Advanced Circular Motion Problems 1) A 1000.0 kg car enters a level curve at 2.0 x 10 m/s. The curve has a radius of 80.0 m.

What centripetal force must be supplied by friction to keep the car from sliding? What is the coefficient of friction? [5.0 kN, 0.51] 2) A 1000.0 kg car travels around a frictionless, banked curve having a radius of 80.0 m. The banking angle is 20.0o to the horizontal. What speed must the car travel to maintain this radius (so no skidding occurs)? [16.9 m/s] 3) A plane is flying in a vertical loop of 1500.0 m radius. At what speed is the plane flying at the top of the loop, if the vertical force exerted by the air on the plane is zero at this point (FN = 0)? [121 m/s] 4) The pilot of an airplane, which has been diving at a speed of 540.0 km/h, pulls out of the dive at constant speed. a) What is the minimum radius of the plane’s circular path in order that the acceleration of the pilot at the lowest point will not exceed 7g (this is acceleration)? [382 m] b) What is the magnitude of the force applied on an 8.0 x 10 kg pilot by the plane seat at the lowest point of the pull-out? [5.5 kN] 5) A string pendulum 1.12 m long has a bob with a mass of 200.0 g. a) What is the tension in the string when the pendulum is at rest? [1.96 N [N]] b) What is the tension at the bottom of the swing, if the pendulum moves at 1.2 m/s? [2.2 N [N]] c) What is the maximum range of the bob, if the string breaks at the bottom and the bob is released horizontally and is 2.0 m above the ground? [0.77m] 6) Snoopy flies his vintage war plane in a loop-the-loop chasing the Red Baron. His instruments tell him the plane is level (at the bottom of the loop) and travelling with a speed of 1.8 x 102 km/h. He is sitting on a set of bathroom scales, and notes that they read 4 times the force of gravity. What is the radius of the loop? [85 m] 7) How slowly can you swing a 2.5 kg ball on a cord in a vertical circle with a radius of 1.5 m? (It must barely maintain a circular path at the top of the rotation.) [3.8 m/s]

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