When you`re Iaced with a store shelI lined with dozens oI dish liquids in a

rainbow oI colors and a garden oI scents, you might want to throw in the dish
towel and just buy a big-name brand you`ve seen on TV. But hold on. All oI the
products we tested did a very good job oI removing Iood and grease.
How we tested
We baked a mixture oI evaporated milk, Ilour, egg yolk, and sugar onto glass
plates, put the plates in trays oI warm water with equal amounts oI each
detergent, and used a machine that holds a sponge to rub each plate with equal
To test grease removal, we dipped stainless-steel panels in lard, let the Iat
congeal Ior at least an hour, then cleaned them as we did the glass plates. In both
cases, we based scores on the number oI rubs it took to remove the soil.
Bottom line
All were very good, so buy by price. Skip antibacterial cleaners. The
government says they don`t clean any better, and they might lead to tougher

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