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Fighting Self Defense Secrets to Self Defense and Overtaking Your Attacker

Fighting Self Defense Secrets to Self Defense and Overtaking Your Attacker

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Published by Charlie Paule
If someone should attack you or your family, you need to understand:
Adrenaline alone is not going to be enough to stop your attacker.
If someone should attack you or your family, you need to understand:
Adrenaline alone is not going to be enough to stop your attacker.

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Published by: Charlie Paule on Nov 20, 2011
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Secrets to Self Defense and Overtaking Your Attacker

The Anti-Victim Serum
By Charlie Gray

Disclaimer: This report is the property of Charlie Gray and may not be sold, given away, or otherwise distributed without consent from the author.

It's No Surprise...
Do you ever imagine someone jumping out at you in the dark? Do you picture yourself being mugged or robbed? Have you ever felt unsafe in a bar or even just while walking down the street? Most of us are raised to see the world in at least a somewhat positive light. We assume the people around us are a lot like we are and we go about our business. The fact is, this is not always the case. While being able to trust and like people is important and even essential for a happy life, having no concept of the evils that are out there can take away all your happiness in an instant.

If someone should attack you or your family, you need to understand: Adrenaline alone is not going to be enough to stop your attacker. You have to have some knowledge and skill behind you so your reaction is appropriate and automatic, not just random fist-swinging backed by adrenaline. What you need to know is how to be prepared and watch out for the bad guys who want to steal from you or harm you or your family members. You need to be ready, when you see a threat you can't avoid, to physically defend yourself and your loved ones and in this report I'm going to share with you 8 effective tips for winning fights and defending yourself. Side note: Because the tips I give in this report focus more on self-defense and protection, you will only be given a glimpse into actual combat. If you are looking for real moves, techniques and strategies that will bring you out on top in any physical confrontation I recommend Street Fighting Uncaged. Don't be fooled by the title. It's not for those looking to engage. Now, without further ado, I give you my 8 tips for defending yourself and winning fights: Tip # 1 : Be aware, be smart Before you learn how to fight, you are going to want to first know about how to avoid fights and protect yourself. Then you can fight if you need to later. Your first step is to be aware of what's going on around you. Here are some things to open your eyes to: • Is anyone watching you or looking away whenever you look in their direction? • What about your own behavior? Have you been talking to someone's girlfriend? Have you been bragging about your car, watch or anything else that someone might covet? • Have you been drinking so much that you make an easy target? • Watch people's hands when you pass them.

If there are negative vibes or you are concerned, walk on the other side of the street, show the bartender or doorman the troublemaker, or just leave before anything can happen. Staying out of trouble is a lot better option that getting out of trouble! Tip # 2 : Protect first! Whether you are going to have to fight or not, you need to first protect yourself in ways that don't require any fighting. To protect your vital areas remember these things: • Try to stay out of kicking or punching distance – either two arms-lengths away or right up against your attacker, (best to have him in a boxing clinch). • Keep your hands up near your face so you can protect your head. • Avoid a broken jaw (which is easy to get in a fight) but keeping your teeth clenched and mouth closed. Talking will probably not help your case anyway, once an attack begins. Tip # 3 : Your head is your number one weapon No, I'm not going to tell you to head-butt your opponent, I'm telling you to use your head in a more figurative sense. Rather than becoming paralyzed with fear and worry, and thus being unable to do anything for yourself, refuse to let your fear (it will be there!) take charge. Stay calm and in control of your mind (don't let your emotions hijack the thinking portion of your brain! It happens!) Everything you learn in this report can only help you if you are thinking clearly. Instead of focusing on what might happen or fearing for your life, instantly start thinking quick defense, AND be ready to go on the offense (which may actually still be defense, but you're taking action instead of letting the other person control the situation). Tip # 4 : Have a full arsenal of “weapons” The first thing you need to know is that knowing one “killer” technique is very likely to get you nowhere. This is because pretty much every move is based on the assumption that there are fitting circumstances. For example, for some moves you need to be facing the assailant, for others

you should be facing away. Some won't work if the bad guy has certain clothes (such as steel-toed boots, a mask or other barriers). Some you need your hands for and some you don't. What you can do to defend yourself will always depend on what situation you are in. Know plenty of techniques that can be used in various situations. You may try one and it may not be effective, so you move to another, in the meantime, the attacker may have switched positions, too. Be sure you have a lot of knowledge to fall back on so you can defend yourself in every situation. Tip # 5 : Hit him where it hurts There are many vulnerable areas that pack more of a punch when you hit or kick than other areas. If you get it right, with just one move you can have your assailant slumped on the ground and make your getaway. • I'm sure you know about putting your knee to the groin. This is a move that is commonly used, because it can be almost debilitating, but it is also often expected. If you're going to try it, make it count with a strong, powerful, and sudden jerking of the knee. If your attacker is a woman, this move will still cause problems. • You can prevent any pursuit by breaking bones in the attacker's foot. Strike with the heel of your foot on the person's instep or arch. Don't be shy. Remember you aren't playing footsie, you are trying to break bones! • Another one that will keep him from chasing you is to kick him in the knee. This can be done when you are facing away or face to face. Slam the full length of your foot, with as much power behind it, straight into the person's knee. You want to cause serious damage and immobilize him, if possible. Tip # 6 : Take their breath away The face and throat are two areas that can be very vulnerable. Use that to your advantage. • The forehead: You no longer have fingernail, they're claws. Use them. Strike the forehead with your fingernails and scrape strongly downward. Hopefully you will draw blood, or at least damage their eyes on the way

down. • The eyes: Obviously nobody will be attacking you if they cannot see you. Again, do not be shy. This is someone who has or was planning to rob or hurt you. They are not considering your safety, so please do not give a thought to theirs. Put your thumbs out and jab them into the eyes, hold the face and continue to poke and scrape. • The throat: You want to make a strong punch, chop or slam with the heel of your hand. Aim farther down on the throat where it is very sensitive (just try pushing on your throat gently, down nearest your collar bones – ouch!) Tip # 7 : Make your escape In the above self-defense measures, you're main goal is to debilitate your assailant to the point that you are able to escape to a safe place and call the police. Once he's down (either literally, or in the sense that he is unable to see or move) you get out of there. Don't keep fighting or start yelling. Get away. Tip # 8 : Arm (educate) yourself for the fight I don't have time to go into fighting techniques but if you want more than the basic self-defense moves, learning street-fighting techniques will put you at a serious advantage if a confrontation should occur. You can find courses that teach fighting techniques and you get some good information online that will prepare you for a fight, should one come your way. Now you have some of the most important steps to take in making yourself and your family safe from attackers. You'll never be the vulnerable victim every bad guy hopes for. Instead, you will take the attacker off guard and make sure that his plans are completely foiled. Not only that, he comes out of the situation none the better off, either. For more hard-core tactics for fighting that will really allow you to put any attacker out, I already mentioned the Street Fighting Uncaged. It will teach you moves so devastating they are illegal in cage fighting because they are too extreme for TV and the perfect blows to deliver to your aggressor should you need them.

After learning what is found in the course you will feel well capable of defending yourself and your family, even if you are outnumbered. You will learn counter-attack techniques and how to get your opponent to open up his weakest and more vulnerable targets so you can take him down fast. For more information click here to visit the official website. To your defense! Charlie Gray

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