The Eighties

· 1980 - Jimmy Carter
lost in a landslide to
Ronald Reagan
The Eighties
· Carter negotiated hard
for the release of the
remaining 53 hostages
in Ìran that had been
held for the past 14
months even after he
lost the election
· Hostages were freed
hours after Reagan took
The Eighties
· December 8, 1980
÷ Assassination of
John Lennon
The Eighties
· Social spending
· Crack &
· "Squeegee Men¨
The Eighties
· $$$ - "Greed is
The Eighties
÷ First coined in 1982
although it had been
around for some time
÷ Reagan deigned to
actually mention it in
1986 for the first time
although the press
secretary had made
some jokes about it in
The Eighties
Ryan White, diagnosed in 1984
Rock Hudson, diagnosed in 1984
Went public in 1985
The Eighties
· Black Monday, the
Stock Market Crash of
÷ Fell over 500 points on
one day
÷ Worse than 1929
÷ Dried up venture capital
for films
The Eighties
· And interest rates went
down as the sometimes
bizarre foreign
entanglements of the
US continued.
Ìran-Contra, the Gulf War & Manuel Noriega
The Eighties
· Corporate Hollywood
÷ The movement of money
was more compelling
than the films
÷ Tax laws changed
making film investment
less attractive
÷ Sony purchased
Columbia Pictures from
Coca-Cola, MCA (a
talent agency) purchased
Universal, etc., etc..
÷ Foreign box office
outstripped domestic
The Eighties
÷ The Capital Service Case
allowed studios to buy
theatres again by
outlawing "split
agreements¨ between
exhibitors (theatres
would not bid against
each other for films
keeping costs down) so
the Paramount Decision
became moot especially
as the Reagan
administration was so
friendly to business (no
enforcement) remember
vertical integration?
The Eighties
· Time Warner Merger of 1989
· Company now worth billions
· Assets include:
÷ Film & TV
÷ Theme Parks
÷ Books & Magazines
÷ Cable Television - channels
like HBO as well as delivery
system in TW Cable
÷ DC Comics
÷ Music
The Eighties
· The VCR
· Changed the way
we watched movies
as well as how they
were made
The Eighties
· Why go to a revival
hose to see a movie
when you could rent it?
· The experience of
seeing a movie on a big
screen with other
people - how they were
meant to be seen - was
on the way out
The Eighties
· Wide screen use
declined - everyone
was watching
movies on TV
A Few Good Men
The Eighties
· Some thought
colorization was a
really good idea
%e Outlaw
Miracle on 34t Street
%e Mark of Zorro
The Eighties
· By 1987, video
rentals surpassed
ticket sales
The Eighties
· "Financial expansion¨
· The "packaging¨ was
· Michael Ovitz and
Creative Artists Agency
÷ Stepped in to fill the void left
by the end of the studio
÷ Packaged writers, directors
& stars together
÷ Tom Cruise, Dustin
Hoffman, Sly Stallone,
Steven Spielberg, Barry
Levinson, Sydney Pollack,
Ron Howard, Stephen King
The Eighties
· Return of a form of the
studio system
· Studios signed stars
such as Eddie Murphy,
Bette Midler & Tom
Selleck to long-term
· Reagan administration
friendly to business so
studios were allowed to
own theatres again -
remember vertical
The Eighties
· Everyone was
making money
· Star vehicles &
mediocre products
as studios were run
by "suits¨ who
steered the industry
toward safe projects
· Budgets went sky-
The Eighties
· "Aesthetic
The Eighties
· "Aesthetic
· Showcasing popular
stars without
worrying about
anyone thinking
about it afterwards
· As formulaic as
The Eighties
· Dominated by
conservative policies &
values of the Reagan
White House
÷ Money & the making of
÷ Nationalism
÷ Family
÷ Winning
÷ Militarism
The Eighties
· Major Directors
÷ Paul Verhoeven
· #oboCop
· %otal #ecall
· Basic Instinct
· Starsip %roopers
· Sowgirls
÷ Barry Levinson
· Diner
· %e Natural
· %in Men
· #ainman
· Good Morning Vietnam
The Eighties
· The Ìndies and Niche Cinema
÷ 1989 brought sex, lies &
videotape by Steven
÷ Palme d'Or at Cannes and
crossed over to a mainstream
hit, cementing the place of
Miramax and Sundance on the
film landscape for marketing
÷ Crossover of indie directors to
mainstream - some did (Coen
Brothers, Soderbergh,
Tarantino) and some did not
(Jarmusch, Alison Anders,
Nancy Savoca) and some work
both sides
The Eighties
· Major Directors
÷ Robert Zemeckis
· #omancing te Stone
· Wo Framed #oger
· Back to te Future
÷ Oliver Stone
· Wall Street
· Platoon
· Salvador
÷ Spike Lee
· Se's Gotta Have It
· Do te #igt %ing
The Eighties
· David Lynch (b. 1946)
÷ Born in Montana, he started making
short films in art school
÷ Shot raseread (one of Kubrick's
favorite films) for 5 years off & on ÷
it became a cult classic & led to
larger budgets and mainstream
÷ Offered #eturn of te Jedi which
he turned down
÷ Had his name removed from
extended cut of Dune
÷ More concerned with internal
workings than straightforward
÷ Also does music, art installations,
stage design, comics and furniture
The Eighties
So %is Is Love, 1992
David Lync's Daily Weater #eport
As Gus the Bartender on %e Cleveland Sow
The Eighties
÷ raseread 1977
÷ %e lepant Man, 1980
÷ Dune, 1984
÷ Blue Velvet, 1986
÷ Wild at Heart, 1990
÷ %win Peaks, 1990-1991
÷ Lost Higway, 1997
÷ %e Straigt Story, 1999
÷ Mulolland Drive, 2001
÷ Inland mpire, 2006
Eraserhead Clip
The Eighties
· Blue Velvet, 1986
÷Kyle MacLachlan, Ìsabella Rossellini,
Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern
÷Neo Noir with a femme fatale and
morally ambiguous hero
÷Had been passed around because of
violent and sexual content
÷Ìnnovative use of music & stylish
÷Evil behind small town life - a "film
about things that are hidden ÷ within
a small city and within people"
÷Hitchcock's #ear Window was a major
÷Great uninhibited performances from
Hopper & Rossellini
÷Lynch's most personal film

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