American International University - Bangladesh

8th Convocation Guest Form
Please submit the completed form at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Admin Building or email to on or before February 28, 2008 1. Student Name (in Block Letter) 2. Department 3. ID: 4. Father’s/ Husband’s Name 5. Address: Permanent Present -

Last Name (Block Letter)

First Name (Block Letter)

Middle Name (Block Letter)

6. Phone 7. Email:

Residence: Office:

Mobile: Fax:

8. If you are employed at present, please provide the details below. Designation Organization Name Address 9. You will be allowed to accompany 2 guests in the convocation ceremony with you. Please write down their names, relationship, and occupation below. (Guests less than 12 years old are not allowed to be accompanied in the convocation ceremony.) Name Relationship Occupation Guest 1 Guest 2

Student’s Signature
For further information, contact Mr. Ehsan Uddin Ahmed, Director, Office of Student Affairs, Administrative Building, AIUB

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