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97 Journal Ing Examples

97 Journal Ing Examples

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Published by: JepT0401 on Nov 21, 2011
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When I trade ... which isnt every day, I might add.

As I‘m using Guy Cohens flag trading stratergies, I get a blank piece of

paper ... draw a little flag on it, the same as it shows in his trade finder

software ... Then I plot out the entry points, 1st p/t points and the stop

losses, all acording to his advice.

And hey presto the 3 times I’ve done this ... combined with the fact that

“I WAS POSITIVTE this would work ... BANG!!”

I withdrew 200-00 each of the 3 times I tried it.

Now I need to focus and use it more and more ...

You could say “I planned it to work” that and the belief, of course.

yours and Thank-You Guy and Norman ...David M.

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