusing. Some said that around 500 older verses have not been removed from the Qur’an. Some other said there are only 246 verses. However the Muslims can not help but willing to accept the fact that the verses that were canceled (mansukhakh) are the original words of Allah himself!! The Nasakh problem is also questioned by Mohammad A. Khan, a former Pakistani Muslim Pakistanis, and he is very critical: Why Allah who is Wise and All-Knowing waste His time to change His own verses? Why did He forget the previous verses, thus making them unperfect? The Muslim answered this question by saying: It happened because the situation has changed throughout the period of the revelation. Therefore some verses need to be cancelled (nasakh) and replaced with new ones. Khan asked again: Why change things just to last for 23 years, throughout the lifetime of Muhammad since he declared himself as a messenger? Remember things always changed, how could the Muslim didn’t realize that the world also changed after 632 AD until 2009, and will continue to change in the future. Then who will cancel the verses that do not fit anymore with the situation at that time? (Muhammad A. Khan: The Journey of a Pakistani from a Muslim to an Ex-Muslim, June 11, 2009). The Jews and the Christians knew very well that the elimination of those verses had nothing to do with with the word of God who is eternal. It was only Muhammad’ strategy to justify his own mistakes. The satanic verses are the most obvious evidence of it! (Sura


22:53). More subtile evidences can be found in many places. You can read some of them in the following chapters. The oldest version of the Qur’an was found in Yemen. In 1972 there was a restoration conducted for the great mosque Sana'a, one of the oldest mosque built in the year 6 Hijri in Yemen. This mosque was later extended and enlarged by the Islamic leaders from time to time. The restoration was conducted because the walls of the western part of this mosque collapsed, caused by heavy rains. While working inside a crown chamber between the inner structure and the outer roof, the workers found numerous old parchments, documents, and books. The condition of some fragments of Quranic parchment when found by the workers. Those texts wouldn’t be known if Dr Gerard Puin did not come to that place 7 years later. Dr. Puin of Saarland University is a German scientist and an expert on the Qur'an. From his investigation, the secret of the texts which has been burried for more than 1000 years was revealed. Carbon tests 14 showed that those parchments came from 645-690 AD, but the actual year of the manufacture could be much earlier. Calligraphic writing of the date indicates the year 710-715 AD, and therefore could be called the oldest Qur’an there at the moment. Beautiful handwriting style and the language that was used is Arabik Hijazi, a writing style from Mecca or Medina and they were used to write the first Qur'an. When Puin and his friend Bothmer compared these Qur'an manuscripts with the standard text of the Qur’an used in modern time, both of them were confused because they found many differences. Many manuscripts showed signs that the original writings have been overwritten by new writing, but with the help of modern equipment such as ultraviolet photography, one can see it clearly. The Sana'a manuscripts were not the only variant, but previously the Quranic text has been modified and re-written on the same paper. Therefore, Puin and Bothmer conclude that the Qur'an itself is an evolving text and this is contrary to what the Muslim believes and the claim of Allah in Sura 56:77-78; 85:21-22, that the original text of the Qur'an has been saved in heaven on sheets of gold that can not 92

be touched by anyone except the angels. Though the texts for the Qur’an is considered to have been revealed, read to Muhammad as a whole just like in heaven, free from error and human intervention. Therefore the Qur'an is the mother of all books and to this day the Holy Qur'an stood outside any debate. Puin also disagreed with the view that the Qur'an is written in the most pure Arabic language, because the word “Qur'an” itself originates from the Aramaic language “Qariyun” which means a compilation of parts of the scripture to be read in worship. This stands in contrast to the popular belief of the Muslims that the Qur'an means readings or lectures. Bothmer himself has taken more than thirty-five thousand microfilm images of the fragments in 1997 and brought the pictures to Germany. As we have explained earlier that the Qur'an produced by Uthman in 650 AD has been copied 5 editions, but the original copy is not available nowadays. One that is considered as the oldest version is the Cairo Qur'an which was created in 770 AD (150 Hijriah) and now it is stored in the British Museum. Thus, the Sana'a Qur'an is about two generations older than the Qur’an in Cairo.

The contradiction in the Qur’an
Do they not consider the Qur'an (with care)? Had it been from other Than Allah, they would surely have found therein Much discrepancy. (Surah 4:82) If one only refers to the concept of "nasakh-mansukh" that the verses stood against each other, the above verse clearly is an empty claim. Who is speaking, the Messenger or Allah? Al Quran speaks in two ways: (1) a direct dictation of the words of Allah, and (2) the words of Muhammad that God dictated for Muhammad to say to man, and is always marked with "Qul" (say ye. ..). Now carefully look at Sura Al-Fatihah verse 1, 2, 3, 4, in which Allah Himself has spoken. But in verse 5, 6, 7 the words changed into human speech to Allah. The Muslim believes that the Qur’an has been delivered in a very perfect way therefore it couldn’t possibly bear any inconsistency (changing), and there is no way that its verses opposes with each other. One of the Qur’an interpreters translated Sura 69:40 and 81:19 as the "Revelation of Allah delivered to the noble Prophet" and "Word of Allah brought by Jibril". But another interpreter translated the verse literally: "Imahun qaulu rasuulin kariim - That this is verily the word of an honoured messenger" (Sura 69:40)


This confirmed what was suspected by Montgomery Watt. Therefore to avoid confusion about who says what in the Qur'an, whether it was Allah, Jibril, or Muhammad, he standardize: "The Qur’an said”. Creation in 8 or 6 days. According to Sura 41:9, 10, 12 Allah created the world in 4 days + 2 days + 2 days = 8 days. But in Sura 7:51 and 10:3 Allah created the world in 6 days. Noah: did he and his whole family survived or not? Sura 11:42-43 said that one of Noah’ son refused to enter the ark and he was drown in the flood. But Sura 21:76 said that Noah and his whole family survived. Even worst, Sura 66:10 said that Noah-s wife was an unbeliever (kafir), betrayed her husband, and was sent to hell! Adultery: forbidden or not? Condemned adultery “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes...” (24 An Nuur 2) Nor come nigh to adultery: for it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils). (17 Al Israa 32) Legal adultery Who abstain from sex, Except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (in their case) they are free from blame. (23 Al Mukminuum 5.6) Thou mayest defer (the turn of) any of them that thou pleasest, and thou mayest receive any thou pleasest: and there is no blame on thee if thou invite one whose (turn) thou hadst set aside... (33 Al-Ahzab 51). 50.000 or 1000 years. The angels and the spirit ascend unto him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years. (70 Al MA'AARIJ 4) He rules (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning. (32 AsSajda 5) Suicide: forbidden or not. And slay yourselves (the wrong-doers); that will be better for you in the sight (taubat) of your Maker." Then He turned towards you (in forgiveness). (2 Al-Baqarah 54) Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful! (AnNisaa 29)


Islam : free entry or forced to enter. Let there be no compulsion in religion... (2 Al-Baqara 256) Let those fight in the cause of Allah Who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. (4 An Nisaa 74) Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (Surah 9:29) .... capture and then slay them wherever ye find them. (4 An Nisaa 91) Isa al-Masih: dead or not. They slew Him (Isa) not nor crucified Him... (Surah 4:157-158) Isa was born, died and rose to live again. (Surah 19:33) Unbeliever or above it. They (Christians) say: "Allah hath begotten a son": Glory be to Him.-Nay, to Him belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth: everything renders worship to Him. (Surah 2:116) I will make those (Christians) who follow thee superior to those who reject faith, to the Day of Resurrection..... (Surah 3:55). Drinking alcohol is a sin or a sign from Allah. Drinking alcohol is a big sin ... ... (Surah 2:219). ... And the wine, you make an intoxicating drink .... In that there is really a sign (the greatness of God) for those who think of (reasonable). (Surah 16:66-69) In heaven given to drink pure wine ... .. (Surah 83:25). Not the devil or Satan's words. It is not the word of the accursed Satan (Surah 81:25). The Jinns said (in the Quran surah Al-Jinn) ... (Surah 72:1-4) For the people of Mecca or not. We reveal to you an Arabic Qur'an for the inhabitants of Mecca and its surroundings .... (Surah 42:7). The confusion of the Qur’an The Qur’an justifies the Bible, the Torah, Psalms and the Gospel. Dozens of Quranic verses confirmed this and ordered the Muslims believe those books. Even Muhammad was ordered to consult the people of the Book in case he has any doubt concerning the revelation Allah delivered to him (Surah 10:94). The following are some of the confusions in the Qur’an:


Abraham/Ibrahim. The Qur'an says that the name of Abraham's father was Azar (Surah 6:74), but for thousands of years history had always noted the name Terah. He never lived in Mecca (Surah 14:37), but in Hebron. Mecca and the route of his travel have never been known in the ancient world, but only appeared about two centuries before Muhammad. He did not build the Ka’ba, but the Qur’an claims that he did build the Ka’ba without any supporting evidence in history and archeology. If the Ka’ba was a temple for Abraham, the Jews would have also made a pilgrimage there. Israel has advanced in writing history thousands of years before the Arab/Islamic able to record it. Israel recorded that Abraham has 8 children, but Muhammad only recorded 2. Abraham had 3 wives, but according to Muhammad Abraham had only 2 wives. He was not thrown into the fire by Nimrod as stated in Sura 21:68, 69, 9:69. Nimrod lived several centuries before Abraham, so how could he throw Abraham? Joseph. The Qur'an states that the man who bought Joseph son of Jacob was Azis (Sura 12:21) while his name was Potiphar. Haman. Haman was the minister of King Ahasuerus of Persia. The Qur'an said that Haman was the minister of Pharaoh of Egypt (Sura 40:35, 37) who built the tower of Babel (27:4-6 Sura, 28:38, 29:39, 40:23, 24, 36, 37), while Babel was in Iraq. (See Encyclopedia Britanica) Moses. The People who adopted Moses was the wife of the Pharaoh as stated by Muhammad in Sura 28:8, 9. But the truth is, it was the daughter of the Pharaoh who adopted Moses (Exodus 2:5). This truth was written by Moses himself in the Torah. Obviously, this is more legal than an uneducated Arab wrote 2000 years later! Noah. Noah's Flood took place at the time of Moses and in the land of the Pharaoh (Sura 7:136138). Absurd. How could it be? Mary. According to the Qur'an the name of Mary's father was Imran (Sura 66:12). Mary gave birth to Jesus under a palm tree (Surah 19:22-25). The Quran was mistaken Mary with Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron (Sura 19:28). Miriam and Mary lived in a different period of time, separated more than 1500 years. Zachariah. According to the Qur’an, Zackariah was mute for 3 nights, while according to the Bible 9 months. 96

According to the Qur’an, Zachariah kept Mary in the sanctuary of the temple, yet no one can stay in the Holy of Holiest, but only the high priest who entered it once a year on the day of atonement. Abraha. According to Sura 105, Muhammad said that the elephant army of Abraha's was defeated by rain of stones dropped by the birds flying in the sky. According to history the Abraha's army cancelled its attacks to Mecca after the outbreak of chicken pox disease among the troops. (Guillaume, Islam, pp 21 ff) Ka’ba. The Ka’ba was claimed to be built by Adam and rebuilt by Abraham. But one never found any archaeological trace which can prove that Abraham lived in Mecca. The road to Mecca was just build in the 4th century AD. This is the scenario of Islam to move the setting of Israel to Arabia. The Samaritan. Jews at the time of Moses made the golden calf in the desert at the suggestion of the Samaritans/Samiri. (Sura 20:87 ff) Whereas the Samaritan existed hundreds of years later after the Assyrians conquered and captured the Israelites. Alexander The Great. The Qur'an states that Alexander the Great called Zulkarnain was a Muslim who lived to old age. (Sura 18:83-98) History records that Alexander the Great lived before The Year of Our Lord (AD), a pagan idolater, not a Muslim, and not lived up to his old days, but he died when he was 33 years old. Who sent down the Qur'an to Muhammad? a. In the beginning it seems that it was Allah Himself who came to Muhammad in the flesh (Sura 53:2-18, 81:19-24, the translation with the word “Jibril” was not included in the original text). b. Later it was reported that the Holy Spirit came to Muhammad (Sura 16:102; 26:192194). Again, Muhammad did not explain clearly who or what was this figure. c. At last it was said that the angel Jibril who delivered the Qur’an to Muhammad. (Sura 2:97). The name "Jibril" appears only 3 times throughout the Qur’an, the rest is just the interpretation of the translator, which has no support from the original language of the Qur’an. Total Controversy There are a lot of careless stories without showing the slightest weight of theology in the Qur'an. Among other things these tales are believed to be the word of Allah: That many amazing Jinns filled the pages of the Quran (Sura Al-Jinn 72). 97





A female camel jumped out from a stone, then become a prophet (Sura 7:73-77, 85; 91:14; 54:29). The story of the entire village that turned into apes because they broke the Sabbath by fishing on Sabbath day (Sura 2:65; 7:163-166). The story of 7 people and their animals who slept in a cave for 309 years and then wake up in perfect health (Sura 18:9-26). The story of 4 dead birds which came back to life and able to fly because of the call of Abraham (Sura 2:60).

The problem of usury. Muhammad forbade people to take interest on all money lent, especially to fellow Muslims. Muhammad condemned usury in the Qur'an. (Sura 2:275 ff; 3:130; 4:161; 30:39). If this command must be exercised then the governments of Islamic countries should not be allowed to charge interest on loans of other countries. Similarly a Muslim should not be receiving money interest (in any form) from his bank account or from money lent or goods from the mortgage because it was forbidden. Apostasy. The Prophet said: "If a Muslim leaves Islam, kill him." (Bukhari IV/260) So whenever you see them (Muslims who left Islam) you must kill them because anyone who kills them will be rewarded on the day of resurrection. (Hadith Bukhari IX/64) Women. The Prophet said: "I am looking into the fires of hell and it turns out the majority of its residents are women." (Hadith Bukhari I/28, 301; II/161) O women! I have never seen people so lacking in intelligence and in religion other than your kind. (Bukhari II/541) The Prophet said: "Is not the testimony of a woman equal to half of the testimony of a man?" The woman said: "Yes." The Prophet said again: "That's because the ability to think women are less." (Bukhari III/826) Muhammad made a rule that the inheritance rights for the female children was only onehalf of the portion of male. (Bukhari IV/10) The Apostle of Allah said: "In heaven there is a pavilion that is formed from a hole pearl tunnel 60 miles in width, on each corner there are wives who separate and can not see the point of each other, and men believe the women will visit is to "enjoy" them. " (Bukhari VI/406). And to improve the rights of men over women, Muhammad said: "If a man invites his wife to bed, while the woman do not want to, then the man was in a state of anger all night long, then the angels (will) cursed the woman 98

until morning comes." (HSB 1439).

Small and large bowel. 1. You must not face Mecca when you urinate or defecating. (Bukhari I/146, 147,150, 151) 2. You may not use your right hand to hold the genitals and to anal cleansing. (Hadith I/155, 156). 3. You have to clean your genital with water after you leave the restroom (Hadith I/152, 153, 154, 157). If someone urinate and wet his clothing or body, then that person will suffer in the fire of hell after he died. One day the prophet passed through a cemetery in Mecca and heard the voices of two people who were tortured in their graves. The Prophet then added: "Yes they were tortured because of their great sin. Surely one of them did not take care of himself and his urine." (Sahih Bukhari vol.I, book 57, no.215). Drinking the urine of a camel. So the Prophet ordered them (the sick) to go find a group of camels and drink the camel’s milk and urine for medication. (Hadith I/234; HSB 154) The wings of a fly contains a medicine. The Muslim should not hesitate to drink water which has been contaminated by flies, because the Messenger of Allah received an assuring revelation that: "If a fly fell into your drink, drown it, and throw away the fly, because one of its wings contains a disease and the other contains a medicine." (HSB 1463) Adam. The Prophet said: "Allah created Adam according to his shape. His length is 60 cubits”. He is 90 feet high or 30 meters. How could he hide himself behind a bush after he fell into sin? And how did he manage to hide his genital with loincloth made of leaves? Dogs are prohibited. The angel will not enter into a house, if there is a dog in the house. (Bukhari IV/539) "Allah's Apostle ordered that the dogs should be killed." (Bukhari IV/540) But on the other hand, the impurity of the dogs will be eliminated by its good deeds. Because the Prophet blessed trained dogs (mu'allam) which help people to hunt down the


wild animals. (HSB No.125) His ears were urinated by the devil. Abdullah r.a. told the Prophet about a man who was always sleeping until dawn and never prayed at night. The Prophet said: “his ears have been urinated by the devil” (HSB 601). The Nostrils are Satan’s place to sleep. The Prophet said: "When you get out of bed, and then wash yourself with ablution, pump the water out from your nostrils three times, because surely the devil spent the night in the nostrils." (HSB 1458) Sneeze and yawn. Abu Hurairah told that once the Prophet said: "Allah loves sneezing and hates yawning. Therefore, if someone sneezes and then he praised Allah, then every other Muslims who hear him, let them pray for him. A yawn is from the devil. One should strongly hold himself not to yawn. If he said "Wow!", then the devil will laugh. "(HSB 1719). Nightmares are from Satan. The Prophet said: "A good dream is from God and bad dreams from Satan." (HSB 1457). Satan interrupted people’s prayer so they forget the prayer ritual (raka’at). Satan said: "Remember what you have not remember!" So finally people forget how many raka’at they have been praying. (HSB 641) Babies cry because the devil touched them. The Prophet said: "Every newborn son of Adam, was touched by the devil when he was born, then he will cry out loud because of it, except for Mary and her son”. (HSB 1493) See the angels or see the devil. "When you hear the rooster crows, then pray to God for mercy, because surely you have seen an angel, and if the horses neigh, beseech protections because you actually have seen the devil." (HSB 1462). Satan is in heaven until the Last Day. God said to Satan: "Get out of Heaven!" Because you're really doomed. (Surah 15:34) He said: "My Lord grant me respite until the ressurection day for the human." He said: "You are the kind of person who received a respite." (Surah 15:36-37). And Satan is the enemy of God. (HSM 496). There are 2 kinds of heaven. There is a commentary that explains about two kinds of heaven, one for mankind and one for Jinn (evil spirit). (Footnote Surah 55:46).


Genetics in Islam. According to Muhammad the resemblance of a child with his parents is as follows: If a man have sex with his wife and he had an orgasm first, then the child will be much like his father, and if the woman had an orgasm first, then the child would be like his mother. "(Hadith IV/546) The stars are missile projectiles. The stars were created by Allah as missile projectiles to hit the devils. (Hadith vol 4 chapter 3, p. 282) Food for the evil spirits. According to Muhammad, Jinn or evil spirits eat dung and bones! (Hadith V/200) Bad breath. If you have a bad breath then Allah will not hear your prayers. You should not eat garlic before you pray, because Allah will not hear the prayers of your mouth that smelled with garlic. (Hadith I/812, 813, 814, 815; VII/362, 363) Fart. According to Muhammad it is sinful if you "hadath" / fart when you pray. Allah will reject your prayers. (Hadith I/628; IX/86)

Murder by deception. Muhammed approved the killing of someone through lies and fraud (Hadith V/369). (Prophet explicitly approved Maslama to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf by deception). Fever from hell. The Prophet said: "Fever is from the heat of the fires of hell, then cool the fever down with water." (Hadith IV/483-486)

Dirty water brings grace. The followers of Muhammad scrambling to get the water dirty from Muhammad’s laundry and pour it all over their bodies to obtain grace. (Hadith I/187, 188) Heal the sick eyes with saliva. Muhammad healed a person's eyes by spitting on his eyes. Since then the person never has illness in his eyes. (Hadith IV/192; Hadith V/51) Unfortunately, according to HSB 1220 and 1570 Muhammad’s own saliva couldn’t cure him from the poison he suffered after eating a goat meat.


Muhammad splitting the moon. When the people of Mecca asked Muhammad to perform a miracle to prove that he was a prophet, then he draw up his sword and split the moon into two parts with his sword (But there was no information about who put the moon back together again). (Hadith IV/830, 831, 832; Hadith V/208, 209, 211; VI/387 Hadith, 388, 389, 390). Sermon on the palm tree trunks. The narrative of Jabir bin 'Abdullah: Muhammad used to use a palm tree as a pulpit to preach and he stood above the palm tree while preaching. We heard the tree was crying like a camel who was giving birth. Muhammad then left the pulpit and gently touched the palm tree. (Hadith II/41; IV/783) Food that shouted. It is said that the food yelled loudly and exalt Allah while Muhammad was eating it. (Hadith IV/779) Multiplying the date fruit. Muhammad multiplying several piles of date fruit belonged to a Muslim to help the man to pay all of his debts. (Hadith IV/780) Muhammad’s chest was split. Jibril opened/split Muhammad’s chest and washed its inner part with Zam Zam water. Jibril brought wisdom, faith and pour them into the chest of Muhammad and then closed it again. (Hadith I/345) Interpreting dreams. Muhammad was declared as one who is able to interpret the dream of a Muslim. This is "one of the 46 parts of the Prophet’s art of forecasting." (Hadith II/468; IX/111-171 Hadith). Yet mastering supernatural things was not given to Muhammad. (Surah 10:20; 6:50; Qs 11 "31; 7:188). The night journey to heaven (Isra Mi `raj). Muhammad was raised to heaven and meet Allah SWT. This is regarded as the greatest miracle ever done by Muhammad can only be surpassed by the Qur'an itself. (Hadith I/211, 345)

Some vulnerabilities of Muhammad
Muhammad’s psychological condition. Once Muhammad was bewitched, he imagined that he was doing something when in reality he did not do it. (HSB 1414).


1. Muhammad saw Isa. The Prophet said: "One night, when I sleep near the Kaaba I had a dream. I saw a man with red skin, very beautiful, his hair laid loose between his wide shoulder, well combed, water fell down from his head, smooth and shining,...and he circulated the Kaaba”. I asked:" Who is this?" They said: "This is Al Masih the son of Mary." (HSB 1499) 2. Muhammad saw the Lord. "When I saw the Lord, I fell down." (HSB 1577) 3. Muhammad saw the tomb of Moses. The Prophet said: "If I'm there, will show you his grave (Moses), which is beside the street, near a pile of katsbil Ahmar (red sand piles)." (HSB 694) 4. Several times Muhammad attempted to commit suicide. When the revelation stopped, Muhammad was sad, worried about himself. Then went to the top of the hill to throw himself down. He did this many times, but Jibril always prevented him to do so. (Bukhari 9.87.no.111) 5. Muhammad experienced despair, anxiety. Because of his nightmares Muhammad experienced: Hesitancy, indecision, anxiety, confusion, anxiety, fear, despair. (Tafsir Al-Quran MORA p. 56) 6. Muhammad’s fear of punishment in the grave. Two Jews came to Muhammad and said: "Surely the tomb expert was tortured in his grave." Muhammad said: "Right! Indeed tomb expert was tortured, even the torture could be heard by the animals. " Aisha said: "Since then, I saw him always seek refuge in Allah from the torment of the grave in prayer." (HSM 543) 7. Muhammad saw heaven and hell. According to Anas r.a, Muhammad said: "... .. Even if you see what I see, you will laugh a little, but a lot of crying. They asked," What did you see, O Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet answered:" I saw heaven and hell." (HSM 378) The Prophet said: "I looked into the heavens, then I saw most of its inhabitants are the poor. And I turned into hell, then I saw most of its inhabitants are women. " (HSB 1755) 8. Figure of animals bring punishment on the Day of Resurrection. Aisha gave a pillow with motives on it. The Prophet said: "What is it for?" Aisha replied: "For you to sit and lean on it”. 103

The Prophet said: "The people who make these images will be punished on the Day of Resurrection ... .. " "Truly the angels do not enter into a house that has images of animals." (HSB 1687) 9. Muhammad was disturbed by patterned clothes. Once Prophet was wearing a patterned cloth. Then he said: "The images of this dress bother me while praying. Therefore, take this shirt to Abu Jalun, exchange with a plain one. " (HSM 508) 10. Muhammad’s prayer was disturbed by pictures. Aisha put a cloth with pictures on it as a curtain in her house. The Prophet said: "Remove the cloth from my sight, because the pictures always disturbed me in my prayers." (HSB 1688).

Islam means: submission to Allah. This religion is based on good works according to the Islamic faith. Every Muslim is obliged to fulfil the pillars of Islam: Statement of trust in Allah that Allah is the one true God and Muhammad is His Messenger. Pray 5 times a day Giving alms, alms nature. Fasting. The Hajj ritual (if one has enough money to do it). As for those with a lot of good deeds, then they will enjoy a satisfying life. And as for those who don’t have many good deeds, then they will receive punishment in hell. (Surah 101:6-9) But nowhere in the Qur’an it is written about the assurance of salvation for the Muslim. On the contrary, the Qur’an clearly said that all people will go to hell. "Wa illa im waariduhaa minkum kaana'alaa rabbika hatman maqdhiyyaa" ... "Not one of you but will pass over it: this is, with thy Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished." (Surah 19:71)


Tafsir Al Azhar p. 84 regarding about the above verse is as follows: "And no one among you, but will pass over it", meaning all people, is no exception. Both good and people in the world have to go to hell. While “this is, with thy Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished”, meaning the highest decision can not be changed again. Anas ra told about a man who asked the Messenger of Allah: "O Messenger of Allah! Where is my father’s place? " The Prophet replied: "In hell!" When the man left, the Prophet of Allah called him back as he said: "Verily my father and your father are in hell." (HSM 162) The Muslims pray five times a day in seventeen cycles of uncertainty. They prayed to be guided in the straight path. "Ihdinash shiraathal mustaqiim." (Surah 1:6). They also pray for Muhammad and the family of Muhammad to be saved, if Allah is willing. Throughout the history of Islam the Muslims faced a huge difficulty concerning the horrible Surah 19:71. Therefore many efforts and skills are deployed among the Islamic scholars to continue tinkering with the interpretation, in order to find meaning and a way out which is more profitable. This is clearly an aberration, because trying to twist the meaning is not originated from Allah. One example is what was said by Sulaiman ibn Murah without the authority of Allah: "All will go into it." As he said that he shut his ears and said: "Shut up, actually I never heard the Prophet saying:" No one is left behind, whether he has done well or evil, he will enter into it. But it will be cool and safe for those who believe, as the situation in Abraham, because the fire will be no more because of their cool air. Then Allah will save those who fear Allah, and will allow people who do wrong to live forever in hell on their knees. " Another story was made, though it was not consistent with the Islamic traditions. It is said that Muhammad told of a bridge that crossed over the gap in hell that reached unto heaven. The godly Muslim will be able to pass it quickly, as for the criminals the bridge will become so narrow that they fall back into hell. Whatever tale was made, but the original text of the Qur'an does not leave a gap of doubt for Muslims that there is absolutely no way to bypass this hell. People are still diligently obey the teachings of Islam because they are still hoping for a chance, that later in the future, they will be removed from hell – without knowing the exact time – and enter heaven (Surah 19:72). According to Islamic doctrine, salvation can be expected by performing good deeds as much as possible, even if it means that they must go to hell first before they are transferred to heaven. But one could only hope, God willing, or, hopefully, but going to hell is a certainty. Therefore Muhammad advised Fatimah, his beloved child: ”Fatima, do good deeds as much as you can, because I can not save you” (HSM hal.116). But even by doing a good deed, Allah has the authority to punish anyone that he wants to put into hell: 105

“It is your Lord that knoweth you best: If He please, He granteth you mercy, or if He please, punishment: We have not sent thee to be a disposer of their affairs for them” (Surah 17:54). If there were 73 people, only one will be nominated to be saved, or according to another version, Adam asked God to separate the inhabitants of hell among his descendants. Then Adam asked: "Oh my God, how many of them should I separate?". God said, "Separate 99 out of every 100 people." (Sahih Bukhari, Fath al-Bari, XI, hlm.378). Is there any assurance for this one person to enter heaven? Insha Allah (if Allah willing), he may be given a place at Allah’ side. Even Muhammad himself did not know whether he would be saved or not. He gave a straightforward answer: "Maadrii Maa labikum wa yufalubir." "I do not know what will happen to me and you." (Surah 46:9). Therefore every Muslim should pray for him with a prayer called the “shalawat nabi”, a prayer or an intercession for the Prophet. The more they pray for him, the more heavenly reward and blessings Allah will grant unto them. "Allahuma shalli 'sayidinaa ala Muhammad, wa ala Muhammad sayidinaa." Which means: "God save our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad." The uncertainty of Muhammad and the Muslim’ salvation is very clear, but confused by Muhammad’s careless words: "Who guarantees me what is between the two legs (sex) and what is between the two jaws (tongue) I shall guarantee him paradise." (HSB no.1816) Muhammad furthermore ensured that: "Each of his people who died but during his lifetime on earth he didn’t associate Allah with anything else, then he will go to heaven, though he had committed adultery and stealing." (HSB 647) Although Muhammad himself did not know whether he would go to hell or to heaven, but he assured a person’ salvation. This is a very fatal and seriuos mistake for the teaching of Islam!

Although the Muslim diligently practised their religion and do pious deeds, yet there is no guarantee for them to enter into heaven. Therefore the Muslims are required to perform additional pillars for jihad, which is the struggle to defend Islam and to spread Islam to the unbelievers. That is the 6th pillar of Islam. But in another hadith, Muhammad said that jihad is the second best of the islamic pillars. Apostle of Allah was asked: "What is the best deed?" He replied: "Believe in Allah and His Messenger." The man asked again: "What is the second good deed? " He replied: "Taking part in the 106

jihad for Allah." (Hadith I/25) According to history, the people who committed the Islamic jihad gained some benefits: 1. Worldly treasures. When a Muslim killed a non-Muslim during the jihad, he also seized the property that belonged to the man he killed. The Prophet said: "Anyone who has killed an enemy and can prove it will have his booty." (Hadith IV/370, See also Surah 48:20). Allah wanted to make the prophet Muhammad a wealthy man through conquests. 2. Sexual pleasures on earth. The women and children from the people/tribe/group who has been defeated in the war of jihad became the possession of the conqueror. Young women captured in war jihad could be forced immediately to satisfy their sexual desires, and the others were considered as slaves. Muhammad made Allah says: "Enjoy what you take in the war, as it is lawful and good." (Surah 8:69) 3. Will receive heaven. Those who strive in the jihad, exchange their lives here on earth (Surah 4:74) with heavenly reward. They will receive a reward in heaven in which rivers flow (Surah 9:89) and houris (Surah 52:17-20) to have sex 100 times a day with houris and they will not be exhausted. Therefore the suicide bombers also known as the bride-groom. And this is strongly believed by the suicide bombers. The Newsweek reported that the Jews trained the pigs to sniff the Islamist terrorists intruders. This raised fears among the intruders because if they got kissed by a pig they believed that a kiss from a pig will caused them to loose 5 angels in heaven someday. An Arab terrorist who was walking with his wife, suddenly crushed himself to the Israeli army because he believed that if he die he will receive houris who are more beautiful than his wife, and many more. A journalist published a cartoon in the Danish newspapers. It pictured the martyrs as they arrived at the door of heaven to collect promised angels. Because there were so many suicide martyr bombers, there was no more angel in heaven left for them. These cartoon caused a wave of protest from the Muslim around the world and also death threats. The journalist and the Danish government were demanded to apologize to the islamic world in public. The verses in the Qur’an to wage jihad. It has been established by Allah and Muhammad that Islam religion must be widely disseminated through intolerance and violence, and through the Islamic Jihad. There are 107

various jihad, but jihad using physical violence (sword) is what clearly seen in the history of Muhammad and Islam. Jihad to fight and kill. And fight them that no slander (the intrigues against Muslims and Islam) and that religion is solely for Allah (according to An-Nasafi and Al Maraghi, upholding the religion of Islam and the vanishing of evil religions). If they stop (from disbelief), Allah is Seer of what they do. (Surah 8:39) When was discharged the sacred month, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and arrest them ... (Surah 9:5). Capture and kill (the infidels) ... (Surah 4:89). Do not think that the unbelievers can escape ... (Surah 8:59-60). .... But God has cursed them (Jews) because of their disbelief .... (Surah 4:47). They (the disbelievers) say: "God has a son" (Surah 2:116). According to this paragraph, the Christians are infidels, so they kill the Christians based on the verse: If you meet the unbelievers smite their necks .... (Surah 47:4). Muhammad in his lifetime fought 27 times and designed war more than 50 times. The victims who died by the sword of Islam during Muhammad's life ± 30,000 people. In recent years the prophet Muhammad’s order became the background/foundation for the slaughter of millions of Christians and non-Muslims in various parts of the world such as Armenia, Nigeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, etc because they do not want to embrace Islam . Jihad is also associated with money. The jihad won by the Muslims gained an extra reward in the form of booty. For example, Muhammad gained 20%, and the soldiers who involved in war received 80%, and it was considered as “halal” (lawful). [The seized assets were not only worldly treasures, but also slaves, for example, the children of the Christians in Sudan are sold at a price of U.S. $ 15 per person]. "Our Prophet, the messenger of our Lord, has ordered us to fight you until you are willing to worship only Allah, we or you have to pay jizya (a tax payable by non-Muslims who do not want to embrace Islam). (Hadith IV/386; Hadith vol IV, chapter 21, pages 251-252). The demand of jihad in the form of tax obligation is an insult and an oppression towards the non-Muslims. In Iraq there are universities that offer free tuition to the Christians or Jews who wanted to embrace Islam. The Christians in Africa were given U.S. $ 500 if they want to leave Christianity and convert to Islam. 108

The Europeans and Americans who still want to continue working in the oil industry in Saudi Arabia must embrace Islam. There musn’t be any church in Saudi Arabia. Jihad to terrorize and dominate. Anyone who leaves Islam and embrace another religion will be punished with death sentence. The killings and acts of terror are carried out to deter the non-Muslims. Muhammad said: "I won through terror." Only in islamic countries people are treated as slaves who can be bought and sold. The London Economist (6-1-1990) reported that the Muslim people in Sudan captured and sold the children of Dinka tribe who embraced Christianity with the price of 15 dollars per child. The UN reported the same thing, and a special edition of Newsweek publication May 4, 1992 revealed the same thing. The women who work as maids in Saudi Arabia are treated as slaves, they were often beaten and raped as their employer wish. The Government of Saudi Arabia does not allow them to leave the country but return them to their employer when they try to run away. Terrorizing and killing innocent people in the name of Allah still continued until now: In January 2000 in Al Kosheh Egypt, 21 men, women and children were burned alive. Christians were sliced from the neck to the chest to see their heart beating, their bodies were mutilated and sent to the Christian community. Those violent practices were carried out based on Surah 5:33. “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.”

The victims of riot in Ambon because of the attacks of the Jihad Army in 1999. 109

These dead children are the victims of the Chechen islamic terrorist’s raid at a school in Beslan, Rusia. 1 September 2004.

The islamist blew up a bus with the Buddhist people in it, then shot all the victims from close range until they all died. 9 people dead, including 4 women and 3 young girls. Yala, southern Thailand March 14, 2007

Ten Islamic Terrorists of Lashkar-e-Taiba, centered in Pakistan, attacked Mumbai. They shot many people in cold blood, killed 101 and injured 287. Mumbai, November 26, 2008. According to the sharia (the islamic laws) the non-Muslims do not receive the same rights in the courts in dealing with the Muslims. The testimony of a non-Muslim is considered invalid. (Hadith vol 3, chapter 31, pp. 525-526). The shari'a also assures that all Muslims will not be sentenced to death for killing the infidels. (Hadith IV/283 and IX/50). The killings of the Doulos Christians in Cipayung, Ambon, Poso sent no Muslim to the court. Instead, it was Tibo with his two friends who were non-Muslims without any crime who must received death penalty. Beside the broader understanding of jihad against the infidels, in the Qur’an there are 3 types of violence directed specifically to the non-Muslims, namely Qital, Hiraba and Fi 110

Sabil Allah. Qital. Resistance with sword in hand to kill or to be killed. This term appeared in the Qur’an 33 times. One of them is Sura 2:191 "And kill them .... drive them out..” Hiraba (Harb). Attacks on Allah and His Apostle. This term appeared 6 times in the Qur'an. One of them is: "The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and the Messenger and do mischief on earth they just killed or crucified, or cut the hands and feet behind them with opposite sides, or exile from the land (his home), such as an insult to their world and the Hereafter they may have greater punishment. "(Surah 5:33). Although the Islamist is the inisiator of the attacks and killings, but they always argued and positioned themselves as the victim who suffered from the conflict. Fi Sabil Allah. was mentioned 45 times in the Qur’an, one of them: "Fight in the way of God those who fight against you ... .. (Surah 2:190). The God of Islam which is Allah is described as One who is Merciful and Oft-forgiving, but the Holy Qur'an contains many harsh verses as the revelation of Allah which is directed against humanity. No less than 100 "sword verses" was recorded in it. Every Muslim Must Participate in Jihad The Islamic leaders called the Muslim to engage in war and murder until the Muslim shed their blood, but those leaders didn’t participate in the front line. It was the same with Muhammad who fought in the war but stayed behind his troops, thus didn’t make him as a martyr. To cover this Hypocrisy Muhammad said: "I would love to be martyred in Allah's way, and rose again, and become martyrs again, then rose again to become martyrs and rose again, and then be martyred again" (Bukhari, 52:54). Muhammad wanted to motivate his followers to shed their own blood, but he himself never became an example as a martyr. His death was marked by his struggle to obtain his own salvation (he asked to be connected with the Most High Friend), but he did not recite the islamic confession of faith in order to be saved: "There is no God but Allah". Those who do not participate in jihad will be sent to hell. .... and they do not like to strive with their wealth and their souls and their way of Allah said: “Do not go (to go to war) in the heat” Say: “hell fire or very hot.” If they knew. (Surah 9:81) Retreat from jihad will caused wrath from Allah and entering hell. 111

Whoever turned them (back) at a time when it was, except to turn to (trick) war or to join with other forces, then the man returned with the wrath of God, and his place is hell. And the return of evil. (Surah 8:16). The reward is not the same, those who participate in jihad will receive a greater reward. Not the same between the believers who sit (not present) that have no excuses to those who strive in the way of Allah with their wealth and souls. Allah has preferred those who strive with their wealth and souls of the people who sit one degree. To each of them Allah has promised good reward in heaven and Allah has preferred those who strive for the people who sat with a big reward. (Surah 4:95). The Purpose of Jihad The purpose of jihad is to make Islam as the only truth, and Allah is the ruler of the world and the Hereafter. All people, all nations must submit to the law of Allah, basically is: Whoever does not judge by what Allah has sent down they disbelieve, unjust, wicked. (Surah 5:44-47) The Ortodox Islam divides the world into two kinds of houses, a utopia, but even now it is still declared and fought by the Islamist, namely:

Dar el Salam = The House of Peace. The state has become the Dar el Salam when it has applied the islamic laws (Sharia) in the country. The atmosphere of Rahmatan lil alamin will shine in the whole world. Couldn’t the Muslims see the opposite? There is no sign of prosperity in the islamic countries. See Afghanistan under the Taliban, Sudan under Hasan al Turabi, etc. Iran under Khomeini. Dar el Harb = The House of War. The countries that still apply the secular laws, such as the United States, Europe, China, India, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia are the houses of war. Secular humanitarian laws are a human product, not originated from Allah. It must be fought and conquered, replaced with the Islamic sharia law of Allah in order to achieve the Dar el Salam full of grace! But please consider the following questions.


These are some of the sharia laws which must be carefully examined. Would the Muslim willing to obey them wholeheartedly? The Muslim must wear a certain kind of clothing that characterize their faith in Islam. They must wear it in every occasion, even in sport event, especially for women. A woman must always be accompanied by her male spouse (muhrim) when traveling (Sahih Bukhari 564), even she must have her husband’s written permission if she must travel overseas. "Surely a woman is a genitalia; when she came out of her house, she was praised by Satan" (as narrated by Turmudzi, from ibn Mas'ud). 112

A woman may not drive a car (such as in Saudi Arabia). A husband has the right to practice polygamy. He can marry 2, 3, or 4 wives. (Surah 4:3) Women should not be a leader or a president (Surah 4:34, HSB 1569). A woman’s right to receive inheritance and the right to give a testimony in court, and the Dyat law for women (the law to compensate) is only valued half of a man’s right. A woman can be easily divorced by her husband (talak). If a husband concerned about his wife’s obedience (nusyus), then he is allowed to beat her and stop giving her financial support (Sura 4:34). [Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, condemned a Muslim cleric, Samir Abu Hamza, who claimed that men have the right to force his wife to have sex anytime the husband wants to, and beat his wife if she disobey her husband. "I urge these Islamic clerics publicly apologize and retract his statement", The News International January 22, 2009:]. The Muslim must pray 5 times a day and fast for a month during the Ramadan. Death penalty for any Muslim who left Islam (it is ordered for all schools)). "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, kill him" (HSB 4, 5 and no.260, no.630, etc.). Mutilate the hands that steal an egg, or goods worth ¼ or 4 dirhams. (Surah 5:38, HSB 1807, 1810). What about a corrupt Muslim? Stoning or lashes punishment 100 times in public for the adulterers and prostitutes (Sura 24:2). Do not shake hands with the Jewish/Christian/pagan, but narrowed their way. Do not take them to be your friends. (Narrated by Saheeh Muslim, Qur'an 3:118, 5:51). Evangelism or preaching other religion to the Muslim is a crime, because it is considered as bringing destruction to the world. While the Muslim can freely preach about Islam to anyone. The non-Muslim minorities are treated as dhimmi (minority group, who has been conquered in the islamic country), are obliged to pay jizya tax in obedience and humiliation (Sura 9:29). The soft term for this kind of tax is "protection". Dhimmi must submit to the decision of the islamic state, also are a subject to various treatments of religious institutions. "Fight those who believe not in Allah ... that the people who provided the Bible to them, until they pay the jizya with being in a state of docile submission" (Sura 9:29). This kind of taxation which purely based on religion, only occur in Islamic countries, and is a form "punishment" (Hanafi school). Fight the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be hard against them (Sura 66:9). Or in other words: discrimination against the infidels is lawful and obliged. The Muslim’s blood is different from (more valuable than) the blood of the infidels. The unbelievers can not claim back penalty (Qisas) against any Muslim who murdered an unbeliever. Not vice versa. Forbid the practise of bank interest, and other excessive interest (Sura 2:276). Must obey every law (fatwa) and the call to participate in jihad. The pulpit mosque also plays an important role to establish law enforcement, including the calls to "sweeping", 113

"fight”, sending the army or the contribution for Islamic solidarity, and so on. The Muslim is forbidden to have a dog as a pet, even they must kill it (HSB 4 / 539, 540). The sharia law also requires the Muslim to wash the cloth which contaminated by a baby girl’s urine, but its okay with a baby boy’s urine, yet it is just (the same) urine. The sharia law requires the Muslim to wash certain parts of his body during ablution, but does not require to wash the rectum (anus) where the discharges and the wind (fart) which are even more filthy. The Sharia also distinguish between the wind out of the rectum (flatus) with the wind coming out of esophagus (saltpeter), ablution is considered null and void because of the wind coming out of the anus and not cancelled if the wind coming out of the esophagus (burp). (Ibn Ibn Tamiyah & Qayim).

An 8 year old boy. His arm was run over by a car as a punishment for stelaing bread in Teheran, Iran. Iran practised the sharia laws.

A Taliban shows pieces of right hand and left foot of a thief who had just sentenced under the sharia law, in Kabul, Afghanistan. August 14, 1998. RAWA photos.


A right-hand from a thief who was sentenced under the sharia law in Somalia. Some regions controlled by the islamist apply the sharia law. The ultimate goal of all forms of jihad is to conquer the world under Islamic law. Countries that entered the zone of Dar el Harb, or the house of war must be conquered by jihad. 1. Western countries are considered as infidel countries, namely America and Europe and Australia. First of all is America, which is considered as the head of the infidel countries. America is the target for terrorism attacks, because they assume that: 60% of the Americans go to church America sends many missionaries and evangelism. America defends the state of Israel against Islam. If his head has been defeated, then “the tail” which are the Western countries would be easier to conquer. Most of the people in Europe now are not religious, only 3% are still embraced Christianity, while most of them adopts secular, humanist, atheist or syncretic. If the entire state of Israel has been submitted to the Palestine, still, there will be no peace in this world as long as there are infidels, pagans wander. Before they replace the American flag and the flag of the British with a crescent moon flag, they will not stop attacking infidel countries until they submit to Islam. China in turn was secretly invaded by thousands of Da'i (Islamic religious preachers) from abroad into China with financial support from the Middle East. Almost all major cities in the western part of China have been penetrated with the establishment of mosques and activities, such as in Xian, Kunming, Xining, Qinghai, Lanzhou, Urumqi, etc.. A Poster is put in public area in the city of Xian: “make 1,3


billion people of China followers of Islam”. Chinese mass workers for development in Saudi Arabia has been injected with the message of Islam and many became Muslims. Government of China are less aware of this islamization towards China but sooner or later the religious revolution in the name of social and politic will divide China, starting with their global support for the Xinjiang riot (Urumqi) recently. Similarly, India became a target. The base has already established and solid because India has a large number of Islam followers, around 130 million Muslims. Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, and India follows in second rank. In the former days, Pakistan was united with India, then separated with India and became a Muslim country. Will Kashmir follows in Pakistan’s footsteps? Will it also happen to other countries? 2. Muslim secular countries, Muslim countries with western impact such as Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, etc.. Although these countries are called as Islamic countries but they are included in the war zone/house of war because they are not considered as having executing the Islamic law/Sharia, and therefore the system should be replaced with a government and political system based on the sharia law, starting with strengthening the grass-roots with regional Islamic rules, which would immediately impose Islamic victory on the national level.

When we look at Islam’s movement within the world’s dinamics and in the midst of other religions critically and objectively, then we could easily see the 5 basic strategies of Islam which are practised by the Muslim boldly. 1. Blaming: accusing and blame others Everywhere the Muslims kill, oppress and suppress but they are the ones who scream and yell loudly, claiming as the ones who has been violated. They accuse the non-Muslim as the aggressor so that they can defend themselves by saying that the non-Muslim oppressed them first. They always say: "We respect Jesus, but why are you Christians insult Muhammad?" Consider the following Arabic figure of speech: "Darabani, wa baka, sabaqani, wa shtaka" means "He hit me and started crying, then he came to me and accused me hit him!" The 9/11 attack on WTC, NY is an absurd example. The Muslim lies (taqiyyah) by saying that it was a high-level Jewish conspiracy to discredit the Muslim. But there was no evidence of the Jewish victims there! A ridiculous example regarding this was also applied 116

in Indonesia when the Muslim terrorists bombed many hotels and restaurants and caused the death of many people. But some Indonesian Muslims including Abubakar Ba'asyir, alleged that the U.S. was the one who is able to do it. The Indonesian Muslims can not do the bombings as good and as clever as that! The Muslim always tried to accuse and blame Israel and America, the big Satan. Nowadays, the tension between the Muslim world with the U.S. and the West is considered as the result of the U.S. political policies which tends to defend Israel and oppress the islamic world. Is it true? History shows that the tension within the relationship has been existed since the 18th century when the Islamic barbaric pirate terrorized the West Mediterranean region, hijacked merchant ships of Europe and America, and killed, captured, enslaved and asked for ransom of American citizens simply because they were infidels. At that time the American foreign policy was isolationism (closing down or virtually no contact with other countries) and state of Israel “the black pig” has not been established (Israel received her independence in 1948). (Adapted from: An Open Letter to President Barrack Hussein Obama, June 15th 2009, by Brigitte Gabriel). 2. Demanding After engineering riots, violence and repression that culminated in the bombings, the Muslims were positioned themselves as the abused and the oppressed, then they started to demand. The Spanish Muslim, after they blew up a train that caused many victims, they demanded a variety of things in the name of justice. They even asked the Spanish government to turn the Cordoba cathedral into a mosque. Overwhelmed by their demand, the Spanish government to grant some of their demands and even some officers of the Spanish government supported their desire to change the cathedral into a mosque. They have been given the calf, they asked for the thigh. After they got the leg and some of their demands were granted by the Spanish government in the hope of calming them, they will not stop demanding. That is why Islam today started to be called as "the most intolerant religion in the world". Islam only demand to be given, but never give anything! Even the word "Allah" was forbidden by the Muslim in Malaysia to be used by other religion. It is the Muslim’s exclusive right! 3. Lying – Deceiving (taqiyah). The dangerous doctrine of Islam is taqiyah. When a Muslim is in a critical situation, he is allowed to lie and deceive; we've talked about this before. One example of the tactics used by the Muslim who is an expert in taqiyyah is to make people underestimate the threat of the islamic invasion (which is actually very dangerous and real), so that the unbelievers will take it lightly and loose their awareness. The Muslim would say that the Islamic law is not directed to the non-Muslims, but only the Muslim who are obliged to practise the sharia law. As for the Christians or Hindus, they are free to worship according to their beliefs. But the fact is even before the country become a Muslim country, we could find persecution against the non-Muslims, burning 117

the churches, killing the Christians, difficult to ask permission to build a church have already happened. It would become worst if the country became a Muslim country with sharia law. Afghanistan, Sudan, Pakistan etc., are a clear examples of this fact. If a Muslim smiles at you and tell you how much he loved your country (or yourself) and how much he wanted to be your friend (or husband), remember the following hadith: Indeed we smile at some people, while our hearts condemn the people of the same. Nowadays the Muslim are very active to search historical roots - albeit fictional - which can be used to provide a favorable image of Islam. This is not surprising because the Quran and the Hadith have been teaching about it, for example, they seek the historical trace of Abraham’s journey from Palestine to Mecca with Ishmail, even until at least he went there 3 times. But it is impossible for Mecca to have a travel route to Canaan because Mecca at the time was so ancient (2000 BC), and then Mecca was completely disappeared without a trace and its signs of existence were just appeared in the 5th century AD! It's only a fiction, a "taqiyyah". It was narrated also about the glory of Islam in the past. It was said that the islamic medical discoveries are less than the West. Yet the islamic medical world was just emerged after Aaron, a Christian monk who lived in Alexandria to translate the work of the famous Greek physician Galen into Syriac language which was translated into Arabic in 685, then became a source of medicine for the Avicenna (Ibn Sinna) and Averroes (Ibn Rushd ). However Allah is like what is admitted in the Q 3:54: "Khairul Makiriin" (Boots Great Power). 4. Terrorizing – put fear into people’s mind Terrorizing with shouts of protest, arson, looting, beatings, killings, bombings to cause panic and fear to the public and deter the enemies of God so they will not to insult or oppose Islam and Muhammad. This is in accordance with the sayings of Allah and the prophet Muhammad. Allah says: ".. And He (Allah) put fear (terror) into their hearts" (Qs 33:26), while Muhammad PBUH said:" I've won because of terrorism." (Bukhari, 4.52.220). And Islam is the only religion that bless the world with terror and taqiyyah in order to justify itself. After the chaos following the terror everywhere, the time came to intimidate and overthrow the old order and replace it with a government based on Islamic sharia. 5. Dominating. The most famous slogan of the Islamist is: “By their democratic law, we will invade them. By our religious laws, we shall dominate them.” This kind of strategy has been widely practiced in many aspects in our daily lives. For instance, in the media, education, local parlements, the building of mosques and Islamic Centers, etc. Migration Demography.


There is a huge Muslim migration current to America, Australia, Europe, Asia and many other countries. In these countries, the Muslim established muslim communities to be enlarged in the future by the help of “Islamic Real Estate Financing” which received a support from “invincible hands”, such as the Petro dollar. Small Muslim communities turned into uncomfortable gettho for the “white people” to live in, therefore they are forced to move out from there, and sell their property to the migrant Muslim. This helps the Muslim to enlarge their community at low cost. The Muslim Biological Demography.. After they were welcomed and lived in the non- Muslim countries, then they call the rest of their family members in their original country to come and to live in the new country. Here, in the non-Muslim countries, they got married and gave birth to many children. One Muslim man, during his life time can have 50 descendants, from many wives, many children and grandchildren. According to a research, in order to maintain the existence of a culture of a certain nation, the Fertility Rate (FR) of its people must be around 2.11%. The FR of 31 western European countries are just 1.3%, while the growth of the Muslim people in western Europe is very high. This caused many people to be anxious. France, in 2009 has only 1.8 FR, the youth (20 years old and below) are 30% Muslim. It will increase to 45% in 2027, and at that time the Muslim population will increase to 20%. The scholars predicted that in the next 39 years, France will become an islamic republic. The United Kingdom, for 30 years the Muslim population has been increased from 82.000 to 2,5 million people, which means that the Muslim population growth has been increased 30 times within 30 years. The Nederlands, nowadays 50% of the newborn babies are Muslim babies. In the next 15 years, 50% of the total population in this country are Muslim. Russia, 23 million of its inhabitants are Muslim, in the next few years 40% of the Russian soldiers are Muslim. Germany, will become a Muslim country in 2050. Muammar al-Gadhafi Said: “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe, without sword, without weapon and without conquest. We don’t need terrorist, we don’t need suicide bombers. Now the number of Muslim population is more than 50 million people (in Europe) and will change Europe to be a Muslim continental in a few decades”. Yes, now there are 52 million Muslim in Europe, and in the next 20 years they will become 104 million and will dominate! Petro dollar.


Offers the non-Muslim African US $ 500-1000 per person if they want to leave their religion and embrace Islam. The Christian and Jewish student are free to study in universities in Iraq, if they want to leave their faith and embrace Islam. Starting in summer 2010, they will build the first islamic university in the U.S., in California, and it will be called the Zaytuna College. This is a big strategy leap with a broad impact, while not even one Christian university can be build in Arabia. In a remote place, they also offers some money or food to the local people, such as in the Dayak tribe in Sabah, Malaysia, and minor tribes in Yunan and Ningsia – China, for them to embrace Islam. Taking over the houses. The Muslim will take over the houses and build a homogen and exclusive Muslim community. Malmö the number 3 biggest city in Sweden now has already controlled by Muslim gangsters. In Nordgardsskolen Aarhus Denmark, there is a school with 100% of its students are Muslim. This is the first time in the history of this country. Building an exclusive community, close, helping each other, and avoiding any contact and assimilation with the non-Muslim. Receiving funds from Saudi Arabia to build mosques, islamic schools (madrasah), etc. Step by step cleansing the area from the non-Muslim, wearing islamic dress, forcing to change the names of the regions, streets, etc which are not sounded like an Arab/islamic names. The imams (religious leaders) always claims that the islamic laws are more superior than the law of any country.

Three stages of jihad
There is no doubt that Muhammad was a master in war and loved to fight. He didn’t just covered it nicely and named it as jihad, but also set an example of strategy and stages of war in jihad. These strategic stages are still used until now, in various hi-tech versions. 1. In the first stage or the weak stage. - As the weak minority, the Muslim can cooperate with the unbelievers. - Never talk about jihad, but respecting lives, “killing a human being...is the same as killing the entire human race”. “...if any one slew a person - unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he slew the whole people...” (Sura 5:32) - Showing high tolerance toward other religions: “Your religion (is) your religion, my religion (is) my religion”. Nobody is forced to embrace Islam. “Let there be no compulsion in religion...” (Sura 2:256).



The preparation stage or transition. After everything has been prepared, networks has been build, then the drum of war started to beat. Accusations, demands, and conspiration will be launched. “Let not the unbelievers think that they can get the better (of the godly): they will never frustrate (them)”. Sura 8:59 The stage of the jihad war. “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”. (Sura 9:5) Slaughters, bombs exploded to fear people until they were defeated and forced to embrace Islam.


Examples: 1. Lebanon. Stage 1 : Lebanon, a country with a heavenly tourism destination, its people lived in peace, the majority of its inhabitants were Christians while Islam was a minority. No Islam people talked about jihad. Stage 2. Because of the generousity of the people of Lebanon, they welcomed many Arab refugees who ran away from the war with Israel. They received help from islamic countries such as Iran and Libya. - The shiah Group: the Hezbollah led by Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah. - The Amal Group: led by Nabih Beri. Then the war drum started to beat. Stage 3. The civil war lasted for 21 years, both sides suffered the lost. The beautiful country became a shipwreck. Because there was no winner, the situation became chaotic and uncertain until today. 2. Indonesia. Stage 1. The emerald of the equator with kind, eager to help and smiling people now has gone. Religion is used to poison the gentle heart of its inhabitants. The early struggle for independence was interruted by an intention to build an islamic country (Islamic State of Indonesia = Negara Islam Indonesia/NII) based on the sharia law, but it failed. Mr. Soekarno, Maramis, Prof. Moh.Yamin etc. declared the Pancasila as the foundation of the 121

country to unite all of the Indonesian people which came from various tribes and religions. The struggle of the radical Islam people to change the UUD’45 (the Indonesian constitution) into the Jakarta Charter (Piagam Jakarta) suffered a set back. Stage 2 They started to prepare the facilities to destroy the government led by President Soekarno. Stage 3 The jihad war was waged. The DI, TII led by Imam Kartosuwiryo, Kahar Muzakar launched a rebellion, but was defeated by the Indonesian Army (ABRI) under General Ahmad Yani and the Indonesian people. They were defeated and the situation turn back to Stage 1: With the existence of the Nasakom doctrine, the radical Muslim people joined the nonMuslim (Christian, Hindu, etc) to destroy the Communist Party (PKI) and drove them away. Stage 2 They started to make preparation, they used the law to control the Indonesian politic. One province, Aceh, has already applied the sharia law, and also other districs. Now there are more than 53 districs already applying the sharia law such as Tasikmalaya, Banten, Bantul in Yogyakarta Province, districs in Kalimantan, Sulawesi, West Sumatera, etc. The state parliament and a part of the Army began to be controlled by the Muslim. While the funds from the Middle East started to flow in Indonesia to support the jihad movements. Although Indonesia is called as the biggest Muslim country in the world, but its government still applying secular and humanistic laws. Therefore it must be replaced by a religious system based on the law of Allah. The killings of the non-Muslim, bom terrors that recently happened was just a beginning to frighten the Indonesian people and the government. More serious disasters will still come until the Indonesian gevernment replace the Pancasila which is considered as an obstacle for the islamic laws. After they conquer Indonesia, then Singapore, Phillipines and Thailand would be an easy target. Recruiting terrorist and brainwashing were done through islamic schools (pondok pesantren) which already reached 5000 schools in Indonesia. These schools succeeded in giving birth to young terrorists which are called “the bride to be” (calon pengantin) who are ready to be married to heavenly angels, and to enjoy heavenly sexual pleasures. The passion increased as the number of dead terrorists were praised like heroes. Unfortunately, their attitude corrupted Islam (?) not fought by a “true jihad”, but only lip service curse. A prominent psychology professor even praised their “godly lives” compare to their enemies! As a result, their rasionality killed people in the name of Allah SWT and the commands of the Qur’an still gained a respectful place in Indonesia.


According to Surat Centhini (1814) Indonesia is a country with many mountains, hills, rivers and rice fields, beautiful landscapes, peace and harmony, and very nice people. But now the situation has changed along with the increasing numbers of mosques and islamic schools in the villages with a special mission. The inhabitants of some villages (not all of them) are not nice at all, and they have lost their kindness. (Kompas, August 23, 2009). It was predicted that Indonesia will become one of the countries that produces a huge number of terrorists in the world.

The Jihad army in Indonesia This army attacked Ambon, provoked a riot, and turned the city into chaos. Thousands people died on 1999. The Mosque & The Islamic Schools Since the time of Muhammad the mosque has been already used for various activities, it goes beyond its main purpose which is a place to worship. Now the mosque is a place for: - Government and court. - Designing war strategy and announcing - A hiding place and storing weapons. - Public worship Within the history of Islam, the jihad movements and announcements of wars were launched from the mosque. On the other side, mass islamic education and training for the young Muslim were being held at the islamic schools (pondok pesantren). These are the places for: - Mainly studying Islam and Arab language. Modern sciences are secondary, but there are exceptions in big cities. - Not every schools are examined by the government, especially in the villages. - Very exclusive, the teachers are very dominant, sometimes the parents must wait a long time to see their children - Building an islamic school is very easy, one would only need a piece of land and some amount of money. No need to ask permission from the government, because the government also support them. - Often falsely used to teach radicalism which tend to push the students into terrorism without any supervision program from the government. The Medina Charter


The Medina Charter is also called the Prophet’s Charter written in the Sirat Rasul Allah by Ibnu Ishaq. But the original copy couldn’t be found in one piece because it is already destroyed. It was narrated again by Ibnu Hisyam by referring to the works of Ibn Ishaq. The date of this Charter was not mentioned by Ibnu Ishaq, but many scholars claimed that this Charter was signed in the early period of Medina, before the Battle of Badr (around 623 AD / 1 H), but some also said that it was after the Battle of Badr (625AD / 3 H). This agreement was done by the Muslim (Muhajirin and Ansar) with the animist and 3 Medina Jewish clans (banu Qainuqa, Nadir, Quraizah). In this agreement, Muhammad was appointed as the mediator (arbiter) if there should be any conflict among the parties who signed the agreement. In the beginning, all parties who signed the Medina Charter was called one people. But, in the future it became two people, which were the Muslim and the Dzimmy which is the non-Muslim, who must obey and submit themselves to the islamic ruler by paying tax. But not very long, the Charter was violated. It happened because a Muslim woman was harrassed by a Jew from the Qainuqa clan. He was then killed by another Muslim, and then the Jewish people killed that Muslim man. Actually, in this Medina Charter, Muhammad has enough authority as a mediator, and it would be very easy for him to handle the problem. But Muhammad did not act as an arbitrer, but took this problem as an opportunity to cancel the agreement by accusing the Qainuqa clan. Actually he has eyes for their treasures, and he ordered his men to surround and destroy the whole Qainuqa clan and took over their wealth, because in the Battle of Badr the Muslim didn’t obtain any important booty). Every tribe, one by one, since 625-626 started with the Qainuqa, were driven out of Median, then the Natzir, and on 627 around 600-800 people from the last of the Quraiza were slaughtered by Muhammad. The islamic force became the more victorius thus inspiring the Muslim to make the Medina Charter as a model, basis and legitimation for various kind of contracts/treaty which are more cunning and oppressive between the Muslim and the non-Muslim. The non-Muslim which is called the Dzimmy are the non-Muslim who are already conquered and lived in the islamic country. They must support the Islam’s wars with their money and themselves. Even in the times of peace the Dzimmy must pay jizyah tax. Muhammad himself set the amount of money of jizyah tax. According to the “tale” of the Muslim, it was only ½ dirham; so they said for the non-Muslim to believe that the Muslim are very generous and tolerant to the non-Muslim. The fact is, the Muslim’s violent treatment to the Dzimmy was executed based on economic and social factors. Some must pay 12, 14, 48 dirham for their money, possesions, pet, farm, anything. Even some others must submit 50% of their own farm, for example the Jews in Khaybar. Only dead people were freed from this jizyah tax. The foundation of this tax retribution is Sura 9:29 1. One must be killed if he refused to pay this tax. 124

2. The blind/crippled, dying man, old and poor, the monks, etc without exception, they all must pay this tax. One must submit his own tax, he can not be represented. Every Dzimmy must always take the tax receit with him because there are times when the Muslim will hold an inspection. This is a punishment and a public insult for the people who has been conqured to diminish their reputation and self esteem as a Dzimmy, and also as a proof that the God of the Dzimmy has no ability to fight Allahu Akbar. The Dzimmy also has no right to give a testimony in court. Their voice is considered as the voice of Satan. Therefore the fate of the Dzimmy in court practically is determined by a Muslim’s testimony. The Islam’s conquest towards the unbelievers/non-Muslim is a discrimination by Allah Himself to the non-Muslim:  “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah...” (Sura 3:110).  “For the worst of beasts in the sight of Allah are those who reject Him: They will not believe” (Sura 8:55). So, how could anyone say that the Medina Charter is a perfect model to unite many nations? It only lasted for 1-2 years. And since then all “fake Charters” on behalf of the Medina Charter are only empty charters made just by one party.

Muhammad. Since his migration to Medina, Muhammad started to introduce, ordered and waged the “holy war” of jihad. He called his followers to kill his enemies, men, women and children. One Osama woman, the daughter of Marwan, was killed because of her poem which opposed the teaching of Muhammad. She didn’t receive mercy from the glorious teaching of Islam and the greatness of the Prophet of Allah. Then Muhammad led 27 private attacks, while declaring jihad by sending his troops to war 47 times without him. He died in 632 AD because he suffered fever for a long time. The Caliphate. After the death of Muhammad, the next Islam leader was called the Caliph. According to the Sunni Muslim, a Caliph must not have any family relationship with Muhammad, but is considered to have the capability to be the leader of the Islam religion. But the Shiah Muslim requires the leader of Islam as someone who has a blood relationship with Muhammad or his descendant. The first four Caliphs after Muhammad were the Rashidun (the rightly-guided Caliphs), they were: 1. Abu Bakar. 2. Umar ibn al-Khattab. 125

3. Uthman ibn Affan. 4. Ali ibn Abu Talib. Abu Bakar He was born on June 8th, 573 AD in Mecca and died on August 23rd, 634 AD in Medina. He was one of Muhammad’s companions who received the assurance that he will enter heaven when he died. When he was 18, he started to trade, travelling with the merchants to Yemen, Syria, etc. This made him a wealthy man. Then he lived in Medina, and became Muhammad’s neighbor. He was about the same age with Muhammad and they were friends. After Muhammad died, the Sunni Muslim chose Abu Bakar as the first Caliph (the first Rasyidun Caliph). While the Shiah Muslim prefered Ali bin Abu Talib as the first Caliph, and considered Abu Bakar has taken over the Caliphate from Ali bin Abu Talib. During the time of Caliph Abu Bakar, the Ridda war was waged where the Caliph killed all the people who opposed him, because they left Islam and refused to pay the tax (zakat). Abu Bakar’s most prominent warlord was Khalid ibn al-Walid who conquered wealthy regions, such as Iraq, the Persian Empire, and the Sassanid. After he gained success conqering those regions, Abu Bakar also conquered the Byzantium empire, Damascus, and attacked the Roman soldiers in the Battle of Maraj-al-Debaj, 190 miles from dari Damascus (634 AD). On that year, Abu Bakar got ill. He suffered from a very high fever and he died two weeks later after he led the Caliphate for 2 years. Before his death, Abu Bakar had appointed Umar ibn Khatab to be his successor as the second Caliph (the second Rasyidun). Abu Bakar also asked Aisha how many cloths wrapped on Muhammad’s body when the Prophet died. Aisha answered 3 folds of cloth. Then Abu Bakar asked to be wrapped in 3 folds of cloth also. Abu Bakar was burried in Nabawi Mosque near Muhammad’s grave. Umar ibn al-Khattab He was born in 586-590 AD in Mecca. Just like his father, he was appointed as a mediator (arbitrer) among the tribes in Mecca. He was a tall man, very strong, and also a wrestler. In 616 AD when he was 27 years old, he became a Muslim and a friend of Muhammad. His daughter, Hafsah, was married to Muhammad in 625. Umar went to war with Muhammad in the Battle of Badr, Uhud, fought and killed the Jews of Banu Nadir, attacked Khaybar, participated in the Hunayn war, etc. After the death of Abu Bakar on August 23rd, 634 AD, Umar was appointed as the second Rashidun Caliph. In the time of Umar’s caliphate, Islam had a fast growth by conquering the eastern Roman empire, Syria (634-637), Palestine (635-636), eastern Anatolia (638), Armenia (638 and 644), Upper Egypt (640-641), lower Egypt (641-642), northern Africa (643), the Sassanid Persian empire, Iraq (636-637), Isfahan and Tabaristan (642-643), Fars (642), Kerman and Makran (643-644), Sistan (643-644), Azerbaijan (643), Khurasan (643-644).


It was Umar who acted as the political, law and civil government architec at that time. He divided the regions he ruled into provinces, for instance Arab was divided into 2 provinces, Mecca and Medina. Iraq also was divided into two provinces, Basra and Kufa, etc. Umar was also called as The Great Farooq, and he was the first Caliph who called as Amir al-Mu’minin (the leader of the believers). During his life time, Umar fulfilled the Hajj ritual 9 times, was married 9 times and had 14 children, 10 sons and 4 daughters. On November 3rd, 644 AD, while Umar was leading the morning prayer, he was attacked by Abu Lulu who stabbed him with a dagger on his stomach, and another stab hit his belly button. Umar had a serious wound. The people surrounded Abu Lulu, but he managed to hurt 12 man, 9 of them died. When the people finally captured Abu Lulu, Abu killed himself with the dagger he used to injure Umar. Three days later, on November 7th, 644 Umar died because of his wounds. Umar ruled as a Caliph for ± 10 years (August 23rd, 634 until November 7th, 644). Umar’s assasination was planned by the Persian who wanted to take a revenge on Umar for attacking and conquering their country. Soon after Umar’s death many Perssian in Medina were captured and killed, among them were Hormuzan, Jafinah, etc. Umar was burried inside the Nabawi mosque, near to Muhammad and Abu Bakar’s grave. The Sunni Muslim respected Umar very much, but The Shiah Muslim accused Umar as the one who caused the death of Muhammad’s daughter, Fatime al Zahra, Ali’s wife. It was said that Fatima was pregnant when she was wedged by the door Umar kicked. Because of that incident, Fatima had a miscarriage and then she died. Umar’ successor as a Caliph was Uthman bin Affan. (Summarized from Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). Uthman ibn Affan. He was born on 579 AD in Taif, Arabia, from the Umayya clan of the Quraish tribe. He was one of Muhammad’s companion, who succeeded Umar as the third Rashidun Caliph, from 644 AD until July 17th, 656 AD. He was also titled Amir al Mu’minin and his other title was Zun Al-Nurayn. Uthman played a big role in the early development of Islam. He ordered the setting of the Qur’an to be a holy book as the Muslim have this present time. During his 12 years caliphate rule, the first 6 years he ruled with peace, but the next 6 years many rebellion occured. Uthman spread Islam until China. He sent Sa’d ibn Ali Waqqas to Chang’an, the capital of the Tang Dinasty in 651. The Hui people considered that year as the official year of the coming of Islam to China. Emperor Gaozong didn’t embrace Islam but gave his permission for the Muslim to build the first mosque in the capital city of the Tang empire as a respect towards Islam. Uthman also sent his messenger to Sri Lanka. After Umar’s death, many conquered regions rebelled and Uthman ordered to calm down those rebellions. 127

Uthman was a success and wealthy bussinessman. He had bussiness in trading, farm, and real estate. He also built for himselves a beautiful palace in Medina. Uthman was also known for his generousity and donated many of his wealth for Muhammad’s wars, built and enlarged the Nabawi mosque in Medina. In the time of Uthman there were 5000 mosques built in the entire region, wealth increased fastly, along with trade, road opening, irigation, market, etc. During the rule of Uthman, he divided the region he ruled into 12 provinces, like Egypt in the time of Umar which was divided into 2 provinces, he changed it into only one province. Provinces were divided into districs. There were 100 districs in the whole region. In appointing the governors and officers in his region, Uthman practiced nepotism by involving his family members and friends. On the second 6 years of his leadership, some regions felt unsatisfied. They started to rebel even sending assasination group from Egypt to Medina to kill Uthman. The front part of Uthman’s palace was strictly guarded by his followers, but the assasins from Egypt climbed the back wall which was unguarded. They went into Uthman’s room as he was reading the Qur’an there, and immediately smite his head. Naila, Uthman’s wife tried to protect him with her body and blocked the sword with her hands. Because of it her fingers were cut. Naila was pushed aside by those killers and they stabbed him until he died. The rioters kept Uthman’s body for 3 days and then they burried him, not at the Jannat al Baqy Muslim cemetery, but at the Jewish cemetery next to the Muslim cemetery. A few years later, the Umayyad destroyed the wall of the Jewish cemetery and taken over a part of the Jewish cemetery, so that Uthman’s tomb was included in the Muslim cemetery. In his life time, Uthman married 8 times and had 15 children. Among his 8 wives, two of them were Muhammad’s daughters whom he married in different times. They were Ruqayyah bint Muhammad who gave birth to a son for Uthman, but died at young age. During the Battle of Badar Ruqayyah died because of malaria and chicken pox. After she died, Uthman married her sister Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad, but she didn’t give Uthman any child. The Sunni Muslim respected Uthman and titled him Zun-Nurayn. But the Shiah Muslim has a negative perspective towards Uthman, especially because he appointed the leaders of his regions from among his family members (nepotism). (Summarized from: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). Ali ibn Abi Talib. 128

He was born on October 23rd, 598 or March 17th, 599 in Mecca. He was the cousin and the son in law of Muhammad. Ali ruled as a Caliph from 656-661 AD. According to the Sunni Muslim, he was the fourth Rashidun Caliph and also the last. But the Shiah Muslim respected him as the first Caliph, the true successor of Muhammad, and also because his descendants were members of Ahl al-Bayt, from the house of Muhammad. This caused a conflict between the Muslim, and then they were divided into the Sunni Muslim and the Shiah Muslim. When Muhammad’s grandfather, Abdul Muttalib died, Muhammad was raised by Ali’s father, Abu Talib. After Muhammad was married to Khadijah for 3 years, Ali was born inside the Ka’ba. When Ali was born, Muhammad carried this baby and named him Ali, which means “a great man”. When Ali was 6 six years old, there was a hunger in Mecca. Then Muhammad took Ali and raised him. In 610, when Ali was 10 years old, he declared himself as a Muslim. Ali has never worshipped another idols except Allah, and Ali was the first man who embraced Islam. Once Ali slept on Muhammad’s bed to deceive his enemies. It happened before the migration to Yathrib. It was a very dangerous act especially if the Meccan knew about it. Ali was the most faithful and honest follower of Muhammad, and he participated in every war with Muhammad. In the Battle of Badr, Ali defeated the champion of the Umayyad, Walid ibn Utba and killed 27 people. With his sword named Zulfiqar, he protected and saved Muhammad in the Battle of Uhud, when many of Muhammad’s warriors ran away. Ali fought bravely, therefore Muhammad named him Ali Asadullah, which means “the lion of Allah”. Muhammad received a revelation that Ali must be married to his first daughter, Fatima al Zahra, which means “the shining woman”. From this marriage, he got 4 children: 2 sons (Imam Hassan and Imam Husain) and 2 daughters. Ali often reported Aisha’s affair, which provoked an enmity between Ali’s group (the Shiah) against Aisha’s group including Abu Bakar, Umar, Uthman, Muawiya (the Sunni). After Muhammad’s death, the Camel War (Bassorah) was waged on 656, between Ali against Aisha, where Aisha then was defeated and captured. But Ali treated Aisha kindly and returned her back to Medina, guarded by Ali’s troops. Aisha died because of natural cause in Medina when she reached 65 years old. That is why Ali was called as a generous man and merciful towards his enemies. 129

When Abu Bakar was about to be appointed as the Caliph to succeed Muhammad, Ali was absent then Umar and his men went to Ali’s house and shouted for Ali to come out of his house. Then he burned Ali’s house and crushed the door. Fatima al Zahra who was pregnant at that time was wedged between the door and the wall. Soon Fatima had a miscarriage, her son was born prematurely, and 6 months later Fatima died. Ali wasn’t a rich man. He earned his living as a farmer and a wheat grinder. He planted, dug wells and donated it for the people. The well he dug is still exist until now, and is called Abar Ali (Ali’s well). After Muhammad died, Fatima asked Abu bakar to give her the Fadak and Khaybar land inherited by Muhammad. But Abu Bakar refused her and asked for proofs and witness. Fatima got very angry and refused to talk to Abu Bakar again. After she died, Ali asked the same request to Umar, but Umar also refused him. A Qur’an Mushaf was collected in a complete edition by Ali, six months after the death of Muhammad. This Mushaf was presented to the people in Medina, but there were some of them rejected it. Even so, Ali didn’t oppose the Mushaf established by Uthman. After the death of Uthman, Ali was appointed as the fourth Rashidun Caliph, and he ruled since 656 – 661 AD, in an unstable period. Ali remodelled Utman’ system; he changed the sentralization of power, opposed nepotism even if it concerned his own family members such as Aqeel bin Abu Talib. He gave all Muslims equal opportunity. Ali taught the importance of farmery and plantation because the land will produce crops and support people to pay tax. One of Ali’s followers, the Kharijites, opposed him and rebelled. This caused the Battle of Nahrawan. The Muawiyah supported the Kharijites. On Ramadan, 19th 661, when Ali was praying in the Kufa mosque, he was stabbed by Abd-al-Rahman ibn Muljam, a member of the Kharijites with a poisoned sword. Ali was injured, and he died two days later on Ramadan 21st 661. Before he died, Ali said to his son Imam Hassan to forgive the man who had injured him severely. But Imam Hassan punished Abd-al-Rahman with one same stab as his father’s wound with the same sword to fulfill the Qisas law. According to Al-Shaykh Al-Mufid, Ali didn’t want his tomb to be ruined by his enemies, therefore he asked to be burried in a secret place.


The secret about the tomb was then revealed by the Caliphate of the Abbasid Imam Ja’far Al-Sadiq dinasty. The tomb was inside of the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf, Iraq. Some of the Shiah followers, especially in Afghanistan believed that the tomb is in the Rawze-ESharif Mosque (the Blue Mosque) in Mazar-E-Sharif, Afghanistan.
Ali’s tomb inside the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf, Irak.

Mosque of Imam Ali in Najaf, Irak.

The Blue Mosque at Mazar-E.Sharif, Afghanistan

When Muhammad was still alive, Ali wanted to remarry, but his father in-law forbade him. After Fatima al Zahra died, Ali took another wife and had 4 sons, among them were Abbas and Muhammad. Ali’ son, Hasan, was born on 625 AD, and was appointed as the Shiah Imam (religious leader), the second Caliph. He only ruled for 6 months, and on the 50th year of Hijriah he died because his food was poisoned by the people in his household. The historians said that the assasination of Ali was arranged by the Muawiyah. Husain, Ali’ son, was born on 626 AD, and he succeeded the Shiah’s Caliphate. His leadership suffered pressure and torture from the Muawiyah. After being hunted down for days, on the tenth day of Muharam on 680 AD, Husain with his small group of followers faced the troops of Yazid, Muawiyah’ son in Karbala. This was known as the Karbala War. Husain fled his horse carrying his 1 year old son, Abdallah (Ali Asgar) in his arm. The boy cried because of thirst. Suddenly an arrow cut through his son’s ear and also Husain’s arm. Husain laid down his son’s dead body, and said: “We came from God and we return to Him!” He was in thirst and suffered many wounds, but he fought his enemies. He killed some of them, but then his 131

weapon was dropped off his hand and a sword cut through his back. He fell down to the ground, they cut off his head and his body was stepped on by the horses of his enemies. Most of his followers were killed. For three days long Husain’s dead body and also his men were abandoned, hit by the heat of the sun and the cold air at night. Then the wild beasts and the voulchers ate them. The 10th Muharram is celebrated by the Shiah Muslim as The Mourning Day (Ashura). Husain’s daughter, Zainab, was captured by Yazid’s troops in Karbala city. In the future it was her who told what had happened to Husain and hid followers. (Islam under the Arabs, Delaware, 1976, pp.126-7. Robert Durey Osborn, 1835-1889, Major of the Bengal Staff Corps). Umayyad 661-750 AD The house of Umayyad was also called the clan/Banu Abd Shams, who shared the same ancestor with Muhammad, namely Abd Manaf ibn Qusai whose sons were Abd Shams and Hasyim. Abd Shams had a son named Umayyad, while Hasyim’ son was Abd al Muttalib → Abd. Allah → Muhammad. Both the Umayyad and the Hashimite were from the Quraish tribe. According to the Shiah, Umayyad was Abd Shams’ adopted son, therefore he wasn’t an offspring of Abd Manaf ibn Qusai. The Umayyads and the Hashimites had a bitter history. In the battle of Badr, three top leaders of the Umayyad clan namely Utba ibn Rabiah, Walid ibn Utba and Shaybah were killed by the Hashimite clan, namely Ali, Hamzah ibn Abd al-Muttalib and Ubaydah. This caused Umayyad’s grandson named Abu Sufyan ibn Harb fought against Muhammad and Islam. Abu Sufyan gathered the Meccan troops and fought with Muhammad’s troops in the Battle of Uhud. In this battle Muhammad was defeated and lost many of his men, among those who were killed was his uncle, Hamzah. Abu Sufyan’s wife, Hind, was the daughter of Utba bin Rabiah who had a revenge because his father was killed in the Battle of Badr. Utba cut Hamzah’s dead body, taken out his liver and ate it. Five years later when Muhammad conquered Mecca, because he was concerned about his safety, Abu Sufyan embraced Islam the night Mecca was conquered. The same with his son, Muawiyah I who later became a Caliph. This provoked hatred between the Umayyad clan and the Hashimite clan. In the future there was a war between Mauwiyah I and Ali, the assasination of Husain ibn Ali and his family and his friend in the Karbala war ordered by Yazid ibn Muawiyah. The historians said that the ruler of the first Umayyad dinasty was Caliph Uthman ibn Affann (644-656), the second was Caliph Muawiyah. Uthman appointed his family (nepotism) as governors for his conguered regions. He appointed Muawiyah as the governor of Syria, Abdullah ibn Saad as the governor of Egypt, Walid ibn Uqba as the


governor of Kufah. Walid was famously known because he led the people in prayer while he was heavily drunk. Uthman also appointed Marwan ibn al-Hakam as his advisor. Ali’s group had an enmity with the group of Aisha, Muhammad’s wife, Talhah, Al Zubayr, Umar, Uthman, Muawiya. Ali moved the capital city of his government from Medina to Kuf. The war that waged between the two groups were the Fitna I war (656-661), the Camel War 656, where Ali defeated Aisha. Ali’s war against Muawiyah was known as the Siffin war; no side won this war, therefore they established a mediatory board. Most of Ali’s men opposed this mediatory board. Then they separated themselves from Ali’s group and formed a group called the Kharijites. Ali’s group fought the Kharijites in the Nahrawan War. In 661, Ali was killed by a Kharijites warrior, and Muawiyah proclaimed himself as Caliph, and moved the capital city to Damascus, Syria. The group Muawiya did a lot of persuasions and bribed the troops and Ali’s men, until finally Ali’s family was assasinated by Muawiyah group. Umayyad transformed the caliphate from a religious institution into a dinasty. The Umayyad dinasty ruled from Damascus, Syria until 750 AD. After the death of Husain, there was a union between Ibn al Ubay in Mecca, the people of Mecca and the Kharijites in Basra to fight Yazid. Therefore Yazid sent his troops to surround Mecca. This was known as the Al Harra War, which caused destruction and fire on the Ka’ba. In this war, Yazid got killed and Ibn al Zubayr conqured Mecca. Yazid’s troops returned to Damascus and Yazid’s position was replaced by Muawiyah II (683683). Two fraction formed an opposition, they were the fraction of Ibn al Zubayr and Quda’a who supported Marwan, the descendant of Umayya of Wail ibn Umayyah. Marwan’s troops won the Marj Rahit war near Damascus 684 AD, and soon Marwan became Caliph. Then this dinasty reborn in Cordoba, the region of Andalusia, which are now Spain and Portugal, and ruled for 800 years. The model of its government are Emirate, Caliphate, Taifas and the Granada Kingdom until the 16th century. On 710 Muhammad bin Qasim and his troops sailed from Khaleej to Sind and conquered Sind and Punjab, the area along the Indus River, Pakistan. During 1031 AD, the Taifa system was applied at Iberia. The Umayyad caliphate ended in Iberia on January 2nd, 1492 after Granada under Muhammad XII, which was known as Boabdil was defeated and surrendered to Ferdinan II from Aragon and Isabella I from the Castile of the Catholic empire. This was the end of the islamic government and the Umayyad dinasty. Umayyad (Abd al-Malik) built a big mosque with a golden dome: The Dome of the Rock, upon the former spot of the temple of King Solomon, a place that believed as the spot where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac. The building of the mosque started in 687 AD and was accomplished in 691 AD. The building of the Dome of the Rock was to make


it a rival to the Ka’ba in Mecca which was in the hands of Ibn al Zubayr, as the final destination to accomplish the Hajj ritual. In 634 AD, Umayyad attacked the Roman Empire and the Sassanid, and won. But they were blocked by the Roman army at Constantinopel in 674-678 and once again in 717. Frank Charles Martel also defeated the Islam troops which invaded France at Pyrenes mountains in 732. In the east, the islamic kingdom attacked the Tang dinasty in China. In 751 the Arab troops gained victory Samarkand, Bukhara until Kabul Afganistan. The painting on the wall in the Qusayr Amra palace, probably built by Caliph Al-Walid II, pictured a concubine. The harem of Umayyad filled with many concubines. They were trained to sing, dance, and other performing arts to satisfy the man who owned them. Abbasid 750-1258 AD Caliph Abbasid was a descendant of Abbas al-Muttalib (566-662), the youngest uncle of Muhammad. Abbas launched an opposition against Umayyad, he befriended the Shia Muslim, gained support from the Mawali group, the Yemen people and some Arab people, and eventually he defeated Umayyad. Muhammad ibn Ali, one of Abbas’ grandson campaigned to returned the power back to the house of Muhammad, the Hashimite in Persia during the rule of Umar II. In the time of the rule of Marwan II, Imam Ibrahim, Muhammad’s grandson was supported by the Khorasan province in Iran to rebel. But he got caught and then prisoned in 747, and died while he was still in prison. People believed that he was killed there. Abdullah who was also called Abu al-Abbas as Saffah defeated Umayyad at the Zab river, then proclaimed himself as Caliph. The Abbasid Caliphate dinasty started in Haran in 750 AD later moved its capital city from Damascus to Baghdad in 762, while the Umayyad group which was defeated, moved to Cordoba, Andalusia – Spain. Abd ar Rahman I (756), Abd ar Rahman II appointed themselves as the Emir and the Caliph of Cordoba as a rival to the Caliph of Baghdad. Then the Abbasid dinasty embraced the Sunni Islam. This caused a separation and a number of conflicts within the Shiah Muslim. The greatest conflict happened in 786 in Mecca. Blood was shed and the Shiah people moved to Maghreb. There they declared the kingdom of Idris. Tha Abbasid also killed Muhammad’s descendants who became Imam (religious leaders) for the Shiah. Among them was Imam Jafar Sidiq. During 50 years of the rule of Idris’ group in Maghreb and Aghlabids from Ifriqiya, followed by Tulumids and Ishidiq from Misr declared their independence in Africa. Berber Kharijites established a country in North Africa in 801 AD. The leaders of the Abbasid faced many oppositions. The supporters of the Abbasid in Khorasan Persia 134

separated themselves, established their own kingdom. Then Harun al Rashid (786-809) attacked Barnakids the Perssian family and killed them. The appointed governors obtained a greater autonomy for their rule and then passed it down to their descendants. The Byzantium empire fought the Abbasid in Syria and Anatolia. The military operations didn’t seen so much and the Abbasid mostly focused their attention to the inners issues. The golden period started in the 8th century and forward. There were many development in various areas such as education, science, philosophy, language, medicine, etc. These are more valuable than shedding the blood of the martyrs. Hulagu Khan invaded Baghdad (February 10, 1258), killed many people, destroyed and burned down many beautiful buildings, and they also thrown away books into the Tigris river. The Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad Al-Musta’sim was a descendant of Muhammad’s uncle. They wrapped him in a carpet and he was stepped on by horses until he died. His whole family were killed except for his son and his daughter. They were sent to Mongolia as slaves in the Hulagu harem. The Fatimid Caliphate 909-1171 AD The Fatimid Caliphate also called as the al-Fatimiyyun was a Shiah Arab dinasty which ruled over Maghreb, Egypt, Sicily, Malta and Levant since January 5, 909 until 1171 AD. This dinasty was established in 909 by Al Mahdi Billah who was a descendant of Muhammad through his daughter Fatima as-Zahra and her husband Ali ibn Abi Talib, the first Shiah Imam, and that is why it was called the Fatimiyyun or Fatimid. Abdullah al Mahdi soon expanded his rule in Middle Maghred, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya where he ruled from Mahdia as the capital city of Tunisia. The Fatimid invaded Egypt in 900 AD, conquered the Ikhshidid dinasty and established its capital city in al-Qahira (Cairo) in 969. This name was taken from the planet Mars which was clearly seen when the building of the city started. Under the Fatimid, Egypt became the center of the kingdom, included the areas of northern Africa, Yemen and Hejaz. The Fatimid appointed some men in his governmental posts, not only from the Shiah but also from the Sunni, as long as they were qualified to do the job. The Fatimid was also famously known by his works of art and architecture such as the AlAzhar University and the Al-Hakim mosque. In 1040, Zirid the governor of northern Africa declared his region’s independence from the Fatimid. Furthermore, the attack from Turkey, and later the Crusader lessen the rule of the Fatimid and only left Egypt. In 1169, the Zengid ruled, namely Nur ad-Din and Shirkuh as his general, surrounded Egypt and conquered it. But Shirkuh died 2 months after he ruled. His rule was continued by his nephew, Saladin, and this was the start of the Ayyubid dinasty. The Ottoman Dinasty 1299-1922 AD


The Ottoman dinasty in Turky was known as the Osmanli, which means the house of Osman. The first ruler of this dinasty was called as the Beys or the chief of the tribe, which equals with Emir or a Governor. The founder of the Ottoman dinasty was Osman I. The title Sultan was firstly used by Murad I, who ruled since 1359-1389. The Sultan was the only and absolute ruler within the state, the goerment and the highest court. The title Sultan is higher than Emir, Malik King or Shah (in Persia). The Sultan equipped the Topkapi palace which was the harem for vacation. In May 29th 1453, Constantinople was conquered and Ottoman became a kingdom ruled by Sultan Mehmed II who wore a title (a Persian title), which means Lord of the Kings. Sultan Mehmed II also appointed himselves as the Caesar of Rome, Khan of all Khans, the Grand Sultan of Anatolia and Rumelia, Caesar of 3 Contantinople cities, edirne and Bursa, Lord of 2 lands and 2 seas, Master of the universe. Sultan Ottoman also ruled as an islamic Caliph, started from Sultan Selim I who became an islamic Caliph after the death of the last Abbasid Caliphate of Cairo, namely AlMutawakkil III. The last ruler of the Ottoman kingdom was Sultan Mehmed VI and Caliph Abdulmecid II, who was the last Caliph. In November 11th, 1922 the Ottoman kingdom and the Caliphate ended, and the state was changed into the Republic of Turky.

The last Caliph, Abdulmecid II

The history of the Ottoman in Turky was famously known with their violent rule which caused many violent massacres on many European nations widely. The Sultans of Ottoman were known with their violence. They killed anyone who disobeyed them or refused to pay tax (zakat) to the Sultan in Istambul. For 400 years they committed many killings on the the people of the nations they had conquered. The Genocide in Armenia by the Ottoman. Since the invasion of Sicily by Seljuk Turky in 1071, the Battle of Manzikert, Armenia was submitted under the rule of Turky and continued until the Ottoman rule since 13001923. Armenia was a Christian country. Ottoman applied the Sharia law in Armenia and in all of the regions they have conquered, treated the non-Muslim as Dhimmi, abused them as second class citizen, forced them to 136

pay the Dhimmi tax, and forbid them to participate in politic. They were hated by the Muslim in Turky. The Ottoman robbed their treasures, the lands of the inhabitants, raped their women, cast out the people from their villages. They were also forced to embrace Islam or die. Therefore, the southern provinces of Armenia became Muslim (majority) and later became a part of Turky. When Sultan Abdul Hamid ruled, he conducted an “ethnic cleansing” program, started in 1894 and it lasted for 30 years. The Hamidian massacre in 1894-1896, 1909, 1915-1918, and 1920-1922 which killed all Armenian people without mercy. In December 1895, 8000 Armenian people were slaughtered like animals in Urfa. The men were killed in a traditional islamic ceremony (Idul Adha) like slaughtering an animal for sacrifice. They were laid down on their backs, their arms and legs were held tightly, and then their necks were cut off while the Muslim recited some verses from the Qur’an (the Kursi verses). A law (Fatwa) was announced in 1915 for the Muslim to wage jihad against the non-Muslim people in Armenia. In April 24th 1915, the State Minister ordered to imprisoned the political leaders in Armenia, thousands were executed without trial. One month later, 1,1 million people were deported. They said that those people were relocated to a farm colony, but the fact was it was only a taqiyyah (deception). They were abandoned in the desert without any water and food supply. Whoever embraced Islam will not be deported, therefore there were 200.000 Armenian people became Muslim. Walking through the mountain and the Der El Zor desert with no shoes, no food and water, the children and the women were raped by the Turky guards and the local Kurd people. The rest of them died because of hunger, thirst or disease. The rest of the men were massacred, hundreds of young women and also babies were thrown into the cliffs and rivers. Little girls were being sold to be married to the Kurd people. Those who were 137

let to live were forced to build railways, crushing the stones and digging the Taurus Mountain. There were 60.000 Armenian people landed on the Aleppo area. They survived, but then they were slaughtered. In 1915 the Armenian could still be found in big cities such as Van, Bitlis, Erzerum, Kharperts, Sivas, Trebizond, Konya, Kayseri, Adana, Izmir, Bursa, Edirne etc, but after the systematic genocide the Armenian Turky were only limited in Constantinople. The Armenian people had a strong Christian identity since the first century. In 301 AD, the king of Armenia decided that his country became the first Christian country in the world. The Armenian people participated in many aspects of the live of Ottoman and made a big contribution for trade, industry, architecture, art, and music for Turky. But Turky gave a total bloody destruction in return for this ancient and civilized nation. During 10 years of the Turky tirany, the blue eyes and white skin Armenian women were imprisoned. The most beautiful ones became inhabitants of the Sultan’s harem, and the rest became sex slaves for the rulers. These beautiful Armenian women prisoners gave birth to beautiful offsprings for the Muslim of Turky, because their descendants have a white Caucassian face as we can see them nowadays. But their descendants have already forgotten their ancestors. This tactic always happened on women whose country was conquered by the Muslim. In 1923, from 2 million Armenian people, 1,5 million people died, 200.000 embraced Islam and lived in Turky, and the rest ran away to the West, widely spread in 195 countries, lived near aleppo and around Jiser al Shoughor. The Armenian people called this their Golgotta. Their killers walked away free without any punishment nor sanction. In 2005 the Armenian commemorated the 90th year of their Golgotta and they prayed that their suffering would be acknowledged by the whole world. Spain was freed from islamic state in 1492, but 3 centuries later the Muslim pirates from Northern Africa hunted down the Christians along the Mediteranian Coast and Europe. The Christians were killed, captured, enslaved and asked for ransom including Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish writer.


Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). He was a very famous Spanish writer who wrote the story of Don Quixote de la mancha. He was captured by the Muslim pirates in 1575, in his journey from Italy to Spain. His friends collected money for his ransom by borrowing money from many people. In 1580 he was freed but immediately he got bankrupt because of so many debts.


Abu Bakar

Umar ibn al-Khatab

Uthman ibn Affan

Ali ibn Abi Talib SHIAH

Muawiya ibn Abi Sufyan



El-Kharij Killed in Karbala Within ± 50 years, Muhammad’s grandchildren became victims of Muhammad’s own violent philosophy. Since 660, Islam was divided into: 1. The followers of Ali SHIAH. 2. The followers of Muawiya El-Hahashen. SUNNI .


A very fanatic Shiah Muslim, they smoke hashish (cocaine/marijuana) before they committed suicidal taks (appeared in the 11th century). This movement grows fast, committed many killings in Persia and Iraq. In the early of the 12th century they became a nightmare in the Middle East. Ibn Taymiyah. In the early of the 14th century, a charismatic Sunni leader appeared. He fought against the Mongolian attack in Syria (1299-1303). Ibn Taymiyah taught that the Mongolian Muslim were not the true Muslim. Important Principles:  The Muslim must reject, fight, and destroy any islamic government that is not based on the islamic laws.  The Muslim must wage jihad against anyone whose belief is different from Islam, especially the Jews and the Christians. The terrorism attack suffered by the world today is a result of the above way of thinking. The Wahhabi Movement. Muhamad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1792) established the Wahhabi movement which brought down the rule of the Turky in Arab and established a 100% islamic government. The house of the Saudi Arabian kings was a descendant of Abdul Azis bin Saud, the political councelor of the Wahhab.

In 1920, a new history was recorded or the countries in the Middle East because they received their independence from Europe. In 1924, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk established a secular Turk country, replaced the islamic system which had lasted for 600 years. Sheikh Hassan al-Banna. Established the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in Egypt as a response to Turky. Its belief was a mix of El-Kharij, El-Hashashen and Ibn Taymiyah’s way of thinking. Very militant, aggressive, and full of hatred against anyone who disobeys the islamic laws. In 1948 the state of Israel was established. The enmity between the Jews and the Arab which has no end nourished the growing of the radical fundamental movement. In 1948 the Muslim Brotherhood killed the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mahmoud Nokrashy Pasha. Followed by the attempted murder on the new appointed Prime Minister, Ibrahim Abdel Hadi, but it was the Grand Judge Moutashar Ahmad El-Kazendari who got killed.


Sayyid Qutb. He was raised in the midst of hatred breathed by the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1948 he was sent to study in America only to return home with hatred towards the U.S. He accused America as kafir (unbelievers) and godless and that America has a great influence on the people in the islamic world. Qutb believed that Allah is the only ruler of this world, there must not any other government made by man, including democracy, communism, socialism and dictator. All must be opposed and brought down. He shared the same way of thinking with Sheikh Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi, the leader of the islamic movement in Pakistan. Qutb not only applied his philosophy within the country, but also called the Muslim all over the world to do the same. This calling was answered by the Muslim Brotherhood by committing an attempted murder on the President of Egypt, Nasser, in 1954 and 1965. Qutb was sentenced to death in 1965 by the government of Egypt in the period of Gamal Abdel Nasser, and his books were destroyed. The famous one was Signs Along the Road (Ma’alim fi el-Tareek) which can only be found in the black market. Qutb was a philosophy giver and a spiritual leader of each the terrorist groups nowadays.

Sayyid Qutb He was titled the “Martin Luther” of the modern jihad movement. He was sent to study in America, returned home and hated the U.S. Provoked the Muslim to destroy man-made government. He was sentenced to death by the Egyptian government (Nasser) because of his book Signs Along the Road. Dr Salah Serea. He followed Qutb’s thought. Serea established the Islamic Freedom Radical Movement (Hezb al-Tarir). In April 19th, 1974 he attacked the Military Academy in Cairo. In 1975 he and some of his followers were sentenced to death. Shokri Moustafa. He established a new militant group to achieve Dr. Serea’s goal which was Al-Takfir walHijra. This group kidnapped and killed an Al-Azhar professor – Dr Husein El-Thehaby who condemned the Moustafa Movement. He was sentenced to death by the Egyptian government in 1977.


The terrorist groups taken over the universities in Egypt In the early of 1970, President Sadat freed the members of the Muslim Brotherhood from prison, in order to block the influence of the Soviet and communism. This strategy succeeded but also caused them to grow a big and endangered the government. They established the al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya (Islamic Group Movement, IGM), conducting rectruitment in schools and universities, using former Al-Azhar professor who was once imprisoned. They applied the philosophy of Qutb and each year listened to the speaches of various leaders such as Shekh Abed Al-Hamid Kishk, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman. This movement spread its wings to Sudan, Tunisia, Aljazair, Yemen, Suriah, Iraq, Lebanon and many other countries. One of the leaders of this movement in Al-Minya was Ayman al-Zawahiri who later became Osama bin Laden’s right hand. Mohammed Abdul-Salam Farag. In the middle of 1980, he established the al-Jihad group. This movement killed journalist, author and the chief of the Egyptian Parliament. One of its members was Abod Al-Zomor, an Egyptian military high intelligent officer, who supplied the weapon and explosives. The philosophy of al-Jihad was written by an engineer, Mohammed Abed al-Salem, in his book Al-Fareda Al-Gaaba (The Missing Commitment). This book emphasized that Jihad is the only way for Islam to be resurrected. Interestingly, this book also said that “invasion is heading for Rome” which means that the focus (of Islam) is not merely Arab and Africa, but also Europe and the West. To gain financial support, the al-Jihad robbed the Christian businessmens in Egypt, and even killed some of them. Al-Jihad appointed Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the professor of Al-Azhar as the leader of their group. President Sadat was killed in 1981. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman announced a death penalty (fatwa) for President Sadat because he was considered as an unbeliever and a traitor who wanted to make peace with Israel. The assasination was done by Khaled al-Islambouli, a soldier of the al-Jihad army. President Anwar Sadat was killed while he was attending the commemoration of the victory of Egypt over Israel in 1973, on October 10th, 1981. Vice President Hosni Mubarak who succeeded the President ordered a massive search, and then Khaled alIslambouli was sentenced to death.

Khaled al-Islambouli, A soldier of the al-Jihad army, the sniper who killed

President Anwar Sadat. He was sentenced to death in 1981. 142

Because of the pressure from the government of Egypt many fundamentalist members of the al-Jihad left the country and established new radical oraganizations: - Al Qaeda established by Osama bin Laden and Dr Ayman Al-Zawahiri. - Abdullah Azzam, Abu Muzab Al-Zarkawi. Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman A Professor of Qur’an interpretation and islamic law in Al-Azhar. The spiritual councelor for the Jihad movement in front of the High Court in Egypt. Eventually he was set free. He moved to the U.S and was sentenced for life because he arranged the bombing on WTC in 1993.

Sudan. Hasan Al Turabi killed many Christians, sold women and children for US$ 15. Aljazair. Khaled Islambouli’s mother accompanied by her son Muhammad influenced fanatic Muslims to wage jihad, terrorizing for 6 years and killed 150.000 people. Modern Jihad  The bombing on the U.S. Embassy in Kenya, more than 200 people died.  The bombing on the USS Cole, 17 people died, happened in the time of President Bill Clinton.  Launch a missile towards a comersial plane while it took off.  The bombing on WTC in 2001.  The Madrid bombing in Spain, more than 150 people died.  The London bombing, 56 people died.  Indonesia: - Ambon. - Poso. - Paddy’s Club Bali. - JW Marriott, Jakarta. - The Australian Embassy. - Burning chuches and killing the Christians. Islamist loyalty to the state The fundamentalist Islam forbids its members to join the army of infidels and fight to defend the country. War is allowed to defend the holy places: 143


The Grand Mosque in Mecca. The Nabawi Mosque in Medina. The Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

They don’t have any loyalty to the mother land/state. Example # 1: The radical people who blew up the WTC and the radical people who bombed the train and bus in London were born citizens of those countries or immigrants were well treated. Example # 2: The shooting in Fort Hood Texas. On November 5th, 2009, a psychiatrist for the United States Army, Major Malik Hasan Nidal has shot and killed 13 people and wounded 30 others at Fort Hood Texas, 12 victims were American soldiers and 1 civilian employee. He started the shooting by jumping on a table and shouted “Allahu Akbar”, and fired 100 bullets from 2 pistols namely FN 57 semi automatic and a Magnum 357 Smith&Wesson which he already bought from a private gun store. He filled the pockets of his clothes with Magazins full of bullets. Two police officers, namely Sergeant Kimberley Munley and Sergeant Mark Todd, were called after the incident had succeeded to shot Hasan down. During the gunfight, Sergeant Munley hit by 3 shots that made him fell down, while Hasan got shot until he was fainted. Both of them were taken to the hospital and their life could be saved. Anwar al Awlaki, imam of the Dar il Hijra mosque in Virginia praised Hasan’s action in killing the American soldiers and called for those other Muslims who became the American soldier to follow Hasan’s trail. Major Nidal Hasan Malik, 39 years is a descendant of a Muslim Palestinian, born in America, got a scholarship to become a doctor and psychiatrists, received many other goods from America, has returned all the kindness of the country by killing American soldiers. This is the same as British Islamists who exploded the subway in London, who was also a British citizen from Pakistan. This proves that the Islamists never thank their benefactor, no matter how much good and kindness had been given to him. Loyalty only to Islam though it is contrary to their conscience.

Human rights
Al-Qaeda Al-Faquhia:Whoever denies the truth of Islam is an unbeliever. Those who left Islam (apostate) and those who has a different opinion and against Islam must be killed. Example: 144



Dr Mahfouz, a nobel winner in 1988, was stabbed in 1994 and almost died. At that time he was 83 years old. Dr Farag Foda, an Egyptian scholar on farm/plantation was shot to death. Salman Rusdi, the author of The Satanic Verses Qadaffi, once said that he didn’t believe in the Hadith, only the Qur’an. Anwar Sadat, was sentenced to death for making peace with Israel. In Saudi Arabia no church can be build although there are Christian communities. Dr Farag Foda

A scholar on plantation in Egypt, and a Muslim. He was shot to death by the islamic fundamentalis because of his book which opposed the activity of the fundamentalist. The islamic fundamentalist is like a cancer inside a human body. Shouldn’t it be thrown away before it is too late?

"PROHIBITED to make friends with the JEWS and Christians, AND CONSEQUENTIAL break". (The sentence is written as a title of Sura 5:51 as follows). “O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust”. (Sura 5:51) That is why in the Muslim countries it is very difficult for the non-Muslims to occupy high or important positions. Such positions were only for the Muslims, although they do not have a proper capacity; all that matters is his faith as a Muslim. Likewise in the military, the highest rank for a non-Muslim is colonel, while the top ranks are only for the Muslim. If there are Christian generals, it would be only one or two people, just for political reasons. Also, there are discrimination in education. The non-Muslim students, no matter how smart they are, they find difficulties to attend the government universities. This would drain the national resources systematically, and in return would exhaust the performance and achievement of the state. Therefore almost all Islamic countries faced difficulties to compete internationally, and difficult to be prosperous, except for some countries that happened to be wealthy because of oil. But even if Saudi Arabia and Iran which are abundant in oil, only the rulers who are generally wealthy, while the people remain poor.


The Muslim said that they want an inter cultural dialogue. What culture and what kind of dialogue? Inter-faith exchange of ideas is not a common practice in the Islamic world. Ignorance and denying one’s own religion and also other people’s faith is the enemy of a dialogue. But the popular slogan of the ignorant have dominated the Muslim who basically difficult to hold a dialogue: "We Muslims have nothing to learn from you infidels". In September 2006, Pope Benedict XVI at Regensburg University Germany where he served as professor of theology. In his speech entitled: Faith and Reason, the Pope noted that "God is a reasonable figure" is consistent with the Greek concept of logos, while the Islamic doctrine said "God totally beyond reason", so God will do whatever pleases Him and not limited by anything, including reason. Therefore His actions does not make any sense to humans. Pope Benedict quoted a conversation that occurred in 1391 between the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus a Persian scholar and an expert in Christianity and Islam. In this discussion the emperor talks about jihad and saying: "Show me just what Muhammad taught and that you find only evil and barbarity, such as his order to spread their religion by the sword." The Emperor said that the continued spread of religion by sword is unreasonable and contrary to God and conscience. God "does not like bloodshed" and to act absurd is contrary to the nature of God. Anyone who invites people to believe must be able to speak well, honest and reasonable without any threats and carrying a gun to force someone to agree with his faith. Not doing things in accordance with reason is contrary to the will and the identity of God. It was proven! The Pope’s lecture produced a wave of unreasonable protests from the Islamic people throughout the world. The Afghan Parliament demanded an apology. Iran accused the consul was a trick of the West against Islam because Islam is connected with violence. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia said that the Pope's comments was "unwise and inappropriate" Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Malaysia etc. issued a similar statement. Riots occurred throughout the world, churches were burned and destroyed in Gaza, West Bank, Basra. In Mogadishu an elderly Italian nun and her assistant were killed. Extremist Muslims called the islamic world to kill the Pope.


The Al Ghuraba British Muslim organizations under the leadership of Anjem Choudary led the demonstration outside the Westminster Abbey demanded the Pope to be sentenced severely. Somali Islamic leader Abubakar Hassan Malin said the Pope should be found and killed at that place. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said: "The Pope should take back his incorrect and bad statement and apologize to the Islamic world so as not to impede efforts in cultural and religion dialogue ... .." Then what kind of a dialogue desired by Muslims? Many verses of the Qur'an has brought controversy, and require an explanation. The questions of Emperor Manuel II Paleologus are historical questions that remain unanswered. For most of the Muslims exchanging ideas (dialogue) can only happen one way (monologue), as Muhammad received from Jibril. What the Muslim really wanted is for "you to listen to what we say to you, and you have to agree". If you ask difficult questions that we can not answer, we will hurt you because you have hurt us, and we will kill you. The human civilization has had a lot of brutality and war, too much blood was shed, we do not need another war. War is not a measure for the world peace. Let's leave the religious fanaticism and blindness, and let's do the actual dialogue and answer the real questions in a civilized way. Living the life in this world this present time is increasingly difficult with the existence of global warming, pollution, natural disasters, food shortages, disease outbreaks, etc. Life is even more compounded by the existence of Islamist radicals who committed terrorism in many parts of the world. As the result, there are strict examinations conducted everywhere, in airports, hotels, shopping centers, offices, even tourism destinations are not safe anymore. To enter the Taj Mahal, India, and St.Peter Basilica in Rome one must have a long queue and irritating to undergo a strict examination. Each time the heart is never peaceful because the bomb could explode anywhere, anytime. We need a world that is safe, peaceful and comfortable to live side by side. It requires spiritual enlightenment in the nature of authenticity, and remove all the poison. Could it be possible?