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Despite its economic and financial troubles the US experiences no problem at drumming up ever bigger and more deadlier

weapons and today the US is keen to possess weapons that can give it undisputed ability to dictate to the rest of the world. The US today is of the very exact image of world war two-era fascist Germany. During (the later part of) world war two, Germany was in desperate straits or in deep trouble just like what is happening to the US now. Hoping to retake control of everything, Germany drummed up secret weapons or doodlebug weapons aka doomsday weapons. Germany's leader was said to have told his Italian ally that his country was going to win by levelling the cities of his enemies using wonder weapons. Today the US is treading the same path. The US is developing and testing its very own doomsday weapons with which it hopes to level the cities of its rivals and adversaries. The US is currently testing its hypersonic craft or hypersonic glider aka hypersonic flying bomb in the Pacific with the dream of being able to apply deathly outright blackmail against its rivals or adversaries in the coming future. The German doodlebugs or flying bombs were not very effective but the same cannot be expected of the US doodlebugs. These US flying bombs or flying gliders travel at hypersonic speeds and the US military is expected to eventually possess thousands of them. There is no defence against such a threat. It is crystal clear the US is laying very solid plans to become master of the world while still busily bellowing and hollering or complaining about other nations modernising their armed forces. We surely live in an evil world !