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Published by: Shivam Satnani on Nov 19, 2011
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'Oh! God Mahesh get up its already 8:00. Mahesh.

wake up and go and switch on the light,
I can`t Iind my clothes.¨
Unwillingly Mahesh dragged him out oI his bed to switch on the lights Ior divya to Iind her
'Its just 8:00 pm dive where you going now. Moreover its raining outside. You love rain.
Stay here and enjoy the rain with Me.¨ said Mahesh.
Divya ignored him and started putting on her clothes.


Mahesh dint expect dive to answer so he said nothing and returned to his bed. He was
watching her getting dressed; he could not help but admire her beauty. Not that he has never
seen her naked beIore but he never had the time to see her getting dressed. He never had the
time to admire her long black hair leIt open touching her bare back. Never beIore he got
attracted to the contrast oI her black bra against her dusky skin. They were always in a hurry
aIter making love. I love her said Mahesh to himselI. He wanted to run his Iinger tips on her
bare back but choose not to as dive was getting dressed in a hurry and she dint seem to be in
a good mood .

'What you staring at Mahesh? 'its embarrassing . stop it .¨ Said divya
'Dive you won`t get a auto now don`t go. Stay here tonight 'said Mahesh in an appealing
'Oh stop it Mahesh don`t act like a baby. You know I have to go.¨ Added divya quickly in
a no-nonsense tone. Divya dint want to leave but she had to. She was helpless.


Mahesh was watching her stuII her bag with the things she bought with her Ior her 3 days
stay with him and he dint like what he was seeing. How could she be so heartless? How can
she just walk away just like that when she knows I will miss her? Why can`t she just take a
stand Ior once? Mahesh was battling with all these questions himselI and he was very angry
now he wanted to slap divya but he knows he cannot he loves her. He never loved any girl
like her loves her. Without a second thought he pulled her close to him
Their lips touched. They kissed. They got closer and closer. They kissed like they never
kissed. Passion and pain oI momentary separation was driving them all the more closer and
deeper. She was ruIIling his hair, he was moving his Iinger tips on her bare back beneath her
shirt while kissing and licking her lips. She was out oI breath but she dint want to leave him.
She wanted to pause this very moment. She knew she was getting late but she could not stop
herselI but she was getting late so unwillingly yet IorceIully She pushed him away in a jiIIy.

'I have to go Mahesh I` am getting late. I have commitments. I have a husband. He will be
back today and I have to be home beIore he reaches home' her irritation and helplessness was
clear Irom her voice
'Don`t go dive. You know you don`t love him.¨ Added Mahesh in an helpless tone
'I know I don`t love him but I have to go back 'said dive and she walked up to the door. She
could no longer hold her tears back and she let them Ilow down. BeIore leaving he turned
back to see him standing there with moist eyes. The man she loves. The only man she ever
loved. She loves his presence. She always did but she had no clue he loved her as well
because he never said anything when they were together in the same college. She decided to
keep her love Ior him to herselI and get on with liIe until an year ago when she accidentally
bumped into him at Trivandrum central railway station just 2 days beIore her Iirst wedding
anniversary with Abhi . Mahesh and divya traveled together in the same coupe and that
journey lead her to the Iorbidden path oI the marital norms. She loved him and she gave into
her emotions. They became close again emotionally and physically. She knew she was
cheating on Abhi but then she never loved Abhi so she never bothered to Ieel guilty Ior what
she did with Mahesh because she believed that love conquers and justiIies all. She was
crying. She always cried Ior him...


'Dive you getting late ... 'said Mahesh and his words brought her back to reality breaking
her chain oI thoughts.
She loves his voice. She loves it when he calls her dive. She was conIessing her love Ior
Mahesh to herselI .

'Yes I`am leaving Mahesh and ya don`t cal me today. I will call you tomorrow 'saying this
she opened the door to leave aIter saying something she always wanted to say to him

'Mahesh I love you. I always did but I can never Iorgive you Ior one thing. You dint conIess
your Ieelings Ior me when you should have otherwise you wouldn`t have to share me with
another man today . Bye 'saying this she banged the door aIter her.

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