(Wholly owned Government of Karnataka Undertaking)

Transfer of Electrical Connections
(Please read Conditions of Enclosed I To be filled in by the applicant)


RR Number (As mentioned in the bill):


Name of the present consumer:



Address of the premises:


Name of Transferee:



Address of the Transferee:



Details: a. Landline b. Mobile c. E-mail PAN No.:


Reason for seeking transfer:

(Tick whichever is applicable) VesD vesD VesD vesD VesD NoD NoD NoD NoD NoD Certified documents are to submitted in respect of a to e

a. Premises now owned by me (Attach copy of Khatha/Regd. Sale deed) b. Existing Owner's wish (Attach authorization letter) c. Partition (Attach partition deed)

d. Succession (Attach succession or heirship certificate) e. Tenented (Proof of Occupancy like lease deed, rent paid receipt) 8 Use ofthe premises now: a. Self occupied b. Leased c. 9 Rented

vesD vesD vesD


2MMD: a. To be transferred to me (Attach authorisation letter from the present consumer) b. Will be paid by me vesD VesD NoD NoD

10 Fresh power supply Agreements: Attach power supply agreements as per Annexure.7 in duplicate for each installation & An indeminty bond as per Annexure.9 of conditions of power supply set by KERC.


Date: Place:

Signature: Name:

5. 7. If there is change in the activity in the premises. . get it regularized legally by contacting the local office. 3. Turn off all lights other than security lights when building is not occupied. Amount Transfer fee : Amount due for past consumption: Amount due as 2MMD: Official memorandum No. and date: Rpt. Use Solar water heater and avail rebate. No. Capacity Reading AsstlJunior Engineer (EI). 2. C. 4. Date Details updated in the system on: __ AAO Sub-Division General Information 1. 8. Opt for Electronic Clearing Scheme (ECS) for payment of electricity bill and avoid standing in queues. 9. 18004252627 which is in operation 24x7. Make maximum use of sunlight and avoid artificial light during daytime.FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Ref: Inspected by: Date: Inspected on: Meter condition: RRNos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Meter Location Usage Make SI no. Use 151 marked materials for intemal wiring.O&M Unit-_. switch off the main supply. to Consumer: 6. For any complaints use tool free No. Switch offlights & Electrical appliances when not in use. __ SID. While going out of the premises for longer time.

14. Failure to do so will attract penalities in accordnace with the rules. Consumer shall provide unrestricted access to BESCOM personnel at all reasonable times for meter reading. 3.shall not be construed or interpreted to mean as recognition of title to the premises or property. 4. 13.B . COM BANGALORE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED (Wholly owned Government of Karnataka Undertaking) Useful information 1. BESCOM is not liable to pay the consumer for any damage. Any such act will not only result in immediate disconnection and penalities but prosecution in acount of law for fraud. Consumers shall intmate BESCOM in writing any change in the use of the premises such as changes from residential to commercial or industrial as soon as such change takes place. BESCOM doesnot accept any liability for any damage suffered by the consumers because ofthe quality of power supply. compensation for injury or loss of life resulting from the the use of electrical energy or due to faulty wiring or defective appliances. Outstanding arrears to be cleared. In addition to consumption charges. While every attempt will be made to maintain power supply. failing which. BESCOM reserves the right to interrupt power supply or shut down supply for periodical maintenance and attending to any breakdowns. 7.. to erect poles. In case of transfer of connection.free of cost. if access is denied or obstructed. 10. The energy supplied by BESCOM shall be measured by Ameter or meters provided by BESCOM in the premises and fixed in a place where it is accessible for reading and does not require the occupant to be availed forthe purpose. to the Customers on Conditions of supply BESCOM agrees to supply electrical energy to consumer named in this document at premises mentioned on the basis of his request and upon production of necessary documents which. 9. however. BESCOM is not liable to pay any compensation to the consumers for any inconvenience or loss. In case the cheque is not honoured. voltage and frequency within the limits prescribed by the concerned authorities. damages. 11. etc and shall be liable for disconnection of supply and penalty as Bescom may fix. Consumer shall not tamper with seal of the meter or interfere with its installation in any manner whatsoever for dishonest extraction and use of electrical energy. 2. BESCOM is entitled to levy reconnection charges whenever it decides to restore supply after disconnection due to any of the reasons mentioned above. Consumer shall pay BESCOM for the enrgy consumed during the period specified at the applicable tariff within the last date mentioned in th bill. Consumer may pay cash or by cheque on a local bank or by DD on a local bank or credit card. Penalty will be levied and debited in the next months bill. interest shall be payable on the amount due and also suffer disconnection of supply.. Consumer shall permit BESCOM. 17. the applicant agree to indemnify and hold harmless. 12. costs and liabilities arising from any dispute between the applicant and previous consumer or future claimant. 15. stagger power supply. inspection and testing. the consumer shall pay security deposit. Electrical energy supplied is for the bonafide use of the consumer and shall be utilised within the premises specified only. fixed charges and advance as may be prescribed by BESCOM. distribution gear and lay cables. 16. BESCOM may impose restrictions on load. 8. BESCOM from any and all claims or legal action. . cut off power supply altogether if the overall situation so demands by giving advance notice through the press and media whenever possible. In such circumstances. 5. 6. etc which may be necessary for the supply of electrical energy over the land in his possession.

The power supply shall be disconnected after the expiration of the stipulated period unless requisition is received for extension of the period. However. over which the public have a right of way. for dishonest abstraction/use/consumption of electricity of interference with the metering equipment or accessories. in case ofTemporary power supply. in . the Consumer. h) Without prejudice to the rights and liabilities of the parties in respect of any matter antecedent to termination and subject to payment of fixed/minimum charges as per applicable Tariff for the unexpired period of the initial period of this agreement. electricity required for the purpose here in above recited at the single point of supply up to the maximum extent of KW/HP. or in the possession of. j) The industrial/I. . the licensee has agreed to supply to the consumer electricity for the purpose of his/her/its premises at for bonafide purpose and use within the premises. The power must be confined to such places as shall have been previously approved in writing by the Licensee. (here in after called the "CONSUMER" which expression. whether a thorough fare or not. the consumer shall pay penal charges in accordance with the provisions of the "Conditions of Supply" as in force from time to time. e) The supply is liable to be restricted. and also the roadway and footway over any public bridge or causeway. 2003 or such other enactment governing the supply and use of electrical energy as may be in force from time to time. and such further deposit as may be demanded by the Licensee is paid by the Consumer before the expiry date. occurring or resulting from the use of power. .P. . machinery or motors installed by him at the time of servicing through his sanctioned load does not exceeds due to such change. . passage or open space. the "Conditions of Supply" and any other law for the time being in force. . c) "Commission" mean the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission. . for the bonafide use ofthe consumer. . court. . In case prejudicial use of power is detected. either party to this Agreement may terminate this Agreement by giving three months prior notice in writing. structures. c) The Consumer shall permit the Licensee. executors and administrators) of the other part. as the case may be. free of cost. .Form -II B . wherever the context so admits shall include its successors and assigns) ofthe one part and successors in business and assigns. alley. road. The energy so supplied shall be utilized with in the premises mentioned hereto. Where as atthe request ofthe consumer. Besides.. being the load sanctioned. cables and other apparatus necessary for the supply of Electrical Energy under this Agreement over the land belonging to. BANGALORE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY Ltd. equipments. unless the context otherwise requires: a) "ACT" shall mean the Indian Electricity Act. b) "Conditions of Supply" shall mean the "Conditions of Supply of Electricity of Distribution Licensee in the State of Karnataka" approved by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission and as amended from time to time. d) "Street includes anyway. COM BANGALORE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED (Wholly owned Government of Karnataka Undertaking) POWER SUPPLY AGREEMENT FOR SUPPLY OF LOW TENSION ELECTRICAL ENERGY.. An agreement made this dayof (date) of (Month) two thousand and between the . . the period of agreement shall be for the period of days/week/months which period may be extended by the Licensee at the request of the Consumer. the supply under this Agreement is valid initially for a period of two years from the date of commencement of supply and shall stand automatically renewed from year to year there after until terminated by either of the parties. to erect the poles. if the power position or any other emergency warrants such a course of action. a) The licensee shall supply Electrical energy to the aforesaid premises of the Consumer from its distributing main for the purpose at low tension as specified in the "Conditions of Supply" under classification of supply and the Consumer shall take from the Licensee. for the purpose of routine maintenance after giving reasonable intimation to the consumer. wherever the context so admits shall include its successor or In thisAgreement. distribution lines. as and when required.. f) From the date of commencement of supply as defined in the "Conditions of Supply" until termination of agreement. i) The Licensee shall not be liable to pay any damages or compensation in connection with loss of life or property arising. and the installation shall be liable for disconnection. g) Subject to the provision of Act. square. . . The Licensee reserves the right to periodical shutdown. the Consumer shall make payment to the Licensee for the Electricity supplied during the prescribed billing period at the rates specified in the Licensee's tariff from time to time and applicable to the class of power supply irrespective of the installation being in service or under disconnection. b) Electrical energy supplied to the premises shall not be utilized by the Consumer in any manner prejudicial to the Licensee and all usage must be according to such method or methods approved by the Licensee. a body constituted by the Government of Karnataka (herein after called the "LICENSEE" which expression. Set consumer shall obtain written permission from the Licensee for any changes to be made in the equipments. . the Consumer shall also be liable for prosecution under the Act and any other law for the time being in force. . lane. staggered or cut off altogether. d) The consumer agrees to take supply under any conditions of restriction of load and time that may be fixed by the Licensee from time to time and to pay fixed charges underthisAgreement in full not with sanding such restrictions.

• . the Consumer shall be bound by.. the "Condition of Supply:" If the consumer.. In case even after disconnection ifthe dues remains unpaid the Licensee shall be entitled to take recourse to the provision situated in the "Conditions of Supply" and other laws for the time being in force to recover the arrears. the Licensee through its duly authorized representative and the consumer have executed this Agreement on the day month and yearfirst above written. Witness: 1) . From the date this Agreement comes into force... the Licensee shall be entitled to immediately cut off power supply... inspection. The Licensee shall have access to the premises the Consumer at all reasonable times without notice for meter reading... and shall pay the Licensee.. Name: Designation: . if there is any reason to suspect breach of the provision of this agreement... and other laws for the time Nothing contained in this agreement or any amendment thereof shall restrict any rights.. In witness thereof. the Act.. the Licensee shall have the right to discontinue power supply during the period when the License or permit is cancelled or suspended or the validity of the No objection certificate issued by the competent authority has expired without prejudice to the obligation of the consumer to pay the minimum charges during this period.k) In case of street light installation the maintenance of lamps and fixture shall be carried out by the consumer himself/herself... fixed charges. obligations which the Licensee or the Consumer has derived under any legislation relating to supply and consumption of electricity enacted during the period of this agreement. I) Where the Consumer is required to obtain a license or permit or "No objection Certificate" for running his Industrial/commercial concern or Lift Irrigation Scheme and the License or permit is suspended or cancelled orthe validity of the "No objection Certificate" issued by he competent authority to lift water has expired. Witness: 1) (Signature)(Signature) ..... The Consumer shall pay the Licensee the tax on electricity charges as determined by the Government of Karnataka from time to time..... Consumer/Authorized 1) Signatory . (Signature)(Signature) For Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited. testing and/or for any other purpose incidental to or connected with the proper maintenance of supply... The consumer shall also be liable to pay such penalty as may imposed by the Licensee in this regard....... Name: Address: . .. The Licensee shall have access to the premises at any time for inspection.... .. energy charges and additional security deposit in accordance with the tariffs approved by the Commission and the "Conditions of supply" of the Licensee from time to time for the appropriate class of Consumers.. .. Name: . itself.... Name: Address: ... his agent. employees or anyone else purporting to act on his behalf attempt to obstruct or impede the Licensee or its employees or authorized person in this regard..

merely on the ground that is has arranged power supply to the said premises.. COM BANGALORE ELECTRICITY SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED (Wholly owned Government of Karnataka Undertaking) INDEMINIY BOND (In case of Transfer of Installation) RRNo: I.... Signed at day 2008. I agree to pay the line minimum. . I am prepared to pay any arrears that is existing or that may fall due after taking the final reading along with the short claims if any. Signature Witness with Address: . aged about years residing at No Date: bind myself to indemnity against any future Electricity Supply at the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited or its legal representative claims. Competent Authority and myself regarding transfer of located at premises No demolition or ownership of the said premises. Also. The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited shall in no way be held responsible not be questioned in a Court of Law for any damages and shall etc.. Sri. relating to the previous consumer and also agreeable to transfer the installation along with deposit to the claimant in case of dispute that may arise at the later date. the installation. charges as per applicable Tariff for the unexpired portion of the guaranteed period irrespective of whether the installation is in service or not and bind myself to observe the Rules that are in force and as amended from time to time if the premises is/was/were to be dismantled because of any dispute between the parties as stated above. losses damages and injuries that may be sustained by the Bangalore Company Limited or may arise as a result of dispute between the previous Registered Consumer and myself or between the Board/Local/Body/Governmentlany at a future date relating to the above RRNo.Form -III B . construction.

dd (!9McaD 0: _ -----. ejITcl~ej~~od g."WW eIUi5 /:) ) 'l.__ &)r.j /:)wo..dd idoaioB C!:9_Q_.. CU05ClCWW 'CIo'b'l~cw06(:J).do cU 0~ ca e:~05CloJJw e:Jc).mNa m~~ (!9i\b~ ~e/~et.) _________ erom I/. 4.p~J ~e/~eejJ~--------------dejd ~e/~eejJ~---------------dejd a5cUortejITcl~~CUe. 01 2 &. tire> Oe:Jc)c§ : 'CI-~eefo': &om~ ~o:b~\§ eS (UC).wo.&e)\! ~e/ ~et. ~.3ej d) 'CIo'b'l~oJJd:l( /:)2jJclri.ido.i}Ja>~ Wi2~.\b" ~idOr1 f.)~O. epleJW .3rn>ft r:5~wru. .~~d r. WC)CWl'"~~l'"~W 'CIo'b'l~cw06(:J) Oe::ld dcxiJC>edd ~e::lrn>~td'rt cU~~~.~: M.J Ve=3 e.)~rl. ~I/.!rl91: 1.. WCloJJI.\b" e>rl\5j:.em>.. cUd /m:ae:J Wi2~/e. .B BUCOM ~orlud.dnacf.~e/~et. d:Jwo 'CIe::ld ilJcli!o.4aD:. ~f.i e:5J id 2.d~ SlO~. 2. 3. cdi&)aD~ uaaDclawacm~ ~Of&laaDOS(I/.eJ tt cU 'Ue) e:.. ~idO~od *********** ~ ejd cuoroe'l------------------ 'Old1\i)~----------l)\'c)CUd~M # dJej ~ ejdej1\i)~ a5cUO~od ~a5WdJ Cffi)'ZBdJer.> &)dl-B~ idd8)ca~ (tt eve> e:.WCl.:x)rodi'i~tcr.~f..Jc)fH:j..\b" as..)o."~e:Jc)I.

Sub: Transfer of Installations with deposits. Yours faithfully. transfer installations along with deposits.R. Note: This form is not required if it is mentioned in the sale deed. ***** The property bearing No. ___ Sub-Division. Executive Engineer (EI).Form -IV Date: Place: To: The Asst. No. _ is sold by and I give my consent to Thanking you. Sir. BESeOM. me to Sri/Smt. Bangalore. . having connected R.

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