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Content Crooner Review

Content Crooner Review

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Published by David Jenyns
Content Crooner is an article submission service that automatically distributes articles to a number of different sites. Read this article to find out what we think of Content Crooner.
Content Crooner is an article submission service that automatically distributes articles to a number of different sites. Read this article to find out what we think of Content Crooner.

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Published by: David Jenyns on Nov 20, 2011
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We never set out to become one of Australia's leading SEO companies. It kind of just happened.

And after 9 years of research we are proud to deliver our transparent 4 stage SEO strategy that connects our clients (you) with an avalanche of new clients. Click here to find out more.

Content Crooner Review
Looking to buy (or already own) Content Crooner? Click here to grab these free bonuses. Content Crooner is one of the services we use to distribute our articles. Read below to find out why this is part of our SEO Method. Are you looking for an easy way to get plenty of backlinks to multiple sites to increase your exposure and rankings? If so, Content Crooner may be the answer for you. Content Crooner is an article distribution service that boasts having the most comprehensive article distribution list around. Their automatic article distribution gives you wide distribution, many links and more traffic than you ever had before. Your article will be distributed, amongst other places, to Google, Bing, GoArticles, Ezine Articles and will even be linked to social media like Facebook and Twitter. This service is a way to bypass the tedium of manual article submissions forever. They even provide personalized coaching and advice from their free article review process.

Inside Content Crooner. All you have to do is write a unique article and submit it into the system and Content Crooner will take care of the rest for you. They will post the article to hundreds of sites and article directories without you having to even worry about setting up accounts for those sites. You can schedule your article posting so your links will be drip fed for up to twelve months from submission for a natural link building pattern.


For every article you publish you get hundreds of backlinks. Once you submit your article to Content Crooner, it is published in as short a time as two days. As new sites are added to the network, previously published articles will automatically get distributed to these new sites. Every article is reviewed by the computer and by a live reviewer. If they find any issues that might prevent the article getting published, they get in touch with you and help you resolve the issue. This ensures the quality of all articles and increases posting rate. You can submit as many articles as you like, there is no limit. You simply pay a monthly membership fee and this covers everything. You are also able to monitor your campaign’s results with their article distribution and exposure reports. Trying to track hundreds or thousands of articles would be almost impossible, but Content Crooner does this automatically for you in one central interface. This allows you to easily track your articles in the major search engines so you can further boost the articles that are ranking well and uncover easy to rank for long tail keywords. To get started and to try out the service, you could test it on a few of your sites and see if your rankings are positively affected. If you are disappointed with the results, they do offer a thirty day money back guarantee. We have used Content Crooner to great effect here at Melbourne SEO Services and have been pleasantly surprised with the boost in rankings we have been able to achieve, especially for low to medium competition long tail keywords. Some of our articles have sticking power and have been at the top of the search engines for over a year. By clicking the link below, you can give this service a try and find out the many benefits for yourself.

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Strategies For Product Creation And Marketing
You can’t create a successful business without creating a top product that there’s a demand for, but if that product isn’t made known to the world then you won’t be selling anything. That’s why recognising the three pillars of product creation and product marketing can help to underpin your whole online business strategy. We detail them below. Identify The Need Some businesses develop a product and then look for the need. To us this is nonsensical. Identifying the need or a hungrymarket first and tailoring your product to that need guarantees there will be buyers for your product. No matter whether your product is based around plumbing, IT services or training and information-based product, make sure you are not creating something nobody really wants to buy. Is that obvious? Well, perhaps….but you’d be surprised how many obvious mistakes are made by start-up small businesses. Work Once; Get Paid Forever I always like to think along the lines of “Work once; get paid forever”. That’s why I moved the company into information products, where we produce DVDs, manuals and supplements to the core business. The beauty is that information products are high margin (you can make a DVD for $10 a piece and sell them for ten or twenty times that, if the subject is right) and they are scalable; that means they are not dependent upon your time, which is limited; in fact everyone’s day is only 24 hours, so creating a product that is not dependent on these time limitations is a great way forward for most businesses. When you are creating your own products consider what info-products there would be a demand for in your market. The Money Is In The Marketing Everything we’ve said above about the importance of creating the right products, for which there is a demand and which are high value and scalable, counts for naught unless we can get those products in front of a large enough audience of buyers; that means marketing them. Previously that meant effective, targeted SEO and sales pages for online businesses; nowadays there is more of a multi-pronged approach necessary, using online video and social media marketing for instance.


Keeping yourself up to date with all the various new ways to reach your audience can sometimes be a struggle, but it can also be educational and eye-opening…and your time spent on online marketing is generally time well spent and should help get you to the top of the tree. The three pillars mentioned above are just the start. From outlining business plans, through identifying the right online strategy to product creation and marketing decisions and beyond; there is a wealth of information and tips for start ups and established businesses alike, in the Competition Crusher Workshop, which is viewable completely FREE just by clicking here.

Online marketing can make your product creation a success.

Important Pages For Any Small Business Website

Create a testimonials page from credible clients. While you will see plenty of variations in website design there are some indispensible pages to include for any small business website; we get straight into detailing those below:


1. Opt In Home Page On your home page why not have an opt-in area? This will allow you to start building a database of contacts, which can be the cornerstone of future marketing campaigns. It will mean that your visitors don’t just come and go anonymously. Offer them a free report or video that will be useful for them and in exchange for that they leave their email address. Actually building a database is probably the most important and most neglected part of any online business. Start building it immediately – it can take time to build relationships with your database, so combining sales-focused marketing with developing trust and credibility with your database is crucial. Eventually you should be able to get your higher value products and services in front of them. 2. Services Page Building a business web site needs to include a services page that lists all your products and services; make sure you get your main keywords in there. 3. Testimonials Page What great things are your clients saying about you? Let the world know and preferably do it by video. Get your clients to talk on camera with you about the results they have achieved from using your products and services – this provides instant credibility. 4. About Page On your “About” page it’s time to tell your story. You want to differentiate your business from all the others out there in the same field, so do that by telling your unique story and how you got to where you are – the problems you faced in getting there, your “Eureka” moments and what drove you on. This is how you get your customer engaged emotionally and it is very effective in creating authenticity and credibility online – two priceless characteristics for your business. 5. FAQ Page FAQ pages are important on several levels. They are great for handling customer objections upfront; create credibility for your business; help to position you as an expert; allow you to use video in short sharp bursts; and they also help with SEO. A good idea is to think of 10 questions that your customers ask frequently, plus 10 that they ought to ask – then make a one minute video answering each question.


When future customers ask a question you have covered you can simply send them the YouTube link; this will save time and look very impressive to your customer. 6. Contact Us Page Include your contact details at the top of the page. Be sure to list a landline phone number and a physical address rather than a PO Box number– you want to show the world that you are a real, legitimate business and the customer can find you if something goes wrong with their purchase. 7. Blog Including a blog on your site will help with SEO; target certain keyword phrases important to your business in regular blog posts, to help to drive traffic to your site. As you build your website, think in terms of doing everything you can to increase your credibility and set yourself apart from the rest – use any proof you can that you are a leader in your niche and can be trusted. These small business website tips are just a few of many pieces of great advice in The Competition Crusher workshop; it is specifically designed to help start-up online businesses to sell and be successful, so if you’re looking for a place to start, you can watch for free by visiting www.CrusherWorkshop.com.

Are You Fully Using Your Website Analytics?

Use web analytics to understand your site visitors. Measuring results is important in everything we do in business and is one of the keys to constant improvement; so once you have your site up and running, what website analytics tools do you use to monitor its performance? There are five key areas we have identified that you can focus your attention on – not only to point out weaknesses of your site, but to see what’s working well.


1. Number Of Visitors The number of visitors you get is one determining factor of how successful your online business will ultimately be, as site traffic means leads – it’s the equivalent of people passing your high street shop. Seeing an incremental increase with some welcome spikes in numbers now and again should mean that you are doing the right things, though obviously it’s difficult to be specific with numbers; if you are operating in a small niche you may be after smaller numbers of highly qualified traffic rather than mass numbers. 2. Who Are The Referrers? Installing Google Analytics allows you to see where your visitors are coming from – who the referral sites are. This is important as it can help you to identify where your optimization efforts are working best. For example you may see that most of your traffic comes from YouTube or Google organic searches; rather than focus on getting traffic from other sources, you may like to focus future marketing efforts on developing these traffic sources, encouraging even more traffic to click through from those referrers. Often website owners spend too much time worrying about “plugging holes” and finding out where they are weak rather than using the areas where they are particularly strong to their full advantage. 3. Bounce Rate This site analytics tool is a measure of the visitors who come to your site and then move quickly on, either finding it’s not what they’re after or clicking through by mistake. Essentially they may land on your page and then hit the “Back” button within seconds. As a general guideline, if you are finding a bounce rate of over 40% then perhaps you need to be thinking about engaging your visitors more; you are not grabbing their attention and getting them to “stick” to your page. 4. Time On Page This is also a good measure of how engaging your page is to your visitors. If the time is less than a minute then it’s not usually enough time to absorb your message; nowadays using video is a great way to grab attention and engage your visitor sufficiently so that you can drive the average time spent on your page upwards. Make sure your copy is sharp and compelling too – average online attention spans are short and getting shorter!


5. Conversions Check conversion rates – both for opt-ins to your free reports/newsletters etc and for actual sales. Think of ways you can increase conversion rates by improving copy/videos to make your message more compelling; a guideline target for opt-ins would be somewhere between 15-25% and for conversion to sales might be around 2%, but it really depends on your business and where your traffic is coming from/how prequalified it is. As you can see from the above, website analytics can be used to closely monitor site performance and can help you fine-tune your site and marketing approaches for better results. The Competition Crusher workshop is full of advice and tips like this for creating successful start-up online businesses. Just click here to watch it for free. Did you enjoy these posts? Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Melbourne SEO Services is not your typical SEO company. We never set out to become one of Australia's leading SEO experts - it kind of just happened. We are dominating the search engines with our own websites, before we know it, people started asking us to share our secrets. We helped out friends and family with our unique SEO training and soon evolved into a group of SEO specialists in high demand. Check out our SEO services and see what we can do for your business. Contact our team today for a free SEO quote.


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