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kuji in

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Five elements : 1- Earth [ chi

breathing : phase one of positive center : coccyx , meditate on it 2 - Water [ sui ] breathing : only neutral center of element : urinaty tract , meditate on it 3- Fire [ ka ] breathing : neutral then perform phase one of positive center : the heart , meditate on fire emerging from the heart 4- wind [ fu / fuu] breathing : only neutral ,meditate on the air of breath filling the body center : the center of sternum bone 5- void [ ku ] breathing : neutral and u may perform phase one of nigateve center : voice box , meditate on it remember: uneed to know the each of the fingers related to each of the elements

: nine cuts general notes on kuji inn : + each must have completely different meditation mode + focus on each chakra of the kuji ,, important + new:: when meditating on a certain kuji ex: retsu you must start from the begining one minute for each kuji untill ureach retsu then

kuji inn

u can meditate on it as long as u want + enter the mode of each by focusing on each purpose ex: rin ,strength of.... so u focus on that and keep the meditational state 1- Rin [strength of mind and body ] breathing : neutral breathing and u may perform phase one of positive for greater benifit. ckakra : base related to : ka ton 2-Hei [direction of energy ] breathing : neutral then phase one nigative chakra : hara 3-Toh [ harmony with the universe] chakra : navel between hara and solar plexus note: this kuji is done by visualising the energy of universe around u, that causes harmony, by balance between earth and water in body other note: true meditation isnt achieved before the level of toh, that level is called tanquility related to : chi ton & sui ton 4-Sha [ healing of self and others] (life or death) breathing : NEUTRAL ONLY but : positive is for healing and negative is for internal damage. sha give different dimentions of energy , its very important chakra : solar plexus , note this chakra is the one responsible for the kiai which is the shout that stuns or kills. related to : fuuton 5-Kai [ power of premonition ] gives u the abelity to predict near future ,sensing of danger and sensing of others around u. and it enables u to get in suspended motion state just like death breathing : neutral then ph. 1 nigative then ph. 2 nigative

chakra: heart 6-Jin [ knowing thoughts of others] breathing : neutral only chakra : throught 7-Retsu [ mastery of time and space ] gives u awarenes and control over new dimentions [time and space dimentions] breathing : nigative only ,, phase 1 then phase 2 chakra : third eye 8-Zai [ controling elements of nature] when mastered one can be actually invisible. breathing : neutral chakra : crown 9-Zen [enlightenment ] the highest level, enlightenment means understanding onself. at this level everything is possible breathing: neutral center: the aura


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