After Hours Contract I Permit

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8100 Doran Circle. Dallas TX 75236
21+670-3740 Contract'll:

Sixth Floor Museum Nicola Longford
411 Elm

valex Firm 2S.Jul-11


Status: Date:

Dallas TX 75202

City of Dallas: Park and Recreation Department hereby grants Sixth Floor Museum (hereinafter called the "Licensee") represented by Nicola Longford, permission to use the Facilities as outlined, SUbJect to the Tenns and Conditions of this Agreement contained herein and attached hereto all of which form part of this Agreement.
I) Purpose of Use II) Condltlons Us.

RC Special Event . 50th Anniversary - Kennedy Assassination 1.PAYMENT MUST BE MADE WITH MASTER CARD, VISA, MONEY ORDER, OR CASHIERS CHECt NO CHECKS OR CASH ACCEPTED. . 2. Applicant must determine the suitability of the facility before making reservation. 3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 4. Adherence to the City's Noise Ordinance (Dallas City Code, Chapter 30. Sec. 32-11.4. Amplification systems must not be audible beyond the confines of the park. 5. Facilities must be left in clean and orderly condition. 6. The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct of all participants. 7. The Park and Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel this reservation at any time. 8. No markings of any kind allowed. You will be liable for any damage to park grounds. # of Bookings: 7 Starting: Mon 18 Nov 1 Ending: Sun 24 Nov 1~ Expected: 500
Oay StllrtOat. StllrtTlme end Oole Total


Ill) Date and Times of Use

End Tim.



Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds Dealey Plaza - Outdoor Grounds
Extra Faa - Rontal

Mon Tue

18-Nov-13 19·Nov-13

08:00AM 08:00AM 08:00AM 08:00AM 08:00AM 08:00AM 08:00AM

18-Nov-13 19-Nov-13 20·Nov-13 21-Nov·13 22·Nov-13 23-Nov-13 24·Nov-13

10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM 10:00 PM

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 S110.00 $0.00 $0.00

$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $110.00 $0.00 $0.00

Wed 20-Nov-13

Fri Sat Sun

21-Nov·13 22·Nov-13 23·Nov-13 24-Nov·13

Extra Fee - Bookings RC Special Event Fee RC Special Event-Application Fee RC Special Event-lease Fee
vI Payment Method Rtntalf ... Extra Fee,

Hours 14:00 14:00 14:00 42:00
R.nlll Total

Quantity 50 10 50 110
Dam.g. Oepollt

Charge $50.00 $10.00 $50.00 $110.00
Total Applied


$110.00 Balance





of rental due and payable immediately
Account Balance:O.OO

Damage deposit Payable By: 25-Jul-11

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After Hours Contract I Permit
User: Status: Dale:

Sixth Floor Museum Nicola Longford
411 Elm Sl

valex Firm 25-Jul·11

Dallas TX 75202
vi) Other Infonnation
RESERVATION PROSLeMS CONTAcr: WiHie Hill-972-781-8275-T,TH,F 5pm-l0pm, s.sun eam-5pm RiCkV Fisher-469-245-2622 (bUIldings ontyl Jill Beam-214-500-7135·M·Sun Daniel Vasquez· 469-321-3336 - W,S 5pm - 10pm PLeASE SIGN AND RETURN rurs Athletic Reservation Office



PleatJe call 214-670-0513 by 4:30 pm for updated field conditions

8100 Doran Orde, Dallas, TX 7S238 Telephone: 214-670-8740 No parking on park grounds Is allowed, except In designated approved by Dallas Park and Rocreation Department


vii) Additional Notes Outdoor Grounds - Dealey Plaza

" The undersigned has read and on behalf ot the licensee agrees to be bound by this PenniULIcense and the Terms and Conditions contained herein and attached hereto, and hereby warrants and represents that he/she executes mis PenniUlicense on behalf of the licensee and has sufficient power. authority and capacity to bind the Licensee with his/her signature,

Nicola Longford
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City of Dallas: Park and Recreation Department





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ttcj~~ ~ 1/~1/·
Dallas Park and Recreation City of Dallas
8100 Doran Circle Phone: 214/670-8890 www.dallasparks.erg Fax: 214/670-8899

For Park Department

use only


SlKcilll Event Application Fee Few than 500 panicipants ' $10 501.2,500 participants $25 2,501-10,000 participants SSO 10,001-20,000 participants $100 Over 20,000 participants S200



Additional special event fees. lease fees. pnd deposits may apply.. All fees must be in the form of Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Credit Card to the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department. Application must be filed not Jess '!UID 311 !!!n before the event.



PUJol< N/I$fdII1

,NI{;p"Yt",41i(l(P!<Dt//I /;(l/1
,!\'laDing Address

Conflict Person


City, State, Zip



Oll:lIoizatioo Type:




0 Government

0 Corporation

0 Olher
License #


11;lYe pm promoted .bis IOl:lllioll


of 1.'\'1.'111, ur


similllr hefure? lf~·es. pleuse Iist the nume of the event, dnte, lind

YE'!~!!::~t:RSAJ(y /(£NNET:Jl 4S5AGSIJ.i(J71PN (

: 0 Filming

o RunIWalk

0 Carnival

0 Parade




Circus Concert ~~arlyO~knic 150lher _m.._,.......... I2"'-


0 Political

0 Festival



Event Descrlption:

Even! Sci-tIp Time: Event Set Up Dale: Event Stare Dale:



" 118 J/i3

Event End Dale: Event Tear Down Time: Event Tear Down Date:


I,. i/o


See Informalion below regarding event location and address For each day of the week on which the event will be held, indicate the start and stop times below:

Admission/Registration Charitable Benefit:


0 Yes

Ticket Prices;



xIX! No
___ ___

#1 #2


Contact Name, Address, Phone:

Event locatwnlAddress:


For runs, include startljillisb lines and route:


List slreel(s) offected by dIe event and proposed closures.(if oppl/cab/e)

ELM .. )j1JiN t 1J4{!5TbN. SrG,

If any of the following components will be part of your event, please check the appropriate required 10 obtain additional permits or incur additional fees:

boxes. In so doing, you may be

o Food, Beverage and/or Merchandise Sales o Hooded Parking Meiers o Liquid Propane Gas !XI Police Officers o +Tent(s) (See below jf 400 sq. feet or over) o Animals o Banners

o Alcohol o Curfew Waiver o Fireworks

(See Addendum)

Contact Conlact Conlact Contact Contact


Contact Contact Restrooms

TABC: (214)678-4008 Dallas Park Department: (214) 670-8890 Dallas Fire Rescue: (214) 670-7014 Environmental & Health Services: (214) 670-8083 Dept. of Transportation: (214) 670-4120 Dallas Fire Department: (214) 670-4324 Dallas Police DepUExfra Job Unit: (214) 939-2701 Dallas Fire Rescue: (214) 670·4310 Fencing: (972) 870-0200 Port-a-lets: (214) 357-4357


o Bleachers


0 Fencing

0 Portable

o o

Stases Special Parking

0 Traffic

0 Water

Hydrant Cones

Tent Permit Through City of Dallas:

Complete a Tenl Permit Applicotion I'onn (obtain from Oonas Fire Rescue)



3 comes of a drawn-re-scale

sue plan showing


o( proposed

leul(S) Dod location of .tljuccnl


and setbacks

from adjecent

PJ (~l

property lines and dl~1ancc frollllonq.). includiog gUid. wi..:s aad stllk.s 10 all structures
Submil 3 copicl of the terrillcalc of Ilame resistance for ICU' materials Submit 3 copies of the afllJfOVlng pclilion, ;f,oquired Show cnpy of Sped. 1r.;vcms Penni! if the 1<fII permir IS in conjUllCliunwith. spcv.:ialevent Provide ,"f;lIen 3uthorirolion from Pork &: Recreation £)cpt, if,em is 10 be erected 011City pari< property

List event sponsorts) witl~EXCLIfSIVE Company



If alcohol is sold at the event or given away. the applicant is required to obtain a temporary alcohol permit from TABC located at 8828 Stemmons Freeway. Suite 330, Dallas, Texas 75247, (214) 678-4008 and user must obtain permission from the DaUos Park and Recreation Board and its Directors.

If the estimated number of participants and spectators exceed 500 during any day of the special event, the applicant shall, al least 30 days before the special event hegins. deliver written notice to all owners or occupants of real property abutting the boundaries of the area in which the special event will be conducted, including all owners or occupants of real property abulling the route of a progressive event such as a special event parade or run/walk event The notice must inclUde the following information: (I) event date, time and location; (2) an application for II special event permit has been filed; (3) interested persons may contact the Dallas Park and Recreation Department Athletic and Reservations Office, 8100 Doran Circle, Dallas, TX 75238214·670-8890. sl,:cno:\ Ill: 1:'\t.UIt\~( 1\


If the estimated number of participants and spectators exceeds 2,500 during any day of the special event, the applicant shall procure and keep in full force and effect for the duration of the event insurance written by an insurance company approved by the State of Texas and acceptable to the: city and issued in the standard form approved by the Texas Department of Insurance. AU provisions of each policy must be acceptable to the tit)' ond nom! thE city and its officers and employus 6S IIddltionallnsured. An original certificate orinsurancemust be submitted alou, with spedal eveat permit application. Commercial General LlablUty Insuraaeer Must be provided with combined single limits of liabiliry for bodily injury and property damage of not less than $500,000 for each OCCUrrenceif the estimated attendance Is between 2,501 and 4,999, and $1,000,000 for each occurrence if the estimated attendance is 5,000 or more. Liquor Liability Insurance: If any alcoholic beverage is sold, served, or otherwise made available at the special event, Liquor Liability Insurance must be provided by the alcoholic beverage license holder in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 for each claim. If a special event includes vehicles, firewQrks, aircraft, or other equipment, devices or activities tbat are excluded from coverage in Ihe generalliabllity insurance polity, then separate additional liability insurance coverage for the applicable exclusionls) must be provided with the same combined single limits of liability for bodily injury and property damage as outlined in the paragraph above for commercial general liability insurance.


The applicant may be required to provide police officers for security, crowd control, and traffic control at the special event. The total number of police officers working at the special event is determined by the Office of Special Events, and in some cases, the Dallas Police Department, using planning variables, including: (1) the estimated number of participants and

spectators: (2) the availability of alcoholic beverages; (3) topography and size of the even! location; (4) weather conditions; (5) the lime of day during which the special event is conducted; (6) the need for street closures or rerouting of vehicular or pedestri an traffic; and, (7) the history of the particular special event.

The Dallas Park and Recreation Department shall deny or revoke a special event permit if the applicant makes a false statement of material fact on the application or fails to comply with or the special event is in violation of any provision of the special event permit.

The special event permit shall also be denied or revoked if the Officers of the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, special
events-manager, chief of police department, threat 10 public health, safety or welfare. or the chief of the fire department determines the special event poses a serious

If a special event penni. is denied or revoked, the Park and Recreation applicant.



Office shall notify the

By signing below, the Applicant certifies that the information provided above is correct; he/she has read and understood the information contained in this application; and he/she agrees to conduct the special event in compliance with all applicable codes, ordinances, laws and the conditions contained in the special event permit. APPLICATIONS WITH MJSSING INFORMATION CAN NOT BE PROCESSED IN A TIMELY MANNER AND MAY PREVENT OR DELAY ISSUANCE OF THE SPECIAL Ii:VENT PERMIT.




ADDENDUM: Park requested: Datesrrlmes:


Reason for waiver request:


Conditi9!!1~ Noise generated by the event does not extend beyond the puk boundaries No impllct In the neighborhood from automobile traffic Applicant must follow all appropriate policies as it pertains for conducting a special event Applicant must meet all requiremenfs oftlle Datlas Police, Dallas Fire, and Envlrobmental Health Departments Applicant must bire DaUlis Police to monitor tbe event from 12:00-0:008111 OveraU attendance wiD not exceed the capadty of tbe park 8$ determined by the SpedaJ Event Policy The Park and Recreation Department reserves tbe right to deny any request for curfew ordinance. DircctorlDirector Designee Signature (curfew waiver only)

waiver oHlte park _

Application can be faxed to: 214-670-8899 or email to;