Copyright Problems a. Digital media can be copied with no loss in b. fidelity c. Internet enables scalable global distribution, d. e.g., through peer-to-peer file sharing 2. Approaches to enforce copyright a. Deterrence (laws): DMCA, UCITA b. Prevention: DRM technology c. Detection: watermarking, fingerprinting d. Resilience: change in business model, provide prem ium service to subscribers I Tunes model 3. WIPO (World Intellectual Property a. Organization) treaty in 1996 for unified b. global treatment of digital copyright 4. DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) in 1998 was US implementation a. Prohibits alteration of any CMI (Copyright b. Management Information) on digital content c. Prohibits any technology designed to d. circumvent copyright protection technology e. Exception for academia and law enforcement 5. The exemptions for libraries are the focus of continuing debate, as dig ital access will mean only limited access, unless you own a copy of the work; an d libraries will have to negotiate terms for fair access for all reasonably expe cted purposes, in the face of initial licensing conditions and fees that that ma y be far too high. 6. People as intangible asset

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