Corporate Communications: A Dimension of Corporate Meaning


• Understanding and appreciating the complexity of corporate communications ----------------------------------------------------------MODEL(S) OF THE MOMENT: • New Corporate Communications Wheel. • Two Corporate Communication Mixes. ----------------------------------------------------------Understanding What is ???? CSPs and SCS • Common Starting Points (CSPs) and • Sustainable Corporate Story (SCS)

Lets Talk about Models 3 .

4 .MODEL(S) OF THE MOMENT: 1.New Corporate Communications Wheel. 2.Two Corporate Communication Mixes.

New Corporate Communications Wheel. 5 .1.

Bernstein (1984) A partner of Goldman. Adapted from D. Sachs & Company Investment bankers and brokers 6 .1.New Corporate Communication Wheel Model of the moment By Balmer and Greyser.

.Model of the moment 1 The Trade THE CORPORATION Country of Origin 7 Balmer and Greyser.

Model of the moment 1 A process for using the Balmer and Greyser’s New Corporate Communications Wheel adapted from Bernstein 1 DEFINE ALL STAKEHOLDER GROUPS (Car Seats. Children between 2 – 6) 2 IDENTIFY COMMUNICATION CHANNELS (Mothers) Demographics of area. Women in those areas channels available 3 PRIORITISE STAKEHOLDERS (Take care of each aspects) 4 IDENTIFY APPROPRIATE CHANNELS FOR EACH GROUP 5 TAKE ACCOUNT OF THE IMAGE OF: COUNTRY OF ORIGIN and of THE INDUSTRY 8 .

Relative Effectiveness Studies) 9 .Model of the moment 1 Additional elements identified by Balmer and Greyser • Take Account of the Corporate Branding Covenant (CONTRACT AGREEMENT Where appropriate) • Partnership(s) and the effect of Environmental Forces • Wheel Provides a foundation by which a significant part of a corporate communications strategy can be established. • Illustrates the VAST SCOPE of the TASK For instance. 11 stakeholder groups and 11 channels results in 121 considerations alone! (Eg.

10 .Two Corporate Communication Mixes.2.

Two corporate communications mixes • The Corporate Communications MIX OF VAN RIEL • The Corporate Communications MIX OF BALMER AND GRAY 11 .2.

Corporate Communications MIX OF Van Riel 12 .

Van Riel’s Corporate Communication Mix Comprises of : • Management Communication: managers need to establish a shared vision and trust within the organization. • Marketing Communication: the traditional marketing communications mix • Organizational Communication: communicating to the various external groups (corporate-level communications functions) 13 .

Corporate Communications MIX OF BALMER AND GRAY 14 .

services.Balmer and Gray’s Total Corporate Communications Mix • Comprises of : • Primary Communications: communications effects of products. management. staff and corporate behaviour. • Secondary Communications: controlled forms of communications such as advertising and PR • Tertiary Communications: word of mouth 15 .

Understanding What is ????? 16 .

Understanding What is ????? Common Starting Points (CSPs) Sustainable Corporate Story (SCS) 17 .

Common Starting Points (CSPs): what are they ? • An early example of an integrated approach to corporate communications (developed by Van Riel) • Achieve CONSISTENCY in corporate communications activities by establishing COMMON STARTING POINTS that strengthens ALL FORMAL corporate communications 18 .

Common Starting Points continued. • CSP process: Representatives from the corporation’s various communications departments establish commonalties which form the basis of all formal corporate communications. • CSP is an integrated and interdisciplinary approach taking account of STRATEGY.. 19 .. IDENTITY and IMAGE.

The Sustainable Corporate Story (SCS) • What is it? A realistic and relevant description of key aspects of the organization (origins. vision and mission) • How is it distinct? It is derived from an organization’s distinctive characteristics (its’ identity) 20 .

21 .• What is the Perceived Benefits? • Via communications distinctiveness of message and consistency of message is achieved.

continued • Van Riel suggest that the following should underpin sustainable corporate stories in that they should be: Realistic (based on the identity) Relevant (offer added value elements for stakeholders) • Responsive (allows for two way symmetrical communication) • Sustainable (needs to meet the various demands of various stakeholder groups) 22 ..The Sustainable Corporate Story….

What are the parameters of corporate communications ? Just as there is a marketing mix. promotional mix (communication mix) a number of authors have attempted to articulate a • CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS MIX 23 . services marketing mix.

(wordy and flowery) 24 .Finally……………. • confusing. If the importance of Corporate Communications are not understood/managed this can lead to communications that are …… • diffused. • contradictory and sometimes prolix...

Summary • Corporate Communications is broader. • It is complicated because of the existence of multiple channels of communication in addition to multiple stakeholder groups. and more complicated than marketing communications. 25 .

• Common Starting Points/the Sustainable Corporate Story are two routes by which organizations may achieve consistency in their communications. 26 . individuals invariably belong to multiple stakeholder groups. • Moreover.

and industry image. 27 . country of origin. • The New Corporate Communications Wheel (Balmer and Greyser) affords a framework for prioritising stakeholder groups and channels and takes account of other important factors such as corporate brand.• Van Riel’s Corporate Communication Mix and Balmer and Gray’s Total Corporate Communications Mix afford two contrasting perspectives on the area.

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