SRT55,Near Samnuel Church,Sanathnagar,Hyd-18,A.P

Career Objective:
To enhance my working capacities, proIessional skills, knowledge level and to serve my
organization in best possible way with sheer determination and commitment.

/:cational Q:alifications:
O achelor oI Technology in Elecrtical and Electronics studied at apatla Eng College
2011 passed out with aggregate oI 62.5°.
O Intermediate in M.P.C Stream completed at Gudavalli Gowtham College, 2005 Passed
out with aggregate oI 87.00°.
O S.S.C completed at Nehru Niketan Convent, Tenali, 2004 passed out with aggregate oI

Aca/emic Project:
O Title : Unit Commitment by Genetic Algorthim
O Technology : C language
O Team size : 5
O Role : Project Member

Project Descriptionť
A new optimization technique named 'Genetic Algorithm¨ is introduced Ior solving the unit
commitment problem in power systems. Genetic Algorithms are general purpose optimization technique based
on the principle oI natural selection and natural genetics.
Results proved that the Genetic Algorithm reduces the total operating cost i.e ., sum oI Iuel cost and
startup cost oI all units in power system and also shows that Ieature oI easy implementation, better
convergence,and highly optimal solution to the UC problem.
Professional Strengths:
O SelI motivated, precise and dedicated
O Possess good communication skills
O Ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure
O Ability to work in night shiIts
O Possess good management s and organizational skills
Technical Skills:
Networking : CCNA
perating Systems : Windows XP, Windows 7,Windows Server 2008,Linux
Applications : MicrosoIt Exchange Server 2007
CertiIication Courses : MCITP
Computer Hardware : Desktop assembling, installations, updating system

O Presented technical seminar on Nanotechnology at Vignan University
O Stood Iourth place in Lions club competition held in tenth class
Areas of Interest:
O Networking concepts ,Exchange Server, WAN technologies, Protocols, Port security, IP Addressing
tra-c:rric:lar activities:
O Active member oI college SAC team
O Participated in technical Iests held in school and college level

Watching movies, reading news paper, listening music
Personal profile:
Name : Vellampalli N Phani Syam
Father`s name : V.V.A Prasad
Date oI irth : 26-08-1990
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Single
Languages Known : Telugu, English

I here by declare that the above mentioned inIormation is true.

Place: Hyderabad (V.N Phani syam)

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