In the world oI Aviation, there is a diIIerent way oI learning your ABC's.

The Phonetic
Alphabet is not only used by the military, but also by Pilots, Air TraIIic Controllers, and
Customer Service Agents within the Airlines. It is a great way to make sure you are
understood (since a B, P, T, and V sound hauntingly similar when spoken), and an
appropriate introduction to Aviation Lingo. Your guide has listed the letters and their
corresponding words Ior you.
O A - Alpha
O B - Bravo
O C - Charlie
O D - Delta
O E - Echo
O F - Foxtrot
O G - GolI
O H - Hotel
O I - India
O J - Juliet
O K - Kilo
O L - Lima
O M - Mike
O N - November
O O - Oscar
O P - Papa
O Q - Quebec (Q-bec)
O R - Romeo
O S - Sierra
O T - Tango
O U - UniIorm
O V - Victor
O W - Whiskey
O X - X-ray
O Y - Yankee
O Z - Zulu

Greetings in Other Languages

English Dutch Spanish
Hello/Hi Halo/
Hoi (InIormal)
Good Morning Goedemorgen Buenas Dias
Thank you Bedankt Gracias
You are welcome Graag gedaan De nada
Bye Tot ziens

4. :9. .

3 :03.0/.700./.8 7.8 03.34: 0/.  44/4733 40/024703 %. 4 31472...39 4:.38 4..8. . $5..420 7.

0   %49038  .

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