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Pigman Study Guide Questions Trevor Moyers

2nd Period
May 20, 2007

Chapter 1-2
1. They are writing the story to remember the Pigman.
2. John was known as the bathroom bomber because he bombed the bathrooms and the “Super
Colossal Fruit Roll” was old fruit.
3. Lorraine feels that John is handsome but she also thinks he can be immature.
4. Lorraine’s mother treats her wrongly.
5. Lorraine feels sorry for the typing teacher because she has a sick mother.

Chapter 3-4
1. I don’t think John is conceited because he points out flaws that he has.
2. Lorraine thinks Dennis and Norton are very disturbed.
3. Lorraine said Mr. Pignati stayed talking on the telephone line because he was lonely and wanted
someone to talk to him.
4. John was interested in Mr. Pignati because he said that he would donate.

Chapter 5
1. John didn’t want Norton to know about the L&J fund because he knew that Norton would try to
get more than $10 from Mr. Pignati.
2. He thought that if Lorraine would blame the death of the Pigman, then it should be blamed on
3. John has an overall bad relationship with his parents because their views differ from his.
4. John convinced Lorraine to go to Mr. Pignati’s to collect the money by telling her that Mr. Pignati
is so lonely that he might think about committing suicide.
5. The book was titled “The Pigman” because of Mr. Pignati’s name and how he collects pigs.

Chapter 6
1. Lorraine’s mother is at work.
2. Lorraine wears Ben Franklin glasses so she’ll stand out from everyone else.
3. The omens are when the woman was selling peanuts, when he got attacked by a peacock, and
when the child in the bat room was staring at him.
4. Mr. Pignati says that Bobo is his best friend.
5. Lorraine hates zoos because she doesn’t think that animals should be in a cage.

Chapter 7-8
1. I think John likes going to the cemetery because he is away from his parents and can’t be told
what to do.
2. Mr. Pignati accepts John for who he is, while his dad tries to make John into someone he’s not.
3. Mr. Pignati said Conchetta was in California because his wife died there.
4. Lorraine accepted the gifts from Mr. Pignati because she didn’t want to make him feel like he was
5. John wanted to wear roller skates in the store so he would get attention.

Chapter 9-10
1. John wanted to tell Norton about how he’s not involved with Mr. Pignati.
2. When Lorraine says her mother is “fixated on the subject” of men she means that she assumes that
men only desire things sexually.
3. Lorraine lies about the stockings to her mother because she didn’t want her to find out she was
around Mr. Pignati.
Pigman Study Guide Questions Trevor Moyers
2nd Period
May 20, 2007

4. John and Lorraine decided to tell Mr. Pignati the truth because they wanted to be honest with him.
Chapter 11-12
1. Lorraine and John claim that they are his children so they can see him at the hospital.
2. Lorraine and John bring Mr. Pignati flowers.
3. Lorraine and John avoided the room with the pigs when they were cleaning because they knew
that the pigs were important to Mr. Pignati and they didn’t want to mess with it and potentially
break something.
4. John was taking out beer because he was going to drink it for the party he was throwing.

Chapter 13-14
1. John invited Dennis to the party so he would bring beer and other things they needed for the party.
2. 18 people came to the party.
3. The party would’ve been fine if Norton didn’t come because then no one would have messed with
Mr. Pignati’s possessions.
4. Lorraine’s mother was very angry at her and she had slapped her across the face twice.
5. John’s parents didn’t get mad at him when he had arrived home, they had just sent him to the
6. Lorraine was right about blaming John because Norton wouldn’t have been at the party if he
hadn’t thrown one in the first place.
7. Mr. Pignati died because he found out that Bobo died from pneumonia.
8. The climax was when the fight at the party started and Mr. Pignati had just arrived at his home.