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Hermione's Bottomless Bag

Hermione's Bottomless Bag

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Published by Emma Jane
Do you have a bag like this?
Do you have a bag like this?

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Published by: Emma Jane on Nov 21, 2011
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HERMIONE'S BOTTOMLESS BAG Ever watched one of the last Harry Potter Movies?

Even better read the book? You will know of Hermione's bottomless bag You can put as much as you want into it It will never get full The mother of someone I know By the way she reacts Seems to think I have one too For whenever she sees me Whether I have come for class Or just to visit The look of disbelief and wonder on her face For whatever I need comes out of my bag. And some of my items are not exactly small But even though I may wish I had such a bag I do not But the secret is this Plan for what you know you will need Plan for what you think you will need And then some For each and every outing Then pack most carefully If you don't know how Learn to play Tetris So if you want a bag like Hermione's Or at least the allusion of one Plan, plan, plan And plan some more!

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