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Weekend School of Certs & Diplos launched by KamzKirz Medl.a -HEGREAt;,MEOIA MarketIng Group - MMG offers Academic & Professional Courses. Authentic and Approved Certifications (2 Months) make students able to generate their resources of income and career building. Students Judges ~ KARACHI by an in-house or online examination ..Weekend School of Certs & Dlplos ADVERTISING F.E STiVAL launch their courses at Defense Campus equipped of all facilities, including multimedia, computer systems, air-conditioned rooms and 3.rd Fi'Qor;7'lC, Stadium: tane 1, technical expertise. After completion of courses, students will 'be Beside"s Snowhite Drydeaners, Opp. Satamis f,'tHlilishers. referred for Internship in leading business groups. K havaban·e~Sh;amshir ~Khad:a Corporate Webs: Marketl~ Phase~\l DBA, scribd .eom/ tgrn news facebook. co m/tg mnews Karac::hi l}akis1an .. faeeboo kin le.t: 0332·351.545.0



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Dumtlon: 2 Months
To Provide the comprehensive knowhow from idea generation execution of advertising. campaign in effective way. to

Cr@d.ItMourn: "1.7Hourli

and Market Research 2. Pre Production Phase of Planning 3. Production Phase (Electronic & Print) 4. Post Production Phase (Editing) 5. Media Planning &.Camp.aign Execution
1. Idea Gene'ration

Adverti.sing IdZExis an only special.iz.edcourse for Advertising designed by Karnran Jawaid {Founder, Karach i Advertising and has been released in 1,t Karachi Advertising Festival in front oflBA Facultv, Da,Wn Media Group and Radio One FM 91 's Advertis ing Team .. The course was appreciated an dexp ressed to continue as Certification C.ourse .. Advertising Id2Exis the on Iy certificatio n co u rs e for ga in in gAd vertisi ng Sk i 11$ in pr a cti ca I way. The course trainer is itself Kamran Jawaid (MS, MBA, BBA) Certified by Government of Pakistan and Youngest Winner of Brand of the Year Awards.

Per Head: PKR 5,000 (Per Month) tast Date of Admission: December 20,. 2011 Cia ss Com men cement: Jan u a ry 1'1, 2012 Days: ONLY Sundays Timing: 10:30 am - 1:30 pm Educational Trip: 1 in every 15 da,ys

Fee of all offered courses will be submitted

as Pay Order in favor of "KamzKirz Media Mark.eting Group"


To Provide the basic tools of ske-tchingand presenting the apparel execution comme rcially.

Duratlon:Z Month·
1. tntroductlcn to Fashion Designing 2. Idea Sketching and Patterns 3. Stkhing & Producing Garments 4. fashion Show Management

Fashion design based on the art of the application of de-sign and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion today is a. global. industry, and most major countries have a fashion industry .. The course trainer Talha Shamim, Graduate from lqra Institute of Fashion Designing and having experience to work with Fashion tegends like Vaneeza Ahmed, Nadia 'Hussain, BSY and also sharing his skills at New Port Institute as Faculty Member. 'He has presented and exhibit his collection in leading fashion platforms of Karachi and Lahore and pioneer in bringing Eu.ropean Nostalgic arts on the soil of Mughals.

Per Head: PKR 5,000 (Per Month) Last Da te of Admission: December 19, 2011 Class Commencement: December30, 2011 Days: ON LVSaturdays 10:30 am -1:30 pm Educational Trip: 1 in every 15 days

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TGM - The Great Media News online magazine is publish",dby KamzKirz Medii! Marketing Group. All the eciitorial material, including editorial comments, opinions and statements of fact appearing in this publication, represent the views of the re specti ve authors and dOe not s necessarily carry the endorsement of Kam:Kilz Media .Marketing Group or its officers. Information gathered from the sources considered to be reiiabie, but the accuracy of information cannot be guaranteed. The publication of any sdvettisement is not to be considered as an endorsement of the product or service offered unless it is specifically stat",d in the ad that there is such approval or endors~ment and sameappliad on the reviews of the brands. Copyright 2011 KamzKil'z fllledia MarkeringG'roup.

Would y-oulike me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that where you will find success. Same strategy applied on TGM, which successfully survive in the market of ignorant. TGM is successfully completed its 1st yearby e:xposing, analyzinq, criticizingan~ developing ideas about Advertising, Marketing and Media including Cinema, Theatre, Television, Fashion and Music. A fashibn is nothing but an induced epidemic. 6th TGM is based on some eye amusing papers with n,~Wthematic des i'Q and contents. Manths of September and October filled with fashion ns events, 'in which we not onlY: covered the Pakistani leading Fashion events including Karachi Fashion Week. PFDC $unsilk Fashion Week but also shared some of the most happening events of India like Indi'a International Jewelry Week, Vague Beauty Awards and Lakme India Fashion Week. Growing Fashion Industry in Pakistan and India are quite interrelated because Fashi'on i$ directly linked to Cultural attire and Indo Pak attires are similar in broadly. All the sculptures oftoday, like those of the past, will end one day in pieces ... So it is important to 'fashion oneswork carefully in its smallest recess and charge every particle of matter with life. TG.Malso covered the recently held LuxSfyle Awards as a styled oscarry icon. Magazines and aqvertisihg are flQgging the idea that you have to keep changing things and get something new. I think that's balls» evil. But obviously that's your livelihood. The current TGMis brought some of the major International happenings in Advertising industry in your lap's top. There is a question raised recently that .rneny manufacturers secretly question whether advertising really sells their p-roduct , but are' vaguely afraid that their competitors might steal a march 0[1 'them if they stopped, Pakistani local Advertising industry has' been createdsome waves b¥ Uth Band Kamal' Kiya Daria Hal by Djuice and CaprPs"lndian face breaKing strategy" by launching Mehreen Raheel and Aisha Orner as a Pakistani Faces for brand ernbassadorinq. Most criticism of aqvertising is written in ignorance of what actually happens inside these ager:"!oies.6th TGM has beer:"!exposed some of the recent Advertising mistakes and unusual &;unacceptablefacts. .Afilm is - or sho.uld be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later. Anubhav Sinha's RA One did the same by competing technology with avatars of James Gameron. 6th TGM has been dedicated 6 pages to Ra one based on their marketing and merchandising strategy and plans, which combines the applications of marketing industry with media production as .a historical expanding and l)udgeting. We have discussed brand and offers for their mar:keting plans but Ra One has created new rules and examples for the marketing hisiQry of Sotith Asia by presenting .a movie as a brand and the output also worthy by Box,office response same-as.lilse asales report justified the advertising expenditures. After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music and when the performer of music lost with remarkable emotion created stimulira 'gap generated in the breath. The Ar:tist is he who detects and applies the law from observation of the works of Genius, whether of man or Nature. The Artisan is. he who merely applies the rules which others have detected. We 'aretalking about Jagjit Singh and TGM 'and KamzKirz MMG is condoled the sudden demise ora valued name in Ghazal Gayeki of Indo f!ak. The hardest thing is at the end you have to say bye to all these people who you have worked with for many months. It was really sad not to see them anymore. But you have the parties that you go to and you get to see them, like the premieres and the screenings. So we are quite thankful for the supporters and contributors TGM for having a successful year, Sammy Hagar quoted that every year of anniversary, you get a chance to start new.

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The Recent launch of Max Fair n Lovely by Unilever, Fair Menz by Skin Care, Menz active by HLL and Fair and Handsome by Emami has created quite a stir in the media, with the creation of a new category over night. While the product's effectiveness and the "promised fair skin" still lingers a doubt in the consumer's mind, there is a much major issue that has been completely overlooked. Creating a new category (Fairness creams for men) and differentiating is actually a good strategy, but whats the point of creating a category for which people don't have use for? When u pose a question such as what makes a man handsome, the typical reply would be : Masculinity,height,confidence,humor and attire Do u expect anyone to reply as fair skin? Impossible! The ads of Lux .Fairever or Fair and Lovely usually emulates a typical girl who aspire to become beautiful and have a fair skin like Aishwarya Rai. Thus the fairness creams for women ..The aspirations for a guy on the contrary is quite the opposite. He tries to emulate a rough and tough , cool guy and probably aspire to become a Shahid Afridi, Sachin tendulkar or a Christiano Ronaldo or whatever his profession might be. No one would even think of a concept of becoming fair ,as evident from that fact that 90 % of the men do not even know the texture of their skin or exact skin color. The dream of possessing physical looks similar to another person, is strictly confined to females and definitely not a guy ( Have u heard anyone saying I wanna be as handsome as Tom Cruise?) HUL has come up with survey results,reports indicate, that nearly 25 % of men use fairness creams. A true marketer has to understand that the product can be used in multiple ways by both sexes, probably even in a completely opposite way. The purpose of using fairness creams by these men is not for getting fair skin, as commonly misinterpreted in that report but actually for skin protection from sun and to maintain a healthy skin. Men do not care about their skin color , but they definitely worry about their health of their skin. The issue under concern is, whether do men really aspi re for fai r ski n ? ~o 'If hat is the maj or probl em to be sol ved ? Positi oni ng ! 5ulution : Adopt a repositioning strategy,and targets the men who worry .about their skin ,and needs a cream,which can protect their skin, and also one that they can proudly take it with them anywhere Create an ad , that depicts a salesmen or a traffic police getting their skin burnt by the sun, p,nd they are in desperate need of a solution to protect the skin. The product then appears that acts as a boon to all the people who cDnStantlytravel or exposed to the sun for a long time. ( Do not term it skin care and give it a feminine name, like Fair and Handsome) Probably a "Power Protector" ,"Blue Eyes" or "Freeze" cream can do the trick.

Pakistan is now seeing the rise of the metrosexual, says ad agency executive Hassan Kilde Bajwa. Though the country's economic picture is grim and poverty is pervasive, Pakistan's wealthy city dwellers are upending expectations in a country where Islamic militants decry anything Western. The relatively recent access to Western media is driving a new aesthetic in a country where the traditional dress, a cotton tunic called a salwar kameez, is still widely worn. "Now people have a much greater disposable income because of all the banking reforms we've had over the past ten, 15 years where all of a sudden we have people being able to take loans, which was not a possibility in Pakistan before," says Bajwa, creative director of ad agency Synergy. That disposable income is being spent, in many cases, on men's grooming. The AFP reports that grooming salons for men are springing up in major cities. "And the other major influence is the fact that we now have a flourishing media industry," he says. "When you're bombarded with all these new ideas, your consumption increases." He points to ad campaigns that endorse beauty products and trends such as the rise in men's hair transplants, facials, and manicures. Yousuf Ayub Khan, a businessman and provincial politician, says that male pampering is not culturally inconsistent with the values of his country; even in tribal populations, men routinely dye thei r hai r and beards with henna. "It's a very traditional conservative society in Pakistan, but traditionally it's not a problem over here if you tell someone you've been to a salon, and had a facial or pedicure, no one will Iaugh at you," he says. But don't bother to look for earrings or handbags on the wellgroomed males of Pakistan, Bajwa says. "One thing that still isn't acceptable, even among metrosexuals, is accessories. It's a very common thing for men in Europe to wear a wristband or something, the Beckham thing," says Bajwa. "That's not something you ever see in Pakistan. Ea_rrings,in fact piercings anyw here, soci ally is un cce e. It's sri II a soci al taboo."

Today, dressing up and looking good is no longer a female domain; the 4rban man too knows how to get the killer look and is ready to take up th, style challenge. Be it hair straightening, waxing or plucking, they want the best. A flamboyant egocentric in love with himself and his urban lifestyle, the new age man gives a damn about who he is, how he looks and what he wears. Call himsexy or vain, he doesn't care. Media pundits and fashi n gurus call him by various names, the most common being metrosexual.The word metrosexual (metropolitan and sexual) is a term generally applied to man with strong concern for the appearance. Apparently he's a man with money and an interest in fashion and beauty. He might be officially gay, straight or bisexual but he belongs to the gloss/{ magazine culture and works hard to genhe pi cture perfect look with a pi easi ng personal ity, With the emergence pf the metrosexual man, the most to make moolah is the beauty industry. Beautician Mona R. from Naturals says "Men are more aware and demanding today. They know what they want and are ready to pay any price to get the look. Be it hair straightening, waxing or plucking, they want the best." After all, this is an era of gender equality and the perfect make up. While more men are paying attentions to their looks, the cosmetic industries have even come out with special products that suit Indian male skin type. The first to hit the market was Emami male fairness cream but today you can find numerous brands available. Jimmy Xavier, who acted in Emami fair and handsome ad, feels "Who doesn't want to be pampered? Using fairness cream does make you look and feel good." The new Indian men are bold and beautiful and they love getting pampered. Men are becoming regular at Spas and the 'chocolate spa' is the most wanted. But this does not mean the saying of 'tall, dark and handsome' does not apply to the metrosexual man. Indian men of all shades of skin tone, hair types and ph~i!1ue are seeking metrosexual treatments with the desire to look more sexy, confident. fashionable, trendy, culturedand well groomed. As urban males are now b;eing more open to changes and experimental in nature, t ~ale fashion industry in India is rapi dly grow ing too .. According to DhrwrBogr~, Business head of Nautica, "The demand for premium and Juxury clothing has been growing at 15 to 18 ~ent for the past five years and today an affluent male spends upt Rs 76,000 every year just on clothes." Many, a11 mt'ts luxury ifestyle stores have been opened in the metros ~lndia, like ~he Collective and The Prestige Store ir:vmr~lo~~ The CoU"ctive even includes a Paris based salon J,an Claude Biguine and a contemporary cafe. Ayamik, a cfeslgtl ho~se for nmn in Mumbai stores collections of 22 fashion designers including Narendra Kumar Ahmed, JJ Valaya, and Shamfanu & Nikhil. These fashionable stores are no doubt, a fashion temple for all male brand bhakts. Men are becominq more fashion savvy in India and there are many reasons the growing interest. One of them is the chan£)e in lifestyle 'and work culture. Moreover, with fashion weeks becoming mont rganised, men are now more aware of what is in vogue.


In the

West, celebrities like David Beckham, Fr&ddie Prinze Jr and Alex Rodriguez all fit into the look of e metrosexual m~n. In India, celebrities like Shahrukh Kh and sports star Dhqni are endorsing grooming goods for en, which are proudlY on display in newspapers, rnaqazines, iIIboards and TV a¥. Bollywood stars like Hrithik Roshan ar [nspirational to the look of the metrosexual man. So, no doubt fflm@lefolks wouldn't mind their partner to be sexy and stylish. After all, the new Indian man makes many women go green with envy or doesn't he? What do you say guys, are you game?

With the aim to encourage youth to speak out against issues that are preventing them having a better future, djuice has launched a youth anthem 'Kya Darta Hai', a song sung by Shehzad Roy. The song has been written by Sbehzad Roy and tIIa4ir Akbar Abadi while the music video has been directed by Saqib Marik; Speaking about the anthem, USman -Javed, Director Marketing, Telenor Pakistan said: "Music is something that connects young people everywhere; Shehzad Roy is Pakistan's youth ioon who is:known for his social music, which talks aboui empowerment and social change. So the djuice team asked -shehsed to create ,a song which young people could identify with." "As a result, on the occasion of 14th August this year djuice and Shehzad Roy have made a sonq about the possibilities that can be turned into reality by the young people of P'ak'istan but only if they stand up to those issues that hinder their progress, and work towards a better future," said Usman. 'Kya Darta Hai' is based on djuice's commitment to the young people of Pakistan through its new brand ning, 'Khamoshi Ka Boycott' (fueling youths' drive toward a better tomorrow). rges young people to raise their voice against injustice and to not bow to dHfi may face on the way. The lyrics speak about the possibilities of yo un a better tomorrow a reality. Djuice has strived to help the yout their voice to boycott apathy and remove any barriers towards a better ignite the same fervor djuice in collaboration with Shahzad Roy has come up w called Kya Derta Hai. So dont be afraid of anyone or anything and strive because you yourself are the beacon of success. In order to re-ig rvor and Passion behin Khamoshi ka Boycott, djuice withShahzad oy has the youth of Pakistan called "Kya Derta Hai". This song soul with its i tune and the spirit of djuice. The message is simple and clear'"Stlive for a better tomo by changing your conditions today". Talking on behalf of the Youth that faces problems hindering their future. and tells them to change from within, believe and take the first step to ensure, a better tomorrow.

Our TV channels have played a very important role in exposing the plight of the suffering citizens, the corruption and mismanagement in our government, through their investigating reporting and Talk Shows. However, for the last few months, as the election date grows closer, the Talk Shows have become shriller and louder and have turned into a mudslinging, no holds barred Shouting Shows, with each guest trying to outshout the other to get his point across, with the host joining in at times to add spice to heat up the discussion. Being a regular viewer, I switch from channel to channel and try find a program, in which I can hear and understand what the participants are talking about, but unfortunately, most of them have become, incomprehensive, ugly brawls. In some cases, short of coming to blows, we have witnessed a guest throwing water at his opponent and storming off the stage in protest. Such embarrassing behavior exposes the inherent character fault line in our politicians, as they are hell bent on point scoring and playing to the galleries. I suppose their bosses assume that the louder and uglier these mudslinging, brawls are, the better the viewership. However, they seem to forget that foreigners and diplomats also watch some of these programs and find them amusing, but are surprised to see senior ministers and politicians behaving in such a manner and using such unparliamentarian language. As such, I suggest that to maintain a certain degree of decorum and civilized behavior, the host of the talk shows should have a switch which controls the sound and a red and green light for each speaker. Each guest should be told to speak only when the green light is on, during which time their sound will be turned on and they will be given three to five minutes to present their point of view. Once the green light is turned off and the red light turned on, their sound should also be turned off by the host, so that the other speakers are given their tum without interruptions. This way, the viewers and the participants will be able to understand the issue under discussion and enjoy the program. Expressed by; Hamid Maker from Helpline Trust pub,tis/Jed in Daily News' Letters to Editor.

• •

Packages for Landline


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced a variety of value-added packages for its landline services at unbeatable new rates, says a press release. PTCL is now offering unlimited on-net calls on Sundays,zero line rent budget packages, Double Play Packages and International Packages along with revision in On-net tariffs to Rs. 1.10 for PSTN to PSTN and Vfone, both for Local and Long Distance Calls effective from November, 1, 2011. "We are constantly working on our network rehabilitation and improvement of customer services," said PTCL Senior Executive Vice President Commercial, NaveedSaeed. "We have vastly improved our widespread landline network across Pakistan by introducing next-generation network switches, multi-service access gateways and optical network units." PTCL's landline service comprises GPON Services (FTTH Solution for Triple Play Services), VDSL 2 Bonding technology services, and Video Phone services. "PTCL is determined to cater to all of our customers' growingly sophisticated communications needs," said PTCL Executive Vice President Wireline Business, Aasif Inam. "As we continue with our enhancement process, our customers' valuable support and sustained confidence in our services remains our key priority."

"Kids" with their Own Bank Account
Barclays Bank PLC, Pakistan today unveiled their new product 'Junior Account' catering to children below the age of 18 years in Pakistan. The product was introduced to kids and their parents during an activity packed day at Park Towers in Karachi. Bal-ciays Junior Account aims to serve as the stepping stone to prepare kids for smart spending in future by empowering them with their own bank account. Commenting on the launch event. CEO Barclays Bank Pakistan. Shazad Dada said. "Barclays Junior Account has been exclusively developed for kids, bringing the world of banking to them and giving them an opportunity to develop responsible spending habits from an early age. This product is bundled with a variety of exclusive and unique features for Barclays Power Kids. Consistent with our strategy. we will continue to develop and offer new products to cater to the needs of our target market." In addition to regular account features. Barclays Power Kids enjoy additional privileges such as Personalised Picture ID Card along with an exclusive welcome kit which gives them access to exciting events and exclusive offers in the areas of entertainment, apparel, toys, book stores, etc. Amonqst other benefits, the' Barclays Junior Bank Account also offers free insurance cover for parents.

CEO Barclay. kid.,

Ba nk Paki"tan.





be s .,en

at a fun-filled

acliv.lty Account'


at Park

Tow .. r<wl,ere he a,nnoun,ced w,lth an aim to e,mpower kid,

the launch 01 Barcl,a.y,'Junl,or with the" own bank account,'


The Coca-Cola has retained its position as number one in Inter-brand's ranking of the world's 100 best brands. The 'Coca-Co/a' brand has consecutively occupied the No. 1 position since Inter-brand initiated its Global Btand Report 12 yea/s ago, The Coca-Cola Company's 'Sprite' brand also makes an appearance on the list for the second year running at 63, with an estimate worth qf $5.6million. The 201'1 Inter-brand report estimates Coca-Cola's brand value to be at around $71.9 million, a 2 percent increase from 2010. Despite the dominance and sector-wide growth of technological brands this year, Coca-Cola has outdone competitors from a diverse range of sectors, such as business services, computer services, internet services, electronics and media along with its direct competitors in the beverage sector. Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola for Pakistan and Afghanistan, comments, "We take pride in engaging our consumers and delivering to them what we prontise. This is one of the primfJry reasons why we have maintained our standing as the 1 brand in the world for over a decade,"

peg~i~ Aip Blue
An exclusive agreement was signed between Pepsi and Airblue, according to which PepsiCo will provide beverages for all Airblue operations. A ceremony was hosted by chief financial officer Airblue Junaid I Khan at the Air Blue headquarters on the October 6th, 2011. Also present on the occasion on behalf of Airblue management were Sadia Mohammad, Director Corporate Affairs, Aslam Chaudhary, Director, Rabiya Riaz GM Marketing and Saeed Malik Manager Finance. Whereas Jahanzeb Qayum Khan, Country Manger Afghanistan and Pakistan Beverages, Imran Anjum Director Capability and Key Accounts, Khurram Koraishy Marketing Director, Orner Malik Franchise Director, Adnan Abbasi Key Account Manager (KAM) and Awais Amin Key Account Executi ve were representing Pepsi Co Int ernati onal.

Mr. lunaid


CFO, AirSlu .. signing exclusive


supply agreement


Pepsi and AII"Blue.

GM Marketing Airblue commented "we are positive that this continued working alliance will help us achieve our high standards of quality and service, and this renewal shall again prove to be of great success and mutually beneficial for both partners." KAM PepsiCocommerited "Providing our customers with the best in class product in the beverages category whether in the air or on the ground continues to be PepsiCo's key focus." Air Blue is Pakistan's second largest, fastest growing airline having state-ofthe-art, young and modern fleet which is providing scheduled domestic and international destinations, PepsiCo is a world leader in convenient food and beverage brands globally. This arrangement announces a strategic partnership with Air Bll,le where PepsiCo products will be exclusively served on Air Blue flights. A novel campaign was arranged by beauty and personal care brand Capri at Park Towers Karachi recently where people enjoyed a host of activities including pink pampering, beauty advice and guidance from beauty experts and more. all to create a Pink impact for those in attendance, says a press release. The fourday long activity was in line with the pink variant of Capri Soap that has been doing the rounds with media personality, Ayesha Omar as its Brand Ambassador. With this activity. Capri gave the phrase "Paint the Town Pink" literal meaning by creating a unique experience for everyone in attendance. Capri is the first brand in last two years, which breake the Indian monopolized brand ambassadoring facing by promoting brand with Mehreen ~yed and now Ayesha Omar by sharing their success stories as a Ad film theme.

rn ng Electronics are committed to providin s the best retail consumer experience and the Concept Shops are a step in this direction," said Hee Chang Vee, MD Samsung Electronics Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Fazal, Chairman Orient Group of Companies, the distribution partners of Samsung, said "These Brand Shops area milestone in the Orient Samsung partnership. We plan to launch many such centers throughout Pakistan. Orient's vast distribution network aims at giving the Samsung Products access to all parts of the nation".

Brand .owners such as Diageo, Nestle and Unllever are heightening their focus on Africa, whiire consumer spending is expected to increase rapidly going forward. Dlageo, the spirits group, yields 13% of net revenues from Africa,. having constructed its first foreign brewery in Nigeria, now a major outlet for Guinness stowl, in 1863. Moreover., Dlageo is launching another brewery, based in Tanzania, this month, the first such addition to its portfolio for two decades, further demonstrating the continent's growing importance,

are able to afford its goods; a figure set to ut purchasing power," said Frits.van Oijk, its zone director for emerging markets. The Swiss firm tailors goods to local tastes, such as adding blue onions to Maggi stockcubes in Mali, and has "finishing" plants in Africa that put constituents like milk powder in products .at a point close to the consumer. Such a model provides considerable flexibility in terms of meeting fluctuations in demand, and these simplified manufacturing facilities only cost around 15% as much as large-scale, traditional factories. Woolworths, the South Africa retail chain, currently has stores in ten African markets, and is aiming to open 16 branches across the region this year, targeting nations like Tanzania and Uganda. "Consumer spending accourits for more than 60% of the African GOP and this will increase with the growth of the upper and middle income groups," sai d GIenn GiIzean, Wool w orths Group di rector for retai I operati ons. Adspend levels enjoyed double-digit growth in Hong Kong during the third quarter of this year, boosted by beauty, pharma and beverage brands. According to figures from adm RG1he redia mo~,;n;r-ser4lice, a1v.,,_~e~~iture ~eheu-~, 9.3bn ($1.2 ) In ,321911,a 16%~,nCreaseon a~nnual bas~s. T leVlslJ.,n~Ok a,34.4% sh re of bud ets, ea of n w 'papers on 29-.90/0, magazine on 1J.9°o, outdoor on 13%, inter ctive channels n 4.8% dio d 4.1%. By' atego" compahles from the

-·... •. ~"' 300m and 400m African shoppers . '~n " .....


fina eial ser,vices sect, r In_t~~946m in Q3, a~'3% improv;:'~nt, wit,~ td)lletrles, and hou ehold e1's log ing a c=~ $H~718I:?n, a 1~% leap:t' 0 metic~d sk+care occ pied t~i rd ositi 0111 a~rnarketers, rei s~ tile fun in£l,t,nheey ca 'xd to advertisi fjlg by all 23%' 0 $:I:IK687 "'pJJannaceatLc,.a.l3.n!ihe:6ithcar~..m. ufa\C{l.u:e. elivere(lgr:a.,w,tb"of 14% to $HK650m, while retailers were up 23% to $HK495m and beverage brands splashed out an additional 29% on $HK452m. At the brand level, SK-II, Procter & Gamble's cosmetics range, led the charts on $HK S.3m, ay.!ng ex "rie ed a 71% s _rge n aC:lspe~' fien om red with the third qua er of 01.0. Mc on d's, the fast fod . roup, po t d$H 70· .m, a 38% inc ease, whil HSB "the r tail ank, imed its e penses b 1%, t total oMfl' .9m. to $ K69m. Friso, whlc make' ba~ food d dill roducts, I~ not e (el'\ featulile the top, o_ in Q}?\01~, claimed fitfllPositio in Q3 20 1\\~ankS t .a ~~% ~Xp-anSi(jnin its spen ~f!g, .1~G,_hlng $Rt<~~m overall0-bBott L~orrtOn,es, the ha~~~, also?a~ a 226% IlfFt~H~:7mthavi.;g--&m~en Hong 'on!1J's62ntl1a est advei11slng'lfiis time last year. Canon, the imaging group, Lancome, the beauty giant, and Samsung, the el ectroni cs manufacturer, followed in the ranki ngs, each on roughly $HK61m.




ri'O-Lay· Ha:ey-:a~~~v~


b~and: W~iChhave

most effectively engaged female consumers in the US during the last year, a study has found. Women at NBCU used search data from Compete, social media statistics from New Media Strategies and in-person word of mouth analysis by the Keller Fay Group to build an index ranking 500 advertisers i:;;;;;:;;;;;;;;;;:=-~;':::~~_-:-:-::;;==:;;;;;;;;;;~ on this metric over 12 months. Frito-Lay set a new record for generating the most "likes" on Facebook in 24 hours, adding 1.5m tans of both genders, partly thanks to creating a branded farm on FannVilie so players, could make, healthy "virtual goods". It also live streamed a Flavour Kitchen event in Times Square, providing cooking demonstrations and tips for busy mums, on its Facebook page, rising 159 places in the charts as a result. HarleyDavidson entered the index in 194th position after rolling out a dedicated website for female enthusiasts and holding offline events. like a "biker boot camp" and "women riders month", for the same audience. CVS, the pharmacy chain, enjoyed the longest period of "steady buzz", rising in the index for eight months in a row and peaking in 27th, with a photography contest conceived with the WWF proving especially popular. S imilarly, its new "Beauty Board", made up of expert commentators, offered guidance about all issues related to beauty and fashion on Facebook. Kotex, owned by Kimberly-Clark, was praised for exploiting "controversial buzz". leaping 130 places in the rankings by breaking category conventions when promoting U by Kotex Tween. The campaign for this product, aimed at 8-12 year old girls, sought to start a conversation between mothers and daughters, using a special online forum for parents and their children to talk confidently and openly. Elsewhere, Mattei was lauded for securing the "best viral buzz" for a digital campaign, employing Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and YouTube to ask consumers if Barbie, the doll. should reunite with her "boyfriend", Ken. Alongside such efforts, it launched an internet reality series to find a real-life "Ken",and ran outdoor ads to drive interest among web users, ultimately seeing Barbie ascend rapidly to 74th position in the Women at NBCU index. Melissa Lavigne-Delville, a vice president at NBCUniversal, said: "The most successful brands we've seen over the last twelve months not only engaged women across multiple platforms, but also created the opportunity for women to engage with one another and contribute to the brand conversation."


, •

A fifth of US internet users are "high sh reI's" who demonstrate a greater willingness to recommend and remain lo_yal to brands, a study has argued. M Booth and Beyond, the communications agencies, polled 1,§83 consumers rand found 53%. had interacted with a company or product on Racebook, and 42% ha Wiftten user reviews on this platform. ,A 40% share of respondents had "liked" a brand on Face13:ook, which 20% used as a source of product information once a£Yeek or m7.~me 8% regularly uploaded comments on the same subject. In all, 20% of contrtbutors werei.j,fle3ribed as "high sharers", typically taking the fonn of younger shoppers owning multiple connected devices and researching almost every purchase online. The ~tl.l~r 80%, ':Io~. sharers'';. tended to be older, loak~~/for online information ~bo~t expensive acqursrnons, prioritised quality over brand names, and "'Were "open" to switchinq between products. More sp~lically, 36% of the former group displayed strong levels of brand loyalty, a figure that fell to 2570 when discu 51 the latter demographic.



17\~1·,1( \

'-,'~· ',,),,",_''I I .1-·



Lakrne Fashion Week (LFW) is jointly orqanlsed by Lakme, the No.1 cosmetics and beauty s-ervices brand in India and IMG, the global leader in fashion weeks and event production. LFW has been conceived and created with a vision to "Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world", LFW is organized twice every year. LFW Winter I Festive 2011 has been held recently at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Mumbai. The contemporary and expert in the beauty industry, Lakme continuously innovates to offer a wide range of, high performance color cosmetics, skincare products, and beauty salons. In addition to leveraging Unile-ver's worldwide expertise, Lakrne elso partners with the le~ding cosmetic house; Milan-based Intercos Italia, Schwann Stabilo Germany and Paris-based Fiabila. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understendinq of the Indian woman's needs, Lakme also offers its consumers a holistic 'Beauty Sutra'experience through its products and services at the Lakrne Studio and Salons. In 2010 Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), lndia's largest and most recognized private sector company headed by Chairman Mukesh Ambani, and IMG Worldwide (IMG), the world's leading sports marketing and management company headed by Chairman and CEO Ted Forstmann, announced the formation of an equal joint venture to develop, market and manage sports and entertainment in India. IMG Fashion is dedicated .to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world ..from creation to consumer. We offer solutions that seamlessly connect and associate fashion's key constituents and corporate brands using IMG's global resources, influence and expertise. Within the fashion industry IMG represents the, world's .top models, leading desiqners and the most influential photographers, art directors and stylists. The division produces the leading fashion events around the' , globe and represents many of the industry's top organizations and federations as well as works with various local and national governments, creating regional and internatlortelfashion platforms.

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BODYGUARD is a,1I et to create history and emerge the biggest opener ever s in the- history of Hindi cinema. The film embarked on a 9'5% to 100% start everywhere, in India and has been maintaining the momentum since the morning shows on Wednesday. Initially; everyone 'thought that the film would touch Rs 15 cr nett on its opening day; but at the rate-it is faring, the film should cross the unimaginable and unbelievable Rs 20 cr mark on itself. making it the biggest opener ever. Salman Khan's Bodyguard box office report suggests a huge making. After Dabangg and Ready, Sallu is going to be lucky thrice Salman Khan is like Reserve Bank of India. He creates money hi s industry the-way Reserve Bank of India mints mons for ion. RBI is bankers bank that delivers money or cash to all the b ks. The same way Sallu Bhai delivers hit after hit, this giving hope to the industry. The soundtrack fits the genre of the film well. The title track at the very start [Salman's intra] will draw whistles and claps, while 'Teri Meri' is undoubtedly the pick of the lot. Soulfully rendered, this one's simply mesmerizing, Overall, it's a hit score from Himesh Reshammiya and Pritam. Sejal Shah's cinematography is appropriate. Vijayan's action sequences are stylish. Though not an action film. the action sequences do stand out. Salman delivers one of his best performances in recent times. He makes magnificent use of his tough physique- and soft face. salman's fans are sure to lap this knockout performance in a big way. BODYGUARD would be incomplete without Kareena's contribution. Some roles are tailor-made for actresses who can deliver with aplomb and who better than Kareena to infuse life in a challenging character. She looks gorgeous [as always] and gives this character the dignity that it deserves. Raj Babbar is perfect Mahesh Manjrekar is as usual. Aditya Pancholi. in a cameo, stages a welcome comeback. He's first-rate. R 'at Rawail is a joy to watch. He's truly funny. Hazel is quite good. Asrani and Vjdya Sinha are okay in their respective parts. Irrespective of the economic slowdown or the best time for economy. the maverick bhai of the filmdom always comes with one surprise after the other. bringing smiles back on parched lips. Right now Salman Khan's Bodyguard is breaking all sorts of records. Many love to call him a history sheeter. But he is record breaker. With his films he always creates and breaks new record at the box office. Dabangg was a great film. And so was Ready. The two films were huge hits at the box office. But now there are indication that Bodyguard is going to be the biggest of them all. On the first day of the launch itself it had shattered all previous records of Bollywood films. But experts are sure that the best is going to come in the next two to three weeks when it goes on to leave behind all other films. A report suggests that the film may be able to collect as much as Rs 125 crore in the next few days, leaving behind Salman Khan's own Dabangg and Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots. In markets abroad where Sallu is not known to have many fans, the film is doing amazingly well and on the first day itself it dida business of more than Rs 2 c.rore in Dubai and UK.

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• Dlr,ector's Cut . Star l,nterview5

You have just come home from a stressful day of work and decide- to unw ind. by sitting in front of the TVancJ indulging 'in some me-time. Just when YOIJ find a show that seems to strike your fancy, the channel decides you subject you to a cortnnercial break. You let ouran exasperated groan, and the torturous attacks onyour nervous system begins. From shaking their booties to atlnoyingjit1gles: (remember 09-O0-78601?) to cheesy plots Pakistani ads have it all. The most aggravating part is tHat f1;very.charmel decides to take their commercial breaks at the same time. There is no respite and no way to escape. You Ilaveto suffer the agony of sitting through the rnirrd-numbinqly ridiculous ads. While print and radio adven:isementsareless painful the-ones that run on TV are pure, torture. While I do not have a count yet of how many hingsl hate about the multitude of commercials running on.the idiot box, here are my top 5.

1. De-tergent
Their big claim is that they get the touqhest of stains out ofthe-qarrnent, Well, excuse me for being so bold, but isn't this exactly why they are called ~etergents? A 'differElnt concept' wa~ recently brought in by a local brand of washing powder showing Shaan and Noor as a couple where the 'husband hands over a packet of wa~hing powder to her wife in a moment of intimacy they shared. A writer at a major marketing oriented blog gave a thumbs up to the ad for its emotional appeal, YOI) caJI:that emotional appeal? If my husband ever presents me with a packet of washing powder during a romantic moment, J would curtly ask him spend the night oh the living room couch.

2. Cooking oit


These guarantee you a cholesterol-free _healthy life -and miraculously, that after eating biryani,paratflali, deep fried chicken and french fries. These ads become can even gr.eater torture during the month of R-ama:?anwhen Amir Liaquat takes an path that he will only sell his cO'oking' oil before Iftaar. The only good thing about them is the inner guilt I can easily get rid of after munching all delicious burgers while I am on a diet After all, they are, prepared using the healthy, low' calorie, cholesterol-free cookinq oil.

3. Ce-Ilphone connection
These guys do not need a concept at-all; just rip, rape and ridicule the competitors' version, and consider it ajob well-done. However, if I have to choose between their old dance-and-sell ads and the ones currently running, I waul d defi nitely prefer the current ones. Warning: the moment you notice fine pint on your screen which will vanish ina matter of seconds,know that they are lying about the rates they claim they are offering.

4, Fairness cream
These are wildly popular even a decade after the world 'has entered 'tMe 21st century. God I;mows what makes advertisers think. that only beautiful (read: fair-skinned) girls make it to their dream jobs, Fairness ereams are hardly good enoughto get one qual ifi ed for the 'ri shtaa briqade' , let alone a dream j ob,

5. Real estate
I only discover at the very end of these long ads, that they were actually tryirlg to sell some property. The ad begins with a groom in an awful looking sherwaani who enters the bedroom on the wedding night. Lets not to forget, the sleazy jingle runriing in the background that is ripped off ffDm some Bollywood song. The bride, in an even more awful lookiog dress is waitiog with a coy smile. This marks (he be_ginning of the tamily. 'ln the next sequence, the couple is seen eating meals with four kids (proving family planning ads are equally ineffective), when the wife requests her husband: "Hernein bhi Rizwaana Apartments rnein apna ghar dilaadein rial" "Please buy us our own house in Rizw<aanaApartments!" And have it; this series of events is supposed to convince you to spend millions of'rupees, To be very honest, my 3-year-old cousin's plea for a lollipop is tar more convincing. Like I sald, these-are only my 5 top pi cksamongst some greatest wonders in the w orl d of adverti si og. Unabl e to tal erate the short comrnerci aI break, which 'in reality is longer than the p_fOgram itself, you decide to focus on your healthy, low calorie, chicken burger. served with french fries, prepared in cholesterol-free cookil'J~ oil. The delicious burger is just about to come close to your mouth when your ey"J?, catches the sereen; :a eemerais capturing Hnages from deep inside of a steined commode. Sigh~welcome fo the toilet bowl cleaner ad.

by S<lna Iqbal published


DPmfiI P,Il:
'llWlt1!ii'l ... .IID'~~
1I.~.-iI""'II!!1~~:DvIii.!c.n:I YmmiIIIItltilfT'Ol;lot~ • l'~$\tS"*t!I~~~~~ 'I!""!III"&InItIIJn~~~Iii\1'~ ~ 't>.I.u~QW!II~Ir~IIDt'wMk t:4iI~.~~(I!'I'IIII~t1ItlUrlb'~,II;I!"...., .. ~~'BIIIf't,W~'~.

A Unique hoarding placed at the main business and busy road "Shahrah-e-Faisal" in Karachi. Definitely it's not about any brand and offer, even not a Public Service Message. It's a look-a-like someone's mobile display became a hoarding, with a personal apology message for the only one target individual. No matter, in which nation we survive, no matter how intensive rescission we are facing, the specified percent of population have enough amount to through in the name of advertising of personal feelings for one individual by showing off to our all target visitors of Shahrah-e- Faisal.

There is not a single day without any news about Pakistan International Airline, but not for any good reason rather all about its ailing firu;mciaI health. poor performance, flights delay. emergency landings and etc, But there are some latest and stunning reve~ions that the ailing national flag carrier is being pushed to dead-end deliberately just to pave the way for anew private wrline reportedly owned by a close relative of the President House's inhabitant. ThoUgh the state"'OWned airline~s financial health was not good before the incumbent dispensation. but during the tenure of this govemment it moVed from bad to worst despjte the repeated and consistent calls from all the quarter for restructuring and overhauling of the airline to restore its past glory. As the airline is fast nearing toward collapse, there are startfing reports that a private airline reportedlY owned by a close relative of holder of top constitutional office of the country is being launched, which wiD replace the national flag cartier. Reliable sources in the airline industry told The News Tribe that the national flag carrier was being deliberately pushed toward collapse so that the way could be paved for the new airline. They claimed the new airline, Indus Air, is owned by Faryal TaiputMNA, sister of President: Asif Ali Zardari. They further said that the news of PIA planes' crash landings. technical fauJts andftights delays were being propagated purposefully on daily basis and despite repeated call no step had been taken fOr complete overhaul of the airline so that the PJAcould be declared bankrupt and umeasible entity, Despite repeated attempts the News Tribe cold not reached outto Faryal TaJpurfor her version about the issue. The Indus Air reportedly owned by Mrs Faryal Talpur is a company registered in Bahamas and will become operative very soon, they sources confided to The News Tribe. The sources said that the airline will be run by former Managing Director PIA ijaz Hareon, who was removed as Mil PIA after prolong strike and protest by PIA employees and pilots. The websHe of the IndUSAir says that the airline wHIbe raunched soon. According to the ,Site,. which displays the rOUtes of the airline through mag. the airline will run its flights to aim est an domestic stations in Pakistan to which the PIA currently operates flights. Theairline will operative flight on almost all domestic routes, besides major intemational routes. Interesting, the domestic routes of the airline include those on which no private airline currently runs flight and as per PIA management~ these routes are financially unviable such as flight from Peshawar to Chitta) and Rawalpindi to Gilgit and Skardu. According to an earlier news r$ort carried out by The News Tribe. Pakistan emational Airline (PIA}Managing Director Nadeerh YOUSU'lZai had said that the management oUhe airline was t "ngto overcome$130 mltllen losses currently the airline-was facedwith.

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Karachi Advertising Festival, World's 10th and Pakistan's 1st Advertising Festival comprises on: • • • • • • • • Trainings Workshops Panel Discussions Special Screenings Documentaries University Contests Foreign Celebrities National Gurus tnterective Meetings Case Studies Marketing Plans Media Exposures Agency Resolutions Corporate Games

• • • • •

Karachi Advertising Festival is conduct by Pakistan's renowned corporate event management and advertising firm "KamzKirz Media Marketing Group". 1st KAF has been launched in November 2010 and now 2nd KA F will be conduct in 1st quarter of 2012.

Information about Kerechi Advertising Festival is now available on dedicated Facebook page and own web: Checkout the Introduction Broc hure of KAF and Event Report of1 sr KAF 2010 at our Facebook. Even t Catalogue of 2nd KAF 2012 will be posted soon at our Facebook page with complete description of festival. The venue of 2nd KAF 2012 will be reknowned universities and business institutes along with special venues for launching ceremonies and special screenings at city's leading starred hotets. fs you are interested for sponsoring the year's leading business and consumerist event witn city elite's presence then contact at +92-332-3515450.

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