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Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV

Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV


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Detailed Lesson Plan in English IV Date: I. Objectives: 1. Define what compound word is. 2.

Combine two words to form compound words. 3. Give examples of compound words. 4. Form compound words and use them in the sentence. 5. Participate and cooperate in the class. II. Subject Matter: A. Topic: “Forming Compound Words” B. Reference: Gahol, Pacita, et. Al. Fun in nglish IV(Language), JGM and S Corporation, 1999 C. Materials: cut-outs, pictures, pocket chart, real objects such as plant, egg, toothpaste, sunglass, basket, ball, board work D. Integration: 1. Values: kindness, patience, merciful 2. Science III. Learning Procedure: A. Preparation: 1. Routinized activities: a. Prayer b. Greeting c. Checking of attendance d. Checking of assignment 2. Review: Teacher’s Activity Before we proceed to our new lesson, let us first recall our previous lesson. What was our topic yesterday? Our topic yesterday was all about the Attribute of noun especially number. Pupil’s Activity

What is number as one attribute of Number tells whether the subject is noun? singular or plural. What is singular form? How about plural form? Singular is a form of word which denotes a person or thing.

Plural is a form of word denoting more than one. What about examples of plural form of Examples of plural form of words are Who words?can give me examples of singular Examples of singular form of words are plants, pillows and tables. form of words? chair, bottle and tree and mirror. Are there questions regarding our past None Ma’am. topic?

B. Lesson Proper: 1. Motivation: I need 2 volunteers. On the board you will see rumbled letters. Rearrange the letters to make it correct. The first letter is already given.

(Answers may vary) What words can you create or make from (Answer may vary) the word “homework”? How many words can we derive from the word homework? What are those words? (Pupils will answer) Do you have any idea about the different words we have derived from the noun “homework?” None Ma’am. “Homework?” After knowing that the “homework” is a noun. Unlocking of Difficulties Before discussing the compound words. The words that combine or made up of two small words are “COMPOUND WORD”. (Pupil will guess) . let us unlock first the meaning of the following words. What part of speech is the word Homework is a noun. This is what we are going to discuss today. this time you will make other words using the noun “homework”.Who wants to try? (VOLUNTEER) H M O Homework E R O K W Is the answer correct? So. What other word can we use to mean combine? It starts with letter “C”. what word did they form? Yes Ma’am. 2. You may create words as many as you can. The word is “homework”.

Follow the directions or the instructions carefully. place it at the center of the pencil. Are you ready now? I will give you three minutes to finish the activity. (GROUP LEADER WILL ANSWER) Yes. Presentation This time I will group you into three. Participate and cooperate with each other. Then. 1.DIRECTION: Match the words in column A with the correct meaning in column B. You need to 5+6x1÷11=_______ Group 1 answer these and whatever you will get 3x4+2-12= _______ Group 2 will be the name of your group. Are you ready? Choose your leader. . the third leader? I have here 3 samples of words written in two big notebooks. A Eardrum B Tinted glasses to protect the eyes from sunlight A person who read a lot The membrane with the ear that vibrates in response to sound waves Sunglass Bookworm 3. All number 1 will stay in row1. Let’s count off from 1 to 3. come here in front and get one card. Ma’am. 3. Be sport. These cards are mathematical problems. get? 2x3+7-10= _______ Group 3 What answer did the first leader What about the second leader? And the last. But before that let us recall first the standards in having a group activity. and number 3 will be on row 3. We are going to perform a group activity. number 2 will stay in row 2. 4. You need to select each word and connect or match to form a new word. Work quietly 2.

Times up. (REPORTING) Is the work of Group 2 correct? Let’s give them Charlene Gonzalez. clap. Is the work of Group 3 correct? Let’s give them I LOVE YOU CLAP. we combined two words to form a new word.Words that are made up of two simple words are called “ COMPOUND WORDS” Examples: . Definitely. Analysis and discussion: Let us see if your answers are correct. Ma’am. What did you do to form a new word or make it one word? In the activity we performed. Group leaders kindly post your work on the board 4. Any representative from Group 1? Is the work of Group 1 correct? Let’s give them a New Year’s clap Any representative from Group 2? (REPORTING) Yes. (REPORTING) Based on the activity you performed. Any representative from Group 3.

4.FIXING SKILL: This time you will have a game. isn’t it? Each small word has a meaning. (TEACHER WILL GIVE SOME MORE EXAMPLE) Do you understand now the meaning of compound words? Yes. This is composed of two sets: SET A and SET B I have here two teddy bears. What do you mean by egg? birds or How about the plant? But if we are going to put together the Words egg and plant what word can we form? Yes. . that compound words Are made up of two small words. if we combine two words do we need to apply the same meaning or we get different meaning of a word? If two words are combined the meaning of the compound word changes. Ma’am. Eggplant Therefore.We said while ago. Do you Want o have this one? Yes. Ma’am. Ma’am. Now. right? Like for example the words “egg” And “plant”. Egg is the oval hard-shelled reproductive cell laid by chicken. Plant is a living organism that can manufacture their own food.Ma’am. Yes. what is eggplant? Eggplant is a kind of fruit vegetable.

Every grade level they receive an award. And that will be now the awards got by Beatrice and Winnie the Pooh. I will let you choose in the pocket chart. Yes. Generalization: (PUPILS WILL GIVE THEIR Now. What will happen to the meaning of the words If we are going to combine two words? If two words are combined. Their names Are Beatrice and and Winnie The Pooh. Ma’am. Are you ready? You’ve given 3 minutes to complete the task. Then. that we have learned about a compound words. The set that can make correct form of compound words will be declared as a winner. And this time. what other combined words can you give? (PUPILS WILL GIVE THEIR RESPONSES) . the meaning of the combined words are changes Based on the examples we have earlier. the simple or single words and try to connect or match it to make a correct form of compound words.So you need to be kind. who can give other words which when combined will give a new word? ANSWER) 5. Yes. Ma’am. Do tou want to be like them? So ou need to study hard. What is compound words again? Compound words are words that are made up of two small words. it’s their “Graduation Day” and both of them have a medal. But their awards are not yet written in a correct form of compound words. What are the words that you formed out of the many words in the pocket chart? Aside from the compound words we have. paste it in the medal. Both of them are bright. Their medals have accompanied with different awards. Lets have short review.

I have a basket and a magic wan and because all of you are kind and merciful I will give you a bar of gold. 2. 3. 4. I will let you to search the words that correspond to the word that you are holding. Finish or unfinished lets discuss your answer. It is a healthful habit to eat_____________every morning. Time is up. My _____________ visited me when I was sick. Joey’s favorite sport is ________________. 3. I need your communication skills. EVALUATION. Direction: Form A compound words from the words in each box. 4. IV. Key to corrections: 1. 2. break foot flash play class ball fast mate light ground 1. The word you have now is not a real compound word Meaning it has a partner in order to form a compound words. 5. Application: This time.6.Then use the words to complete the sentences. you will imagine I’m your Fairy Godmother. Who wants to play in the _____________? 5. Find the missing partner of your word silently. The batteries in the_____________were weak. You have 5 minutes to work on this activity. breakfast football flashlight playground classmate .

ROBEA Checked by: DR. RAMOS Checked by: INS. What are the two forms of verbs? Prepared by: REALYN R. EMELIA B.ASSIGNMENT: 1.V. What is verb? 2. LAURENCE CANTOR .

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