urŦ karen Slonlm

november 2011
Antbropology ŷHŵŷE Pampblet Marking Rubric

LeL me begln wlLh sLaLlng LhaL l haLe rubrlcs as l feel Lhey llmlL creaLlvlLy and lnnovaLlon LhaL sald Lhe
sysLem ls seL up ln such a way LhaL Lhey have a Lendency Lo brlng people qulLe a blL of comforL so here
8efore l glve you an arblLrary marklng scheme leL me begln by saylng LhaL Lhere are Lwo amazlng ways
Lo learnť
O Lhe flrsL ls Lo have fun wlLh whaLever you do (and yes Lhls lncludes papers Ŷ lf you LreaL Lhlngs
llke Lhey are work Lhey have a Lendency Lo read labouredţ lf howeverţ you dlve headflrsL lnLo
Lhlngs and learn slmply for Lhe sake of learnlng and wrlLe slmply for Lhe sake of passlng on all
LhaL you have learnedţ you work wlll possess a [oyous flow)Ŧ
O @he second ls Lo Leach (Lrylng Lo dlsLlll all of Lhe lnformaLlon you have amassed researchlng your
lndlvldual Loplcs and posLers should be fun Ŷ sorLlng our a way Lo effecLlvely LransmlL LhaL
lnformaLlon Lo oLhers wlll anchor lL Lo your braln foreverţ so much so LhaL you wlll be a hlL aL
coffee parLles for years Lo come)Ŧ
When work|ng on your pamph|ets focus on hav|ng fun and teach|ng!
kesearch 0 polnLs
O ave you demonsLraLed a deLalled undersLandlng of your Loplc and your LheoryŦ
O ave you well researched (uslng ACAuLMlC SCu8CLS noL Lhe lnLerneL) boLh of Lhese elemenLs
O ls your research comprehenslve (lŦeŦ you have noL slmply regurglLaLed someone else's work)
pp||cat|on 30 polnLs
O uoes you pamphleL succeed ln Leachlng me anyLhlng
O ave you approprlaLely applled your Lheory Lo your condlLlon
9resentat|on 20 polnLs
O ls your pamphleL well lald ouL and vlsually appeallng
O uoes lL flow and make sense
O as care and efforL been puL lnLo LexL /plcLure/graph placemenL
keferences 10 polnLs
O ave you properly clLed your 10 academlc sources (Lo be provlded on a separaLe sheeL of
paper)Ŧ l undersLand LhaL you are all from dlfferenL dlsclpllnesţ we usually defaulL Lo A!ÞA or
AAAţ buL please use whlchever formaL you are comforLable wlLh Ŷ !uS@ MAkL Su8L l@ lS
CCnSlS@Ln@ LhroughouL!
O Are Lhey ACAuLMlC sources Ŷ marks wlll noL be provlded for any lnformaLlon gleaned from
Wlklpedla or any oLher non academlc sourceŦ



° ° ° % € ¾   ¯ °¾ O ¾ ¾ fnn¯½  °¾ % f °¾¯½ ––f ¾¯ °  ¾ #¾% ½½nf°½°¾ O  ¾½f¯½ ¾nn ° fn°–¯ f°°– O f f½½½f f½½  n° ° 9 ¾ °f°½°¾ O ¾½f¯½  f f° ¾ff½½ f°– O  ¾€f° ¯f ¾ °¾  O f¾nf f°  €€ °½° $½n $–f½½fn ¯ °  €  °n ¾½°¾ O f ½½ n fnf ¯n¾n ¾% ½ °f¾ ½ff ¾ € ½f½ % ° ¾f° ff f€¯ €€  ° ¾n½° ¾  ¾f €f9   ½ f¾ ¾ n  €¯ff n¯€f   D@.D@ .

-@-@–" O   .


¾n ¾ ¯f¾° ½ €f°°€¯f°– f° €¯ J½ ff° °°fnf ¯n¾n  .

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