Install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 General Availability

Perform the following steps: 1. Power on the machine with the DVD or disc1(CD) of OEL5GA. 2. Press ENTER at the "boot:" prompt. Note: If you don't press ENTER within 60 seconds, the installer will automatically go to the next step. This is fine!


Screen: "Welcome to Enterprise Linux" "CD Found" Press the Tab key to highlight "Skip." Press the Enter key.

4. Screen: "Welcome to Enterprise Linux" GUI Click Next.

5. Screen: "Language Selection" Select the appropriate language. Click Next.

6. Screen: "Keyboard Configuration" Select the appropriate keyboard. Click Next.

7. Screen: "Warning." Read the warning.

7. Screen: "Warning." Read the warning. Click Yes.

Note: If Linux already exists on the target hardware a choice will be given between "Install Enterprise Linux" or "Upgrade an existing Installation." 8. Screen: "Disk Partitioning" Check Review and Modify partitioning layout. Click Next.

9. Screen: "Warning" Click Yes to each warning. Note: This warning will appear for each defined disk.

10. Screen: "Disk Partitioning" Use the right hand side slide and review the disk configuration. Click Next.

11. Screen: "Boot Loader Configuration" Click Next.

12. Screen: "Network Configuration" Select eth0 from Network Devices. Check Active on Boot. Click Edit.

13. Screen: "Edit Interface eth0" Uncheck Use dynamic IP configuration (DHCP) Uncheck Enable IPv6 support IP Address: NetMask: Click OK.

14. Screen: "Network Configuration" Under "Hostname" / Set the hostname: Select manually Enter hostname: Under "Miscellaneous Settings" Gateway: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Click Next.

15. Screen: "Time Zone Selection" Choose the appropriate time zone. Click Next.

16. Screen: "Set Root Password"

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