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B2B Final

B2B Final

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Published by: Bhanu Priya on Nov 19, 2011
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New Tech Marketing in B2B

Presented By: Group 7 Aditya Negi (191064) Ankita Sehjpal (191076) Bhanupriya Deswal (191081) Khem Singh Chauhan (191090) Pankaj Kukkar (191102) Parul Garg (191103)

 Marketing principles haven't changed, but the

tools, prospect expectations, and the way that we execute on those principles is changing radically.  People are extremely informed because information is available anywhere  If companies aren't able to provide the right information in the right context in a way that prospects and customers want to consume, they won't be able to connect.

home page. Twitter and MySpace have also done a great job popularizing the approach  Several websites now hire specialized agencies . or social networking site and provide a simple news feed or interactive simulation  Widgets are designed  To easily share content across websites and platforms  To bring the user back to a full website for detailed information  For viral marketing and advertising campaigns  Facebook.Widgets  Widgets are mini-software applications that can be added to desktop. smart phone.

Some widget examples in B2C  Southwest Airlines' "Ding" widget alerts users to    special fares Backcountry.com's Steep and Cheap highlights great new deals InStyle's Zomato.com In India. mapmyindia etc Zomato . Hollywood Hair Makeover lets users put celebrity do's on their own photos for fun and to help widget is used by several popular websites with copycat styling including makemytrip.com recently sponsored a widget development contest to explore new innovative widgets for its content .

Popular widgets in India: Cricinfo & BSE .

including live and online events and publications Additional advertising revenue stream for content publishers and content sharing websites . rather than relying on them to come to their site Emphasis on providing value to the costumers.Impact on B2B  Enables companies to go where the customers      have already spend time. otherwise they'll pay no attention Simple and inexpensive to produce and track and thus to experiment with Potential for engaging with the customer on an ongoing basis Natural tie-in with other value-providing tactics.

receive the latest news & information from your favorite blogs & web sites in one location Social feeds take the web activity of a user or group of users and spread it just as far and wide Facebook.     shared streams of information about individuals and communities Social Feeds application. created "news feeds" that let users on the service get a feed of what their friends were doing on the site Mashing together activity feeds across the Web is the new hot trend-for instance.Social Feeds  Social feeds and RSS Feeds are aggregated. combining a user's .

Social feed on Espncricinfo.com/RSS reader .

eBay. which became very controversial due to privacy concerns & attracted several lawsuits.com sellers can leverage a new way to drive potential bidders and buyers to their listings  The service. eBay planned to use Beacon so that its sellers will be able to choose to include their product listings in their Facebook News Feeds. was . Beacon system was designed to send data from external websites to Facebook to allow users to share their activities with their friends & to allow for targeted advertisements  Beacon partner websites decide the appropriate set of actions from their sites that users can distribute on Facebook  For example. In doing so.Facebook Beacon  Launched in 2007.

it has been concluded that B2B firms are failed to make social media work measure it’s ROI (as per survey by PWC)  Facebook's Beacon. which injected both brand ads and word-of-mouth-style messages into the personal news feed.Impact on B2B  It is a powerful tool where companies can replace e-mail and real time communications such as phone and texting with social feeds  However. demonstrated both the power and danger of introducing marketing into these very personal feeds .

Data Portability  Data portability is a philosophy and a set of would-be standards and formats that aim to let users better control how they share information about themselves and their activities on the Web.  It gives users more control over their personal data-including choosing when and how to move data from site to site .

Picasa Web Albums. Contact and Circles. and Profile. Google Takeout makes it easy to extract your data from a variety of Google Services including: Buzz. Example Google has unveiled a new service that provides advanced Data Portability across its diverse platform. .

 Face book disabled a critical feature used to export your friends data (Facebook blocks Google Chrome extension for exporting friends).  When crafting global policy regarding user’s data they must include the user. This appears to be a direct response to Google’s recent moves further into social networking. . Google removed an existing feature from its Android mobile phone operating system specifically to make it more difficult for users to integrate their Face book contacts.

.Impact on B2B  With data portability companies can share selected data with there suppliers and channel partners  This is true for supplier as well  This results in long term relationships between channel partners because of mutual trust.

Mashups  Mash ups are the pulling together of multiple Web services-via open interfaces-to create something new  Unlike Blogs and Wikis which are purely content population engines. Amazon. mashups provide an added dimension by incorporating facilities for user-driven design and development of new applications  Mashups stimulate web development by allowing anyone to combine existing data from sources like eBay. Google. . Windows Live and Yahoo in innovative ways.

com is an example of a Google maps based community website which consists of numerous geographical mashups. and Yahoo into a single custom interface. events. typically a product manager) for defining and implementing the business requirements. top colleges. birthplaces of celebrities. information on locations of place of worship. Google. Examples of Mashups  Emailroutemap allows the tracking of routes taken by an email over the internet. Mashups on this site provide matrimonial information.Application  Business mashups works well for an agile development project. etc . which requires collaboration between the developers and customer (or customer proxy.  Mibazaar.  QuickyWiki which summarizes and simplifies lengthy Wikipedia articles  Amazon Light combines results from Amazon.


and how (and why) audiences interact with B2B brands .5 billion mobile connections by 2014  Mobile set to overtake PCs as the ‘first-screen’ Web device within 3-5 years  it’s changing how (and where) business professionals communicate with each other.6 billion current mobile subscriptions projected to surge to 6.Mobile  With 4.

confirm appointments or reservations. Send critical updates during natural disasters. . last-minute event location changes or just before your company’s important meetings. change reservations. track packages and receive backorder notification alerts. product updates or upcoming events  SMS (text) messaging is a great way to notify your employees or customers during an emergency.  Customers are able to check order status.Impact on B2B  Important and time-sensitive customer updates can be sent directly to your opted-in clients using SMS (text) messaging  Customers can be updates about product launches.

Conclusion  New web technologies help companies to come together.  Companies can use new technological capabilities to streamline and dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations – and those of their customers and suppliers .  Real time information and tracking potential customers  Strategies and tactics are emerging in connection with the B2B marketing-driven revolution making it possible to more profitably acquire and retain customers.

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