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The Kolkata Thika Tenancy (Acquisition and Regulation) Act, 1981

Act 37 of 1981

Keyword(s): Bharatia, Bustee, Controller, Holding, Landlord, Other Land, Pacca Structure, Slum Area, Tenant of Other Land

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West Bengal Act XXXVII of 1981'


Ben. Act XLI of 1984.


WCSL Rcn. Acr XXI of 1893. WCSI BCII.ALI XVIII 012nOI.

)[At1ACI lo pr-u~lide t l ~ ncqrrisiriatl of h~reresrs lnt~(llorrl.v rrsprct for e uf irr of I U H ~~ u ~ r ~ p r iit1t ~ ( l ~ena,iciesaad certoit~orher rcrr(~t~cics S s thilia (rrrrl orircr- lotrrl~, 2(Ko1knrcl] otrrl klon~rull ill for drvclop~t~etr~ eqrrirnblu oj~d rr;ili:mtio)~ ~ s ~ r c h n larrds.]

'[WH~.ULISis expedient to pmvidc for [he acquisition o f i n l c r c s l s of i~ rcspccl of lands c o m p r i s e d in 11zika tcnancics and c c r ~ i ~ i n othcr lennnuies and other lands in ?[Knl katal and Howrolt for d c v e l o p m c n r and cquiiablc uliliz;krion or such lands w i l h a view LO subscrvirlg lhc
Inndlords in

colnmon good;]

11 hercby cnacrcd in [he Thirty-sccond ycar of ~ h R e p u b l i c or India. i.5 c by the Legislature o f Wcst Bengal, as follows:--

( I ) This Acl may be c a l l c d 71hc ? ( K o l k a ~ a ) Tfliku a n d orhcr 'Ienancies and Lands] (Acquisirian and Regularion) Acl, I981. 1. (2) It cxtends to ?[Kolkala] as defined in "Iclause (9)of secrion 2 of 'Vw Rcn. Acl [hl: '(Kolkata) Municipal Corporalion Act. 19801 and '[to Howrah as LIX or 1 ~ 1 s ~ . defincd in clnusc (15) of seclion 7, nrthc Howrah M u n i c i p a l C o r p o n ~ i o n ivcs,H ~ ~ , - A ~ ,

Shrln tirlc. cxlenr and


Acl, lgX(j:J
'Fur Statcl~icnlof Ohjtcb and Rexons, .Tee rhc Culcrr/rrr Cuirrrc. Ertruudi~~uq: Pan I V oTrhc ?Rlh~\ugusr, 1980, page 2603: Tor Kcpnn o f lhc Select C3ornmilrcc..rce lhe Kcpon o( tliat Co~u~tliltce published i n the C(rkrrrru G ~ z e t t tErmrrtrdi~~nr): I V or thc 28th , Pan hl:ircl~, 198 I , pages 790(62)-79w63): proceedings or rhc Wesl Bengal Legislative Ior pmccdings ormcclingur1hatA~:mbly hcld on r 3\51March, 191(1. thc h !Thc word wilhin rhc s q u m bnckcls wx subsli~u~trd rhc \\ord "Calcurt~"by s. 5 or Tor ~ h \VL'S~ c Rcngd Qpiral Ciry ( C b g c o f Nmnc) Acr, 2001 (Wcsl Ben. Act X V l I l o f 2001). a.u I thc Is1 January. 1001' . 'Thc 'long title' w x subsiilutcd T r onginal 'long tirle' by s,7- OF thl: C ~ l c u ~71iiktr o ra Tcliancy (t\quisi~ion RcgulXion)(A~ncndrnent)Acl, 1993 (IVesl Bcn. Act XXl 01 1993). and 'Thc 'Prwmblc' war substiturcd far original 'Preamble' by s. 3. ihid, 'Words within rhc squarc bnckcls were substiruicd lor lhe word?: "lhc Cdculta Tlriku 'kllancy" by s. 4. ibid. *Words, Lgurcs ar~d bncl;c!s within ~ h square bnckcls wcrr subsri~urcd Illc ~vnrlls, c for figures arid bnckcrs "clausc ( I I ) olsccrion 5 or the Calcutra Municipal Acr. I95 I " by s. 2!;1)1i)r1 T~he Calculta T l r i h Tenancy (Acquisilion and Repulntion) (Amcndmen~) 1984 ACI. l i ~ c sBtn.Ac1 X t l DI l 1984). 'iVords, frgur~sand b n c k c ~ s within ~ h squaw bmckcks werc ~ubstitutcd tIiu words c cur ',urn: Municipaliry or Howmh" by s. Z(a)(ii). ilrid.

'P~.ovidcdillat rhc provisions uT 1hisAcr shall nor cxlend ro illc ~ ~ ) l i o l e 01ariy ;Irca illuludcd wirhiu rllc liniils or Howrnh, which, immetIi:~tcly 11efol.c ~ h c 10th day nT Ji~nuary,lc)S3, being ihe dnrc o r coming into li)~-cc o r ~ h Howrnli Municipal Corpori~lion c Acl, 1980, was nol co~npriscdi n \\lest 8cri. ,\ci LVIII ol' lllc ~nu~iiuipnliry Howrah. ul 1980. 'Providctl I'urlhcr [hill thc prflvisions of ihis Aci shall n o ~ c x t c n d 111c lo \vhr)lc nr ally nrcn inclllclrd within rhc limils nf l[Kolkata]. \vhich, i m m c d i i ~ ~ cI~crorc 4111dny ol'lnnunqp,1984. bcing thc dale ol'comi ng ly 1111: into I'orcu u l ihc l[K(ilkainI h,Iu~iicipal Corporalion Act, 1980, ~vas \VCSI Rcn. ACI LIX of uornpsisrd ill ally ~nunicipality. I9SO.


( 3 ) 11 j11ij11 coinc inrn 'force on such dare as i l ~ c Sla~cGovcrnmcnr tii:~y,ly mli l - ~ ~ i j l i u:jppt>inl. n,

lu l l ~ e


01'111~ St:itc

11is hcl.chy declared [ha1 illis Act i s I'or ~ i v i n cffecl 10 rhc ~ i o l i c y g rr)\\~;~rds securing !he principlcs spcciricd ill clauses (b) and (c) 01- ar~iclc o f ~ l i c 39 Conslirulion of India.




I n rtiis Aci, unlcss ihcrc: is anything rcpltgn;ull in ~ h sul!iucr or c '( I )


pcrson by whom, or on n'hose accounl, rent is payable for any structure or pin-I lhcrcol; owncd Ily a r h i h ienant or tenant o f olhcr lands in his holding or by a 1;lndlnrd i n a brr.rtee on his k h a ~ land:

I ~ R I I ( ~ , . < II I~I~C[ ~ ~.any ~ S

"( IA) "b~rstee" means an area conlaining land with a collcclion of huts U S C ~ i~lrclidcd hc used for human habilnrion or or LO Ibr any business purposc. iind includcs any lank i n or appurlenwr lo and in colnolon usc uCrhc occupicrs orsuch brrstre, whclher or 1101 he same person is thc owner or 111c landlord in rcspccr of such lank;

(3) "Conirt~llci-"Incalls ti11 officer o .oificcrs appointed undcr r scc~ion10:

fuc>~-norcon p n ~ 195, rrr~rc. 1 c fist I)roirlsuwxc :~rlilcd s. ?(b)[i) DF the Calculta 'IYIIA~ITcnnncy (huquisitio~i by ant1 Rcglllnlion)(Rr~~c~ldn~c~lr) (\%.GIBcn. Act XLI ul' lt)RI]. ACI, I984 'TIit .\vct~nrl proviw a ; i s addcd by s. I(b)(~i), ibirl. "l'llc r\ci cnlnc illto iorcc. w ~ cIrccr Crvrn the 18th January. IY67, II I ~ Pnotifica~io~i ~h No. 46-L. RcC.. cl;ilctl Ihc I4lh J n n u w , 1Y81. ~)ublislicd Ihc Lhlcirtlu Cu;crre, F~;rrcrc~r(lirlorli.~~, in


['a17 Iol'ilu 15rli January. 1982. piipc 57. 'Clai~sc( 1 ) was subsrifu~cd o n p n ~cll 3 u . r ~ s.S( I) Ihr Cdculta Iitrhr 'I'snang for hy I)T (Acquihitiun2nd Rcgul;~Iiu~~) (~mcnd~i~cnl) 1093 (\Vtrt Bcn. Act XXI or 1993) ,\it.

"Clailsc (I A)

rvaq ir!rurictl

h j 5 . 5 ( ? ) . tljrtl.

Tilt '{Kolkrrr~il Thika K,tlrn~c.~, (/lrr~iiisiriot~ Rr.glrlnliorrJ rirrrl

Acr. 1981.

X X S V I I of 1981.1

\ikst Bun. AcL X 1'173.

:(3) "lloldirlg" nlcanz a parccl or pnrccl or I m ~ d occupied by n !hikrr tcnnlll or 1c11;lnl or o ~ h c l .lands under onc scl ot' cnndilions. and i n c l ~ ~ a i~~rsrr~c, by ;I landlord on dc~ (I~IIIIC(I his A-lrus lard a l o ~ ~ g any lank included in sucIl b~tsli~e: \vith '(3.4) "hu~"mcans any bullding or srl.uc.~ul-c. roorol. thc tloor !he 01' which, esclndir~gi l ~ e Iloor 31 ihc plinlli levcl. i s no[ uo~iarucrcd f nlasonv or ~.cinli)~-ccrl o concrctc: '(3B) "klrri~rri" mc:u1s n plilcc \ \ ~ l i c ~ ~ c arc kcpi ar n~aintnincd c;~lllc L'ur thc purpose of' 11.ilrll: ur hu>i~~css i11cIuding busincss i n mill; rlcrivcd from such catilc: '(4) "larldlord" Inearls ;my corporillion. cl1arit;thle or religious instirution or pcrson who. for the ~ i m c person who, for of rlic iimc being. i s c n l i ~ l c d rcccivc or hul for a spccinl io cnntracl would bc cnti1Ied lo\,c i l l c I-CIIL for any I;md con~pliscd thc iennncy om rlrikrr rcnnlii or Lcnanl oTot11cr in lands or itr a khrrml, lank ur I l u ~ oivncrl by I ~ i mn a I~lisfcc i nn his klici.~ land. nnd inclirdcs any corporation. i l l s l i ~ u ~ i o n or pel-so11 having sul~crior inizrcs~ r such fhikrr lennncy: i ~ (5) "nrxilicaiian" nleans ; n t n i l i c a ~ i o ~ ~ I pub\isllcd in [lie Urjicir~l Gcizerle; "(5A) "oilier lands" inuludcs any vucatlr land or rank; (6) "prcscribcd" means prcscribcd by rulcs made undcr this Act; (7) "l)rrrhc(i srruciurc" mcans any srruclurc uonstrucrcd mainly o i ))rick. stone or concscie or :uiy co~nbinalion thcse or mntc~-ials, any nther milrerial o f e durnblc narure: or "(7A) "slum area' a~c;wsr he arco declared us such by rhe Stale Government irntlcl- secrion 3 (1f the \Vcs~ Bengnl Slum Arcas (Ilnprovcmcnt and Clcnrancc) Act, 1972, or sectiun 11 of thc 'IKolki1131Slu111 Clcarnl~cc R e l i n b i l i ~ n ~ iol'Slurn;md o~i dwcllcrs Act, 195K: "(7B) "renanl or allicr I:\nds" nlciuns :lny pcrson who rjccupics arhcr lands under n~loihcr person. \vIie~hcr under a nrrii~en lrasc nr olhcrwise. and i s i > r b uforuspecial coniracr would ~ bc Iiabie LO pay I.ent L;I n monthly nr pcrit)dical raic for occupalinn o f such n ~ h e lands, and includes thc sticcessorr in-in~zrcst such pcrsnn: of
'Ste lool-norc 3 on page 295, rirlre. 'Clnusc (3) was subslilurcd lor original clnllsc by s. 3 7 ) olrhc Calcutla Ti~rkrr Tcrlancy (Acquisirion and Rcgul;~tion) A r n c n d r n c ~Acl, ) 1993 OVc\: Hen. rict X X I or IY Y I I . ( ~~ 'Clauscs(3A) and (3B)ticrr: illscrtcrl hx s. 5(J). rl~rd 'Clausc (4) w a stlbs~i~ulutl r DIL~III:~~ CI;LIISU 5C.i). ibirl. ~ lo by c. 'Clausc (5A) ura, inhencd by .c. 5161. ibitl, 'Cl>uscs (7A) and ( i f l ) wcrc i!\strlctl by s . 5(7), illid.

711c llKolkrrra] Thika IAcrlrrisitintr L?

utld H e ~ ~ r l n r i o ~ ~ )
[Wcst Ben. Act

Arr, 1981.


(S) "ririkr~tenant" mc:uls :my pcrson wlio occupies. whclllcr under a written Ic;\sc or oilicr~vise, land undcr i\no!lier person. and i s or hul lilr a special conlr:lct would hc liable lo pay rcn!. :II;In ~ o ~ i i hor at any c~rhcr ly pcriodicnl Talc. [or ~ h i tlend lo that nl~nIlic~t pcrson and hi~s zrecrcd a r acrluircd by purcliase 01. girl nny slrrlclurc ~ Isuch 13tid fur rcsidznrial, I nia~iuf;~cruring husincss purposc and includcs rhc or successors-in-i~i~mst of such pcrlon.
Ac'I lu

olcrridc othcr 1:1u r

4. Tllc provisions of this Act ~11311Ilavc clt'cc~notwithslanding i~nylhing ~ ~ c o ~ l s i sIhcrcwill~ ntly nlher I;m for lhc i tcn~ in being i n l o l r e or it1 any cuslom. us;~gcnr ilgrecment nl- in any dcorec 01. nrdcl- o i n cnurr. ~rihunal oillcr aurllority. or

Acrluiliition of lands conlprised in rltikrr tcnancics and othcr lands and the rights of IandIords illsuch lands.
I;II\ .II!

cl-rll!prl<rd ill

klrirr I:lntl\ d~id ollicr

Wi~h crrccr T r o ~ tihe d n ~ col' comtncnccnient o f lhis Acl. il~c ~ t'nllowing lands along will1 rtic in~crcst ol'lant~lords rhcrcin shall vrsl in rhc Stetc. rrcc from all incumhrnnccs. nnmely:-3.

lzndr. c [ c . 1~
\.cs1 ill l l l c


(a) lands ct~mpriscdin and ;lppurtcnnnl 10 tenancies or rfrikn rcnants includi~lg opcn ;lrciis, roads. passagcs. ~anks.pools iind drains;

( b ) lands comprised in i ~ n d itppuncnanr 10 h~rsrees kllrrs lands on or lal~dlords and l:~nllsin slulu arcas including open iircas, roads, pnssagcs, rnnks, pool?.and dri~ins; (c) OIIICT s not CCI\TI.E'~ clauses (a) and (6) held ulidcr a lid 11s
w r i ~ t c nIcasc or o ~ h c ~ - ~ v i including opei) arc:is. roads. sc. p;lss:\gcs,tanks, pnols kind drains:

(d) lands llcld i n monthly or other periodical tcnancics. rvlietlier


undel-a wrilicn lcnsc or o~herwise. hcing uscd oroccupicd for as klrntrrl: Providcd iltnr such ve.cting shall not afrec~ any wily lhc in cascmcnts, cuslolnnly I i $ i ~ s r othcr lacitiiies enjoyed by r l i i k ~ ~ o tcnnnls, HAarcrrin.r : t ~ l r l uccupicrs o f land coming w i ~ t i i n [he purview of clnuscs (c) ;~nd (d).

!Scclioli 5 w.u suh\lllutcd for tlic o~isi~lnl scctton by b. Otrf thc Calculta 77tik(i'l'cnancy IAcquisiliun ;1n1i Rcgulatio~l) (,\lnvadnicl~~) 1993 (is'csl l3cn. ACI XXl or 1993) Acl.

XSXV [Iof 1981.1

(C'llap~cr. 11,-Acqriisirior~uf latzds ccornprisrd iir thika renancies mrd otller im~ds 111cr.;glrr.~ lot id lord^ it1 srrch ia11ds.ortd of

Sccrior~s 7.) 6.
3.: o f lY76.

Urban Lalid (Ceiling arid 6. (I ) ~ u b j t c ;to he provisions of ~ h c Rcgularin~r) Act. 1976 and ~ h prov~sions lhis ACI,evcry t l l i h tenant c or and any tcnnnt, in respect or other lands which vest undcr secrion 5, occupying any !and undcr a landlord on the dare of comrnenccrncni of his ACL, l nccupy such land, c)n such ternis und conditions iw may hc slinl prcscribcd. dircclly under lhc Stale as i f rhc S L ~ liatl heen rhc landlord in LC respec1 or rhlri land.

lncidc!ba PC


Iand~\~cslrtI in ~ h c Srarc.

'(1) Evcry d r i h icnnni and c v c l y lcnani of orhci I:mds holdingdircctly under the Srarc undcr sub-sec~ion I ) shall bc Jiablc to pay LO thc Stale ( Govzr~ilncnr {he prescribed manner such rcvcnue as may bc dctennincd. in

?(3) Thc intcrest of rllikn lcnanls and icnanls of other lands holding direc~ly undcr the Stale undcr sub-scclion (1) shall bc heritable and shall not hc ti.nnsFerahlc cxcept i l ~ r e rse arnongsl thc hcirs and exisling cu-slinrcs-inrercsr or LO the prospccrivc heirs, suhjcct 10 the provisions of suh-seciim ( I ) of section 7.
'4 ' ~ I I c ~hikt~ () tznancj and lcnants ofnihcr lands holdin: dircclly undcr ilic S ~ i ~ under sub-scction ( I ) shall bc enticled to conslruci Ixrccrr tc struclurrs in accordnncc with rhc building plans sanc~ionedundcr he ~~'~slBcll.~~f IrKolkataj Municipal Corporalion Act, 1980, and the rulcs tnade L I S uT 19Xh. diereundcr. r)r t llc Howmh Municipal Corporn!ian Acl, 1980, and 11ierulcs Lvlllo1"\98fi, liiadc rhcrcunder, according as [lie land may be situated wilhin 'IKnlkala] as dclincd i n clausc (9) of section 2 of thc ' [ K o l k a ~ a ]Municipal Corpori~iionACL,1980, or Howrith as defined in clause (15) of scclion 2 ol' tlic Howrah Municipal Corporarion Act, 1980, for{a) residential and business purposes for themselves and the 8hr1rnria.sunder them; and (b) essenliel common facijitics like common palhway, common halll, roilel, water supply, drainage, sewerage, lighdng and similar orhcr purposes.

. ,

7. '(I) The ~hiko lcnanls and tenanis of other lands holding dircclly undcr [laStale shall bc enlilled In Ict oui in rvholc or in part srrucrurcs cxislirig on. o r consrruc~edaftcr, thc dale OF commencement of this Acl on such Iibnds but no1 any vucnnl land or any par1 thereof.
'See filr)l-nolc2 011 page 295. r t r l r ~ , 'Suh-suclio~i w a s suhs!irurcd by s. 711) oC lhc Cnfcull;~l%ih (2) Tcnnncy (Acqur5i1ion n l ~ dHcp113li~)n)A ~ n c n d m i n rAcl. 1993 (\VCS~ ( ) Ben. ACI X X I of 1993). 'Sub-\cc~iu~i rvas subsrirutcd by s. 7(2). rLLI. (3) 'Sub-rccrion ( 4 ) rvw inscncd by s. 7(3).ij~i.4 'Sub-scvrion ( I ) w z substitu~cdIor onginal sub-scclion by s,8(1) of Ihc Cillculia T i ~ i h 12n;mcy IAuriui\ilin~la i d Kegul~lion) (hrncndmcnr)Acl. 1993 (Wcsr Ben. Act XXI of 1493).

T11iku~ c n n n ~


... . .. .


- .
. .

., ...

. .. - .- ., ,
. . ,

. .

. .

[Wcst Bcn. Act

' ( 2 ) 1111>~rransfcr 01-agrccrncnt for transfer, wltclher oral or in writing, uon~ravcn~ion rhc provis~o~is sub.secrion (3) ~Fsccrion or suhof of h sccrion ( 1 ) of 111issection sl~nll void and bc o f no effcc~ bu whnrsocrdcr and 11% Innd and strucrurc sllall stand vestcd in the Slale i n accorrlancc with die prcscrihed pmccdure.

( 3 ) Whcncver i r appears to the Stale Govcrnmcnt ~ I I111cL ~ Iiund snlprircd in any rl~ikrrrcnancy is ncrdcd o r i likely to bc nccdcd for any s

p i ~ h l purposc, il may, ;~Trer ic giving [he rlrika 1cn:lnl and rllc U I ~ ~ I I T I if~ ~ I A , , I any. :1i1 upportunity of bcing hcard, rcsuinc he laud comprised in such ~hiku lcnanuy w i l l 1 01-willlou~ slrucrurcs, i f any. and takc possession of lhc land: l'l-ovidzd t h a ~ bcrorc [akin: possussion of ~ l lnnrl [he t11iL-o ~ c .-ocnantsin acrual occupation of [he slruclure or part thcreoland B11ot~nrin.r I ~ i 1 1 s bc 1wovidctl willl ;~Ilcrnativenccol~ln~odalinn the ncighbourhood ol' such in land as f-:lr as pr;~cticablc.

E.rpla~~nfbl~.-For purposc of i h i i sub-section "puhlic purpoae" \he shall includc planned devctopmcnt o f any arcn o r holding a n d i m p l c ~ l ~ c n ~ a of any schcmc Inr Improvement thercof. ion
PJ~~IIICIII ct>lllpcn\;l-



8. (1) 'l'he Sla~e shall lor lllc vesting or n n y land under scc~ion 5. to the Iihndlord or landlnrds having any r i g t ~ rin s u c l ~ I;~II~ an alt1r)unI es Inny bc de~crmincd accordance with ~11cpi-ovisions in o!' thc Urbnn Land (Cciling and Regularion) Acl, 1976. (2) Whcre rhc landlord is a corporalion or an insrilution eslnblished cxc!usively fora religious orachari~ablc purpose, o l a public nalure,or i s

33 or 1GJ76,

a pcrsvn holdirrg undcr a puljlic rust or an cndawmenl or olbcr Icgel nbliption clrcIusivcly for a public purpose which i religious or clmri~ablc. s he Starc shnll. (or vesling under section 5 , pay Ir) such landlord '[a pcrpc~lti~l ar~truiryo ,where thc in~crcst [he landlord is tcrminithle r or or is liilhle to l~ec.ihaus~ed, nllnllity forsuch number OK years] as m a y an hr: prescribed, having regmd t o thc cxreni of rhc rights of the landlord. Sucll annuiry shall nor excced ~ h c annual nct incomc derivcd from thc Iloldin: as may bc deiermined hy rhc Conirollcr in ihc prcscribcd manncr. I n dcrcrmining ncl annual income he Controllcr shall dcrlucr from [he gross i n ~ o m c itpart lrom otl~cr sums as may bc prescribcrl. cbnrgej on nccount ol'manngclncnt and collcc~ion [Ec ratc nf ~wcnry carrri~)r at per 01 ~ h gr~)ss c inco~nc.

' T ~ m n c )!,lcc~r.izi~~un,u~d Rcgul:tion)

'Sub+ection (2) u s subs~iru[cd origlnnl sub > e c l i ~ ~ n s K(?) oC the CaIcr~lrn for by Tl~ikrl (Arntndll~n0A;t. 1'i93 ( \ C ( Rcn.Acr X X I or 1993). \'S 'Woi~lswilhin 111csqum bnckels wcrc subsrirlltcd ror khc words "an n n n i ~ i ~ y rursuch nurnbcr ilr)rcns" by s. 9. ;bid.

: :

( 3 ) For ihc ~)urposc sub-seciio~l(7). I Cc~nrroller,OII his own or C mulion or upon any informa~ion.may, al'rcr giving tlw pel-son in~crcstcd all opportunity ol' being heard, cncluirc ;~ndclccide :my rlucsiio~ias tn n~hcll~cr:~ny rrust.e~tdown~cn~, unrporarion or instirurion i s Tor csclusivcly rcligirlus or cl~ilriiable purposc OI ;IL lo ivlicthcr i t is of public nr privalc nillu1.c. and any qucs~ion orlitlc illci(lcl11al ~hcrcto may be nccc.+>ary as 10 dctcrrnine such qucs~ion, exnrninil~: lhc doculr~enl, any, rriid hy inking by if il~rn nccounl thc I~,llowing, nnlrlng u~licts:(i) ac~urrl uscr uT inco~iic rhe land. 01(i i) niadc o f tlscr, (iii) sllarc 01' income 01' ihc l i d i ~ p p ~ , ~ p ~or ~ ~ c do y cby or on i i c r ~j d, behalf or such ~rusi. cn(1nwmcnr. corporarion or ins~itu~ion.

(4) A n appeal from any nl,rlcr ~)nsscdby rtic Controller under illis s z c i i o ~ ~ lic undcr seclioli 13. shall
( 5 ) l'lic Slatc shall, for \ * c s i i ~ui ~ i d c sub-scclion () rrr rcsumplion ~ r 2, undcr sub-scciion (3), of scction 7 o f 3t1y SLI~IICIU~C ~ o l t ~ p r i s cn ilny id ~clia~icy, ~n r c n a n ~ l ~ a v i n g righi in suclt siructure an ?iuounl pay !hc :uny , calcula~ccl rhc Con~roller tllc prcscribcd rlianncr. Such nmourli shall hy in bc calculntcd 31 zl rale nor cxcccding lctr c i ~ ~ i c s annual relir paid by rhc Bhrirrrtkrs !o lie (ellan1 rcdiiccrl by. allat-t from-ilrlier surils as m:iy bc prcsc ribetl, renr. raxcs i ~ n d olllr t ohargcs o n :tccourlI o f maiiagcmcnt and col lcc~ion a raw of twenty pel- rvJrrfrrrli thc 21-nssannual rent. LVhcrc ;lr oc ~ h srruclurcs are occupicrl by l l ~ c c tellnrlt himscll: Llir runt delerlnincrl by rhc Con~roller undcr this sub-scc~ianin ttic prcscrihed manncr shnll be dcclncd 10 be ihc iinnual renl llnid I,y Bhlrr.rrrios..
(6) Where ~hcrcarc 111ol.c 11i;ul onc landlord it) rchpccl o r a rlrika tenalrcy or othcr Lenalicy vesrcd unrlur scc~ioii rhc atnoun[ pay:ihlc l o 5, [hem undcr sub-scc~ion or ilic nn~ruily (1) puyithlc 10 Lhern undcr subsccrinn (2) shnll be apporlioncrl i\t)iOIIg tllcm in ihc prescribed milnner.

![Incidents or tcnancics of Dlrrrrorias in structures]
and nrllcl. pcric~dicnl lrnn~icies Bllrirmf~fias T/,ih,, of in 9. '( 1 } 7'hc ~nontllly rcspcc~ ot'.~~ructurcs occupied by rhc11-ton pnyriicnl of rcnts,ro rlrikcr lcnanls Icmms Rharit/itr.v lo shall, wirli crrccl rrom !he dale n f ~ o r n i n inlo forcc o f illis Act. he govcrncd g go,cmctl t ~ ttic prrrvisions o f [he Wcst B c n g I Prei~iiscs p Tcnancy Act, 1956. in all by ' V t x Bsngal ACI ~ t l i t tCl O I ~ ~ Iwithin !hc purviriv r r f ~ l i snidAc1 and, ror ihc said porposc. ~ ~ I ~ c lgSb, lhe nwncrs o r thc s1ruclure.f sh:~ll hc clcelned to hc Inndlordh and llle Hltar.oril~ss11;hll be dcemcd lo hc icniinis undcr [tic said Act.


'I1 IOih

Coor-no~r: un page 295, I I . 2 ~ C !Tlic I~cading CIlqrcr 111 was suhs~ill~lcd i I 0 u l \he Calvurla Tlrikrr l'rnancy {(I I)! (Accluisi~ion Rcgulalloli) (Amcndrn~nl) 1993 lN'cs~Bcn. ,&I XXI or 1993). 2nd Acr. 'S~rh-ccc~ion was subsri~urctl (I) C(lrnnyil~nl <ub-scution by s. I I, il)id.

[War Ben. Act

(Clmlx~r Ill.-lrrcide~~ts tenullcies of Bharadas iji uf stl-~~cfrrrrr.-Scrrior~s 11.) 10.





(2) No~wi~lis~;uiding rmything conrained in [his Acl or in the Mrcsr Hengal Prcmiszs Tcnw~cy Aci, 1956. a Blrnrotilr under n rhika t c n a ~shill I i~ hc enlitlcd to L : ~ C scparalc c l e ~ r i c n connccrion from rhc clcclricily l supplying ilgcncy o r sel~irrair winer supply conncclion Tram Ihc appropriale agcncy for his own usc.

>': ';



. . . . . I I

, .. .



Thc Sratc Govcrnrnenl may, by notilicalion, nppoin~ or more one Controllcr to perform all thc runc~ions a Conuoller under of this ACI i n rcspen of any area or arcas ro bc specified in the notificarion.
:11. (I) No~wi~listnnrling anything to lhe contrary conlaincd i n any ollicr law lor r l ~ e i m hzing in force, [he tcnancy of a Blrrrrnriu ns alenanl ~ c undcr u ~ h i k lcnanl shi~ll bc extinguishcd because of suhsequcnr noni~ not cxisrenuc of ihc nruclurc or a part ~hcrcnf which Ihc Bhorarinprevicwsly oucupicd under ~ h 111ik1 c Lcnani. (2) Lt'nny sLruclurc or part thcrcof which was in the occupnrion or a Bhnr-rrrifi a tcnanr i~ndcr 111iX.otenant ceascs Lo cxisl exccpl undcr an a ordcr 01' ii cnurt under scction 18A of rhc Wesr Bengal Fremiscs Tennncy Aci. 1956, tht: rllUn lenanr shall rcconstrucl s~milar accnmmodarion and rcsiorc posscssion lo the Blrarnricr and put rhc Rhuraria i n posscssion o f such nccom\nodirrionwirhio onc monrh aF such StrucIure ceasing 10 exist, la~ling whiuh ~ h Bh~~r(rria make a n application 10the Con~rollcr n c may i ihe prcscribcd manner.

Tcna~.~). ~r
U l ~ r r r r ~ r lo r ~r

(3) On an applicalion made by [he Bfmarnriu under sub-seelion (2), ~hc Con~roIler shall, afier giving ~ h rllika rcnzlnt and [he Bfiarcrrirr an c opportirni~)~ ol'bcing hcard, d i r c c ~ rhiku lellanl lu rcconslmcl similar Ihe acut~m~nodntion restore posscssion l o the Blraratia w i ~ b i n u c l ~ and s limc as rllc Coniroller may decide.

(4) IF rle rlrikrt tcnant rails to comply with [he orders of [he Cnn~roller under sub-sectiun (3). the Bharcrtiu shall be cntilled l o reconstrucl Ihc slructure and, ror 1ha1 purpose, ]nay makc an applicarion l o [he ConaolIer wllo shall, aficr giving rhc Ulrr~r~rrrirr Ihc riliku tenan[ an oppor~uniry and ol'bcing heanl, apprrlvc such cnsi ufrecona~ruciiunas may appznr r t l liiln lo he L ~ iand rcasonnble and, aher such ~.econstl.ucric~n, r allow adjusrmenl or~he cusr of s u u l ~ reconstrucrion from the rcnl payahle by he Rl~urnria in such rnonlhly instalments as thc Controllcr may rllink lil.
(5) Ifthcre i s any unlawful rcsistancc by or on behalf o l ~ h ~liiku c ~ c ~ i a tto lhe rcconslruc~ion the Bhomria under sub-scction (4). he ir by Orricer-in-chargc o f the local policc slalion shall. on reccipt of any i e q ~ l i s i ~ i o n~ h Conrroller in w r i ~ i n g this hchalf, rendcr all ncccssnry nf c in and lawful nssis~ancc ihc Bhorvf~tio. to
'SL-cruo~+norton page 295, mlrc. 2 lScc~ionII WL< subsuruied for original icclion by s. I ? o'f the r n l c l ~ l t a 7'f1ik(1T~rnmcy IAcquisiIlon and Rcgularion) (Arncndmcnr)Acl. 1993 (V'csl Bcn. A I X X I of 1993). C

XXXVII or 1981.1

Miscellaneous i ~ n d sul)plcnlent:ll provisions

5 01- I ~ ~ ( I S

12. Thc Cnntroller and any 11crsondcciding any appcill froin his ordcishall have a11 ihc powers ora civil courl, whilc [lying a s u i ~ under ihe Codc o l Civil Procedurc, 19118, i n rcspccr ol' tic li~llowing rilalrcrs, nan1ely:{a) summoning and c n l b i c i ~ ~ g a~tcnd:inceo f any pcrsotr and [tic examining him an onlh ;IS a witness. (b) requiring thc discovery and produclion d a n y dwurncn~ or record. (c) rccciving evidencc on nrfidavits. (il) rcquisirioning any public rccord or ct~py!hereor rrrlni any cnurt or oflicc. (c) issuing commission l'or 111c cxan~inaiiono f witncsscs or documents. (f) cniorcing or c x c c u ~ i n gordcrs (including an order for reswra~ion possossic~n) ifsucll ordcrs werc dccrccs of a nf as cilqil couri, (g) remanding any uesc or procucdings In [lie officcr lroin whosl: ordcr thc appeal is prcrcrrcd.

P O W C 01 ~


13. ( 1 ) Ally person aggriei'cd by an ordcr ol' thc Cnnrroller tnay. n p p c ~ 1 within thirry days irom thc dale 01' tl~r ordcr. prefcr an appeal in wiling(a) in respect of any hnldilig wiillin ~ h jurisdic!ion of the Court c oiSniall Causcs (11"[Kollra~1], ~ h Chief Judgc of rhc C ~ u r l lo c ol'Smal1 Causcs ol' 'i Kolkala]; and (h) in rcspccr of any holding clscwhere, 10 thc Disrrict Judgc wiihin whosc jurisdicrion thc holding is siiualc.
(2) Thc Chief Judgc of [he Cot~n r Srn;ill Causes of '[Kulkaraj or o ~ h Dislricr Judge, a s ihc casc may be. bdbrc whum an appeal is prclcrrcd c undcr sub-section ( I ) may eithcr himscIf hear any such appeal or lmnsrcr such appeal 10 3 Judgc, Courl ol' Small C:~uscs ol' '[Kvll;ete] nr l o an Addirional Dis~rici Judgc. as the cnsc miiy bc. and [he Judgc to whom such appcal is so ~ransfcrrcd shall hear and disposc or such appeal.

( 3 ) rill: C h i d Judge 01 thc Courl of Sinall Ci~uscsof '[Kolkata] or thc Districi Judgc, as the case nrity bc. ciihcr on tiis own morion or on [he appliuarion of any party may wirlldraw any nppcal pending bcrorc any ludgc to his own Ttlc Tor hcnring and dispusal rrr rriinsfcr il lo any o111cr Judge of thc Cou~z Small Ciluscs ofl[Kolkntnjor any Addiiional D i s ~ r i c ~ of Judge. as rhc casc may be, b r I~caring disposal. and

7'11~ 'iKolk(rrn/ Thika Tctrrmr-y (/laqrrisitiflr~ Re,yrrl~rriurr) irjrd

A ( . / , 1981.

fFVt:st Bcn. Act

(4) S u l j c c ~ sucli rulcs as nlny bc niadc undcr h i s Acl, any linal 10 ordcr pawed hy any courr u ~ ~ dst~b-secrion or sub-seclion ( 3 ) . rrlay cr (11 i n [lie m:\nncr prcscri bed hc rcvic+\vcrlhy thc court \vIiich pnsscd IJI~ order on lllc rliscovcrg o f any ncw and i;iipor~:u~t n~niicr cvidcnca or on accoun! nr of solnu misiakc or crror npp;il,crlt (In 1112 I'ncc of ~ h rccord or Tor any c oihcr sut'tscicn~ c:111sc ci likc Ilalurc: r

Proviilcd r l n t bclbrc m:iking ;lng ordcr u~idcr[his sub-scc~ion the persnl) likcly LO bc aducrscly i ~ l ' l c c ~ tfrl ly sucll ort-ler sh;jll hc given rzaso~ii~hlo opportunily or hciny he;~r~I.

( 5 ) t\n order passcd by i l x Conrrnllcr ;\stiris[which ao :\ppznl has hy ~ c l milnncr prcscribcd on hccn PI-clkrred, may also bc r ~ z ~ i c ~ ~tiiln tin IIW t11c groul~d f discovery 01' ilcw ino~lci- cvidcnuc or on ihe ground of o or error app:ircnl vn ihe I'acc (II' 111~. record a f ~ c r giving 1 1 pcrson an 1e npporruni~y hzil~g ol' hcard.
(6) Subjccl lo rhc prt~visions 111is 01Aci, any decision o l ihc Appellarc Authurily and, in cascs wllcrc 110i~l)llc:il has hccn przrcrrcd, thc decision ol'(t~c Conirollcl- shall bc Iinnl mlrI miiy hc cxcculed I>ythc Conirollcr in lhc IiinnlIcr pl.ovidcrl in tllc Cndc or Civil Prnucdurc. 1908. Tor lhc execurion dccrces.
14. .l'hc Sii~rcGoivcrnmen~ m;Iy. on its o\vn notion, call l i > ~ :~nd examine thc records of nny orclc~. pnsscd or pmcccdings lnkcn hy [Ile Con~rollcr under lhe provisions ul'rliis Act and iigains~ which no appeal has hccn preferred Ibr ihc purposz ol's;~lisrying i~scll'as 0 ~ h Icgnliiy or 1 c prupriuty o f such orclcr or as ro [lie ~.cpuliiri~y oJ'iLie prnccdurc and pass such order wirh r c s p c c l ll~cl-eln il may lhink ti[: as
Provided rha! no sucli order shall hc ~uarle cxcepr d t c r giui~iglhc pel.son :~ITccrcd reasonable oppor~unity being hcurd in [lie Innlicr. 01-

S I 14oE ~

15. ( I ) On ~ h npplica~iou c nl'ii~iy tllc pnrlies and alrcr noiice to ~ h c or parties and iihcr t~cnring such ol'lhc~u ilesirc rn hc licard, or 011his cnvn ns n~orirm willlout surh ~ ~ c ~ r irhc ,Disiriui Judzc in lhc cnsr o f a proceeding cc pcnding befort a Cim~rollcr nppoinied Ir)r iiny nrua within rhc disiric!, or lhv: Chief Judgc or thr: Couri oFSm;~llC:\uscs ol' '[Kolka~a] i h t case o f in a procecdii~g pcnding hcl'orc : CrrnirolIcr ;\ppoinrctl ror any nrcn wirhin I 111cjurisdiction ol' [lie Cnurr 111' S~noll Causes nf '[Kolk;ili~], Iilny, any steec, wiilidmw sucli provccdiny ilntl ilallsTcr i~ for hcarir~g dispc~sill o or L il Conlroller nppoinicd Tor itny utlier area wirhin tlic disrrict or wirhin rhe jurisrliclion o l ihc Courl or S~nnll Cnuscs oTiIKoll;nrn], as thc cilsc nlny he. or re~r;lnrfcri t lor llcaring or clil;pns:iI 10 thc Conrroller from whotii ii WIK ~ v i ~ l ~ d r i i i v n . :.

( C ~ I ~ I ~ V C ~ - f i . ~ ( ~ ( ~ {/1!(1 . Y I I ~ ) ~ I ! ~ J ~ I I ~ ~ I ~ ~ I ~ I I - Ib ll~~~~co~~~

pml~isior) r.--f,c;icrrcs 16- IS.}

( 2 ) '['he r o ~ ~ i l n l llo r c whom any jwoccctling has kc11rrml!,fen-cd urirler suh-seciion ( I)shall have t l ~ c silliic ! W I to I l c i or disposc ol' i t i l s ilie I C O . ~ Controllcr fro111wholo i r was ivitlldrawn iuid ti~;iy,subjccl 10 any spccial directions in the order nf rchenr i r or proceed from thc slagc ill w l ~ i c l ii t was withdrawn iunrl triulsl'crrcd.
Erl~lrrrrnriot~.--In ssclion "proceeding" inctudcs any proceeding this ;irixine nu1 or :it1 application mndc io ~ h Controllcr i111Jcr[he pn~visions c o f this Act.

( h ) ;my land vesicd ill (11. ill tlic pnhscssion uf(i) rllc S t 4 1 ~ o v ~ r n i ~ l ~ ~ i l . G (ii) porl i ~ u ~ h o rnl' ;Iy mnjw pcrl. i~ (iii) ;I railway a d l n i n i s ~ n ~ t i 01- ~ , o~ (iv) a Irjval aulhnri~y. nr




( c ) any land ~ v l ~ i c is rcquircd Ibr carrying out any of lhc li pruibisions o f thc '1Kvlk:j1a] I n ~ p r o v c ~ ~Act,n 191 1. ~e t
17. Nothing in any conrriic! I ~ c t w c ea ~tliikcr tenant illid a f l l ~ i ~ r l i ~ i Itrstnctlon \ n made ilkor tile c o t n n ~ e n e e n ol' ~ l~its ~ ~ i Aci shi!ll lakc owily or l i m i ~l ~ c t righrs or such jcnant nr Blrorrrtirr ; I S prt~vidcrlTor by h i s Acl, and any :s:sl~c\iwftr contract which is niadc in conrravcntion ol: nr which i s inconsisren~ wilh ally of tLc provisions or [his Aur slli~llbe void and without erfcccr to thc cxtent ot such conlm\rzn!ion or inconsislency.


18. Fnr Ihc purpi)se oriuiy inquiry under thisAc1. the Controllcr and any person decidirlg i\n appcnl t~ndcr sccticin 13, may,(ij) enlcr and il~spcctally pl.c~~iiscs iuiy tirnc bztwcen sunrisc nr illid sunscl;
(b) ilu~hrmise any pcrsoti sul,ordin;\tz tu 1 l 1 1 nto cnicr iund illsj~ect any prcnliscs beiwce~~ sunrise and sunsel; or (v) by wriueri urdel-. tcquil-c any pcrson to producc For his inspeclion such acuourlls, I-en1 I-ccciprs, books or orhcr d~cumenls such rinlc allrl is such plncr: ijs m y he spccifisd at in rhc ordy:

cnrur ; ~ n d

Pfc1n1sc5. Ie


~ ~ ~ , ~ ~ u l l


Providcd ~ h i l110prc~niscs H hc cnicred unrlcr cl;~usc(;I) nr r:l;lusc i sh,i (h) wilhoul the consent of lllc occ~lpicr, unlcss at Icnsl twenty-Tour huurs' (~rcvious nolice in wriring has Ilecli gi.:cn.

Titc '1Kolknrcr] Thi ka Terlrrrrry (Ac-rlrrisiiiot~ rind Keg~rluriorr)

.4 t m f ,/!?81.
['C'Ycst Ucn. Act

'18A. ( I ) Any conrr;ivcniinn hy any ptrson occupying land dircclly under thc Srarc, hcing thc Iantllorrl within t l ~ c 111cnning f suh-scrtion ( 1 ) o 01-sectin11 6.of;{ny provision nl' 111i.s 11c1 shall I)e an olrcncc pu~~isli;lhlc wid) imprisonment for a ierin which may extend to live years and illso wi~h [inc which may exlend to ten itlousand rtlpcts.
(2) N o court shall ~ a k c coprlizancc of any orl'cncc punishahlc under sub-scc~ion I ) cxccp~ n colliplnillt ini~dc writillg by lhc Con~roller ( on in or by an officcr :~utl~oriscd him ill this hctialr. by
inclucIirig :ipltcals and procccdi ngs ill csccu~ion or order#. elL. . l o abxc.

19. A11 procccdings inclu~liny ~lppcals ell procccdings in excculion and olordcrs passcd in proceedings including appc;~lsunder [he '[Kolkata] \jlcsr Bcn. Tlrih Tcnnncy ACI. 19W, pending nn thc 19th day o f July, 1978. lor t t ~ c A c l 11 of IY-IY. cjcci~iienl !; of !i rclli\nks nntl Hliat-rrri~ls !n sl~all siand rrhalcrl with effecr l'rom ~ h c 19th Jily or July, 197R. ;IS i T such procccdings, appeals or cxccu~ion procccdings h;ld ncvcr btcn lnadc.
rn:Iy, 20. ( I ) 'Thc Statc G o v e r ~ ~ r n c ~ ~ r subjec! to lhc contlj~ionnT previous puhlicarion. makc rulcs l'or carrying nu1 ~hr: purposcs or i l l i s Act.

( 2 ) In pi~rticulnrand w i l l i o u ~prejudice L { i ihc gcncralily of rhc fnrcgning poivcr. such rulcs m:ry provide for ill1 or any o f the nlaltcrs lhar may hc or nrc rcquircd to hc prts~l.ihcd rnndz by rules. or 21.
The 'IKolkela] Tlrikrl 'I'cliancy ACI,1449 i s hcrcby repealed.

22. In c o m p u ~ i n ~ pcriod ol' lirni~nlion (lie picscribed by any 1;nv for 111cli111c hcing i n farce fnr an npplicalinn rrlr c j c c ~ l n e o~ ~ Bhrir~rr~in rfa nr Tor nn nppcn! from an ordcr or dccrcc rni~rlc such applicetion or suit ur on Tor thc c.r;ecution of an order n dccrcc Ibr ejec~mcnror n Bllnr,rrria. the v perind frmn ~ h c clay of luly. 1978 LO the ~;ILC or coming into rorce of 19111 lhis A ~ sl~nll excluded. I be
23. No civil coorr shall havc ,jurisdiciinn to dccidc or deal wirh any ques~ion rr) dctcrrnine any mettcr which i s by o r under [his Acl rcquired or in Ilc nl- hils bccn decided or dcall will1 o r lo bc de~errnined IMS Or becn dclcnnincd by [he C o n ~ r ~ ) l lorrrl~e c appcllatc or other aulhorily spccificd in ~ h c provisions or this Aci :und no order (11- judgment p a s 4 or proceedings including esecurion proceetlinss cvmnienced undcr rhe ~wovisions !his Acl sliall hc c;tllcd in qucslion in any civil courr. oT
'See C ~ ~ ~ - n 2> l l :pngc 2'15. IIII~~~. t OII was inscntd by s. 13 u l 1l1c C a l c ~ ~ l rT ll ~ i hTcnucy ; i l(r.~i~la~iorr) (nrncndmcnr) Act. 1993 (\t1t<t Hcn. Acl X X I ol' 1993).
'Scclion IS,\

(Acq~liririt)~! and

Tlre '[Kolkata]Thika Teriarrcy (Acqrtisifiotr i~tirl e g r r l r ~ ~ i o r ~ ) K

Act, ,981.

[West Bcn. Act XXXVII of 1981.1

! , ,
... . . . , , . . . .. .

In !he casc of any holding o f a tlrika lcnant the rate of rcvcnue on

land holding:(a) on 11iefirst rupees 10.000 of thc Lola1 rateablc value -5 in the rupcc,



. . ,' .


(b) on [he nexl rupees 10,000oF [he rota1 rateablc value -8 in [he rupee,
(c) on the balancc ofrhe ralcitble valuc
lalid or hrr,lcrurcs ~ C h l ~ dor in rcsurncd by 1 , sac,


-10 paisc in the rupcc.

27. Nolwilhstanding anylhing contained elsewhcrc in this Acr or in any olhcr lilw for rllc lime being in force and subjecr to the provisions OF
thc Urban Land (Ceiling and Regulation)Acl, 1976, it shall be cornpc~cnr 31 or 1976. for thc Starc Governmcnr to makc USE of, or scrtIe with any person or authoriry, any land or slructure veslcd in or rcsumed by rhc Srate undcr [his Act 10 subscrve the common good on such tcrms and conditions and in such manner as may be prcscribed.