Pumpkin Risotto What you ll need: 1 onion - diced 400g Arborio Rice 300g of Pumpkin Puree 100g Unsalted

Butter 100g Parmigiano Reggiano - Grated 1/2 cup dry white wine 1 sprig of Fresh Rosemary 2 cups of Broth (plus additional if necessary) What to do: In a large sauce pan, heat your olive oil & half of butter over medium heat. Whe n butter is melted & oil is hot, add your onions & saute until translucent. Stirring often with a wooden spoon. When onions are ready add the rice & stir through until it s well sa turated with the butter/oil mixture and is starting to slightly change colors (a few mi ns). At this point, add in a cup of broth & stir through. Reduce heat to low. As liquid leve ls reduce add in more broth (a little at a time) and cook until it reduces. The cooking pr ocess should take approximately 30-35 minutes total. At about 15 minutes into cooking process, stir in the pumpkin puree & cook for a few mins. Add the sprig of Rosemary. When liquid level is low, add the wine. When the risotto is creamy & no longer al dente, tur n off the heat, remove Rosemary sprig & add in the remainder of the butter & the Parmigian o Reggiano. Serve immediately.

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