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Massasoit Community College English 101 M fall 2011 Schedule Week 1 M Sept 12 Discuss: Introductions, Syllabus , rhetoric, Shitty

First Drafts Week 2 M Sept 19 Read: P 15-20, P 25-31, Malcolm X excerpt (blackboard) Discuss: readings, essay #1, blogs Week 3 M Sept 26 Due: blog Read: P 107-111, A Softer World (Blackboard), student examples (blackboard), excerpt from Writers Resource (blackboard), excerpt from Non-Designers (blackboard) Discuss: reading, design, working with images, tools for projects Week 4 M Oct 3 Due: Essay #1 draft for workshop Discuss: Copyright and fair use, Essay #2 Week 5 M Oct 10 Columbus Day- No Class Week 6 M Oct 17 Due: Essay 1 (Gallery Day), Blog Read: P 505-510, P 520-522 Discuss: Definitions Week 7 M Oct 24 Due: Blog Read: P 524-526, P 532-534 Discuss: reading, conferences, midterm portfolios Week 8 M Oct 31 Class cancelled for conferences Due: conference meeting and essay #2 draft Week 9 M Nov 7 Due: Midterm portfolios, Blog Read: P 547-562, 573, RW 388-404 Discuss: Essay #3, reading, examples Week 10 M Nov 14 Due: blog Read: P 758-760, 772-781, Purdue Owl Links (blackboard) Discuss: developing support, research tools, citation Week 11 M Nov 21 Due: Essay #3 for workshop, blog Discuss: essay #4, researching for reviews

Thanksgiving Break Nov 24-Nov 27 Week 12 M Nov 28 Due: Essay #3, blog Read: RW 351-352, 418-419, review examples (blackboard) Discuss: review writing Week 13 M Dec 5 Due: essay #4 for workshop (bring 2 copies) Discuss: final portfolio, Essay #3 and #4 work time. *Bring laptops to class if you have them and want to work on them in class. Week 14 M Dec 12 final portfolio work day. In class conferences. Final Exam: Mon Dec 19th 6:30-8:30 Final portfolio due by 6:30. If you want your portfolio mailed back to you with comments please bring it in a self addressed- postage paid envelope. Otherwise, you will just receive a final grade letter via your email and a grade recorded with the registrar. Please write your email address on your portfolio.