SP-2010-3446 Specimen received consists of a below-knee amputation labeled as "Left leg" with the following measurements

: leg length of 32.0 cm; foot length of 23.0 cm; leg circumference of 16.5 cm. All metatarsal digits are complete. The fourth and fifth metatarsals are greenish brown with diffuse ulceration. The remaining three metatarsals are unremarkable. A 12.5 x 8.0 cm ulcerative lesion is found on the lateral plantar aspect of the foot with dark brown to black, dry surface. The ulcerative lesion grossly appears to be confined to soft tissues without extension to the underlying bony structures. The area surrounding the lesion has a thickened, scaly surface. There are two ulcerating lesions found on the lateral malleolar and posterior distal aspect of leg measuring 8.0 and 4.0 cm in widest diameter, respectively. The surgical resection margin is hemorrhagic with viable muscle and subcutaneous tissue. The bony surgical margin is smooth.

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