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Skill Hitting Throwing/Fielding Fielding/Baserunning General Skills Hitting Throwing/Fielding

Date 12/19 12/19 12/20 12/20 12/21 12/21

Time 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm 9am-12pm 1pm-4pm

Each Session cost only $35.
Ask about our 2-day pitching camp on 12/17 & 12/18 Also the Advanced Pitchers and Catchers clinics. Camp is in El Segundo - Rec Park

Visit our NEW website for listings of all our clinics this winter!

JustSOFTBALL Winter Break Clinics are a GREAT way to spend your vacation. We have broken down the game into the basic groups of skills needed to play the game of softball efficiently; hitting; fielding; throwing; pitching/catching and general skills. Our general skills sessions cover sliding/diving, baserunning and speed & agility! As the next softball season nears, what better a way to brush up on the necessary skills to have a FUN & exciting season. So choose the sessions below that fit your needs and come join us at our AWESOME clinics! For more Information: Call 310-466-0324 Also check out our website at
Eligibility: Ages 7 through 14. Athletes will be divided up in partners according to age and/or skill level. Athletes must be in good health to participate in all camp activities. Each athlete must have their own medical insurance. Drop Off / Pick Up: Camp sessions run 9am-noon and 1pm to 4pm. We have a 1 hour lunch break between sessions. If the athlete is staying for the afternoon session then she will be responsible for her own food and drink. A Staff member will stay at the facility with the athletes to supervise the break. Parents are invited to attend any session as well as lunch time. Please be prompt when dropping off and picking up. Location: All sessions are held at Rec Park Softball Field. 350 Eucalyptus Dr, El Segundo, 90245. Corner of Eucalyptus & Grand Ave. PLEASE be sure of the session start time when signing up and attending! Suggested Equipment: Bring all of your gear. Glove, bat, helmet, batting gloves, hat or visor, sliding pads, extra shirt, sun screen, water bottle, sun glasses. Please mark all your gear with your name and phone #. The camp is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Cost: (Has not increased since 2001) The cost for each session attending is $35. Please sign up by Dec 12th. Payment Terms: You must pay in full at the time of sign-up. Once camp fills to capacity, a waiting list will be maintained on a first come first serve basis. (you can also sign-up on-line) Please make checks payable to JustSOFTBALL and mail to: JustSOFTBALL 925 Eucalyptus Dr. El Segundo, CA 90245 To pay by credit card, please call 310-466-0324 For more information: Contact JustSOFTBALL Deb Hartwig at 310-466-0324 also you can visit our NEW website at for more info on JustSOFTBALL.

Ask about our 2-day pitching camp on 12/17 & 12/18 - the Advanced Pitchers and Catchers clinic 12/17 or 12/18

Detach and mail to JustSOFTBALL - Deb Hartwig 925 Eucalyptus Dr. El Segundo, CA 90245 Please turn in by Dec. 12th.

Fill out athlete info: Name:______________________Age____ Address:_____________________________ City/Zip:______________________________ Hm phone:___________________________ Parents Names:_______________________ Wk ph:_______________________________ Cell #1:______________________________ Cell #2:______________________________ Emergency # & name:______________________ Email:_______________________________ Payment: Each single session cost: # of sessions attending: Winter Break Clinic $35 X ____

Read, Sign & Date:
This form must be signed by parent or guardian to qualify athlete for participation. I hereby release the camp staff, independent contractors, Deb Hartwig and the city from any loss, damages or personal injuries as a result of participation. I do hereby give my permission for a qualified physician, and/or hospital emergency room to administer necessary health care in the case of an accident and/or emergency. Each participant must be covered by his/her parents medical insurance before participating in any camp activities. This camp is not responsible for medical, dental, or other expenses resulting in an accident. I acknowledge that injuries and accidents can occur during camp activities, and I give my son/daughter permission to participate in the camp. Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________ Date___________________________

Circle shirt size: YM YLG ASM AMD ALG
Make checks payable to: JustSOFTBALL and mail to: Deb Hartwig 925 Eucalyptus Dr. El Segundo, CA 90245 310-466-0324
Call or ask us about our “Day in the life of a pitcher” 2-Day Pitching camp on Dec 17th & 18th, 2011 Sign-up is on separate flyer.

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