Program Implementation Plans (PIP)

Dr. Pratima Mittra Sr.

Consultant(Tech) RCH-II/NRHM,NIHFW

Framework for review of various parts of PIP and give comments: 1. Introduction: Structure of the PIP & inclusion of all chapters as per guidelines provided. 2. Chapter-wise comments.

3. Comments on proposed Training.  Separate chapter on ‘Training’ included or not.  Identify all the trainings have been planned under different sections/areas.  Identify the trainings not planned under each thematic area, find out reasons for not planning & consider for revision in the PIP.  Requirement of Comprehensive Training Plan including all essential components.

4. Budget for proposed Training:  Budget proposed as per planned trainings, if not why?  Is the budget proposed rational (as per financial norm for training)

5. Capacity of State for carrying out the proposed Training:
 Availability 

of training institutes.

Availability of trained trainers for each type of training. to produce required training material.

 Capacity

6. Reference to the backlog of training loads(2010-11) and how
these would be addressed in 2011-12. (If the backlog is included in the load of current year then, it should be specified & mentioned if there is budget left for this training load). 7. Specification of unspent budget for training of last financial year. 8. Preparation of proposed CTP for the state for 2011-12.

Comments given on Revised PIP for 2011-12 on Training

Comments given on the first draft PIP have been incorporated in the revised PIP. Suggestions which have not been included in revised PIP. Additional training proposed or deleted in the revised PIP.

 

 Changes

(if made) in proposed training, training load and

Budget as per revised draft of PIP needs to be specified.


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