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8LAulnC lCC18ALL CLu8 lnSL8vlCL 18AlnlnC !uL? 2008

SecLlons covered
Dea||ng w|th an Asthma attack
Dea||ng w|th chok|ng
Leg breaks
nead |n[ur|es

1) Asthma attacks
check person |s respons|ve
assess breath|ng pattern
pos|t|on|ng pos|t|on the pat|ent to max|m|ze breath|ng eff|c|ency and accessory m]m use |e
forward |ean|ng f|x|ng or preferab|y seated f|x|ng
ensure pat|ent has access to requ|red med|cat|on |e pump ] |nha|er

2) Chok|ng

Inspect pat|ents mouth to see |f there |s anyth|ng you can d|s|odge
8end pat|ent forward at h|ps
App|y back s|aps ( x S)
If th|s doesn't e[ect or d|s|odge the obstruct|on app|y abdom|na| thrusts ( x S)
If co||apsed
A 8 C
Ma|nta|n a|rway
1ry to f|sh out ob[ect ( can use suct|on |f necessary )
erform rescue breaths accord|ng to Luropean kesusc|tat|on counc|| method ( mask and
pump or a|rway p|pe may be used )
If obstruct|on |s b|ock|ng orpharyngea| a|rway usea nasophayrengea| a|rway p|pe (
|nserted through nostr|| |n a s||ght d|agona| d|rect|on towards oppos|te eye

3) Co|||s|on