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CMGT441 / CMGT 441 / Week 1 DQs

CMGT441 / CMGT 441 / Week 1 DQs

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CMGT441 / CMGT 441 / Week 1 DQs
CMGT441 / CMGT 441 / Week 1 DQs

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CMGT441: DQ’s for Week 1

Discussion Question 1 - Week 1 (Thursday): Discuss what makes a successful information security awareness program and how a security awareness program can be one of an organization’s most powerful protection strategies? Security often means different things to different individuals. A few think that security implies the security of property and/or life, whereas a few other might think that it implies the protecting of useful information, for example top secret papers. Regardless

important to the organization or not. it all has one key thing in common: security is the safety of something from something. and desire for change. A security consciousness program is usually an organization’s most effective safety strategy by achieving the following: • • • • • Encourages individuals to perform themselves in a more security-conscious method Speeds up the discovery and detection of security breaches and creates a quick warning system Informs people regarding information security dangers and restrictions Provides a management tool on particular information wherever required Advances the plans. This should incorporate efficient interaction. project management. designing.of what your meaning of security is. What exactly is an awareness program? Is it making sure that everyone is on the same page or knowing about the policies and procedures of the organization? In fact. how does one defend important information which is significant either to a person or to a company? The answer is by way of a strong and welldeveloped security consciousness program. time. the method of developing. and analyzing the post-implementation assessment is part of creating an efficient security consciousness program. however it is also understanding what to do when those policies and processes aren't followed and ensuring that any information. An efficient security program should take into account the company objectives and job of the company and make sure that these objectives are achieved as carefully as possible. implementing. Additionally. it is. But. this definition pertains more to the safety of data and information. is accessible only to people who need it. methods and guidelines in the company . When discussing Information Security.

we are accountable for protecting this continuously. Deputy’s manager. however this is all checked and electronic logs are kept of all actions by the IT division. therefore protecting this information from people who don't need to know is key to the protection of the community and each other. Each deputy has also a computer account which allows them to log into the computer systems and get access to their email account and the Internet. every company should have some security standards and policies. dates of birth. law enforcement staff all get access to a national database (National Crime Information Center . addresses.NCIC) which has information about missing individuals. Due to this. all substations and fuel areas are closed and accessibility can only be obtained with a key card. Moreover. or for anything else which would create discredit upon ourselves as well as the division. Furthermore. and so on whenever we start a traffic stop or reply to a phone call for service. for enjoyment.Discussion Question 2 . just a select few have anything to do with security of data. Additionally. . thieved automobiles and weapons. What are some of the policies that your company has to protect its system and data? Although there are lots of plans and methods in my division. we are restrained from accessing our Dispatch center without approval from the Dispatch center manager. sought after people. Law enforcement staff takes care of private information daily in the shape of social security numbers. My department’s strategy is that at no time will we utilize the resources accessible for personal gain. or higher authority. which each and every deputy is provided.Week 1 (Saturday): As you know.

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