Designing an Employee Training and Skills Tracking System • PROBLEM: HOW TO QUICKLY IDENTIFY EMPLOYEES WHO HAVE THE

TRAINING TO FILL VACANT POSITIONS INSIDE OF THE COMPANY. REQUIRED BUSINESS SKILLS: EMPLOYEE TRAINING AND SKILLS TRACKING REQUIRED SOFTWARE SKILLS: DATABASE DESIGN, QUERYING AND REPORTING PROJECT NAME: DESIGNING AN EMPLOYEE AND SKILLS TRACKING SYSTEM Databases are useful when sorting through large quantities of information. This database was designed to make filling job positions internally more efficient. Before this database an employee would have to search through paper records manually for hours to find all of the candidates for a job opening, but with the database a simple query can find the information in less than a second. This database used two tables. One table was already present and included contact information as well as name and social security number. To make conversion to the new database system as easy as possible a relationship was created between the existing table and a new table that included the employee’s years of education, title of educational training, and date of completed education. In order for the tables to be meaningful they were used to make a query that can return search criteria. After criteria have been retrieved a report can easily be printed that lists only those employees of interest. Here are a few questions that can be answered using the new database. 1. Which employee’s have the most educational training? 2. Which employee have specific job skills?

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3. Which employees have management skills? 4. Which employees have only a high school diploma? • Solution: [A sample query, table, and report is included. Specific results will occur for a specific query]

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