We, student nurses made a courtesy call to Municipal Health Office and Office of the Mayor, and then we went

to the Barangay Chairman of Barangay Muzon 1 and expressed the intent to continue a study in their area by formally presenting the continuation work of the previous students who worked for the community diagnosis or COPAR. The Chairman referred the us to the Barangay Kagawad and escorted for the occular survey. It was an adventurous experienced to be there, because we went to the sea shore and to the place that they called as the Dreamland. It was so hazzle for us before we approached or reached the said site. The place was filled of garbages and it seems that they are really affected by the Typhoon last week, Typhoon Pedring. On some point, we realized that, we are still lucky because we didn’t experienced if when there have a calamities that happened it their place and we didn’t experienced how to survived on that kind of site or location of housing. Based on pur observation, many possible problems really might arise due to those garbages that really need an attention to be solved. And especially, we are curious and willing to render a care for those people who are really in need.

De Claro, Beenessa Carla C. Firmalino, Louise L.

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