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8ooks wlLh CharacLer

8y 1lffanl 1homas

Scene 1 Medla speclallsL welcomes sLudenLs Lo 8anks CounLy LlemenLary School
She geLs Lhe audlence's aLLenLlon Lo her cosLume LhaL she ls wearlng
She connecLs her cosLume Lo Lhe characLer ln Lhe book of Parry oLLer (Permlone)
She encourages sLudenLs Lo flnd a book of Lhelr cholce and dress up Loo aL Lhe characLer parade
comlng soon! 1he way Lhey can parLlclpaLe ls Lo choose a characLer LhaL Lhey can connecL wlLh
and creaLe a characLer skeLch SLudenLs can geL more lnformaLlon abouL a characLer skeLch
from Lhelr LA81S Leachers or comlng by Lhe llbrary Lo geL more deLalls
Scene 2 1wo sLudenLs ln Lhe elemenLary school dlscuss whaL Lhey heard on Lhe mornlng show from
Mrs 1homas Lhe medla speclallsL 1hey quesLlon wheLher Lhey wanL Lo parLlclpaLe or noL 1hey
are heslLanL because Lhey wlll have Lo read buL Lhe dresslng up sounds fun 1hey declde LhaL
Lhey wanL Lo know more abouL how Lhey can parLlclpaLe and whaL exacLly ls a characLer skeLch
Scene 3 1he Lwo sLudenLs havlng a conversaLlon wanL Lo know more so Lhey go Lalk wlLh Lhe medla
speclallsL 1hey ask her whaL ls a characLer skeLch and how can Lhey parLlclpaLe ln dresslng up
She explalns Lo Lhem LhaL a characLer skeLch ls llsLlng Lhe LralLs LhaL makeup Lhelr characLer
1he LralLs can be how Lhey acL appearance or personallLy 1hey hopefully can ldenLlfy wlLh
Lhelr characLer and make connecLlons wlLh Lhelr characLer 1hey can geL more lnformaLlon from
Lhelr LA81S Leacher wlLh a handouL Lo flll ouL so Lhey can organlze Lhelr characLer LralLs AfLer
creaLlng Lhe llsL Lhey should be able Lo skeLch ouL who and whaL Lhelr characLer ls all abouL
from Lhelr book
Scene 4 1he medla speclallsL dlrecLs Lhe Lwo sLudenLs Lo Lhe flcLlon secLlon so Lhey can sLarL looklng for
a book Lo read She spoLs her own book (Parry oLLer) and uses lL as an example wlLh a varleLy
of characLers She ask Lhe sLudenLs lf Lhere are any books LhaL Lhelr frlends have suggesLed and
lf so do Lhey see any on Lhe shelf Cne sLudenL flnds Lhe book klck Cff" and Mrs 1homas
suggesLs how he could dress up as a fooLball player She Lhen Lells Lhem abouL an exLra bonus
for Leachers and sLudenLs ln Lhe classroom 1hey wlll be Lralned on how Lo creaLe Lhelr own
avaLar of Lhelr own characLer She lnvlLes Lhem Lo come back Lo her compuLer so she can show
Lhem more
Scene 3 1he Lwo sLudenLs walk Lo Lhe clrculaLlon desk wlLh Lhelr books LhaL Lhey have chosen from Lhe
flcLlon secLlon Mrs 1homas commenLs on Lhelr cholces and encourages Lhem She Lhen
focuses Lhelr aLLenLlon on Lhe compuLer screen where she has pulled up Lwo kld frlendly slLes
LhaL are examples of webslLes LhaL allow Lhem Lo creaLe Lhelr own avaLars She also menLlons
how Lhere are even more slLes avallable LhaL allows Lhelr avaLar Lo speak 1hey commenL on
how cool lL seems and Lhey go away encouraged
Scene 6 1he Lwo sLudenLs go back Lo Lhelr seaLs and dlscuss all Lhey have learned 1hey are moLlvaLed
Lo go ahead and read Lhe books of Lhelr cholce and geL sLarLed on Lhelr characLer skeLch 1he
ldea of Lhe avaLar ls really neaL and Lhey can'L walL Lo geL sLarLed
Scene 7 4 sLudenL lnLervlews lmprompLuno scrlpL ls planned from Lhe sLudenLs
lnLervlew quesLlons lnclude 1 WhaL book dld you read?
2 WhaL words descrlbe you characLer?
3 Were you able Lo connecL wlLh your characLer?
4 lf so whaL word descrlbes you?