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Well Test Procedures Manual

Well Test Procedures Manual


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Work Scope

High pressure transferring and validation of sub-surface samples
from tools to high pressure storage cylinders.

Work Area

Indoors, well lit with a 100psi air supply, stable temperature and
away from any sources of ignition. Rope off the area and post
pressure testing signs. Inform all relevant personnel before
commencing, and after completing, transfers or validations. All
non-essential personnel are to be kept clear.

Safety Gear

Safety glasses and gloves must be worn.


When high pressure oil/gas samples are transferred from tools to
cylinders, leaks are highly unlikely but possible, thus there must be
no sources of ignition in vicinity and no non-essential personnel in
area. If H2S in present, normal H2S operating procedures are to be
followed, i.e. breathing apparatus, buddy system etc. Personnel
work duration will not generally exceed 18hrs.

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