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: November 17th, 2011 Prepared by Makenzie Mastrud Senate Chair Sidney West called the Senate meeting of the 2011-2012 Senate to order at 4:00 P.M. in the Havasupai Room A & B of the University Union. Number on council: 12 Number present: 11

Roll Call The following Senators were not present at the meeting: -Zach Libby Approval of Minutes Motion: Senator Alcorn move to approve the minutes’ from last week’s meeting on Thursday November 10th, 2011 Second: Senator Cross Discussion: None Vote: Unanimous, last week’s minutes have now been approved. Call to the Audience Blaise Caudill: Worked with Senator Niemann on Resolution showing ASNAU’s support for the PELL program, if the Senate would like to vote to approve it, also please write a Note of Gratitude on a napkin for dinning services, it is there Thanksgiving event they like to do Unfinished Business None New Action Business Motion: Senator Niemann move to vote on items a and b, OA: Kappa Kappa Psi, $500 for NAU Marching Band Banquet and Senate Bill 24-22: Kappa Kappa Psi, $2,000 for Marching Band Banquet

Second: Senator Walton Discussion: None Vote: Unanimous, congratulations Kappa Kappa Psi you have received your funding of $2,500 for your Marching Band Banquet.

Motion: Senator Walton move to vote on item c, OA: Delta Sigma Pi, $360 for National Conference Registration Second: Senator De’Leon Discussion: None Vote: Unanimous, congratulations Delta Sigma Pi you have received your funding of $360 for your National Conference Registration

Motion: Senator Woodhouse move to vote on items d and e, OA: NAU Gymnastics Club, $500 for Competition at UC-Davis and Senate Bill 24-23: Gymnastics Club, $3,500 Competition Travel and Registration Second: Senator Villa Discussion: Senator Alcorn expresses concern toward the fact that only four students will be attending the conference and the large sum of money they are asking for Senator De’Leon asks how much the club is toward the conference themselves Response: We charge all members $7 to practice and we practice two days a week, most of this money goes to our coach Senator Walton asks if the same students are going every time to each conference Response: We could have more students go next semester Senator Niemann stats that this is $700-$1,000 per student, is this the best way to use such a large sum of the students money? Response: There are four total meets included in this budget, so e would be representing NAU at four tournaments. We are the only

Arizona school with a gymnastics club that competes so we would also be representing Arizona. Senator Woodhouse ask the club member if they would be willing to have all members pay the registration fee? Response: Yes is order to divide the budget up more efficiently Senator Lee states that he thinks that this is very expensive, suggests that Senate re-writes the bill because there are a lot of students money going to just these four students Senator Alcorn expresses that he thinks that it is great that the club is traveling and representing NAU at a National level and in multiple competitions, however he thinks that the budget could be restructured and the bill could be re written to make this more reasonable Sidney West addresses the Senators and reminds them to think about the sport within the sport, some sports are much more expensive then others and require more funding in able to perform Senator Cross tells the Senate her personal experience with being a competitor gymnasts and the expenses that com with that, the uniforms are very pricy and the registration fees for one competition are very expensive, this bill’s total amount is on the lower end of what competitions usually costs Senator Lee stats that most of the competitions will take place next semester so we could bring down the cost to $3,000 and then let the club fundraise for the competitions next semester and if they can’t come up with all the money then they can come back to us, there are a lot of opportunities between now and April that they can fundraise, if we take out the $690 registration fees that would bring the cost down to $2,810 for the bill and then keep the $500 OA Motion: Senator Annsley move to amend Senate Bill 24-24 to read $2,810, deleting the registration fees form the budget Second: Senator Walton Vote: Unanimous, Senate Bill 24-23 now reads $2,810 instead of $3,500 Vote: Unanimous, Senate Bill 24-23 for the Gymnastics Club National Conference Registration and their OA have now been approved, congratulations you have received your funding for $3,310

Motion: Senator Woodhouse move to vote on item f, OA: Sigma iota, Beta Alpha Chapter, $500 for Counseling Professional Development Training

Second: Senator Alcorn Discussion: Senator Woodhouse asks how long the conference will go on for? Response: Single day trainings, one being two hours long and another being four hours long Senator Alcorn asks how many students will be going? Response: 25 Senator Walton asks who is all allowed to go? Response: 10 seats have been reserved and the rest is open to students Vote: 10 Senator vote yes, Senator Cross is opposed, congratulations Chi Sigma Alpha, Beta Omega Chapter you have received your funding for $500

Motion: Senator Alcorn move to adopt Resolution 24-1 written by Senator Niemann Second: Senator Niemann Discussion: Senator Alcorn states that the resolution is just showing that ASNAU supports the PELL program, it does not indicate that we are taking an action just supporting the program, which will be helpful in tomorrow’s voting Vote: Unanimous, congratulations Resolution 24-1 has been adopted Executive report a. President- Blaise Caudill -Had a couple of meetings on sustainability, talked about students feelings and their support toward sustainability -Meet with Black Bat and talked about different initiatives -Meet with President Haegar to talk about PELL, he signed a supporting letter which all three Arizona Universities Presidents have signed -His concern was the Pledge Program being affected so I am asking students to write their stories on how important the Pledge Program is to them so I can make a video -Gold Axe Awards went really well last night -Student Reagent, I am still working on filling all of the spots b. Vice President of Student affairs- Sammy Smart -Needs people to work the tailgate so please sign up -Club headquarters, all supplies is in, working on cleaning out back closet

c. Vice President of Academic Affairs- Sidney West -Need the Advertising Club OA, Sigma Chi OA, and Peer Jacks OA -Zach is sick but gave his proxy votes -If you are leaving early next week get your shifts covered d. Chief of Staff- Chloe Olson -Post survey link on your Facebook so people will fill it out -Updated budget, as of everything you just approved: Budget Line 156 $32,183 and Budget Line 157: $38,705 Staff Reports A. ASA- Chelsea Byers, Wes Enns, Jenn Hancock - Last final pushes for PELL campaign B. Public Relations- Julia Lesniak - Working on something with Kiss My Axe C. Special events- Caitlin Heck, Rachel Rogala - No annoucments D. NSO- Erick Gonzalez, Heather Reeves -Going on a hike tomorrow and doing Christmas Angles Committee Reports A. Appropriations: Started working on OA and IA forms, revising B. Legislative: No announcements Senator Reports A. Nate Alcorn: No announcements B. Sally Barnes:Working with Women’s Volleyball Club B. Hal Bingham: Helping a club with funding for an upcoming trip they are planning C. Anthony Buchta: Needs someone to cover shift next week because has meeting to attend D. Samantha Cross: No announcements E. Samantha De’Leon: Meeting with Jack Pack tomorrow F. Ryan Lee : No announcements

G. Zach Libby : No announcements H. Annsley Nieman: Went to Pre Vet club meeting, forum today I. Matthew Villa: No announcements J. Gavin Walton: Still working with the Women’s Soccer Club K. Shayla Woodhouse :Going to Green Plant Committee meeting Advisor Reports (Rick Brandel and Art Farmer) Rick Brandel – No announcements Art Farmer Two more Senate Meetings this semester, so get lal your last minute things together Discussion Items A. Murdoch: Solar project, want to install solar panel tile son roof, wich would save complex a lot of money with electric bills, wants to know is ASNAU is interested din purchasing tiles for the project, all the money you spend will be refunded with the money Murdoch saves on electric bills Senators agree that although it is an off campus location many NAU clubs and organizations use this facility and they feel 23 tiles would be a good number to purchase because it represents the 23 Fee Senator will write a bill B. Sharri Miller, not present but Blaise states that it is going to be about $800 to send her in February to conference Announcements None Adjournment Motion: Senator Alcorn Second: Senator Villa Unanimous 4:52 P.M.

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