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Published by: Dhani Aldila Putra on Nov 21, 2011
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First oI all, the writer would like to express his greatest thanks to Allah
SWT, the Almighty and Most BeneIicial Ior His Grace, Guidance, Praise,
Blessing, Honor, and Mercy that has been given to him especially health and luck
until this thesis could be completed. This thesis is aimed to IulIill one oI the
requirements Ior the degree oI Sarjana Pendidikan (S-1) at the English
Department, Faculty oI Languages and Arts, State University oI Medan.
During the process oI completing this thesis, the writer has received much
assistance Irom some people. First, he would like to thank to her thesis consultant,
Prof. Dr. Berlin Sibarani, M.Pd. For him suggestion, guidance and advice in the
process oI completing this thesis. A great appreciation was dedicated to Drs. Elia
Masa Gintings, M.Hum as her academic advisor and all the lectures at the
Department who had dedicated their valuable knowledge more than the write
Secondly, thanks to Prof. Dr. Khairil Ansari, M. Pd., the Dean oI
Faculty oI Languages and Arts and the Head oI English Department Prof. Dr.
Hj. Sumarsih, M. Pd.,as well as her secretary Dra. Rahmah, M. Hum., her wise
assistance on administrative matters during the process oI completing the study.
The deepest thanks are expressed to her beloved parents, Drs. Irwandy, M.Pd
and Dra. Yanni Dalwati, whose moral support has opened her eyes to understand
the meaning oI liIe. The writer could have grown Irustrated without their constant
attention to her as well as their support, pray, Iinancial, and care never ended. Her

sisters Ramadani Pratiwi, SKM, M.Kes, and her brother M. Oky Fardian
Gafari, S.Sos, M.Hum and Diyan Hakim, who have always supported, prayed
and motivated him in her liIe. And her little niece Azzalia Thabina, who always
gives sweet smile when her Ieel the boredom.
Thanks to Ior her closest Iriends Dhani Aldila Putra, who is always eager
to give all his love, support, concern, prayers, and spirit at all times to her.
HopeIully this togetherness will continue to be ours.
For her Iriends AURORA (Ayu, Aisyah, Ami, Arin, Tari, Raisa, Desi,
Kara, Ugi, Tia, Reza, Irul). who always provide inIormation, humor, passion Ior
graduation together. HopeIully this Iriendship will last until later. Then, the writer
would like to thank Hasan Basri, S.PdI., the headmaster oI SD Al-Jamiyatul
Wasliyah, Ior the permission to conduct the research in that school, Mr.
Hamdani Siregar S. Pd., the English teacher, Ior his help as the collaborator and
also all students oI class VI-A and B Ior their attention, cooperation, and
appreciation during the research. In addition, she would also like to convey his
deepest thanks to all people that have ever helped him around his liIe that cannot
be mention one by one.
For the last, the writer hopes that this thesis will be useIul Ior anyone who
wants to spend some time reading it. That is all that he can say and he ends it up
with assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Medan, August 2011
The writer,
Melita SaIitri

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